F'kan, Xeiri, N'yulo


Zingari Women: You can find them everywhere apparently

Sexual innuendo and mention of sexual acts, mild swearing


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It is evening of the sixteenth day of the twelfth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.
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It is the sixteenth day of Winter and 34 degrees. It is a clear night.
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It is the sixteenth day of Summer and 99 degrees. The night is clear and humid.
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Southern Weyr, The Tipsy Kitten

OOC Date 13 Jan 2018 07:00


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"So where would I find one of these caravans?"


The Tipsy Kitten

Here there be drunkards: a marble bar and the gorgeous array of colored bottles behind it would be enough to draw them in, but more yet lures those to enjoy the recreation the Kitten has to offer. Windows allow light to naturally illuminate the first floor of the tavern in the daytime, while green-tinted glows shine after nightfall. A door behind the bar leads to the tiny kitchen, while a stairway leads above to the rooms available for rent. Among the hubbub and the ruckus, a calamity of tables scatter through the open space, plenty enough for dragonpoker tournaments on restday eve.

It's a clear humid night and the temperature is about typical for Southern weather. The bar is mildly busy, the one nondescript barmaid on duty always moving about. At the end of the bar, a young brownrider is sitting, nursing a glass of ale. He keeps trying to catch the pretty young thing's eye, but she is keeping busy with customers and so he will go back to slowly nursing his drink, swinging his eyes over the rest of the room, but the pickings are very slim when it comes to the ladies this evening so he just sighs lightly and returns his gaze to the glass in front of him.

It's been a long day, and it shows in Xeiri's face as he enters the Kitten, hoping he's got the right place. While there is no shortage of manual labor to be had, he's already wishing he could find something more steady than doing odd jobs here and there. But being able to survive whilst he figures things out is a must. So, tired, and using a few hard earned marks, Xeiri orders food and without thinking, a glass of Zingari whiskey. He's about to cancel the order, realizing once more that he's no longer in Igen, when a glass of the smokey liquid is set before him.

"You're lucky man, one of the greenriders here has a fondness for this stuff, otherwise I wouldn't have it."

"Thanks, I'm glad to see you do. I'll have to keep this place in mind." Xeiri smiles and tips his first taste to the bartender and near loses his feet when the taste of home hits his lips. Turning, he looks for a place to seat himself.

And then there were three! A slender young greenrider slides through the doors, hoping against hope to escape — the unrelenting side-eyes, the knowing glances, the questions! About the red waters, about the dead fish, everything. Glad enough he is when he's finally shut the door on that one lad who seems to want to dog his every step, plaintively complaining that his entire livelihood is ruined and why won't the Weyr do anything! Parched, the greenrider orders a lovely tumbler of tea and sips it gently, sweeping the area for a nice place to settle down and compose himself.

F'kan looks up at that strange word, 'Zingari'. And then raises his blond eyebrow as he sees that it's a drink of some sort. With a nod of his head in Xeiri's direction he asks curiously, "What is that your drinking? I don't think I've ever heard about it. Any good?" Of course it's good, why else would the guy order it. As his eyes roam a little, he sees the entering greenrider and raises a hand in greeting even though he's not sure he's met him yet even after over 3 turns at the Weyr. He doesn't usually remember male faces, female faces on the other hand….

Xeiri looks down into his drink with a sort of melancholy smile on his lips. "It's whiskey. The best whiskey." He even sounds homesick. Get it together Xeiri. Shaking his head, he downs the drink and signals for another. "Have you never tried it?" Xeiri asks, eyebrow rising as he finally looks up at the man talking to him. The entering greenrider is given a brief glance, though Xeiri can't greet him as he doesn't know him. He doesn't know anyone actually.

N'yulo remembers F'kan — whether that bodes well for the brownrider or not remains to be seen. So far, N'yulo doesn't seem much worried about that particular man; he's more interested in his tea than being a judgy-mc-judgerson right now. He does wander into the vicinity of F'kan and Xeiri, cradling his drink and moving with an oddly birdlike grace to drape himself artfully into a comfortable chair within easy speaking distance of the other men. A languid hand salutes the pair, and he smiles softly at the very idea of Zingari Red. "Ah," He drawls slowly, settling his tumbler onto the table. "That stuff's fire. Goes well with tea, did you know?" He cants his head Xeiri-ward, smiling engagingly. "This one," He nods to F'kan, playful, "tries many things. He'll get 'round to it, don't you worry."

"Whiskey huh?" F'kan says with interest, before looking at the greenrider who calls the stuff fire and now he's definitely interested. Raising his hand to the barmaid tending bar, "A glass of that stuff if you please darling." He says with a roguish smile which is rewarded by a roll of the waitresses eyes. While she's pouring his drink, he narrows his eyes at the greenrider, uh oh, has his reputation preceded him again? This just isn't fair. When he mentions F'kan trying many things, he scoffs, "Even I have my limits of depravity." he says with a little growl in the back of his throat. He knows what most male greenriders get up to, "All this." and he indicates himself with a wave of his hand, "is solely for the ladies. Of which there are far too few here this evening." He remarks to the other guys.

Xeiri turns to N'yulo as he makes his remarks about Zingari whiskey and it makes Xeiri laugh. He points to N'yulo with the index finger of the hand holding his glass. "This one knows what it's about." He leans against the bar, swirling his newly poured drink as the two riders converse. F'kan's comments on being only for the ladies earns a side glance from Xeiri, who's feeling a bit cheeky, despite being tired and homesick. "Well that's a damn shame…." He says in response, "because you're pretty to look at…" He makes a show of giving F'kan a lookover, though it may be plain he's poking fun…. or is he?

N'yulo's smile is gently malicious — he was in that weyrling class, after all. "Oh, dear," says the greenling, snapping his fingers in mock disappointment. "And here I had my heart set on a partner in crime…" He takes a moment to inspect F'kan much the way one would inspect a runner, and waggles his eyebrows in amusement. "Do the ladies know that?" Oh, yes; he saw that lookthe waitress gave F'kan, full of complete disinterest in all that sexy over there. Perhaps those ladieshave been absenting themselves from the Kitten with a purpose in mind.

F'kan's drink is set in front of him unceremoniously as the waitress moves off to serve other customers. Although bristling under the other men's teasing, F'kan keeps his mouth shut, knowing that speaking up only ends with more teasing. Then he narrows his eyes at the greenrider, "Oh. I know you." he says simply as he finally places his face as one of the weyrlings he spend his second stint of weyrlinghood with. He sighs heavily, will that one minor transgression of his never be forgotten. As he takes up the drink and swirls it around, enjoying the aroma, then taking a sip. "Wow, that's nice. Who did you say makes this?" He turns and asks Xieri.

Xeiri can't help but just be oh, SO amused by F'kan's position at the brunt of his and N'yulo's teasing, even if he doesn't know what half the conversation is about. He smells gossip here, and like any Zingari, he thinks gossip quite juicy and amusing. One might be able to strip the Zingari name from the man, but the ZIngari spirit still lives within, and one other thing the Zingari thrive on is boasting their whiskey. "A set of caravans in the northern continent that go by the name Zingari. They're quite well known in the north for their whiskey, women and shows." Xeiri takes a drink of his whiskey and relishes the burn it leaves behind. "Colorful lot they are, good at what they do, too."

"Women you say?" F'kan is suddenly very interested by what the man has to say. "What are these Zingari women well known for exactly?" He asks curiously as he takes another swallow of his drink, licking his lips afterwards, really enjoying the taste of the whiskey.

Xeiri chuckles and finishes his drink. "You'd have to hire one to find out." He drops a wink to F'kan and raises a devilish smile on his lips. He turns back to the bar and knocks upon it, signaling he'd like another drink if it please the barkeep. F'kan gets another side eye from Xeiri and he looks the man up and down. "You don't look the type to need to hire a woman though." Or is he? Time to find out.

F'kan looks rather intrigued. "Hire? For company?" Color F'kan intrigued, but before he can ask further about these women for hire, he snorts at Xieri's observation and takes another drink. "Yeah well, unfortunatly my name has been bandied about the rumour mill for a minor indiscretion, and it seems like every woman in the Weyr knows my name, but not in the good way." But back to the subject at hand, "So where would I find one of these caravans?" He asks as she turns his blue-eyed gaze in the other man's direction.

"Oh yes, and generally at a fair price too…" When F'kan asks for where he might find these Zingari beauties, something odd comes over Xeiri, perhaps he just drank too much whiskey, or perhaps some odd minded author is reaching through reeality and speaking through him, either way, his response comes thusly: "Oh, sir! You have asked the best question sir! You can find them in the sand, on the land! Or on the road or being towed! You can find them in Igen's Bazaar, you can, you can, if you don't look too far! On the Telger steppe they run and play, find them find them oh, I say! You can find them in the rain, in a wagon train! You can find them here and there, you can find them everywhere! Zingari women far and wide, pay them, pay them, on the sly. You may find them if you please, some lovely lady on her knees!" With each verse Xeiri gets a bit goofier. What an odd ball. Or what an odd drunk. Somebody send Xeiri home. He's slap happy.

F'kan's eyes grow wider with each passing verse as he tries to decide whether the other man is merely drunk or a little soft in the head, but if his information proves fruitul, he might be forever in this man's debt. "Thank you for that. If I'm ever in one of those places I will have to look into that. The name's F'kan by the way, brown Quaverilth's." Might as well introduce himself now that this man has bestowed this precious information on the brownrider. "So is there like a certain way to identify those specific women for hire?" He asks as he downs the drink and then tips his empty glass at the man, "You want another? on me?" he asks as he waves over the waitress.

Xeiri will always take a person up on a free drink! "Sure!" He accepts in giddy demeanor, quitee amused with himself and his half-drunken talent with verse. As cryptic as the mystics of the Zingari are said to be, Xeiri is an odd tangle of traits. When properly introduced to F'kan, Xeiri nods his head in greeting, tipping off a two finger salute from his forehead. "Xeiri, once of Igen." His heritage he keeps to himself. "You learn how to spot them, or where to go. Where's the fun in divulging all the mystery?"

Well that is mildly infuritating, F'kan ponders as the man is strangely cryptic about how to find these women for hire. When the waitress comes and he orders them another couple glasses of the Zingari whiskey. "C'mon mate, help a brother out here. It's been a really dry spell. A man needs more company than his right hand." And with that, F'kan will spend the rest of the evening, and considerable marks trying to get the information about these fantastic Zingari escorts, and where/how to find them.

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