Echo, Daenerys, Milosh


Early morning runner care turns into an insightful discussion on the complex nature of feelings and relationships

Adult themes
Explicit Foreplay with a fade to black ending.


It is sunrise of the twenty-eighth day of the first month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Caravan Grounds, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 27 Jan 2018 06:00


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Caravan Grounds

Deep grooves in the hard packed earth criss-cross a large patch of denuded ground, bearing mute testament to the caravans that frequent this area. Despite the midden holes set back a ways from the main center of traffic, the air is sweet, redolent with the sagebrush that forms a loose perimeter around the flattened expanse. In what is as close to its center as the vague boundaries suggest, a stone ringed fire pit has been dug and surrounded with the odd log or two, ash overflowing from its darkly blackened core.

As the rising sun paints the sky prettily, the Zingari camp is still mostly asleep, although some early birds are about, making their preparations for the day. One of these is Echo, the auburn haired herder girl is leaving her wagon, dressed for work. Still a little bleary from sleep, she pauses on the top step and stretches fully, something she can't easily do in her small one person wagon. At her neck, a leather choker with a silver pendant hanging from it and when she is done her stretching, she quickly remembers something and retreats back in the door for a second before grabbing a woolen scarf and wrapping it cozily around her neck.

Oh, why is it so early? One must not meet the sun! It's a Rule of Life for Daenerys, who has come to the door to meet that rising orb with eyes half closed and long hair loose and sleep-tangled. Idly, he stretches his limbs luxuriantly, letting each limb, each muscle relax and loosen, waking to the reality that he's awake, and simply must begin the allotted chores for the day, whether he wills it or no. As those sleepy dark eyes sweep the camp, they come to rest on Echo — and thoughts begin to percolate. She's unfortunately intriguing, now she's well out of reach; like the very cat he's often compared to, he simply must find out more, now. So, once he reaches into his yurt to grab his quilted jacked and wrap it about his person, it's down the steps he goes to greet her, again choosing to remain a safe distance away, lest he unnerve her. "Are you always out and about this early?" His tone is amused, almost purring.

Always appreciative of how Daenerys seems to keep his distance when greeting her, unlike some people, Echo smiles brightly and takes a deep breath in the cold morning air, "Of course. Too much to do, not enough candlemarks in the day to do it in." She steps lightly down the steps from her wagon and moves to a nearby stack of feed buckets, snatching them up. Then a bag of grain is acquired from her small stores is hefted over a shoulder. "Sorry, the greedy guts are going to be waiting for me." she says and almost as if on cue, a high pitched whinny can be heard from the direction of the nearby paddocks, Starla knows what time it is. "You could keep me company if you like." she offers offhandedly, since he did just come up to her, maybe he had something to say.

Daenerys will certainly keep her company, and maybe even be helpful; after all, his very own mare is expecting to be fed, and he prefers to handle her himself as much as possible, cementing the relationship between them more firmly. Taking up a bag of grain and a small treat for his white lady, he follows after Echo with his usual slinking, smooth stride. "My, they are noisy." He chuckles softly.

"That's just Starla." Echo answers with a smile as she makes her way to where her trio are waiting eagerly by the fence, heads stretched out in her direction. Putting the buckets and grain down, out of reach for the moment, she takes a step forward and just greets each one of her beasts with a hug to their long faces. A soft laugh bubbles up from her as Starla immediately begins sniffing at her pockets, mouthing the fabric to see if she can't extract a treat from Echo. Batting her away gently, the herder turns back to the buckets and prepares their breakfast. "Sorry about Milosh the other day. I honestly don't know what came over him in the Bazaar." She says out of nowhere as she measures grain out into the buckets.

His own Luna puts her two cents in, prancing fancily over to Daenerys and arching her neck proudly as he croons to her, "Hey there, pretty mama…" Setting his load down, he cups her muzzle in his hands, kissing her nose lovingly. What? He likes his runner, don't judge him! With a laugh, he turns to Echo. "'S all right. It's plain the man wants your complete devotion."

Watching appreciatively as Daenerys' mare joins them, Echo smiles a bit as he greets her. No judgement from the runner-crazy peanut gallery over here. She finishes filling the buckets and places them on the ground in front of her trio who hungrily get to eating. But it's a quizzical look that takes over her features as she hears what Daenerys said, but she doesn't quite get it. "Devotion?" Obedience yes, but devotion is something else, something with feelings and feelings aren't on the table. "No, I don't think that was it. We don't really have that kind of relationship." She says dismissively.

"If you say so, dear." Daenerys isn't buying it in the slightest. Men don't get that possessive over a woman unless more than his dangly bits are involved. He'll content himself with a slight, smug smile as he smoothes Luna's forelock before handing over the treat she so richly deserves. And then he'll pour out a generous measure of grain for her, watching like a proud papa indeed as she eats daintily, switching her tail contentedly. "He is certainly taken with you, at any rate. Men aren't typically so… open affectionate in the presence of other men unless they wish to warn another off. That's all."

Huh. Echo takes in what he is saying as she hops up to sit on the top rail of the fence, her feet dangling as she organizes her thoughts. "Do you even know what he does here?" She asks curiously, although all Echo is certain of is his work as an escort, though she does suspect he does more. Then Daen's last comment catches her by surprise and she recoils slightly, shaking her head, "Is that what you think he was doing the other day? Warning you off?" The wheels are turning deep under the surface, trying to convince herself that Daenerys just misread the situation.

Why, yes — yes he does. "He's an escort. Among other things." Things Daenerys doesn't actually ask after, as they're not his business, and the less he knows about the more clandestine parts of the Zingari, the better for now. He's not inclined to pry into things that could possibly get his pretty face rearranged without good reason. Meanwhile, he'll turn to eye Echo with a considering eye, raising his eyebrows in surprise. "Really, Echo? Did you really think he was putting on that show just for your personal benefit?" Not that it wasn't for Echo's benefit — it was simply obvious as the sun that Milosh was trying, and trying hard, to ensure that Daenerys didn't attempt to steal his new toy, rather like a large dog with a favorite bone. "Oh, honey, you really have a lot to learn about men, don't you?" He laughs fondly, delighted. Oh, the places Echo will go when she realizes the power she has in this new relationship she's gotten herself into. "Trust me, love, he was definitely trying to lay claim to you. Enjoy the power you have here. It will be to your benefit to use the gift you've been given."

"Right, he's an escort. He's paid to make people think he wants them. I'm pretty sure all you picked up on are his excellent acting skills." Echo says rather exasperatedly as she leans back a bit on the top rail, her hands gripping the wood so she can lean almost all the way back, looking up at the lightening sky as she listens halfheartedly to his words. Though when he mentions how much she has to learn about men, she blushes hotly and pulls herself back upright to look at him with a self-deprecating chuckle. "You have no idea. Men are such a mystery to me. That one in particular." Then the word power is bandied about and at that she tightens her lips and leans back again, hoping the action hides the bright red blush creeping over her face.

Daenerys laughs again, finding Echo's denseness all too amusing. Oh, this will be so much fun! "Are you really." He leans on the railing, the very epitome of relaxed kitty. And, in the game he's now discovered, he will find much pleasure in playing. "I'm not so new to the world that I don't know jealousy when I see it, dear. And your Milosh is pea green. He's going to have to work on that." There's the faint, ominous hint that Daenerys would like to… help him with that. Long fingers slip through silken dark hair, detangling it with an elegant sweep of the hand. Oh, he's a pretty one, this Daenerys, and well he knows it — and uses it with the humor of a man who knows that looks are not all there is to a man. Beauty fades; intelligence grows stronger. "Besides, well he knows that I've no interest in his services, so why the show?" He smiles, playful and benign, on Echo. "I think he likes it that you're such an innocent, tyro."

Echo blinks at his laughter and leans back up slightly to look at him with a raised brow. When the word jealousy is uttered, it brings a shocked guffaw from the herder girl, head thrown back, back arched to show off all of her atheletic form. "Jealous? Milosh? What? There's no way. I know he has other lovers, and his 'work'. What the shards does he have to be jealous of?" Echo is so not convinced, "He made it very clear this was not a romantic liason." Her eyes do stray over to the pretty leatherworker with his pretty hair since she does seem to have a penchant for men with long hair, admiring on the sly, eyes flick away as he looks back over at her. At the innocent comment, she wrinkles her nose, "Well I'm not so innocent anymore after a couple of months with him." She blinks at her own words, has it already been two months? Actually, now that she thinks about it, it's closing on three. Huh.

Cupping his chin in one hand, Daenerys studies Echo carefully, just admiring the pretty girl in all her leather-clad glory. Does she not know her appeal? As unlikely as it seems, it's there. And perhaps it's part of her charm, that lack of knowledge of what makes her different. "The same reason Reveka draws my interest, Echo. Innocence. When you've done all the things with experienced lovers, there's something refreshing about a woman who isn't. And, maybe…" He pauses, sighs ad Luna lifts her head and bumps his cheek with her muzzle. "I don't know. I don't know him, you understand. But I would suspect," And he grins, wicked. "he enjoys knowing you are his alone. Because you are, aren't you."

Listening intently to Daenerys and his assumptions, Echo shakes her head slowly, sure that Daen is misconstruing Milosh's intentions. But then that last comment, about being his alone, makes Echo pause as she looks down at her feet, swinging freely between the rails. "Well…I-I..No…I don't think so.." It seems like she can't seems to make up her mind about what it is exactly about 'he enjoys knowing you are his alone. Because you are, aren't you.' confuses her so much. But finally, with one shake of her shortish hair, she finally concludes. "No. I'm not. That wasn't part of the arrangement." Or was it? Well she knows it's not for him, so she assumes that if she were to find someone that interests her, she would be free to pursue it. "Why? You interested?" She purrs flirtingly as she leans towards him slightly, her eyes dancing. "Or are you Reveka's alone?" She asks with a tease in her voice.

"Mmmhm. Sure you are. I am betting Milosh would show himself fast enough were I to lay a finger on you." Daenerys drawls softly, electing to stretch himself languidly. Though his little gold is not yet in evidence — and Daenerys has found out who she looks to — near Echo, the leatherworker is certain she's near, obvserving. Watching. As usual. Luna bumps his face again, and he rests a hand on her cheek, resting his face against hers and luxuriating in a moment of affectionate cuddling with his runner. She lowers her head, resting her chin against his shoulder. The runner really is the best investment he's made in life so far. "Arrangements change, Echo." He opens his eyes, looking around the long nose of the runner to study Echo again, and smiles, slowly. "Wouldn't you like to know, dear." He arches an eyebrow, letting his lids half-cover his eyes. "Reveka wanted to rid herself of a… small problem. I find her intriguing. I am, however, free to take lovers where I will, as is she."

Watching how he interacts with his runner beast, Echo takes a long moment to look him up and down appreciatively. Hmm, the wheels seem to be turning now, as she leans back a little again, her chocolate colored eyes still on him. At the comment about Milosh showing up if he were to lay a finger on her, she is feeling suddenly bold, a new an exciting feeling that causes her to quip back in a sultry voice, "Well I'm game if you want to test that theory." She even has the audacity to add a little wink. When he mentions Reveka's small problem, she can't help but giggle at that, as she remembers her own 'small problem' but when he confirms theirs isn't an exclusive attachment, that makes her start considering the possibilities.

Anastasia , summoned by thought alone, appears from ::between::. Perhaps she is just going about normal firelizard business, or back from a hunt, or sent to find certain pet, she's here. with a creel she announces herself and spirals downward.

"My, we are naughty this morning, aren't we, Echo." Daenerys smiles in sultry fashion, hooking his forearms over the uppermost railing as Luna decides to wander off on runner-business of her own: more grass, thank you very much, leaving Daenerys to contemplate the suddenly flirtatious Echo with an unfathomable gaze half-shrouded by those long, long lashes of his. "Are you certain, little, herder, that that is a path you wish to travel down?" Were she to make a move, he'd not likely refuse her, though he seems disinclined to go to her. He is, after all, the epitome of cat: all mere mortals must supply adequate entertainment for the royal annoying feline. And lo, like the proverbial ghost in the mirror, comes Anastasia, out of the clear blue sky and destined to take up her place to watch over her human's most prized possession.

Echo is feeling bold this morning, and decides rather quickly, without her usual over-analysis, that yes indeed, that is a path she wants to explore, partly curious to see what this cat of man would do different from Milosh, and partly to prove Daen wrong on his assumptions that the escort is showing signs of jealousy where she's concerned. So with that she slips off the rail, landing steadily, and in one fluid motion moves right up to the man and kisses him on the spot, lingering only for a second before breaking contact, a self-satisfied smirk on her face as she looks at him, "Bet you thought I wouldn't dare do that." She says proudly with another little giggle.

Anastasia scans the grounds. Oh what's this? An Echo! An Echo kissing someone not Milosh??? This will never do! Screeching, Ana dives, her vocal disapproval ringing through the air before she lands heavily on Echo's shoulder with a visciously growl.

Of course, Daenerys had thought she would do no such thing, and so is quite surprised when she goes for it! So surprised is he that he doesn't even have time to press her lovely body close to his and savor the contact before she's away; how disappointing that that contact is broken before he might take advantage of it. Slowly, he licks his lips, trying to figure out what to make of it all, eyeing Echo with something akin to bemused respect. "Well, little herder. You quite surprise me." His eyes gleam, briefly, with some internal calculation or other before Anastasia voices her disapproval. And rolls his eyes at such a display. And yet, it proves his point, does it not. "Ah, and here is your chaperone, to see that you behave yourself."

Looking up at Anastasia shrieking down at her, Echo flinches and wobbles a little bit as the gold lands heavily on her shoulder that growl of hers causing her to roll her eyes in exasperation. Now slightly annoyed that Daen's assumptions may have some weight, she reaches up and tries to soothe the little gold, plying her with scritches. "Hush you!" She says, her annoyance making her words more clipped than usual as her eyes go a little stormy. "If your master has any problem with this, well, maybe he should talk to me himself." She states coldly as she looks again at Daenerys. "It might not be his influence you know." she says, trying to justify the firelizard's actions. "I mean, I keep hearing what fickle things firelizards are."

"Not that fickle. You are not her bonded, remember." Daenerys laughs. Long used to Ana's grumbling and growling, he doesn't even bother to restrain the rolling of his eyes, nor his satisfied smirk as Echo begins to grasp the level to which Milosh might wish to possess her. "As I said, you have power, in your own way, Echo. Use it to good effect." But still — that one kiss. How inconvenient of that flitter to show up now. But then, he shrugs; he'd had a chance at her and had not taken it. "Meanwhile, experiment if you must. I don't mind." Indeed, he would be very curious to see just how far she might run, no matter the hand on the leash.

Anastasia will not accept scratchy platitudes right now, oh no! With a set of growling grumbles she's aiming whirling red eyes at the booth of them. She launches into the air with an ear piercing shriek and disappears ::between:: It won't be long now.

When the gold doesn't accept her platitudes, Echo's frown deepens, her eyes slightly worried as the little queen takes off and disappears ::between::. Turning back to Daenerys, she looks a little worried now. "There's no way…." she trails off remembering the leatherworker's assertion that Milosh would appear if he laid a finger on her. "You don't think…?" And again she can't finish her thought as she decides it's a perfect time to check on her runners' progress with their breakfast. Oh look, they are already long gone, buckets empty of the grain she served them.

"Echo, dear…" Daenerys is all seriousness now, despite his amusement at her confusion. "There is the possibility that he is attached to you in his own way." Anastasia's long gone now, likely reporting to her bonded about what she's seen. And he is fair certain that Milosh will himself appear, ready to defend what he considers his. "And yes, I am certain he will show himself." Poor, sweet, confused Echo: all of this must be new to her, just when she's learning to stretch her wings. "Don't worry so."

Leaning over to pick up the empty feed buckets and stacking them neatly over by the bag of grain she brought with her. Then with one worried look in the vague direction of Milosh's wagon when Daen mentions the possibility of an attachment, "But that wasn't part of the deal." She reiterates again weakly, her heartbeat quickening as her mind swims with confusion, apprehension and a little regret about being so bold with that kiss. And as Daenerys tells her not to worry, she snorts sardonically, "You're asking the wrong girl not to worry." With a little shake of her head, she tries to push the turmoil of emotions way down as she goes to stand at the rail, arms resting on it as she looks out at the runners, trying to use the beasts she loves to provide some calm within her. After a moment, she mutters to herself, "I bet he doesn't come." she says softly, almost regretfully.

Daenerys shakes his head gently, smiling a little. "Yeah, I bet it wasn't." He almost pats her on the shoulder, but decides against it — the poor girl's had enough shocks for the day, she doesn't need to be patted like a small child right now. "Something seems to have changed, though, don't you think?" There's a certain rough sympathy for her confusion; who wouldn't be, expecting one thing only to find something else entirely sneak up on them when they weren't looking? He collects his own bucket and sack, stuffing the latter into the former, pausing as he catches Echo's fretful statement. "Oh, he'll come. That man does not trust me within fifteen lengths of you." He laughs in wry amusement.

Echo tilts her head to look at Daenerys as he goes about his own tidying up and then sighs heavily. "I guess so. I mean, I didn't really notice until the other day in the Bazaar that he was acting so strangely." What she will not voice though are her own feelings which she has been actively suppressing, pushing way down because of their 'deal'. A tremor runs through her as she anticipates an event that may not even happen, but at his comment about trust, she bristles lightly, "What about trusting me?" she says bitterly, dark eyes shadowed and stormy.

Daenerys shrugs affably. "I'm sure he does. It's just… well." Men are strange, strange creatures. "He doesn't know me, therefore I am suspect." That's about the best way to explain it, isn't it? He leans on the rail, watching Luna prance playfully about, flinging up her heels and flinging her long mane into the wind, frisking like a very young filly indeed. "Mmm… sometimes when you're in the situation, you don't see things the same way someone else might."

Milosh is out near the living caverns when Anastasia pops in from ::between::, much agitated and shrieking. He calls to the gold who flies down and lands on his shoulders, her sendings a jumbled mass of Daenerys and Echo's faces, but one image burns clear. Echo, kissing Daenerys. Unwittingly, rage rises to the fore, with a healthy dose of jealousy woven in. Facial features pulling into a cold mask of living intent, Milosh abandons the notion of eating in the cavern's and begins stalking towards the caravan grounds.

"That's just foolish." Echo says bitterly as she rests her chin on her crossed arms in front of her. "I don't see how he could miss whatever it is that is making him act out like this. I mean, so much more could be accomplished by talking to me about it. If he suddenly wants a more…" here she pauses to search the right word, "traditional attachment, he could just say so." But even as she says that, she shakes her head, "But he's really not the type. Or at least I don't think he is." Suddenly she isn't quite sure of anything anymore.

"Welcome to the world men,"Daenerys quips sardonically. "We are often foolish. And blind." He's lomg since accepted that men are really really dumb when it comes to women: hadn't he been foolish all too recently? He begins picking at a worn bit of the uppermost rail, thinking hard. He really has no idea how Milosh is handling his feelings regarding this woman he's found for himself. "Sure he could, but ehat if his pride prevents it?" The leatherworker asks, mildly curious. "I don't know — maybe he doesn't want to think about it just yet."

All across the bowl and through the bazaar Milosh is fuming, feet carrying him speedily across the ground and rooftops. What the hell did she think she was doing? She is his. His dammit all. And that bastard leatherworker better hope…. Milosh growls. What the hell has come over him? He slows a moment, examining this question and he doesn't know, he just knows that if he catches Daenrys' hands or mouth on Echo again there might be another brawl on the grounds. He's close now. Soo close. He sends Ana off, and she appears before he does, looking smug and growling at both Daen and Echo from the fence post she lands on.

"I guess you're right." Echo says slowly, but even then, she can't imagine her cool, confident Sir letting anything really rile him up. Then standing up straight as the little gold returns with that smug look and growling, she narrows her eyes as she looks over at Ana. "And what mischief have you gotten up to?" She asks irritably and then turns back to Daenerys. "If you want to go, I won't blame you." She says as she reaches out to touch the other man's shoulder gently, trying to reassure him that she will be able to handle whatever may be headed her way.

Milosh slinks onto the grounds and moves to shadow, slipping like the ghost he's been taught to be through the wagons. The runner pens are his destination and when he gets there, he halts in the shadows, near enough to hear and near enough to see. He needs to pick the perfect moment to arrive. Mad as he is, Milosh is a man of strategy, not foolish spontaneity.

Daenerys knows he's right; he is male, with the unique opportunity to see from the inside just how foolishly a man in deep, possessive lust can behave. "She's likely ratted us out." Daenerys merely shrugs, not at all peturbed; he'd expected no less. When her hand lands on his shoulder, he turns to look at her. "No, I'll stay. Soon or late, he'll look for me. May as well make it easy for him this once, yes?" He does like her hand on her shoulder, but dlips away from it all the same. "Best not give him more fuel for his imagination— which is likely spinning a tale far more interesting than what actually happened, dear." He laughs softly, somehow certain that her Sir is near, very near. "I don't think he's quite certain my intentions are innocent at all." Such a shame, that: while Daen is content to bask in Echo's admiring glances and gentle touches, he truly has no interest in poaching where another had made a prior claim, whether he's made that claim obvious or not. "I do rather enjoy your friendship, though, Echo."

Looking quite hurt as Daenerys dips his shoulder away from her touch, Echo pulls the offending hand back to her quickly, the storm behind her eyes intesifying. "This is ridiculous!" She exclaims in exasperation throwing up her hands as she kicks at the ground, sending a small spray of dirt and sand flying up. "I feel like I'm waiting for my father to come and scold me. But I didn't do anything wrong!" Her voice grows louder as she clutches her fists down by her sides, looking at Daenerys with an apologetic glace. "I enjoy your friendship too. I was mostly teasing with that kiss. I just wanted to be spontaneous and unexpected." She rolls her eyes and covers her face with her hand, "And I manage to screw even that up." She tosses a look towards her nearby wagon, body tensing in that direction. Oh the urge to escape is strong.

It does rather have the feeling of impending parental wrath; Daenerys smothers a laugh at her all too apt description. "Now, listen here, young lady — no kissing random boys!" He mocks gently, pretending to an ire he doesn't actually feel, pointing at her as if to scold. "Kissing leads to pregnancy!" Or whatever ridiculousness a parent will tell his erring girlchild when he doesn't want to even contemplate her coming adulthood. Hopefully, it will soften the blow of having moved away from her touch, though he knows it's harmless enough. And then, he sobers. "No, you didn't do anything wrong at all. So I would advise you to stand on that. You are not an erring child; don't let him — or any other, be they male or female — treat you otherwise. Whatever your deal may be, you are well and truly old enough to decide for yourself what you will or will not accept." On that much, he will stand, even in the face of Milosh's sure wrath. He wouldn't tolerate that kind of behavior from any man dating either of his sisters, either. "Oh, I know it, girl. You meant no harm at all; merely enjoying a bit of a tease. You didn't screw up at all, never doubt it. And don't you dare run away." Oh, he saw that look — he's not going to let her go cowering into her wagon like a whipped cur.

Blinking at the very unfamiliar feeling of someone having her back, Echo smiles warmly, in a friendly manner, at the Leatherworker. At his advice though, she tilts her head to one side and nods softly as he builds her up with his words, her heart warming platonically as she is bolstered, a wave of tentative confidence washing over her. "Yeah. You are right. This isn't my fault." The repeating only helps to solidify that confidence. Standing a little straighter, she throws her shoulders back and lifts her chin, an intense look painted on her features.

It's now that Milosh comes stalking from the shadows and across the short distance to the runner pens. "Echo!" He calls demandingly, his light eyes a stormcloud of thundering irascibility. His thundering gaze is not reserved for Echo alone, but wanders to Daenerys, who gets a bit of a sneer. "Don't you have a belt to be making?" He asks, an eyebrow rising in question, his face a map of indignity and jealous pride.

Meeting that gaze with calm serenity, Daenerys merely arches an eyebrow. "And I am answerable for all my time to you, how." Oh, now he's irritated, having had quite enough of making himself scarce in order to salve Milosh's pride. He's willing to extend some sympathy, but that tone is just a little bit too much. "I have many duties assigned to me. Your belt is not my sole priority." He gives Echo a sidelong look, willing her to keep that confidence; she is, indeed, going to be all right if she believes she will be. "None of which I needs must explain to you."

A shiver runs from the top of Echo's head all the way down to the tips of her toes at her master's voice calling her name like that. Her shoulders slump momentarily before she catches Daenerys' sidelong look and with lips pulled into a tight line, she pushes her shoulders back again, puffing out her chest in indignation over his tone, his jealousy so obvious to her now. Her stormy gaze now narrows on Milosh as she steps in front of him, her hands on her hips. "Really with all this? What is wrong with you lately?" She says with snap and anger in her voice, trying to catch his eyes with hers and take his attention away from Daenerys. Then, unfortunately, Echo resorts to the low blow. "You're acting like a jealous boyfriend." she adds special emphasis on the last word, as her chin juts out indignantly and she crosses her arms over her chest.

Milosh narrows his eyes at Daenerys, a scathing quip bubbling up to his lips, but he is sidelined by Echo's show of bravado and that narrowed gaze swivels on her. "You'd do best to watch that tone with me pet." He growls, the sound deepening when she accuses him of acting the jealous boyfriend. Boyfriend he may not be, but Master he certainly is and Echo is his. "Should I not come in to protect what is mine Echo?" He asks in a low growl. "If you tire of our agreement, you could always give that back." He aims a finger at her collar. Low blow traded for low blow. He isn't actually suggesting it, but if she wants to sling it, he can sling it right back. "Did you not agree to be mine? Or was I mistaken?" That's as close as he's going to get to saying he wants her to be just his….for the moment.

Daenerys rolls his eyes skyward, entirely out of patience with this particular line of… whatever it is. "You waste your energy, attempting to protect her from me. I'd seen her before she met you — and somehow, miraculously, she's chosen you." The leatherworker eyes Milosh with thinly veiled annoyance, pushing himself away from the railing and scooping up the bucket he'd set down just in case he'd have to defend himself from an irate, jealous man. "For whatever that's worth. I've no interest in coming betwen the pair of you — why don't you two go settle this somewhere else, and leave me the hell out of it, Milosh. I've a lover of my own, I don't need yours." And he begins to walk away, unwilling to be privy to whatever is going on between the pair.

"And you'd best watch your tone with me Sir!" Echo stretches onto the tips of her toes to make up some of the difference in their heights. She waves a finger in his face, her anger now focused and controlled, voice ringing, "Who says I need protecting? From Daenerys? My friend?" She rolls her eyes, "Please, give me some credit." Though when mention of her collar is brought up, her hand immediately reaches to cover the scarf currently covering it. "I did agree! I never knew that meant I would have to be stalked by your jealous ass and have my friends chased away from me!" With a small nod in Daenerys retreating direction.

Milosh watches Daenerys go with a hint of smug satisfaction, ignoring the man's words with a roll of his eyes. Echo's sudden burst of confidence is amusing and pride inducing, though these pale in the face of his jealous rage. "FRIENDS DON'T KISS LIKE THAT ECHO!" His voice booms from his lips like a fresh crack of angry thunder rolling across stormy skies. Eyeing a couple of ZInger brats that have now stopped to watch, Milosh reins himself in and points to his wagon, his chest swelling while his face purples with his barely kept temper. "March. Now." He commands, his voice dropping to that velvety command he uses when they are in the bedoir.

Daenerys doesn't seem to care if Milosh believes he's won — he's only proven Daenerys' point by showing his jealousy out in public where all may see. As the leatherworker passes Echo, he gives her a grin and a wink. "See? Pea green." Whether he wants to admit it or not. Oh, don't worry; he's hardly frightened off by the man's temper — he'll hang out with Echo anytime he damn well pleases. He'll glance back at the irate Milosh with something akin to amusement — holy crap, is that dude proving his point for him with a vengeance. In his sweep by, he'll also whisper something to the girl.

Daenerys whispers, "Use your power. Renegotiate your terms, little herder."

At the booming from Milosh, Echo can't help but shrink back with a squeak, but she quickly rights herself, "One little kiss? An outburst like this for one little kiss?" then Daenerys is there, whispering something into her ear which re-solidifies her resolve. When he points to the wagon and orders her, she crosses her arms over her chest and just stares him down for a long moment, but then she also becomes aware of the looks they are receiving and her old anxieties break through her righteous anger. With a huff, she turns on her heel and indeed marches herself over to his wagon.

Milosh sucks in a steadying breath as his temper flares. He's palm twitchingly angry and more, but then Echo seems to see some sense and he stalks after her, digging the keys to his wagon out along the way. As soon as he has the thing unlocked, he throws the door open and it thuds against the side of the wagon. "In. Now." he commands and waits for Echo to enter before following her and slamming the door shut. A loud click announces the lock sliding into place.

Milosh's Wagon
Of course Milosh would have one of the more extravagant wagons in the Armida train. It's Milosh. His wagon is large, craftily built so that it extends when at rest and folds in for travel on the road. The back of the wagon is almost a separate room, with a wall and an open doorway. Colored beads hang in a curtain across the doorway, slightly obscuring the bed and chest of drawers contained within. The main space of the wagon is cozy. A heating brazier sits in the corner by the 'bedroom' wall and burns merrily, putting off the scent of sandalwood and something floral. There's a table and chairs, a small desc, a locked cabinet and a couple of trunks. A few cubbies in the wall sport things like flagons of wine, whiskey and rum. Saving the space with the brazier, there are brightly colored rugs on the floor and curtains to match on the windows.

Trying really hard not to jump at the slamming of doors, Echo walks into the wagon with her head up and shoulders back, not giving him the pleasure of seeing her cower. When in the wagon, she turns on him in an instant, arms crossed her chest again, as if holding herself in. "How dare you get upset at a kiss when you sleep with people professionally? Not to mention the other lovers I am sure you have. I agreed to be yours, yes, but there was no mention of only yours." Her eyes flash angrily now at him.

"How dare I? Clearly you do not know what the definition of the word mine means, pet, and you certainly did not ask permission to entertain another lover." Milosh turns a near venomous look on Echo, his rage flaring through is eyes like a wildfire as he stalks towards her, a predatory air around him. "What I do is of no consequence, and, certainly none of your business. I am master here, am I not?" Though trying to be the angry bear, Milosh sees the wall behind Echo, and thoughts of taking her against it race through his mind. No. No Milosh, things need to be established first…then maybe, if Echo doesn't want to kill him first.

Dropping her fists, Echo plants her feet and does not move an inch when he stalks towards her, a pretty picture with pure indignation flashing on her face. "Well maybe if you were clearer in what was expected of me, I wouldn't have unwittingly stepped over boundaries I never even knew existed Sir!" She pauses for a moment, her color high on her cheeks, eyes flashing hotly with her barely contained anger. With the heat inside the wagon, and her own rage boiling, Echo rips off the scarf from around her neck, and throws it down onto the table, revealing her collar underneath. Now her words go icy cold, eyes shooting daggers at him. "And if you want this back," she points at the accessory around her neck. "You will have to take it off yourself, because I was told to never take it off. And shardit! I have only ever done what you told me to." Her last words rise in volume until she is straight up yelling in his face.

Oy, why does she have to be pretty when she's mad? Milosh wonders, his mind wandering to kissing that angry look right off her face. Shit. He can't lose ground here. "You haven't asked what the boundaries are either. Didn't you stop to think that just maybe I would be displeased with this sort of behavior Echo?" He watches her rip off her scarf and make her challenge over the collar. "Don't tempt me pet!" He growls, now even with her and looking down at her, "And don't yell at me either, I'm already of half a mind to pink that pretty little arse of yours till you can't sit for a seven."

"Why would you be displeased with me exploring other lovers? Isn't the whole point of this to get me out of my head more so I can actually enjoy my life and being around people?" Echo takes another small step forward to punctuate her point since she lowers her tone again to one not so yelly. Her chest just barely grazes his but she is not giving up ground. "And maybe I should have asked, that's on me. But you're the one who is supposed to be in charge here." wait a second, was that sass? "and I was trusting that you wouldn't, you know, deliberately set me up to fail so you could use it as an excuse to 'pink my pretty arse'" beat "I mean my arse.. or whatever." uh oh, seems as if someone else is having a case of the flusters as a blush not caused by anger starts to rise in her cheeks.

Milosh swells up like a predator defending it's territory, stepping inward so that Echo has to back up, or fall down, he assumes she backs up. "Because you are a fire in my blood I cannot quit," he steps them back yet further, "I am displeased because I have a need for you like a starving man needs food," Another few steps backward, "Because I cannot stand the thought of another man's hands on you," Another step and Echo's back should just barely be touching the wall. "Because you should have thought to ask, though I should have told, I did not set you up for failure a'purpose." A bit of apology slips through Milosh's gaze, but then the image of her kissing Daen flickers through his mind again and he growls, hands slamming against the wagon wall on either side of Echo with a dull thud. "And I am displeased, because you are mine and I am a selfish bastard and no one else can have you." He's barely a breath away from Echo now and he wants to kiss those flustered lips of hers, to sear his claim upon her in the only way he knows how, but not yet…not yet, she may want out a this point…and he would have to deal with that, even though the thought makes him slightly ill. Nope. Not going there. Milosh is about as close to confessing as he's going to get because even he doesn't know the true depth of his desire yet.

Eyes growing wider with each step back she is being forced to make, Echo's heart begins pounding in her chest at his words. Talk of fire and need send little jolts way down deep into her, dispersing her anger and replacing it with a different kind of heat. Especially when her back hits the wall of the wagon, and she jumps as his hands slam onto the wall on either side of her. Holding her breath as she finds herself staring at his lips as he continues, the words penetrating her consciousness, trying to make sense of what he's really saying. When he's finished, she flicks her eyes up to meet his, looking at him through auburn lashes, "Well why didn't you say so?" she says softly, a small smile spreading on her lips as she dares to reach out and place her hand lightly on his chest. "You have unexpected feelings, ok. So what does that mean? Do we need to re-evaluate what this arrangement is going to look like?" Cause Echo is firm in the fact that she is not going anywhere unless ordered to, her own repressed feelings starting to leak through with his revelations.

"Perhaps that would be wise…" MIlosh agrees concerning a revisit to the terms of their agreement. "But not now." His hands drop to Echo's hips, his own pressing her to the wall, the evidence of his arousal thick and pulsing between them. He drops his head to kiss her, lips feeding demandingly, hungrily at hers until she allows him access or pushes him away. And when he does break from her he groans. "You make me so palm twitchingly mad pet." And that doesn't necessarily mean angry.

Emitting a soft squeak when his hips are pressed again hers, Echo's eyes grow wide when she feels his arousal against her and she emits a playful giggle from her lips, before being muffled by his hungry lips. When he breaks apart, the smile that plays on her lips is mischieveous. "Ohhh Sir. I think I feel your need up against me." There's that sass again, where could this be coming from? At the mention of his palm though, she lets out a soft little moan, eyes lidding lustily, "Oh yeah? Prove it." She challenges with a sassy little purr to her voice.

And so Milosh did, as the two remained ensconced in his wagon for much of the morning. Re-negotiation of their arrangement to be determined after they thoroughly work out their frustrations on each other.

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