Rocio, Alyna


Just two blond-haired, blue-eyed greenriders meet and discuss men and all their foibles.


It is midmorning of the first day of the seventh month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


The Treble Clef, Southern Weyr

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Treble Clef

This is a place of idyll repose, a place of music, a place of soul: no liquor finds the tables of this endeavor, nor does darts nor dragonpoker. This is a place for the Harper's soul to rest, with hearty fare served to a degree of sophistication higher than the kitchens in the weyr proper, if for a price… but the draw of it is no doubt the open platform front-and-center, where a bar would likely stand. The Treble Clef does not deal in alcohol, but it does promote the artistry of amateurs and Harpers alike in the well-outfit stage for those to entertain those who stop to sup within these gently-outfitted walls.

Fresh off of early morning sweeps, Rocio can be heard stomping through the Harper's Solarium a mile away. The greenriding huntress is in a mood today and is apparently hollering at her on-again, (and seemingly) off-again boyfriend N'tael right outside the Treble Clef. "FINE LET'S DO THAT. BYE." Shoving open the cafe's door, she storms inside and starts unbuttoning her riding jacket in a huff. Oh wait! She thought of one more thing to say to the bronzerider so she hurries back to the door, opens it, and yells, "DON'T BOTHER COMIN' OVER LATER YOU NO GOOD DIRTY ROTTEN LYIN' WHERRY HEAD!" Now she can shut the door and go back to unbuttoning her jacket.

Sitting at a small table near the back, Alyna is sipping water out of a tall glass with plenty of ice, which is almost empty, enjoying her rest day with some live music. When the commotion outside picks up, though and all eyes turn in it's direction, the greenrider slips her glass under the table for a quick moment before replacing it on the table, mysteriously filled once more and brought to the petite blond woman's lips with a smile. At Rocio's words, her smile turns into a smirk as she shakes her head slowly. "You tell him girl!" she calls out holding up a fist in sisterly solidarity before taking another long drink from her glass.

"I just did!" Rocio says, finally reaching the last button of her riding jacket before tossing it toward an empty chair. Said chair happens to be next to Alyna's table, and something is muttered about bronzeriders and their inability to think soon afterward. "I can't figure out how men survive on their own. I mean, they're completely daft." Sorry, Nate. She's pretty much only talking about you, let's be honest. Another chair is pulled out from the table and she takes a seat as a wary looking server approaches with a few napkins. "Oh, uh… just gimme some juice please." Since she has to go back out for PT soon anyway. The server nods and goes to fetch the drink just as Rocio runs both hands through the blonde wisps that have escaped her loose bun.

Alyna lifts her glass in appreciation to the other greenrider's words. "I'd say you did, couldn't have done it better myself." Another long swig of her drink as she snickers to herself over the mutterings about bronzeriders, and men being daft, shaking her head softly. "Indeed, sadly, some never learn though, the poor dears." She tilts her head to one side and gives the other blond woman a quick once over as she hums thoughtfully. "Dare I ask what the cad did?" she asks curiously, her finger trailing lightly along the rim of her glass.

Rocio gladly accepts the drink being handed over by the server and she can't help but smirk when the poor lad scurries away from her table like a nervous avian. "What hasn't he done?" A swig of juice is taken and then the glass is set upon the clean table top as she leans back against her chair with a frustrated groan. "It's a long story. History, ya know? It's just… I'm tired of givin' him second chances. He's had, like, eighty 'second chances'." Antsy fingertips drum against the wooden surface and then all of a sudden stop as she considers what's left of her relationship with the bronzerider. "I dunno. I guess I just gotta admit when it's over and quit hangin' on." Judging by her tone it's been over for quite a while now.

Alyna nods along sympathetically with Rocio's words, her smile broadening as she listens to the girl's ranting. "Sounds like you gave him too many chances if you ask me. But then, sometimes we hold onto things out of desperation." And the tone of her voice clearly speaks to the fact that Alyna herself has done the same. With one long sigh, she shakes her head. "There's a reason I keep things casual…or kept I should say I guess." she trails off on that subject and turns to face the other greenrider. "I'm Alyna by the way, green Haquith's." She says with a tip of her head in Rocio's direction.

"Yeeeaah. Time for a change, I reckon." Rocio lifts her glass in 'cheers' toward Alyna and takes a hearty swig of juice. Man, she really could use some booze right now if she didn't have PT within the candlemark — Rielle would have her hide! "Rocio, green Niamyth's." A sprinkle of glowbugs flicker along the edges of Haquith's mindscape in greeting, a sign that Niamyth is making her presence known as well. Must be the dainty green is busy doing something since she's abnormally quiet for the time being. "You're on Ocelot, right?" She's guessing since she can't see a knot on the fellow greenrider's shoulder.

Raising the glass again, Alyna smiles, "Nothing wrong with some change every now and then." she remarks, but her eyes narrow as the other greenrider gives her and her dragon's names. "Niamyth? I've heard that name recently. Now where was it?" Her brows furrow briefly as she ponders but then shakes her head, "I can't remember now, I'm sure it will come to me." At her last question, she nods her head for a moment, "I am actually. You're Serval?" she says evenly. To Niamyth, Haquith's soft buzzing of gossamer dragonfly wings drift amoung the glowbugs lazily as the chartreuse green returns the soft greeting drowsily.

It's no longer surprising when someone says they've heard Niamyth's name in conversation, whether it be rider or dragon's. Rocio doesn't seem phased by the comment since everyone and their mother knows how much Niamyth likes to chat. "Yep. Serval." A beat, "I was tapped into Ocelot after graduation when it was under Yules' leadership." There are some fond memories of her very first wing as a full fledged dragonrider and she takes a moment to recollect a few. A grin forms on her expression and she lowers her focus toward the glass of juice in hand, swirling the liquid a bit as she does. It's short lived, though, when a specific memory is drawn to the surface. "Lasted a few Turns and then I had a temporary transfer to Igen."

"I'm liking it so far, but I only transferred here a few months ago now, right at the start of autumn actually." Alynsa says, taking another long sip of her drink, at the mention of Igen, she chuckles softly, "How come I'm meeting all these riders who used to be at Igen here at Southern?" To clarify she adds, "I impressed at Igen, was there for twelve turns before coming here." She shakes her head at the coincidence there as she looks down at the glass, "So why the temporary transfer to Igen then? How long were you there?"

"Yeah? You got family here or somethin'?"" Rocio scratches an itch on the side of her face and leans forward to set elbows on the table top in front of her. Sorry, she doesn't seem to follow the rules of what is considered 'good manners.' "Let's see… I was there for about two Turns? Ish. I was on a medical leave 'cause an injury I had wasn't healin' properly with the jungle humidity here." Fingers waggle at the left side of her face near her cheekbone. "Got my face broke by… someone. A not nice someone. And ever since then it gives me trouble with congestion and stuff. The Healers said it damaged my sinuses and, basically, the dry climate at Igen helped me heal." That's the entire story in a nutshell. If Alyna wants more detail, there will have to be booze involved at another time. "So, once I got clearance from Igen I came back home t' Southern."

"No, this bluerider, D'har. Met him here at the Tipsy Kitten, only to find out he had also been at Igen Weyr for several turns and we never managed to meet before." Alyna shrugs her shoulders, while a smile plays on her lips as she thinks of the swarthy man. When Rocio explains why she was at Igen, she nods along, "Wow, that's rough. Sounds like some story though." She won't pry beyond that as the glass is brought to her lips again. "So if you're suddenly single again, we should do drinks sometime. Two cute blonds at the Kitten, we'd clean up." Her smile widens at the other woman, and waggles her eyebrow expressively.

"D'har?" Rocio has a tone when she says the bluerider's name. Not necessarily a bad tone, just something sounding like snorted surprise. "I knew him at Igen and just recently found out he's here now." Joy. "Small world, ain't it?" Polishing off the last of her juice, the greenriding huntress reaches over to collect her riding jacket from the back of the chair next to her. "Yeah, we should!" There's a genuine interest there when she agrees with Alyna's suggestion to go out for drinks. "It's been a while since I had a girls' night out. We'll just have to keep the empty bottles away from me so I don't smash one over Nate's head." Grumbled, that last bit. Standing up from her seat, she slips into her jacket and begins to button it up. "Just have Haquith get ahold of Nia, 'kay? Right now I gotta get my hind end t' PT or else Rielle's gonna dream up some extra pain for me."

When Rocio admits to knowing D'har, Alyna's ice blue eyes light up and dance with mischief, "Oh you do, do you? Well well well, now we are definitely doing drinks!" Cause Alyna's got questions. "Have fun with PT!" Alyna says maybe a little too sweetly, as she leans back in her chair, kicking her feet out in front of her, before polishing off her 'water'.

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