Nasrin, Agertha, Edlsesa, & Daenerys


Agertha chats with Nasrin while watching her twins play in the lake with Kestrath. Later Candidates show up, and help bathe the green dragon.


It is afternoon of the fourth day of the seventh month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass. It is the sixty-fourth day of Summer and 120 degrees. Overnight, the temperatures plummet to a reasonable heat. Sand coats everything.


Lake Shore

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"…and stay hydrated, that's important."


Lake Shore

Sprawled out beyond the Weyr proper's hustling activity and ambling roads, the cool, blue paradise of the Weyr lake promises escape from the oppressive hammer of Igen summer's cruel climes; the asymmetrical, sandy white shores hook delicately around the deceptively still waters running deep and sure, greedy peninsulas reaching white fingers stretching in crooked lines towards its center. A sturdy shack, weather-beaten and brown as cured leather, resides in isolated splendor upon one such finger, screened shelving offering a variety of brushes and fragrant oils housed in colorful tureens. Out beyond a small and dusty paddock ringed by a white fence, a long rocky pier stabs out into the lake, providing a panoramic view of the Weyr itself, while the southern shores provide varied shrubs and grassed for the massed herds in their pens.

The lake and nearby shore swells with Igen residents and almost a dozen dragon, the waterworld a welcome embrace amidst the 120 degree flush of a desert summer day. Nasrin, normally retreating indoors like a cave creature, is instead under a canopy of Rajakhelath-contrived shade. The junior, modestly socializing, is perched on a fair-sized rock, feet in the water, head in a book from her own collection. The adjacent gold is lounging just outside of the water, it is not her kindred element.

The variegated green form that is Kestrath can be seen just at knee depth to a pair of dark haired not quite five Turn old children. The pair splash, play, and giggle as they try to see who can get the water splashes the highest on the green. Agertha sits and watches the three with a pair of puppies flopped on to either side of her, "Anni, Grys, it's time to come in," she calls, but predictably, gets ignored. Then there's Nasrin getting noticed, and a salute is given, "Ma'am," there's really not much more for Agertha to say right now.

Nasrin is an adept at tuning out distractions, but every now and again she raises her head to follow the happy trill of a child showing off for their father or another new dragon landing on the lake's cusp. The book affords that decision, apparently it has some dry spots or the junior's read it a dozen times already. "Miss Agertha," chin straightens and a smile dawns while taking into the greenrider's family, dragon, and puppies into account. Though Nasrin's eyes are crinkled from the sun's encroach. "Is this practically the whole family you brought?"

Agertha gives a nod, "Grounded for a bit of time, so here we are," is Agertha's answer. R'mar's either crowed everywhere he can by now, or he hasn't, "The twins wanted to swim. They're safe enough with Kestrath, but it's a little smothering inside right now."

Nasrin draws the first of two feet out of the water, as she tries to both hold her place in the book, and ensure the hemline of her dress (already soggy) doesn't skim the water on this slow walk to the greenrider. "Now I achieve very little in the way of gossipmongering, but I did hear in the lower caverns you're having another babe. If so, congratulations to you," her approach swishing through the shallows, "then of course you'll need a third pup to keep even." She looks to the canines with some fondness.

Agertha eyes the pair of canines as they look up at Nasrin in unison, "No," she says firmly to the pair, and they flop their heads back on the ground looking dejected, "I am, and thank you. R'mar gets just a touch smoothering, but it's because he loves me. Kestrath has found our old weyr, and won't come down unless she needs to feed or needs a bath," so Agertha's effectively been grounded by her own green, "Mama, lookit what Gryst found," Annis says as she and her brother run up to the two women. Grystan holds out a fragment of firelizard shell, "Can I keep it?" aww, adorable, "No," is the answer, "Up to the weyr you two. I have to make sure Kes gets her bath," and the best way to do that would be to, "You think I can get a pair of Candidates to help?" she asks Nasrin.

"Just so you know, after you'd just left Mirage, we gained seven new riders, six— no, five— of them with child." She hitches the small book onto one hip, and switches dragonshade from Rajakhelath to Kestrath. "About how much longer do you have to wait for them to be born?" 'Them' hopefully not implying plural! The display of the young twins wanting to keep the piece of shell makes Nasrin nibble a grin from her bottom lip. "Absolutely, they can help. I'm sure most would relish the task under this sun…"

"Roughly two more months," Agertha answers. Grystan tucks the shell fragment into the back of his trousers as the pair run up the path to Agertha's weyr, "Oh for sure," she can't help but chuckle a bit, "Really? Must be something in the water," is quipped, as for the comment of 'them' an eyebrow is raised, "I certainly hope it's not them. One set of troublemakers running around is enough," but twins do seem to run in Agertha's family, and she's already had one set so anything is possible.
Nasrin's shoulders go back and to the left as she tries not to completely laugh in front of the pregnant lady. "Say, you already did it once, you may just have a streak, Agertha…" Her eyebrows are positioned high, so even though she's speaking in a dead-serious tone, there's still some recurrent humor lingering. "Did many of your predecessors have their children in pairs, or is it random trait?"

"It was supposed to skip my mother's generation," Agertha answers, "But I have a two sets of twin siblings younger than me," a shrug, "And yes, you're correct. I've already had one set," she watches the path leading up to her weyr for a moment, "At least they're mostly well behaved," training children isn't the same as training young dragons after all, "Annis," she cants her head to one side, "Sometimes I think Annis can hear the dragons. Other times she seems to not notice them at all unless one is hurt," so there's something there that Agertha's trying to encourage, "Grsytan, he can't be bothered about dragons. Give him a canine, and some caprine to chase after, and he's a happy boy."

Twins being unheard of in Nasrin's family make her draw even closer to the greenrider to catch her reply in the wake of a very exuberant young brown dragon slapping his tail to create spray for several youngins. "I've seen you many times with your children," that sort of bond makes an impression on the goldrider. "If she's dragon sensitive, or even just fond of them, I'll gladly let her come visit the dragon yard with me— if you think she'd like that. I promise no raw injuries. And as for Grystan, I do have some caprines in the stables he's welcome to work with, like walking them on a lead…"

A nod is given, "She'd love that, and so would he," Agertha answers. The brown earns a chuckle from the greenrider, "It's always amazing how much personality each dragon seems to have," not that Agertha didn't know about the diversity of dragon personalities.

Edlsesa has been restless as of late, the words to the tale she's been set to write taking up all her mental space and leaving room for nothing else. In an attempt to clear her mind, she's decided to take a run around the lake. If one good thing has come from this experience as a candidate, it's the pt routine that has now become part of her schedule. Dressed in loose white desert pants of the Zingari persuasion, and a light white camisole, she's got her thick hair trained into a long braid that sways down her back as she runs, turning toward the lake to begin her true routine.

Let it be known Nasrin did not forget about a labor solution for Kestrath's bath. As Edlsesa is prepping for a run around the bowl, Nasrin is not quite near enough to attract her attention, especially with the din surrounding the lake. It's a perfect instance from a mental 'ping' from Rajakhelath, suggesting the candidate follow her left shoulder and look to see Agertha and Nasrin. "Speaking of dragons, Kestrath, I wanted to personally thank you for catching a strand of Thread when we had that Fall over the Salhout coast. It would have gotten Rajakhelath for sure and I'm grateful, and Agertha, I profusely thank you again for your good aim."

Agertha chuckles a bit as Kestrath moves to beg scritches from the junior weyrwoman, then spots Edlsesa and moves to demand scritches from the candidate, "She's always been an attention seeker, my Kestrath," then she turns to look at Nasrin, "You're welcome. Kestrath says," a slight cough is given, then in an exagerated tone, " 'Shucks, tweren't nuthin' " she can't contian the laughter that follows, "Sometimes that dragon of mine is so silly," must be the influence of the twins. That's Agertha's story, and she's stickin' to it.

Edlsesa isn't quite sure why, but she turns to look at the people around, and spots Agertha and Nasrin talking, hmm. Interesting. But before her body can respond to that mental ping, well, there Kestrath is, demanding attention that Edlsesa is more than willing to give, scritching right around the green's headknobs. Sesa's been around dragons her whole life, and admires the beasts. Perhaps that's why they searched her? Or was it because of her drawings, which have been the subject of dragon scrutiny many times thus far?

Oh yeah, there's another candidate out there, also trying to get in some exercise; only, Daenerys intends to swim. Or perhaps pretend to, anyway, as he's not very good at it. But look, there's a crowd, and there's nothing so embarrassing as a watching crowd as you flop around uselessly in water. A man has his dignity! So, Daenerys will simply act casual and look like he meant to just walk along in water up to his ankles.

Nasrin is laughing along with Agertha about Kestrath's word selection when Edlsesa is drawn in. "Candidate," she sobers, "rather than a risk heat sickness by running, Agertha needs some help with her dragon." And don't think Daenerys is off the hook… "And he can help you." She pets the green dragon's throat latch, admiring the deep color there. "Do you need anything else, Agertha?" May as well ask!

Agertha chuckles a little longer before she answers, "Not at the moment, Ma'am. Thank you," she watches both Edlsesa and Daenerys, "She likes a hard scrub on the barrel," is said before going up to where she stores the buckets, and scrubbing tools, "You've scrubbed dragons before, yes?" asked of the pair of candidates when she returns.

"…and stay hydrated, that's important." Nasrin reminds as she steps the short distance back to shore, directing either the two candidates, Agertha, or both. Fluids are important, people.

Daenerys has been spotted, worse luck! Good thing he's dressed for the task, then, isn't it? And dragon scrubbing is something he's done before, as a matter of fact. Any excuse to avoid that swim! He turns his steps toward the dragon and people, offering the usual salute. "I have."

Edlsesa looks up when Nasrin addresses her and snaps off a crispy salute. "Yes ma'am!" She then turns to look for supplies, which Agertha apparently provides! "Yes ma'am, my 'aunt' Ayla let us help with her Jhakkarath all the time." She accepts the cleaning tools and moves into the water, hoping Kestrath will follow. Another "Yes ma'am" is sent Nasrin's way as she departs.

Kestrath does follow with a churr of happiness. A proper scrub is something she hasn't had in a couple of sevens, "Good to know," Agertha answers as she follows behind her dragon. She picks up the bucket and fills it with water that then gets a generous helping of soapsand, "She's funny. She loves a scrub, but hates the soapsand," is explained, "So, once we get her scrubbed up I'll send her out to rinse."

Ah, the privilege of being Weyrwoman: ine may freely order rhings to one's liking! Daenerys picks up his supplies and follows rhe others out, delighted with the feeling of cool water on his legs. "I've had to do it a time or two…" He smiles at Agertha, all too sweetly. No need to explain, right? "Why does she hate soapsand, Rider?" Curios as a cat, this one.

"I think it's just a textural thing," Agertha answers, "It doesn't make sense to me, as she doesn't mind sand itself," so maybe it's the whole idea of being scrubbed? Agertha takes her scrub brush and applies it to the dusty hide, "She has a sensitive spot just under her left wing," ticklish, that's what Kestrath is really.

Edlsesa just gets to work after sending her brother a wry grin. Show off. She too wonders about the soapsand, but since Daen already has that one covered, well, she won't bother repeating the question. She just grabs up a brush and rag and gets to tapping at Kes's shoulder, a signal for the green to lay down, because washing from the top of the dragon, down, is the best way, or so aunty Ayla says.

Kestrath happily lays down, and turns happy blue-green whirling eyes to blink at Edlsesa. "She says she really itches right under where you tapped. Could you scrub extra hard please?" Agertha conveys to Edlsesa. Daenerys gets an impish splash of water aimed at him by Kestrath's tail, "Kes," the tone is one that settles the green, and she lays in the water to be cleansed.

Daenerys so us a show off! He chuckles as Kestrath splashes him, and begins scrubbing that so-convenient tail. "Huh. Dragons are varied people." Or whatever; they get the idea!
Edlsesa nods. "Of course!" Edlsesa is more than willing to take direction and when she gets to the spot, is diligent in making sure she scrubs decently enough to ease the itch.

Kestrath croons happily as the itchy spots are slowly scrubbed, and soothed. The green obediently lifts a wing, or leg as she's being scrubbed, "Lucky she's not a big green," Agertha says as they get the dragon scrubbed clean, "Okay. Out you go to rinse," is finally said as Agertha steps back to watch the green go out to rinse off.

Daenerys scrubs, and scrubs and scrubs — until Kestrath is sent out to rinse. "Or a bronze or gold. That's a lot of dragon to be scrubbing." With satisfaction, he puts his brush back in his pail and watches the now-clean green wade on out there.

Edlsesa giggles. "Browns are no joke either….." She begins washing the residue off as Kestrath moves out. "Jhakkarath is an old timer brown too, he's HUGE."

Agertha chuckles as she nods, "I've seen some of those Oldtimer dragons," so she's aware of just how much dragon there is with an Oldtimer dragon. Kestrath comes in, looks for her towel, and then grumps towards Kehemath's ledge, "Well you shouldn't have been teasing people and other dragons with your towel," Agertha says to whatever comment, or complaint was sent her way, "Thank you, Candidates. I'm now being informed that I've had quite enough sun for one day," over protective dragon is over protective. Agertha is still chuckling as she gathers the scrubbing supplies, and heads back up to her weyr.

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