Khali, Zaria


Finding one of her newer wingriders in the Last Call, Zaria tries to have a delicate conversation with a mostly oblivious Khali.


It is sunset of the seventh day of the twelfth month of the fifteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Last Call, Igen Weyr

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"So Khali. I've noticed that you've been more distracted than lately…Do you know why this might be?"


Last Call

From the bleak treachery of the wide ledge outside, the bar's interior is a veritable paradise. Nothing here matches: there's five shades of brown found just in the leather of the random scattered chairs, and all the tables are painted different mottled shades of earthen tones. Nothing symmetrical to be found here, no order, just a long bar along the far-edge of the weyr-converted, nestled into the nook that would normally be a private weyr's bedspace. The bottles that gleam behind that reclaimed counter of scarred and burned skybroom are rare and precious, with most of the joviality in the air coming from the tapped keg standing in the middle place of honor behind the bar. The decorations are sparse, entertainments few: dragonpoker and darts and fellow patrons provide the typical bar atmosphere, while a niche in the corner stands ready with stool and gitar-rack for the stolen Harper or musically-inclined rider. A weatherbeaten shingle hung precisely over the middle of the bar declares the house rules.

Nail polish isn't a thing, but Khali is still paying METICULOUS attention to her fingernails. She has a nail file and is working on making sure each of her fingers is perfectly rounded. Her feet are propped up on a small table and she has a little glass of something amber beside her. File, file, file, file.

After being deposited on the ledge outside by Azrith, Zaria saunters into the Last Call, stretching her arms over her head with a soft moan as several audible pops can be heard. Blinking hazel eyes with a bit of surprise, the Arroyo Wingleader spots one of her newer recruits paying attention to her nails. "Evening Khali," she offers with a dip of her head as she heads behind the bar and rummages around for a glass.

Khali COULD look up and acknowledge her Wingleader right away…. or she could focus really hard on making sure that her thumb is completely perfectly curved. (She totally chooses the second.) After a moment of INTENSE FOCUS she finally holds her hand out in front of her face to double check it. "Hum… not quite…. Zaria?" Khali calls out to the Wingleader, "Can you look at this? I feel like it's a tiny bit off."

The greenrider's behavior has definitely been off lately, and Zaria has already had to dismiss her once from drills due to being distracted. There's also the fact that Azrith has been showing Reiyaseith a lot of attention lately, typical of her casanova blue when a green is entering her season, more so if she hasn't flown yet. After she pours herself a couple fingers of something dark before raising a ginger brow in the young woman's direction. "Look at what?" she asks when taking a seat and laying her glass on the table in front of her.

Khali scoots her butt a little closer to Zaria having zero concept of personal space at the moment. Her hand gets thrust in front of Zaria's face. "Does it all look even? I feel like I chipped it on a bag of firestone earlier and I just… I mean, I want it all to be even. Don't you think?"

That scoot brings a bit of a blush to Zaria's cheeks, but she doesn't move away, not wanting to offend the girl. Instead, she tries to focus on the hands getting thrust in her face. Without really thinking, she reaches up and holds them steady so she can get a better look. "I'm not really a girly girl you know. I don't think I've ever filed my nails. I just bite them down when they get too long," she answers as she takes her time to carefully inspect the greenrider's work. "They look perfectly even to my untrained eyes," she says with a smile, briefly forgetting she's still holding the girl's hands in hers as she tries to formulate her next words in the kindest way possible.

"Whhhaattttt?" Khali doesn't seem to notice Zaria's flush, or the fact that she's holding on to her hands longer than she should. The greenrider is totally distracted by the fact that Zaria's never taken care of her fingernails. "We can't let that go on, here." Khali shifts so that she has Zaria's hand in her own and is looking at the fingernails minutely, tisking. "I can totally fix this."

"Ummmmm…" Congrats Khali, you seem to have broken your wingleader. Zaria is going her best impression of a fish, mouth opening and closing a few times before she finally resigns herself to this happening. Zaria's nails are not pretty, she probably doesn't know what a cuticle is, and her hands have a definite dry quality to them. Maybe this is good, the girl has something to distract her while the bluerider brings up a rather delicate subject. "So Khali. I've noticed that you've been more distracted than lately…Do you know why this might be?"

A few more angles on the hand before Khali is popping up to go and fetch a nice bowl of water. The Last Call totally has that, right? As she answers she shrugs a shoulder once, "I don't know. Reiyaseith is off her rocker though. One second she wants to take a name, and the next she's in the lake. She's always been flaky though so~ Here, put your hand in this?" Zaria's not going to have much of a choice, because Khali is totally going to dunk one hand in before taking up the other to start massaging it.

"Uh..err.." Now there's water involved? Zaria chuckles as she nods along with the girl's observations about her green. "Yeah, I've noticed that about her too…well…Azrith has mostly." She's really trying to be delicate here, hoping the greenrider will pick up on her own what the Wingleader is slowly meandering towards in a roundabout way. The massage takes her a little by surprise, and she almost pulls back, but then it starts feeling kinda nice, so she lets her continue.

Khali, oblivious. So. So. So. oblivious. "Has he? I know it's make a mess of the wing sometimes. I'm sorry." Her hands move deftly over Zaria's, working to relax the fingers properly. "You're really stiff Zaria. Do you ever relax?" The redhead flicks her gaze up to Zaria's face.

"No, don't apologize. It happens with greens…." Zaria trails off with a special emphasis on the last word, but it's clear that Khali is just not getting it. She's just about to say something more when Khali calls her out on her stiffness. "Sometimes I'll schedule it into my busy days," the wingleader replies drolly, although there's a pinkness over the bridge of her nose that speaks to it maybe being near enough to the truth. "Khali…I think Reiyaseith is getting ready to rise…for her maiden flight," she may as well be very specific to not be misunderstood. "And I'm sure you learned during weyrlinghood, that we can't have proddy greens leaving the Weyr, especially inexperienced ones whose riders don't yet know how they handle it. Do you get what I'm saying Khali?" The bluerider tries to catch Khali's eye to make sure she's getting it.

Khali is not at all the sharpest tool in the shed. Unfortunately she knows it, but there isn't too much she could do about it. She continues to work her fingers between Zaria's fingers. There's a slow blink as it soaks in slowly. "Ohhhhh, yeah. I mean. If it happens it happens. That would explain why Loranduth isn't getting nearly as annoyed with Reiyaseith as much as he usually does. Ja'un probably already figured it out." She bites her lips then bounces to her feet. "You should let me give you a back massage."

Zaria listens as Khali finally seems to join the conversation at hand. "Yes..you'll notice males will act differently around her at this time," she remarks, relaxing slightly under the girl's hand massage, rather enjoying it although she knows it could look bad if anyone were to walk in at this time. "So until she flies, I have to ground you unfortunately…um…what?" Zaria asks as she sees the girl jump to her feet and registers her offer…"No…no no no… Khali, it's ok really. I've got back massages covered, I promise. But it's nice of you to offer." Now that her hands are free, Zaria down half her drink in one gulp.

Khali is a master of pouting and she turns it on right now. Hands brace themselves on her hips as her lower lip juts out. "It's good for you. I mean. But… I guess… I…" There's so much trembling of her lip. "At least let me fix your fingernails?"

Zaria can hardly say no to a pretty woman with a trembling lip on the best of days, but with her blue actively wooing, her resolve crumbles a little faster. "Ok, fine…just a short one though ok," she finally concedes, and sits up a little straighter in her chair. "You do understand, right, why I have to ground you?" The bluerider may as well make sure the girl is paying enough attention to understand what's going on.

Khali claps her hands, flipping from sad to cheerful as quickly as one turns on a non-pern light. Moving behind Zaria she flicks her hair so the curls fall over a shoulder and then puts her hands lightly on the bluerider's shoulder. "I mean, I guess? Reiyaseith's pretty distracted so I guess it's kind of dangerous." Khali starts the massage light but increases the pressure as she moves, paying attention to Zaria's body language to gauge how well it goes.

Zaria is finding the way Khali switches moods oddly charming, but quickly shakes herself out of it. Professionalism must be adhered to. "That's right. Also, even if she's not a gold, she could affect holders if she were to rise while you were away from the Weyr, and that's just gives us a bad name, as a Weyr and Arroyo specifically. So it's just best to hunker down and wait it out." The way her hands work at some rather tense muscles, has the bluerider's eyelashes fluttering slightly, but she fights to retain her composure. "You do have…experience right? Cause if not, now would be the time to do so." Oh what fun conversations you get to have when you're a wingleader.

"Experience in flights? No, silly." Khali laughs, completely missing Zaria's point. Her hands on Zaria's shoulder hints that she does have the type of experience that Zaria actually means. "You're sweet to wonder, but I'm sure it'll be fine. Ja'un will take care of me." Absolutely blind faith that the bronzerider can make everything perfect. "Who usually does your massages? I don't think they do very well."

"Oh, Ja'un, so you two are…?" Zaria asks with curiosity, not at all bummed that the girl seems to prefer men. Most do, in Zaria's experience. "Well I'm glad you'll be taken care of, but you know even if there is attachment between riders, it's not sure that will influence a green's choice right?" She's really not trying to be a debbie downer, but there's something unsettling about how the girl is so trusting that everything will be just fine. Reaching for her glass, she's just about to take another drink when Khali comments on her regular masseuse and suddenly she's blushing bright red. "She's…Zingari. Very talented with her hands," the bluerider replies as she looks over at the marked candle. "Oh! is that the time?! I need to get going."

"Oh! There's nothing wrong with that!" Khali chirps though she blinks quickly when Zari announces it's abruptly time to get up to her feet. "I mean - it doesn't matter what happens. We talked about it, but I know Loranduth is going to catch. They've been close from when they were babies." This is not going to go well for Khali if Loranduth doesn't win. So much confusion. "Well, enjoy yourself! But I'm going to fix those hands sooner rather than later."

Zaria almost feels bad about leaving the girl with her false sense of security, but sometimes people just need to learn by experience and Khali is a classic example of the latter. Finishing her drink, she makes a mental call to Azrith to tear himself away from whatever he's doing and come pick her up. There's some grumbling, but he concedes. Finally the bluerider gets to her feet and smiles down at Khali, "You can still practice with us when we do things within range of the Weyr, but other than that, just take this time for yourself and your lifemate." It's the only real advice she can offer, not riding a female dragon herself. And then she is going to get out of there before Khali decides to make good on her last threat and tackle her nails right then.

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