Th'res R'zel


Wingseconds having Klah, oh and discuss possible poisoning..


It is midmorning of the tenth day of the fifth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Nighthearth, Southern Weyr

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A comfortable nook, this natural extension of the living room is cozily attired with overstuffed chairs and a couple of well-worn loveseats. All have been covered in various shades of green, giving the very incongruous appeal of a miniature forest hidden away inside… a grove of man-made proportion. Fish stews and spicy white-wherry chili are often kept hot on the minor hearths east and west of the main, for those whose hours defy when meals are kept. Ornate, the largest hearth towers high, rich with carving and utilitarian in fashion: it holds court by providing the weyr with rich klah, the air thick with the scent of cinnamon wafting.

The weather outside is definitely autumnal. As R'zel approaches the Nighthearth, he's well-wrapped, and hasn't even bothered to unfasten his jacket, though he's holding his helmet by its strap in one hand, and a small plate with a couple of pastries lifted from the living cavern in the other. It's mid-morning, time for a post-drills mug of klah, and it's for the klah pot that he's heading. He drops his helmet onto a chair in passing, and leaves the plate with it. When he's poured his drink, he returns to the chair, unfastens the toggles of his jacket, then pulls his scarf free and drapes that over the chair back before he sits. He contemplates the steam rising from the fresh klah, apparently lost in thought.

Is there ever a time that isn't right for Klah? If you asked the red headed wing second the answer would be no.. Th'res seemingly also had the same idea to come and grab a mug before he has head back out. His colorful long scarf is draped over him a few times so it doesn't drag on the ground, and against his new black riding leathers it stands out far to much. He moves over and pours himself a mug grining over at R'zel "tenth mark for your thoughts, Sir."

R'zel looks up and grins back. "They're not worth it, probably. And since when does one wingsecond call another, Sir?" He flaps a hand towards a neighbouring seat, and invites, "Join me?" It'd be a smooth gesture if the hand in question weren't already holding a pastry. A few crumbs end up on the floor. He takes a bite, and gives Th'res time to get his drink before continuing. "This time of year, I start to wonder why I ever longed for it to be cooler. Especially when there's early drill."

Th'res chuckles and sits down "Well, I for one enjoy this time of year.. but then I am also the one who still goes up to the barrier on my days off." He leans back in his chair and gives R'zel a grin "And I call you Sir, because it is habit as up until recently you out ranked me. How have you been? haven't seen you since we found that child on the rocky shore.."

R'zel grins again. "Well, stop it!" He's clearly not really annoyed, but his face turns more serious as he responds, "Laeiva's granddaughter, yes. At least that story had… if not a happy ending, I suppose at least she's got her grandma. I wonder how long we'll carry on searching - we aren't out today, so maybe they're scaling it down. I heard there are only about a dozen left who haven't been found one way or another. That we know of, anyway."

Th'res nods looking in to his mug as the mood takes a more somber tone "I for one don't mind looking till they all are accounted for, but I am sure that falls to the leadership." That is the red heads take on it, search till all are one. He glances over at R'zel and asks "How are you doing with that whole thing? I know it hit me hard like a blow to the gut, I can't imagine what you are feeling as a parent."

Th'res nods looking in to his mug as the mood takes a more somber tone "I for one don't mind looking till they all are accounted for, but I am sure that falls to the leadership." That is the red heads take on it, search till all are one. He glances over at R'zel and asks "How are you doing with that whole thing? I know it hit me hard like a blow to the gut." He shakes his head there is a reason why he doesn't really do well with search and rescue, for all his stone faced, wherry headed antics he is still soft in the heart.

R'zel presses his lips together. "I wish we'd brought her mother back alive as well. It's always bad when you don't save them all - but then, another day, and we'd have found a dead kid as well, so…." He shakes his head. "It's like Search and Rescue with Ocelot - it's satisfying because of the ones you save, but the ones you don't are - as you say, like a kick in the gut. You keep on for the sake of the ones you can help." He frowns a little. "Talking of guts - I was just thinking before you came along. Have you had a lot of riders sick? We had four at sick call this morning - all stomach upsets."

Th'res nods thinking in his head the number "We are up to three ourselves, but those are just the ones who are telling us they can't work. There probably more than that just toughing it out.." He sips his klah more before asking "Have they figured out anything that is causing it? Because there are rumors it isn't just a regular stomach bug." Where he inclined to listen to such things he might be nervous but the younger wingsecond still is never one to leave a line of questioning un-explored.

"Are there?" R'zel sounds surprised, but it seems he's heard a different story. "I mean, I hadn't heard they were saying it was a stomach bug - the first couple of our folk who took sick were told to cut back on the rich food, and then next couple were asked if they'd eaten anything dodgy and told they had food poisoning. But really, it's been going on too long for that - and too many people. So surely it has to be be something going round that we're catching from each other. What did you hear?"

Th'res pulls out his note book, because M'noq is a bit demanding that way, fliping through it he says "Most of the people from my wing have complained of nausea, vomiting, and other bowel issues. But none of them have eaten the same foods, or even in the same places." He shakes his head and looks over at R'zel "have you gotten any symptoms?"

"They haven't been eating in the Living Cavern? But who doesn't eat in the Living Cavern? I mean, if it were a dodgy herdbeast or something, then half the Weyr would be sick but then it'd be over." R'zel shakes his head, dismissing that idea. "It's got to be some kind of bug. Hasn't it? I had a night when my guts were a bit sore, but that's all. How about you? But we've had someone drop out of drill, someone else had to drop out of Fall… it's been going on every since the Storm."

Th'res shrugs "well I don't know if I have the same symptoms, but my stomach was tender after the ship adventure. But then I am making my own booze, soo it could be a by product from that." Because he is no vintner after all, he nods about the other riders "I mean, if this were in a mine, I would think it might be methane poisoning, but the wher's and there handlers would of found that right?"

R'zel grins. "You've not been distributing your product round the Weyr, have you?" He looks more serious as he considers methane. "Ah, isn't that the stuff that can blow up, down a mine? If it can make people sick like they have been, someone really ought to check it out before anything worse happens. A watchwher could find it, you say? So, what happens if you get methane poisoning?"

Th'res drinks more of his klah before saying "I only share with friends, and have had no complaints yet.." Then on to serious talk "well it is oderless but the wher's seem to be able to know it is there." He thinks a moment before ticking it off "headache, nausea, dizziness, in some bad cases drowsiness that can lead to death as a person would pass out and suffocate.."

R'zel frowns. "We've had folk with nausea and feeling generally groggy. If you get into fresh air, though, would you be OK? I mean, some riders have been ill during Fall and drills - they'd not been underground for a bit. Or could you get enough of the stuff in your system to get ill, but not actually show it until later? That'd be nasty." Not only sneaky odourless gases, but sneaky delayed-action odourless gases!

Th'res nods "depending on how bad the exposure is, I have seen people get it bad enough they go out and are so disoriented they don't know where they are." He shakes off the memory and continues "And fresh air helps but if they are exposed over time there could be permeant damage." He looks at the rider before saying "that is why the wher's while people think they are scary, are so useful."

"That /does/ sound useful," R'zel says fervently. He's convinced! "The one at the Harper Hall when I was there was a nice enough beast, even if he wasn't exactly a beauty. It's a shame dragons don't tend to like them much." He munches on his neglected pastry as he thinks. "Say, have you mentioned this to any of the healers? It might be the sort of thing they wouldn't think of, seeing as how this isn't a mine. And, you know, there's the whole blowing up thing, too…." About which he might just be a tad uneasy!

"Well no.. I figured one of them would know the symptoms, or at least should…" comes the answer from Th'res. He looks over at the open fire in the room they are siting in "But I am sure who ever the WeyrMiner is he is on top of it." HE chuckles and says "They have their own beauty to them, and it is sad most of them really don't like being around them. Though have you met Jed? because he likes to sit there and stargaze with with the watch wher some days.."

The thought of Jedameth brings a fond smile to R'zel's face - he's another one whom the blue has charmed, apparently! "That dragon of yours must be the friendliest creature that ever existed. If the Weyr ever needs someone to convince a bunch of kids that dragons aren't scary, I'm nominating him." He turns his attention to his klah.

Th'res laughs "If I left him to his own devices I would have a whole flock of the little buggers in my weyr on a daily basis." His dragon likes kids, Th'res looks over at R'zel and says "You know I think I should go have a talk with the handlers, if only to catch up."

"Good idea. I'm for the infirmary when I've had my klah - we've got a couple of Ocelots in there at the moment who could use a visit. Re'shak got so dehydrated with the-" R’zel wiggles his fingers, first in front of his face, then rather lower down, and continues, "thing, that they kept him in last night."

Th'res nods and grins "you know I don't remember us having to make house calls when M'noq gave me this knot.. Must of missed that little add on somewhere." He is of course joking as he finishes his mug and stands up offer R'zel his hand to shake "We still need to go fishing again man, I promise Jed won't annoy your Verokanth. Well not too bad anyway." Because he is the friendliest dragon you will ever meet after all.

R'zel chuckles. "Wingseconds: doers of odd jobs. Without rising, he raises his hand to take the one offered him, and raises his mug to Th'res with the other hand. "Yes, let's do that - a bit of peace and quiet would go down well. Clear skies, then - see you around."

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