N'ky, Finn


Finn and N'ky meet at the Lake Shore. No sudden moves around Cailluneth!


It is late night of the fourth day of the seventh month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr

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Lake Shore

Sprawled out beyond the Weyr proper's hustling activity and ambling roads, the cool, blue paradise of the Weyr lake promises escape from the oppressive hammer of Igen summer's cruel climes; the asymmetrical, sandy white shores hook delicately around the deceptively still waters running deep and sure, greedy peninsulas reaching white fingers stretching in crooked lines towards its center. A sturdy shack, weather-beaten and brown as cured leather, resides in isolated splendor upon one such finger, screened shelving offering a variety of brushes and fragrant oils housed in colorful tureens. Out beyond a small and dusty paddock ringed by a white fence, a long rocky pier stabs out into the lake, providing a panoramic view of the Weyr itself, while the southern shores provide varied shrubs and grassed for the massed herds in their pens.

It is the sixty-fourth day of Summer and 84 degrees. The night is clear. Stars twinkle merrily.

The night is clear, a stark contrast to the sand that filled the air so recently. Made crisp by the desert's night-cool, the stars in the sky above twinkle and glitter, making the full globe of Timor all the more prominent where she glows brightly, high above the Weyr. Prowling along the shore beneath the lunarlight, her own moonshine hide exceptionally silver, is Cailluneth - a growling, unsettled beast with her tail thrashing and her eyes whirling a bright rainbow of colours. She pounces into the water, jumps back out, shakes herself off and then does it all over again, before stopping to raise her head to Timor and bellow. "Sssh," N'ky, sitting on the shoreline, hisses at his lifemate. He gets to his feet, watching his dragon in quiet agitation that mimics her restlessness.

Fierce, the mutters uttered by Finn as he walk-runs to the pier. He's shaking his head as he goes, eyes trained on the path beneath his feet as he picks his way quickly along the shoreline. A splash -a big splash- brings his head up and feet to a halt. He peers through the darkness at… without thought, his feet draw him nearer. "What in the…?" He leaves the question unfinished, staring agog at the moonlit antics of the pouncing green. N'ky's hissed admonition to silence nearly brings Finn out of his skin, the trader jumping with a yelp as he comes down facing towards the greenrider, hands held out warily, eyes wide, bright in the moonlight.

Finn's movement catches Cailluneth's attention, drawing her gaze away from the moon. There's a growl deep in her throat as she bounds through the water towards him, wings half-furled - then flung fully open in a shower of star-kissed droplets as she gets closer to the trader, forequarters lowered and head snaked down towards him. That growl doesn't cease, and Finn will get a good view of her teeth as her lips curl and flex. "Cailluneth!" N'ky hollers at her with the loudness of someone unused to shouting; his 'big' voice is very unpracticed. The green's growl drops a notch following the reprimand, and N'ky's brown eyes fix on Finn as he slips in by his dragon's muzzle, leaning up against her twitching, teeth-exposing mouth. Perhaps it's meant to reassure that there's no danger? "Sorry." A little sharp, but not ingenuine.

Fight or flight. Predator or prey. Instincts nestled in the deepest parts of Finn's brain gibber madly as an apex predator bears down on him under the moonlight. His feet scuffle as he backpedals, mouth hanging open slightly as he moves quickly backwards. My what big teeth you have. He's half-turned to run, feet scrabbling, when he hits a loose patch of gravel. The leading foot goes right out from under him! WHOMP! He crashes, rolling. Instincts shrieking at him to get on his feet, he rolls, up, springing and spots the greenrider leaning non-chalantly against all those teeth. A flare of anger flashes at the indolent lean, the sharp tone… not because he's embarrassed. No way. "Call her off!" There's no way he's exposing his back to THAT. All eyes on the twitching lips and exposed teeth.

Cailluneth's wings are tucked down against her back, and she lowers herself down to the ground with the whooomph of an unwilling pup. Her lips still twitch, though less so with N'ky leaning against her; his arm now curls under her jaw, stratching at the underside of her chin. "S-she's not going to h-hurt you." The green's growl becomes a rumble, and while she may not be looming over Finn any more, she's taut and tensed where she lies. "You s-startled her. That's all."

Incredulity paints Finn's face in the darkness. "I startled her?" he stabs himself with a finger and then stabs that same finger -perhaps unwisely- at Cailluneth. His heart is still hammering, breath coming in heavily. Finn has been around plenty of canines, the biggest predators with whom he's acquainted, and while it's not the same (worse, really) he recognizes the alert set of a creature ready to pounce at any moment. Eyeing the dragon warily, light eyes, deeply shadowed in the darkness, stay fixed, watching closely for any sign of movement. "Can you, uh, tell her I didn't mean to startle her." Ridiculous as THAT is.

"Sh-she knows. I've told her." N'ky leans more heavily against his lifemate's muzzle, eying the trader with embarrassment colouring his sun-tanned cheeks. "You j-jumped," he stammers, running his fingers through his curls and ruffling them up further. "She th-thought you were a threat. It's fine now." Cailluneth is certainly more quiet and without all the teeth-baring snarls, though she's still not relaxed - in fact, her fast-whirling eyes watch Finn closely, her head canted just so to be able to see him better. "I'm - we're - s-sorry."

"I, uh," Finn's got his own stammer on, but the less awkward-making kind, "I…" he looks with some concern on the rider, attention finally shifting away from the tense dragon. "I did at that," he smiles weakly. He shifts weight from one foot to another, wincing. He'd come down funny on an ankle and it was barking now. Curiosity is overtaking alarm, now that things are settling a bit, "Is she… okay?" he points at her rapidly swirling eyes.

N'ky looks up at Cailluneth where Finn points, wrinkling his nose as he shrugs gently. "Sure. She's f-fine. It's Timor." He looks up to where the full moon hangs heavy in the sky above them. "It m-makes her a bit… well, she's sort of… she's getting towards p-p-proddy." He doesn't seem entirely thrilled with the admission of the latter, looking back down at Finn with a defeated sort of shrug. Nothing he can do but accept it. "Are you ok? Your f-foot?" He noticed that wincing!

Finn's eyes dart up to the moon, arms hanging loosely as he cranes his neck. The brightness of the moon in the dark makes his eyes twinge and he closes them briefly, enjoying a bit of breeze that slips off the lake, settling his nerves. He opens his eyes, shifting again, "Proddy," he says quietly, almost to himself, "Oh. Proddy!" He doesnt' know much about dragons, but kinda everyone knows that bit. The trader's eyes whirl with speculation, thoughts flickering as he looks back and forth between the dragon and the man. He looks down at his foot, lifting it gingerly and rolling the ankle, "It's fine, just twisted it." His curious study resumes. He lifts an arm, finger crooked slightly as he sketches a line from Cailluneth to N'ky and back, "What's it like?"

"I c-can get something to bandage it up, if you w-want?" N'ky looks down at the man's injured foot, his embarrassment growing. "I-it'd be the least I can do. She's n-not like this, normally. Only around that sort of time. Or a d-double full moon." He leans a little harder against Cailluneth's nose, then stands up straight so she can lay her head flat to the ground, hot breath wuffling from her twitching nostrils. "Wh-what's what like?"

Finn looks down at his ankle in puzzlement. His own cheeks heat as he recalls just how he'd oh-so-gracefully twisted said ankle. "Ah, heh. Really, it's fine." He shows how fine it is by shifting his weight onto it fully. SQUEAK. "See," his voice is only slightly modulated, "Just fine." He hums to himself, eyes dropping to the gravelly shore. He tilts his head, eyes falling into shadow under heavy brows, "The bond."

"Ok, but i-if you change your mind, I am a healer… o-of sorts. Dragonhealer." N'ky shrugs away that technicality. Bandaging is bandaging, right? "Used to be a f-farrier, too, so I know about, um, r-runner… joints. N-not quite people ones, but it's not all that d-different." He scratches awkwardly at his hair, then Finn's clarification of his question makes the greenrider's eyes go wide, his expression surprised. "Our bond?" He looks from the trader to his lifemate, who he can't help but reach out to touch again - a display that suggests their bond is a close one. "She's my heart." While there's no uncertainty in what he says, the way N'ky says it suggests he doesn't know if it's going to be easily understood by someone beyond their little twosome.

"You're a dragonhealer?" a spark of interest. Another spark. Interest followed by sadness, thinking about how dragonhealers spend their time. Another glance down at his foot is all the attention that will get now that they're on to more substantive topics. His chest tightens considering the import of N'ky's quiet words. A kind of longing. "Your heart," he repeats, looking at the restive green, still tense in her repose. "And what does she say?"

"I'm hers." N'ky replies as if the answer should have been obvious. "She's everything. I'm everything. We're just… one." Confidence in what he's saying, even if it is a somewhat hazy explanation, ousts N'ky's stutter. He smiles lovingly at his lifemate, who raises her head to bugle up at the moon again, before scrambling up to her feet. She snaps open her wings, and bumps her head against her rider's back, sending N'ky stumbling forward a step towards Finn. "Hah! Oh, s-sorry. She's insisting I oil her." Clearly Cailluneth has no regard for how late at night it already is. "We're sorry she scared you. And for your a-ankle. C-come find me if you want some numbweed? I don't mind s-slipping a little jar to you."

The weight of that settles on Finn and he doesn't say anything, simply thinking. He squints. Thinking is hard. He tenses as Cailluneth bugles and comes sharply to her feet and is about to cut and run when N'ky stumbles forward. Without thinking Finn steps up to check the rider's movement, wincing as weight comes down on his sore ankle, hands rising to catch N'ky's arms. He relaxes back, lifting his foot gingerly, "'s'alright. My baby sister's scared me worse." Oh really? He didn't really care for numbweed and especially he didn't care for infirmaries where such things were kept. "Good night…?" He blinks, "I'm Finn, of the Reika," hand goes out automatically along with the offer of his name.

Oh hello. Caught by Finn. N'ky blinks at the trader, giving him a coy smile for being so up close and personal to the newly-met man. "N-nice to meet you, Finn." There's a dimple in his cheek caused by the depth of his lopsided smile, and N'ky pats Finn's shoulder with coy awkwardness as he steps away. "N'ky, and my Cailluneth. Of Mirage." And of High Reaches too, his accent says. "Really, th-that numbweed offer stands. J-just get word to me. Ok?" The husky green throws another howl-like challenge up into the night air, making N'ky wince. "I have to get her h-home. Sorry again, Finn. H-have a good evening." His dragon crouches so he can clamber more quickly up her bare side. Once settled between her 'ridges N'ky salutes down at the trader, then Cailluneth backs up for her lumbering take-off, so as not to sweep the man away - they've done enough damage already!

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