Linden, Linny


Linden goes to tell his mother he was Searched for Southern.


It is afternoon of the tenth day of the twelfth month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Linny's Guest Weyr

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Linny's Guest Weyr

Although she's allowed to attend meeting that are the at Weyr, most of the time, Linny's stuck in her weyr office, catching up on hidework and corresponding with the Holders and Weyrleaders she's not able to visit just yet. Breakfast plates mostly eaten pushed off to the side, the goldrider is now on her second cup of klah, though not dressed at all for the day. Still lounging in comfy clothes, a tank top and pajama bottoms, she's at least got a robe thrown over her petite frame, in case anyone would need to stop in, but apparently, she doesn't have any meetings today to still be dressed so casually and not bathed.

Linden had gone out into the bowl earlier that morning with his newly hatched gold firelizard, Aster, and now he returns with Aster from the chilly winter's morning. "Mom?" the teen calls, the tone of his voice hesitant as he approaches her inner office.

"Yeah baby?" Linny immediately responds, and by the time he reaches her office, she's got all of that hidework pushed to the side as she gives her only son a huge smile. "What do you need, my love?" Since it's not all that common for the boy to come and see her. The only thing other than Linden that she does pay attention to, though, is her klah, holding it carefully with her right hand while her bandaged hand stays in her lap and out of sight.

Linden sees that klah and he edges forward a bit. "Can…could you put the klah down?" The thought of her spilling the klah onto her hurt hand has him going a bit pale. He licks his lips. "I have something to tell you." He pushes back the hood of his jacket, letting Aster shake herself and shift to perch on his shoulder, spreading her newborn wings and flapping them softly.

"Oh, for Faranth's sake, Linden…" But Linny complies, putting the klah down on the desk, but when she turns back to him, her expression is a mix of anger and concern. "Did you knock someone up? Faranth help me, Faranth help you." She's immediately assuming the worst, in typical mother fashion, when your son says he has something to tell you.

Linden looks downright shocked. "What? No, I…no." He coughs, blushes, shakes his head, but then frowns at her attitude. She's mad at him already? This might not go well. The teen takes a deep breath anyway and lets it out slowly. "I accepted an offer to Stand for Southern's clutch." Woosh. There, he said it.

"What?!" Immediately, that look goes away completely, and instead, it's replaced with one of utter happiness. There's no reason for her to be upset about that, no way. Linny jumps up and throws her arms around him, careful of her left hand, squeezing him tightly. "Congratulations!" But then another thought has her pulling away from him, brows wrinkled. "Have you told your father yet?"

Linden looks shocked at her response. He thought she'd be upset. Crying. 'OMG you're going to DIE' response. This…this is different. And a relief. A huge relief. He sags into her embrace and squeezes her back. Whew! "Not yet, I thought he'd be here with you…"

"No. I thought he was with you." Where in the world is D'ren? "He's going to miss you so much. I am going to miss you so much. I'll visit you whenever I can, whenever I'm allowed, and of course we'll be there at the Hatching." Linny, going into mother mode, pulls away from him, straightening up his clothes, picking at him. "Linden, I'm so proud of you." And now, dark eyes appear to be a little wet, only at the fact that her son is so grown up. When did that happen?

Linden shrugs. He doesn't know where his father is. "Mooom," he protests gently when she plucks at him. "Thanks, Mom. I'm glad you and Dad will come visit."

"But until I can visit, you write to me as often as you can, okay? And be sure to listen and do what they tell you do to." Which is good advice with the hidden undertone of 'don't embarrass your father and I by acting like a fool'. Linny stops picking at him to look up at her son, a little grin on her face as she smiles. "I love you, baby. Make your momma proud, okay?" And impress a dragon, by Faranth!

Linden blushes. "I will, Mom." He looks down at her and smiles, pulling her into another hug. "I love you, Mom. I need to go find Dad and tell him…then go get my stuff and Dad's going to take me to Southern."

Linny is happy to tightly hug her son once more, closing her eyes as she gives him a final squeeze before pulling back and looking up at him. "Okay, okay, go. If you find him, have Aikuonath tell Kaelidyth when you're going to leave and I'll come out to see you off." And cry her eyes out while her only son goes to Southern as a candidate.

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