Sienna, K'vvan


Sienna has a really good grasp of K'vvan's mind.


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Star Stones, Sienna's Weyr

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Star Stones

The climb up here on foot is steep, narrow stone steps carved high into the sandstone, and from the top the precipice-drop to the jagged-craggy stones far, far below is treacherous. It's a wide sweep of ledge, a dragonlength and a half jutting out from a rough cliff wall. The wind here is ceaseless, dusty-dry during daytimes and biting at night. But for those who brave the climb to this lookout perched high above the Weyr's bowl, the view from these sandy-red rocks is breathtaking. Igen stretches wide-wide-wide around, a vast expanse of deep blue lake and lush green swamp and the myriad rust-rich colours of desert and rock. The real purpose of this spot, though, is highlighted not in its view of what is below but its view of what is above. Three tall rocks stand, one balanced across the tops of the other two, at the focal point of the ledge, perpetually framing one slice of the desert sky beyond.

It's not like K'vvan has been avoiding people… okay, so maybe he has. Or maybe just one person in particular, and everyone else has gotten caught in the mix. Nadeeth has made herself known though, frequenting her friends even as K'vvan withdraws. At the moment, the little green isn't in view as K'vvan leans against the stones and looks over the edge watching the desert below in mute silence.

So, if there's one thing Sienna's learned, it's that surprising K'vvan is a bad idea. Especially with touch. So the idea of sneaking up behind him, clapping her hands over his eyes and shouting, "Guess who!" is a terrible, terrible idea. So she doesn't do it. But she /thinks/ it as she walks up to the Stones, stopping a few yards from him and clearing her throat. "K'vvan."

And even with her careful approach, K'vvan still twitches when his name is called out. It isn't more of a twitch though, as he identifies the voice as Sienna's, and not he-who-is-being-avoided. Pushing away from the star stones K'vvan turns to look at Sienna, an almost half-smile broaching upon his face for the assistant weyrlingmaster. "Sienna." Pause, "How are you?"

Sienna tips her head a bit. "Alright," she answers noncommittally. "How are you?"

"That's my kind of answer." K'vvan will twitch an eyebrow upwards at Sienna rather then particularly answer hers. "Any other details to add?"

Sienna waves a hand. "Oh, you know, impending death falling from the sky, weyrlings I've trained getting hurt, W'rin busy all the time…take your pick. But I'm fine. Dealing with it. More concerned about you." What else is new? "You been hiding from me?"

"Ivy and E'bert few well in the last few falls. You're getting them ready." K'vvan manages to sound slightly reassuring, at least, his voice isn't snapish. As for her continued concern, the greenrider shrugs again. "Not from you." Though, perhaps from other people. "And Keeping busy. You know, with the death falling from the sky."

Sienna nods, "Yeah, I've seen them." She's been watching drills. Fretting just a bit. "From who, then?" Her eyes flick to the stones, then back to him.

"They do just as well outside of drills." K'vvan lets out a breath, then reaches up to run his hands through his hair. But this is Sienna, if he's going to talk to anyone, it would be her. "The weyrsecond. I didn't realize how he managed to be everywhere till…" and he shrugs again.

Sienna ahhs, nodding with a thoughtful glance down to the weyr. "Yes, he does seem to be everywhere at once. Still. A good quality to have in a Weyrsecond I suppose…" She glances back at him, a brow lifting.

"He was a good choice for it." Even K'vvan isn't about to poo-poo the work the weyrsecond has done. "He is a good choice. Just." Another shrug and sigh as K'vvan straightens up and steps towards the edge of the rock to look downwards again. "Promised someone I'd leave him alone."

"Who was that?" Sienna asks, staying where she is, hands slipping into her pockets.

"This b…" K'vvan bites back the less than pleasant name that the whirlwind bluerider has gained in his book. "A old friend of his that was concerned about him."

Sienna arches a brow at his aborted nickname. "Why was she concerned? He's a grown man, capable of making his own decisions."

"Friends can act weird." K'vvan will actually turn sideways and arch an eyebrow at Sienna. "But she had a point so… I made a decision."

Sienna is /confused/. But it's something she's gotten used to, lately. "And that decision was to avoid him? I thought you liked him."

Welcome to what happens when you get close to K'vvan. There should be t-shirts or something. "Yeah. He's a good guy. Doesn't deserve my sh*t." Pause, "You don't either." Open door for Sienna to walk out of.

I Survived a K'vvan Snit. I'd buy one of those. Sienna just /eyes/ him. Really? He thinks, after all this time, that she's just going to say, "Yeah, you're right, later," and leave? Pffft. "Bring it," she says instead.

The half-smile from ealier comes back. If Sienna was close enough K'vvan might even bump her in a friendly-like manner. "You're good people Sienna."

Sienna tips her head a bit and gives a small shrug. "You're worth it."

"Maybe. I'm not totally convinced of that." K'vvan drifts closer to Sienna, getting within possible touching distance. "But you know that." Another abrupt shift in conversation, "Ran into," literally, "Nadeeth's clutchmother's rider the other day."

Sienna watches him approach, then nods. "Oh?" She sounds surprised for some reason. "Who is it? Things go well?" Is that a stupid question?

"She's one of the weyrwomen down at Southern. I… literally ran into her." As in, ended up on-top of. "It… probably could have gone worse. Made me flash back to Benden." The half-smile that had curled onto his lips dies back down again.

Sienna ahhs. "So not a good thing. You alright?"

"Never expected to see her again, honestly." K'vvan's walking is almost qualifying as pacing now as he walks past Sienna then turns and goes back the way he came.

Sienna is relaxed, shoulders down, hands in her pockets. She alternates between looking at K'vvan and looking skyward. "Yeah?" she presses.

"I was a sh*t at Benden." The hint of the old bitterness slips into K'vvan's voice as his footsteps turn and bring him back again.

Sienna frowns, "Wasn't like you were in the best environment either," she counters, sticking up for his past self a little.

"No, a real sh*t." K'vvan actually pauses, turning towards Sienna fully. His hands have found their way thrust deep into his pockets. "This," he uses a shoulder to gesture between the two of them, "wouldn't have happened there."

"It hardly happened here," Sienna counters with a frown. Hey, she has worked /hard/ for this. "But," she adds a moment later, holding up a hand, "not here to argue with you about it. So you were a sh*t. Was she surprised at how you'd turned out?"

"Yeah." One of his hands extracts from his pocket to reach up to finger the knot on his shoulder. "Not that Nadeeth was, but me."

Sienna nods. Of course Nadeeth would turn out fine. She smiles. "I'm glad she got to see that. How far you've come, and all."

"Not sure if she saw much. I talked too much." It was really awkward. A hand runs through his hair, though it flops back right after, the too-long lengths covering one eye.

"You need a haircut," Sienna mutters. "Want me to take care of it?"

Wait, what? K'vvan jerks himself from the spiral of his own thoughts as Sienna changes the topic of conversation. "You cut hair?"

Sienna nods, "Yeah." She has lots of very random skills. And he's not the only one that can have random topic changes. Tbbbbt.

He brushes the hair out of his face, tucking it behind one ear. "Uh, I guess? It is getting long enough to be annoying."

Sienna nods. "Come up to my weyr? I've got my scissors up there." Because…why? Maybe she keeps sharp objects away from W'rin.

"Right now?" Suprise colour's K'vvan's tone, as some of the tension leaves his shoulders now that the topics have moved away from the uncomfortable and awkward.

Sienna will wait until she has him trapped in a chair with scissors to his head before pressing the uncomfortable topics again. She has a PLAN. Or maybe not. "Sure, not getting any shorter and I've got time now." Time is precious.

K'vvan is clueless of any PLANS. "Um. Alright." K'vvan looks around, then sends out a thought to Nadeeth, asking if she'll come. "Um. Want to fly with us?"

Sienna looks a little surprised at that request. But…"Yeah, Kehemath is covered in guts." And she doesn't want to touch that. "Thanks, I'm…thanks." She's touched! It's quite the Thing to ride another's dragon.

K'vvan does wrinkle his nose at that, "Nadeeth hates even having blood on her, she'll complain till I can get it off." Upwards goes K'vvan's gaze, till he sees the shadow of Nadeeth spiral downwards, the wind from her wings blowing his too-long hair from where he's tucked it behind his ear. "She doesn't have her straps on."

Sienna chuckles. "So Kehemath has informed me." /Her/ dragon eats like a freight train and gets things /everywhere/, and then occupies herself for a long time licking it all off. It's like turning her whole body into one giant chew toy. Which works in Sienna's favor, keeping her out of trouble for a while. "That's fine." She'll have to *gasp* touch K'vvan.

K'vvan pulls himself up onto Nadeeth's back, rubbing a loving hand along her neck before reaching down for Sienna's hand. "No time like today then." A hint of dryness. At least it is Sienna, not that… He shakes his head, directing thoughts away from his newest arch-nemesis.

The list gets longer and longer doesn't it? Sienna takes his hand and uses that help to climb up onto the strapless green, gently patting her hide in silent thanks before she wraps both arms around K'vvan's middle and tightens her thighs. Up they go?

Sienna finally gets to wrap herself around K'vvan huh? And he doesn't even freak out, though he does twitch a bit uncomfortably at her solid grip. Nadeeth lifts off gently enough, the short flight to Kehemath's home accomplished swiftly enough. They'll land and K'vvan will just sit there till Sienna lets go. Or doesn't. One of those two.

Sienna's Weyr
Sienna's inner weyr is accessed through a tunnel which is just wide enough for the small green dragon to fit, should she wish to visit. The weyr inside is built around a central sandstone pillar, giving the main room a circular setup surrounding that floor to ceiling pillar. To the right is a sitting area, beyond which is a small kitchenette complete with a small hearth, smoke drawn up through a fissure in the rock. To the left of the entrance there is a small desk and area for her studying and crafting supplies, boxes of things piled for the moment as she has no real place to store her things. In the back of the weyr there is a narrow doorway leading into a small tunnel which opens up into her modest sleeping quarters. Bed, dresser, and wardrobe are about all that can fit. The decor of the weyr is rustic with a few softer, more feminine touches. Some plush rugs cover the sandstone floor and a few pillows add that softness and grace to the rough sandstone walls.

Sienna hasn't exactly been waiting with baited breath to wrap her arms around K'vvan, but it's nice to touch him without him freaking out. Soon as their ride comes to a full and complete stop, Sienna lets go and dismounts, moving into her weyr to open some glow baskets and find her scissors and set out some refreshments. Wine and water, since that's what keeps up here while she's not living here. Glasses, too, and some dried fruit.

But freaking out is so much fun. K'vvan lingers on the ledge for long enough to spend just a moment with Nadeeth. "Maybe Kehemath could use some help?" The green nudges him gently then goes to hunt down her friend though she'll stay far enough away unless Kehmath does actually ask for help. Into the weyr he goes and eyes the refreshments. "I might gain weight if I spend time with you." It's almost conversation.

Sienna nods, "I gain weight when I spend time with me," she replies, turning a chair and gesturing for him to sit, with a grin. "It's why I'm glad I'm a dragonrider. I'd be huge otherwise. I enjoy food too much. Help yourself. I'm going to get your hair damp, okay?" Which explains the fluffy towel draped around his neck. Down by the pens, Kehemath doesn't need help but she's happy to share some mental time with her bff.

"Probably not a bad thing." K'vvan hasn't quite recovered what he lost in his last drink-instead-of-eat binge. The towel gets a bit of a poke, but he doesn't shrug it off as he makes himself more-or-less comfortable in his chair. Though Sienna standing behind him does raise a few neck hairs.

Sienna can cut those too, if he wants. Getting a pitcher of water, she dampens her hand and then begins to run her fingers through his hair, getting it all wet. Damp, not soaking, her movements slow enough to not be rushing, but not so slow as to be caressing. Hopefully. "So are you back in your weyr for good?"

K'vvan has totally allowed another person to cut his hair in recent years… right? Maybe not, though it does look more or less even. "Yeah. It's good, though Nadeeth kind of misses curling up with Kehemath reguarly.

Sienna nods a bit, but not too much as she keeps getting his hair damp and then grabs the comb to start combing it out. "Well, I'm okay with her sleeping elsewhere if Nadeeth wants her to come visit. Kehemath…she really loves that contact. She used to sleep in a big pile with her clutchmates after she hatched." Pile of baby dragons in the barracks. Adorable.

"Nadeeth always was cuddling up, but she was unusual in her clutch. She's found more here that are willing to cuddle." Like a pair of blue and brown. If Sienna wasn't occupied with his hair K'vvan would shake the thought away. "Maybe Nadeeth'll ask. I think she knows it's okay."

Sienna nods again, her hands steady as they comb. "Sure, any time." Then she gets the scissors and begins to snip, though the scissors aren't touching his hair when she asks, "So there's no more Cha'el, then? Gone?"

This time he does jerk as Sienna shifts the covnersation, did she just read his mind? "Uh, yeah. For good." Because K'vvan likes to punish himself like that.

Sienna is glad she wasn't cutting. She snips a few times and then pauses again. "What happened?"

"Like I said, I promised a friend of his I'd keep my s*it to myself." K'vv does hold still, though his eyes do follow as clippings of hair drift down to land in his lap.

"Yeah, but…why? He was so set on helping you. Is it what /he/ wanted?"

"I haven't told him yet." The answer is short, clipped. Almost like those hairs she's working with.

Sienna blinks. "Oh." Well. That's awkward.

"Hard to avoid someone…. if you're talking to them. So." YEah, awkward seems to be creeping into K'vvan's modus operandi.

Sienna nods. "Right." There's a pause. "He seemed nice, but…" But?

K'vvan doesn't do this often, but since Sienna didn't finish her thought, and he is kinda trapped at the moment, "But?"

Sienna sighs. "I don't know, K'vvan. Maybe I'm just…a bit protective. But he seemed…it was so /fast/. I didn't know…it was just odd, is all. Fast."

"It.. yeah." K'vvan isn't about to be able to explain what had happened. "Nadeeth is almost as attached to Sikorth as Kehemath…"

Sienna frowns a little bit. "Does that bother you?"

"I know Sikorth is going to fly. Unless he's not here for some reason." And that bothers K'vvan, as he shifts in place, forgetting that Sienna holds sharp things to his head at the moment.

Sienna sighs a bit. "I wish I could help, K'vvan," she says quietly. "I really wish I could. Flights…" Suck ass.

"I know. Trying not to think abou it… but I suck at not thinking." K'vvan shifts again, then stills.

Sienna resumes snipping when he stills. "I know," she echoes back to him.

K'vvan doesn't respond back right away to Sienna this time, just listening to the sound of his hair falling. "Should I do something different?"

Sienna considers that. "What else could you do?" she asks quietly. "If you don't want to be with him…I'd probably tell him that before she flies. Maybe he'll take Sikorth away, out of respect for you."

"I." K'vvan begins only to come to an abrupt halt again. "I'm not sure if I don't want to. I just know I won't be."

Sienna frowns a bit. "If you want to be with him…right. This friend. This friend really has that much sway with you?" Since when does he do what other people want?

At least it's an easy question. "No. I hate her." Flat an emotionless does K'vvan's words roll out."

Sienna sighs. "K'vvan, you've got to tell me the whole story." Please. /Please/.

Half-cut hair or not, K'vvan pulls away from Sienna's hands and cutting blades. "It happened… really fast."

Sienna rests her hands on the back of the chair, tucking the scissors against her palm and the wood. No danger of stabbing, as she looks at him. "Right."

He'll even reach up to run his hands through his hair, blinking as it ends sooner then expected. "Where do you want me to start?"

Sienna still isn't /finished/ though. "With this friend of Cha'el's telling you you need to stay away from him?"

"She didn't say that I needed to stay away from him," he frowns, trying to remember exactly what it was he had said. "I said I'd stay away. Because he deserves better."

"But why that sudden decision? Why do you think he deserves better? He likes you…" That counts for something, right?

K'vvan will actually look at Sienna. Has she forgotten who she is talking to?

Sienna looks right back at him. "So he got too close so you shut him out. And you're blaming it on this friend of his."

K'vvan actually winces. Her words cut a bit too close to what is most likely the truth. "Erissa's a b*tch." Thus, a good person to blame anything on.

Finally, a name. "I've gathered that," Sienna says gently, shifting the scissors a bit. Can she keep cutting? Or not? She leaves it to him to decide.

"Her dragon isn't so bad." K'vvan admits this rather grumpily though, and turns back so Sienna can keep cutting at his hair. He cares just enough about his appearance to not at all be willing to run out with it cut like it is. Whatever 'full story' he may have begun to tell has abruptly come to an end.

Sienna resumes the cut, slow and careful just in case he pulls away again. Though it'd serve him right to have his hair messed up because he freaked out about something. "And she's Cha'el's friend? More than friend?"

"They knew each other at Ista. I think… more then a friend." K'vvan's brow creases, as he actually tries to connect how Erissa and Cha'el are connected.

Sienna nods, "And she told you to stay away? Sounds like more than a friend to me," she muses. "Otherwise why would she care?"

"She didn't ask me to. I told her I would." K'vvan shrugs, though he keeps it small to avoid ending up with sharp things in his head… though with Sienna at least it would be on accident.

Probably. Sienna tilts her head a bit. "Why?"

Frustration, "Because…. I don't f*king know why."

Sienna frowns. "Are you sure?"

Really, why does she have to have sharp scissors? K'vvan suddenly senses Sienna's ulterior motives in giving the hair cut… but it's too late to back out now. "Sure that I don't know why?"

Sienna nods, "Right. Are you sure that you don't know why or are you sure you don't want to tell me?"

"Sienna," K'vvan does move away this time, shoving to his feet to resume the pacing that had begun on the star stones. Cut hair scatters, some of it clinging to his clothing. "I don't know what to think… do… whatever. You're right, whatever…." he flails an air skyward as if that'll makes his point and explain, "that is… I just, don't know."

Sienna sighs inwardly. She isn't /done/. But at this point, if he leaves with his hair only 3/4 cut, she doesn't really care. Much. She just watches him.

But K'vvan isn't leaving, just pacing. The few steps to the wall, then back again. "So, I'm going to stay away. Till you know, I figure out what the hell to do with this."

Sienna nods slightly, watching him with her scissors against her palm again. "Do you want to be with him?" Or does he not know that either?

Just so long as she doesn't start to slap them across her palm. That would be a bit scary. K'vvan's pacing brings him back to the chair and this time he does sit, the chair scooting backwards just a touch at the force in which he throws himself into it. "I have a hard enough time having… friendships." Sorry Sienna.

Sienna lifts the scissors a bit so he doesn't stab /himself/ with them, because that's something he would do. "Right." She knows. "So…sounds like you're doing what you should do, then. Distance, take your time, figure things out. Faranth knows you've got enough on your mind without adding relationship stress to it." Snip, snip.

"Yeah. A lot to think about." K'vvan actually relaxes when Sienna agrees with him.

Sienna nods, "Right." More cutting, and she lapses into silence, focusing on the finishing touches.

K'vvan lets the silence drag out for a bit, before, "Is this how it usually goes?"

"What, a hair cut?"

K'vvan has enough of a sense of humor to roll his eyes at that, "Getting close to people."

Sienna considers that for a moment. "Well, most people don't take as long as you do," she says, quietly serious, "but everyone goes at their own rate. Most people probably think I get close /way/ too fast. It's scary, putting yourself out there."

"And Cha'el got too close… way too fast. Right?" K'vvan sounds younger then his years- but when it comes to emotional maturity… he is.

Sienna sighs. "For me? No…but I'm fast. For you? Yes. Way, way too fast. I was worried."

"You don't have to worry." It's an automatic response by now.

Sienna snorts, almost amused at that. "I know I don't have to, but I do." You idiot.

"Why did you worry? Other then me… freaking out," which did happen, K'vvan has to admit this, "what could have gone wrong?" Yes, please, help him destroy the only phyiscal relationship he's ever had. x.x

Sienna isn't trying to! "It just seemed so fast, K'vvan. I didn't want you getting hurt, is all. I mean he seemed trustworthy, seemed like a nice guy, seemed like he cared for you, but. It was so fast." There's a pause. "After how long it took us to become friends? It was…fast." And maybe - just maybe - she was a bit stung at that, deep, deep down.

"So I'm right. Putting this away and just… not touching it. I think he cares… and I can't give him anything back. I mean, I can't give you anything." K'vvan, all wrapped up in himself, the selfish jerk.

Sienna opens her mouth, closes it. Smirks. "You give me a project?" she teases, continuing to snip. Then she's frowning. "No, you give me more than that, K'vvan. Beyond how close Kehemath and Nadeeth are - and Kehemath /needs/ her, I'm so grateful for that - I think of you as one of my closest friends. You might be an asshole sometimes but I feel like I could go to you if I needed something."

K'vvan almost laughs. ALMOST. It comes out as more of a snort then a laugh though. "You could. For anything."

Sienna pulls the scissors away when he snorts. That was a close one. And then she looks a bit surprised, but it quickly smooths out into a gentle smile. "Really? Thank you," she says quietly. Then, she just can't help but ask, "Even a hug?" It's a tease, really, as she returns to snipping. Can't let things get /too/ serious, right? "You can come to me for anything too." Like hair cuts!

"Just warn me and I might be able to make it happen." Wryness does creep back into K'vvan's voice, his hug twitch is seeming a little silly… Not that he's managed to train himself to not do it yet, or ever will but… "If you keep agreeing with me, I might."

Sienna laughs, setting the scissors aside and using both of her hands to fluff his hair right down to the scalp, giving it a good shake-out so she can watch it fall. Not bad. "So…a sevenday's notice okay?" More teasing. A few more snips and he's done. "There. And you know I won't always agree with you," she says wryly. "I'll never tell you what I think you want to hear." She goes for the truth, even when he doesn't like it.

"Maybe two." K'vvan reaches up to run his fingers through his now shortened hair, noticing that it isn't flopping into his eyes any more. "But… at least on this. I'm right. I'm not f*king anything up."

Sienna shakes her head. "I think as long as you want to take time, then take time. And if you want to go back, then go back. It's your life, K'vvan. Your body." Even though she just took charge of the top of it.

Social situations usually end up with K'vvan frustrated, upset, or otherwise unhappy. But this one… "Thanks Sienna." And it is heartfelt. Some of the frustration has dropped away.

Sienna smiles, ruffling his hair one more time before she steps back and picks up a piece of dried fruit to nibble on. "You're very welcome. Now you can see. Important."

Just getting in the touching while she can huh? Now it's K'vvan's turn to ruffle, and stand soas to shake off the hair all over his body. "Yeah, dying is not actually on my to-do list."

Sienna sits down in another chair to eat her fruit, and she smiles. "Good. It's not on mine either. Want something to drink?" Or is he heading off now that the hair chopping is done?

"Only if you have cheese." K'vvan runs his hands through shortened hair again, then reaches down to dust off the chair before he sits.

Sienna gets to her feet again. "Of course I have cheese." With a grin and a gesture for him to sit, she's off into the kitchen, rummaging around for … a hidden cheese stash?

"Were there women in the gard back in your time?" K'vvan is doing conversation. Even if Sienna is in the other room for it to happen.

"What?" Sienna calls, before a moment later she's returning with some rich orange, sliced cheese. "No crackers, they get too stale to keep up here." But. Cheese. Which she puts down and then sits down, and pours herself a small glass of wine.

"What?" Sienna calls, before a moment later she's returning with some rich orange, sliced cheese. "No crackers, they get too stale to keep up here." But. Cheese. Which she puts down and then sits down, and pours herself a small glass of wine.

"So this is how normal people drink wine." K'vvan reaches out to pour himself some, and grabs some of that cheese. "I asked if there were women in the guard in your time."

Sienna ohs. "Yeah, there were. But remember, back then, there was already an accepted level of equality. It wasn't a big deal. There were a few, but not many, really. Honestly? I think lots of the girls that are in the guard now aren't going to make it. It's tough."

"I hope you're right."

Sienna shakes her head, sips her wine. "it's not a job you can fake, you know? Either they'll do well and earn some respect, or they won't and they'll get kicked out. Just like what happened with women on fighting dragons. The good ones earned our place, the others…went elsewhere."

K'vvan blinks at that. "What can you do… other than shove off on another weyr," case in point, see K'vvan, "if someone has impressed though?"

Sienna waves a hand. "Other wings, other weyrs. Or shape up. It's happened here. W'rin's kicked some folks out. Don't know where they went." Harsh, but true.

"I remember." K'vvan actually reaches up to play with the patch on his jacket, covering it with his hands.

Sienna nods, watching him. "You shaped up." Was he ever really in any danger though?

"Yeah, quick enough. I almost miss morning work-outs with W'rin though that came with it."

Sienna nods, her smile briefly sad. "Yeah, he's so busy these days. You still work out on your own?"

"Not…. really." K'vvan watches Sienna, and actually picks up on the sad. "You don't see him much, right?"

Sienna shakes her head a bit, with a small shrug. "Not as much as I'd like," she says, which is the truth. "He's busy."

Well, K'vvan isn't about to give relationship advice. Or probably be all that comforting. Because Serious. Instead he'll sit there a bit awkwardly. "You okay?"

Sienna flashes him a quick, easy smile. "Oh yeah, I'm fine." There's a pause. "I just wish I could…get him away for a day. Or even half a day. Just go somewhere, him and I, and…y'know. Just be with him." Another shrug, another smile. "But he's busy. It's fine. I knew what I was getting into."

"Maybe you'll have time? I mean, if Thread settles down into a pattern?" K'vvan reaches forward for more food.

Sienna nods, "Yeah, that's the hope. But we'll see." She's not holding out much hope, honestly, but rather just clinging to what time she does get with the busy Weyrleader.

Time passes, K'vvan sticks around without doing anything else angsty, and they part on good terms.

the end

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