L'denn, Sabina


Sabina's visit with L'denn turns into a Turnday celebration for her.


It is the sixty-seventh day of Autumn and 96 degrees. It is partly cloudy, but still warm and bright. Clouds have started to drift across the sky again. The jungles are almost dry.


Clearing, Southern Weyr

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The rise from sea to Weyr is made serene by a charming road winding sand-trodden from beach below to stonecut entrance above. The path wanders among a surprisingly green valley where purple flowers bloom in charmingly unfettered profusion. The meadows themselves are often in high demand as picnic areas, for dragons are not allowed to land in the narrow valley itself. No trees nor cliff lies near to shadow the clearing, however, and the intensity of sun can be unbearable for those not familiar with the humid drench of Southern's summers.

The weather is warm and once again L'denn and Vindryth are pushing their boundaries, going as far as they are allowed so they can look down at the sea. While Vindryth does wing exercises, L'denn does stretches and pushups, rider and dragon both doing what they've been told to do by the Weyrlingmasters - exercise, strength, endurance. Vital for their eventual role in Threadfighting.

Not unkind orders from the cook have led Sabina to the Weyr. Though those orders happened to include a bid to relax a little and enjoy herself. Which is what she’s attempting to do. Going for a stroll in a spot where good memories bolster her spirit. Skirting the wagons by a good distance, she tromps through the high grass. The wing exercises that Vindryth is doing catching her eye long before L’denn comes into view. “Well hello there!” Her voice carries on the breeze toward the pair and she alters her forward movement in their direction.

Vindryth's head lifts and the little (not so little!) blue warbles a delighted greeting, wings folding as he darts forward, bounding with his lanky body towards Sabina. L'denn pushes to his feet a moment later and laughs, cheeks coloring. "Sabina! Hey!" he calls. "Vindryth, we're not allowed that far, c'mon back!"

“Don’t bowl me over!” Sabina’s laughter rings out as the blue makes a mad dash toward her. “I’m coming already.” Quickening her pace she meets Vindryth halfway still chuckling. “It’s good to see you too,” she bows to the dragon in greeting. “My goodness you’ve grown fast!” She moseys to the side as if to make her way past the lovely beast and toward his lifemate.

Vindryth warbles, turning very carefully and prancing along beside Sabina, head held high and neck arched. Proud. Look who he found! "He has," L'denn says with a sigh. "I can't carry him around anymore. How are you? Why are you here?"

Being escorted by a dragon! Well that’s certainly a first for the drudge and she can’t help but grin. “He’s just beautiful,” Sabina tells L’denn when she finally reaches him. A brow arches when the young man starts rapid firing questions at her. Amusement sparkling in her eyes. “I’m doing just fine, thank you. And I am here with the ship,” she hooks a thumb over her shoulder. “Another shipment and this one hauling folks as well as supplies. The cook bid me to come and help where I can.”

L'denn beams, wide and proud as Vindryth returns, reaching out to rub the little blue's muzzle and down his neck. "He is," he agrees with a lovesick sigh. "Thanks." Her amusement has him blushing a bit, peering past her. "Ohhhh. I can't wait to get back down to the water. Was it a good trip? How long are you here? How's things at the Hold?" What was that about rapid fire questions?

Sabina quells the temptation to roll her eyes at the lad. It would be most improper to do so after all. Though the urge is there. “You’ll be allowed to venture to the water one day I assume. As I see other ‘riders down that way from time to time.” She shrugs a shoulder and nods her head. “The trip was alright. It’s good to be useful.” And gone now that the Headman returned without as much as a hello to her. “I’m here for a day or two. However long it takes the crew and everyone to restock the ship and whatnot.” Not really her venue of expertise. “Things at the Hold are fairly quiet. Life there has lulled into a routine now that you lot have been claimed and taken away.” She grins over at Vindryth a moment before turning back to L’denn. “How have you been?”

L'denn nods, "Oh yeah, we can at some point, just not yet. He's not big enough yet." Which L'denn can't /really/ argue with. His smile is gentle, and then he laughs. "Yeah, well, I can only imagine how quiet it is there without all of us running around causing messes and whatnot…I've been great. Mom visited the other day, was great to see her, and we're just…learning and growing!" He grins at Vindryth, who is doing some more stretches of those long wings of his.

“From the looks of things it shouldn’t be long,” Sabina eyes Vindryth with a grin. “I never dreamed they grew so fast.” Mention of the chaos the candidates had created earns L’denn a wink, “It can be rather boring not waiting for one of you to lot to pop up and surprise me.” And when she scrubs a floor it actually remains scrubbed longer than a candlemark most times. “Oh she did?” Bina perks up at mention of his mother. “I’m so glad you got to spend time with her. How lovely. And your father? Does he see you often now that he’s here?” The exercises do not go unnoticed.

L'denn laughs, watching Vindryth with a nod. "They grow /super/ fast. You should see the bigger dragons, they're growing even faster, it looks like. I can't hardly keep up with oiling him. But soon he'll fly and then I'll fly with him." And it's clear he can't /wait/. "Yeah, she did. We didn't get to spend long together 'cuz Vindryth got tired but it was nice to see her. And yeah, I see Dad almost every day. Not always, but…pretty close, especially now that I can be out a bit further from the barracks. Sometimes he comes to see me and other times we just bump into each other." He looks around, and then back to her with a smile. "I like having him here."

Sabina hasn’t had occasion to see the larger of the hatchlings yet. So she can only imagine, but certainly Vindryth has grown by leaps and bounds since she last saw him. “You know I wonder if there has ever been a ‘rider chosen who was afraid of heights. Or if a love of defying death is one of the things they sniff out.” It’s just a random wandering of her mind. Most often Sabina squashes such silliness. But if one can’t be silly with her little brother, who can she be silly with? “At least your mother got to meet him though,” she gets herself back on track. “I’m very glad you’re happy to have your father close by. I imagine it’s very comforting.”

L'denn giggles. "I'm sure there has been. They just have to get over it. No one's perfect." He watches Vindryth exercise for a moment, and then goes back to his own stretches. "It's comforting and not…it was easy to forget he fought Thread when he was in Ista, but now that he's here, that last Fall over the weyr I /knew/ he was up there and with Vindryth, we /felt/ things, so it was kind of scary."

“Isn’t THAT the truth,” Sabina agrees that no one is perfect. She is very far from that to be certain. When Linden goes back to his exercise she walks a comfortable distance out of the way. Gathering her skirt to her and plunking herself down in the grass. “Little brother soon enough you’ll be up there yourselves,” she nods to include Vindryth. “And I’ll be in the Hold fretting and scrubbing. The place will sparkle by the time you get back to the Weyr.” It’s a new feeling for her. Worrying about a rider of all things. But she was never as close to L’cak as she is to L’denn. “Do the Weyrlingmasters have a way to make things less frightening for you?” Perhaps it’s a learned skill. She’d never considered it before.

L'denn flashes her a warm, wide grin. "Yeah, soon enough," he agrees, looking at Vindryth and then briefly skywards. "He really wanted to go fight," he murmurs. The blue turns to look at his rider, rumbling low, and then resumes his stretches. "Not really. It's kind of something you just have to get used to. Trust that it'll be okay, and enjoy the time you have."

Sabina’s gaze snaps to Vindryth when the blue rumbles at L’denn. “I see,” she says slowly and watches the blue exercise. “I suppose that makes sense.” She summons a smile. “What are the barracks like?” Change of subject too obvious? “It’s hard enough to sleep with noisy folks occupying the dorms,” and boy does she know all about that lately. “I have been curious what things are like for you.”

L'denn exhales heavily, but he chuckles at the end of it. "Very full. Noisy, loud, crowded. It's a bit…claustrophobic, but it's okay I guess. It'll get worse when they're even bigger. I'm glad he's a small blue, so our space doesn't feel too crowded yet. But it can be hard to get a good night's sleep, sometimes, if another pair is having issues."

“So only a little worse than the dorms were when you lot were at the Hold,” Sabina teases L’denn. She grins in amusement. “I’m certainly glad it’s you and not me. I’d lose my mind trying to keep everything and everyone neat and tidy.” Tight spaces tend to make her a little nervous. And she ends up cleaning everything in reach.

L'denn laughs. "Twice as many people in there now though, with the dragons." He smiles. "Yeah, you probably would. Best I can do is focus on /us/ and keeping /us/ neat and tidy. But things are kept clean. They make sure of that. Just maybe not /neat/." Clean but cluttered.

“I suppose all of you can only do the best you can in that area.” Sabina looks pleased to have made the young man laugh. “Hopefully things will get easier as you learn and grow.” Routine and repetition tend to make things easier. And the pair seem to have that much down from what she can tell. “I’m glad that I ran across you while I’m here.”

L'denn smiles. "Yeah. Priorities. Sleep and oiling him is more important than folding my laundry." He grins. "I'm glad too! I've been wondering how you've been doing. How's your firelizard?"

“I just hope the laundry is at least /clean/,” Sabina comments with a snort. “I suppose wrinkled but clean is better than nothing.” Her grin wans ever so slightly when he admits to wondering how she’s been. Though she tries to hide it by tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. Flying right by that she latches onto a subject that she really can smile about. “Aurum is doing very well now that she has figured out I’m not going to baby her anymore. I can’t believe she had me so fooled.”

L'denn laughs. "It's clean, don't worry about that. We do get clean clothes." His grin is amused as he stops his exercises to stretch and take a rest. "She's a smart one! I'm not surprised she had you fooled. You didn't know, and she took full advantage." He grins. "Training her to carry messages yet?"

Sabina blushes and tilts her head bashfully at his laughing. “I wasn’t sure if you were expected to do your own laundry or not. I was only slightly less concerned over you than I would be a couple others.” There was a time or two she wondered if a tunic in the laundry had walked itself there during their candidacy. “Aurie is incredibly smart. I hadn’t expected it honestly. Never really paid any mind to the critters before.” She shrugs a shoulder blithely. “I think she’s getting the hang of it. She followed the Headman’s gold a time or two when I was working with the Cook while he was here at the Weyr. I believe she could deliver a message if I needed her to.”

L'denn smiles, "Excellent! I'm real glad you've got her. It's nice to have a pet, a friend." He glances at Vindryth, and then back to her, smile widening.

“Well she isn’t as companionable as Vindryth is I’m sure. As he can hold a conversation with you,” Sabina muses with a chuckle. “But I really like having her. When I’m having a bad day she will sometimes send me a picture,” a pause while Bina taps her head, “of the flower I keep pressed in my notebook.” A sigh precedes, “I never noticed before how nice it is to have something to talk to. Drudgery can get lonely sometimes.”

L'denn awws. "That's really sweet of her. Yeah, they're smarter than canines and those sorts of pets, but nothing like a dragon, it's true." His smile is gentle. "Sorry you get lonely, Sabina. We'll visit when we can…or maybe you can come back to the weyr."

“I never had a pet before Aurum,” Sabina admits. From her tone the fact doesn’t bother her. “I do have to remember to get more oil for her while I’m here.” Because it’s hard to come by in a Hold for someone like her. “Oh don’t be sorry L’denn. It’s the way life goes I suppose. Sometimes the Cook invites me to take a meal with her when we aren’t too busy to manage it. She seems to like me well enough.” Mention of returning to the Weyr actually makes her stop to consider a moment. “I don’t think I particularly belong here. I feel as though I accomplish a lot more at the Hold. And there is always something different to do.”

L'denn shrugs a little bit, stretching out his hand to meet Vindryth's offered muzzle before the blue rumbles to Sabina and edges closer to her. "Okay."

“I’m used to Hold life,” Sabina shrugs a shoulder. “Things here.. are vastly different than what I grew up with.” She leans over and reaches out a hand to caress Vindryth with a smile. “I felt utterly lost and not a little abandoned while I was here.” Her friend had dropped her off, saw she had a roof over her head, and never once visited again. “I do try to find reasons to visit though.”

L'denn smiles. "It is very different, yes. And you have to go where you're most comfortable." Vindryth leans into her touch with a soft, happy rumble. "Abandoned?"

Sabina shifts so she can comfortably scratch Vindryth while looking over at L’denn. “I may return to the Weyr one day. Who knows what life will bring?” She blushes when she realizes she spoke that aloud. “Yes I suppose I did,” she admits. “It was a bit like being dropped into another world at first.”

L'denn smiles. "No one, that's who," he says, grinning at Vindryth. Proof positive, there. "I'm sure it was, if you'd never lived in a weyr before. It's different, I'm sure…" He's never lived in a Hold before, except for the Ice Hold, so he can only imagine.

Isn’t that a fact? Sabina chuckles and bobs her head in agreement. “I think it might have been easier if I’d ever seen a Weyr before my move. And I saw two in a matter of a couple days. Then found myself living here.” Not that she minded so much that she has missed Bitra. Because that will NEVER happen. “Folks here are a bit different than I’m used to here. Even in the Hold.”

L'denn watches Vindryth begin to drift off into a doze, but it's too late now to get back to the barracks, so he doesn't scramble to his feet. He just lets his blue drift off, smiling. "Different how?"

Sabina leaves off the scratching and sits upright once more. “Well where I come from things are a lot stricter I suppose is a good way to put it.” She waves at L’denn for example. “I would never have dreamed of become close to anyone of rank there. And here I have you. And riders becoming my friend and showing me the jungle..” She shrugs her shoulder, “Finding myself attracted to people I shouldn’t.” And those people showing attraction back on occasion. “It’s all very confusing.”

L'denn still doesn't think of himself as having rank, so that comment takes him a moment to figure out. "I'm sure you'll figure it out," he finally says with a crooked smile. "You're smart."

Sabina can’t help it, she giggles. Lifting a hand to hide her lips while her amusement spills over for a moment. “You are such a sweet young man,” she says after she gets a handle on herself. “I have never considered myself overly smart. But I’ll not argue with you.”

L'denn blushes at her compliment, shrugging a shoulder. "Thanks." Then he settles into silence, watching Vindryth sleep with a gentle smile on his lips.

Sabina falls quiet as L’denn does. Looking over at Vindryth for several moments. “He’s cute even when he sleeps,” she muses softly. Before the comfortable quiet descends once more.

L'denn smiles. "He's cute all the time," he says softly. "I still can't believe it. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and it takes me a second to remember…"

Sabina nods her head and chuckles softly. “I’m so glad for you L’denn. You seem so very happy and that makes me happy for you.” She glances over at the young ‘rider. “I find it interesting that it still surprises you.”

L'denn smiles. "I am happy. Really, really happy. Not that life was bad before, not at all, but it's so much better now. I'm just in awe that he chose me…" He shrugs with a little chuckle. "I've still been a non-rider way longer than I've been a rider. You know sometimes when you wake up and you're not sure where you are? It's like that. It takes a second to remember."

“I can’t imagine anyone more deserving of the honor,” Sabina assures L’denn. “One day you’ll not be able to say that,” she remarks with a smile. “You will be a rider all the rest of your days. May they be many and filled with joy.” She does know what it’s like to wake up unsure of where she is. And so she nods her head. “I know that feeling well. Sometimes a voice or sound when I’m half asleep will have me waking in a panic afraid that all this has been a dream.”

L'denn blushes. "Thanks," he murmurs. Then he grins. "Yup! When I turn thirty. Anything past thirty will be more time as a rider than not." See, he can do math. He nods, watching her expression for a moment. "Yeah. But it's not. You're safe now."

Sabina grins her acceptance of his thanks. Because she’d meant every syllable. “Thirty huh?” She chuckles softly, “Two turns older than I am today.” And this is a lovely way to spend her turn day in her opinion. She blows by that tidbit of information as inconsequential. “I am safe now. And that I think is the hardest to get used to. I’m only now getting used to the idea that Southern is really my home.”

L'denn blinks. "Today is your turnday?" Forget the rest of their conversation.

All of that, and that’s all he picks up on? Sabina looks over at L’denn in surprise before nodding her head. “It is actually. One of the reasons the cook let me venture here. A working reward of sorts for my dedication she called it.”

L'denn pushes to his feet, tsking at her. "You should have said something!" Finger wiggle. "You stay here with Vin, I'll be right back." And he turns and bolts off.

Sabina is left sitting beside a sleeping blue dragon looking entirely confused. Why would she say anything about something so simple as a turn day? If he hadn’t mentioned his age in correlation with being a Rider it likely would never have come up.

L'denn is gone for about fifteen minutes, and during that time Vindryth barely stirs, the baby blue dragon lost to his dreams. When L'denn /does/ return, it's with a tray carefully held in his arms. "Happy turnday to you!" he sings as he approaches, "happy turnday to you! Happy turnday to Sabinaaaaaa, happy turnday to you!"

Sabina is left to ponder the universe and confusing teenage riders while L’denn is gone. As well as the consequence of Vindryth waking and finding her here and his rider gone. Thankfully she doesn’t discover the ramifications of that particular train of thought. Because L’denn comes back singing. Wait what? She does a double take. He’s actually singing! “Aww! L’denn!”

L'denn sits down beside her and very carefully sets the tray down too. Upon it? Two little cupcakes, one with a…is that a pretzel? "I couldn't find a candle," he admits sheepishly. There is also a small little leather pouch, the leather draw strings tied in a bow.

Sabina hasn’t celebrated her turnday in a very long time. And so she is left torn between confusion and delight. “You really didn’t have to bother.” But she looks so darn touched by the gesture! “Thank you very much.” Are those tears in her eyes?

L'denn pffts. "Everyone needs to celebrate on their turnday!" He leans over, offering her a hug. "Make a wish, blow out your pretzel." He giggles.

Sabina leans over and gives L’denn the biggest hug she can. “I thought I was. I’m visiting you after all.” Which was plenty enough enjoyment for her. She eyes the pretzel curiously and decides that it’s another of those Southern things. Leaning down to blow gently on the pretzel before sitting up and wiping surreptitiously at her eyes.

L'denn giggles. "Next time I'll have a candle." It's not a Southern thing, he just improvised. "And this is your present." He lifts the little bag and offers it to her. "The bag and what's inside it."

“No need to,” Sabina assures him with a grin, “it would have blown out a dozen times getting this out here anyway.” She looks from the bag he’s holding to his face, then back at the bag. “Thank you,” she reaches out and accepts the gift. Carefully untying the bow and tugging the pouch open. Into her hand slides a gorgeous little rock. “It’s so pretty,” she gushes and turns it over in the light to admire it.

L'denn grins. "That's some peridot on basalt. It's from oldtime Ista. You could even take the peridot and make jewelry with it. Or leave it like it is, that's how I found it."

“Oldtime?” Sabina cradles the peridot and gazes at it. “Wow.” She is incredibly touched that he gave her something that was brought forward. “I think I’ll leave it just as it is. It’s perfect.” Her eyes sparkle with joy when she looks up at L’denn with a smile.

L'denn nods his head a few times, grinning back at her. "Happy turnday!" he says again, reaching out to pick up his cupcake and take a bite of it. It's got a fruit filling. "Mmmmmm."

Gently Sabina slides the gift back into its pouch and reties the strings in a bow. Setting it on her knee with a smile before reaching for the other cupcake. “The best one yet,” she proclaims with a surprisingly girlish giggle. Biting into her cupcake and relishing the flavor.

L'denn flashes her a wide, crumb-y grin as he finishes his cupcake and flops onto his back to look up at the sky. Happy little bluerider!

Sabina is far neater as she snacks on her cupcake. Taking her time to really savor the treat, though all too soon it’s gone. “You’re the best little brother.” She looks over at L’denn sprawled out in the grass and chuckles.

L'denn grins up at her. "Yup!" he agrees happily.

Sabina laughs outright and shakes her head at him. “Much as I’d rather stay here with you,” she says with a soft sigh, “I should probably be making my way back to check in. See what’s going on. I would likely get in trouble if they set out without me.”

L'denn sits up again, smiling warmly at her, pleased to hear her laugh. "Yeah, that's probably a good idea. Thanks for stopping to chat with me. I hope you have a safe trip home and a good rest of your turnday!"

Sabina catches hold of her present as she shoves to her feet. “I was glad to find you. It’s always good to visit a bit with my favorite weyrling.” She wiggles the pouch and grins, “No matter what the day holds it’s been the best turnday for me. Thank you.” She even got a present! “I’ll see you again. Take care!”

L'denn waves happily. "You too, Sabina! Bye!"

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