K'ane, K'lir, El'ai


3 bronzeriders investigate the entrance to the catacombs. El'ai is upset that his rabbit is pregnant. K'ane's not taking the blame for that. K'lir's just bloodthirsty apparently.

mild language


It is evening of the thirteenth day of the fifth month of the seventh turn of the 12th pass.


Cave Entrance, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 13 Mar 2016 06:00


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Not Bunn-Bunn babies.


Cave Entrance

The stifling, stale air of the catacombs opens up into this lush rich section of the jungle. It's too densely populated by plantlife to be reached by dragonback and secluded enough that it likely hasn't been heavily traveled by hunters. Cool blue waters pool in front of the caves opening, tumbling over age worn stones into an active stream that leads down into the river below. The expanse of Southern's bowl wall looms overhead, contributing to the shadowy atmosphere of the area. Mossy rocks cluster around the water, soft and inviting to a person that's just spent too much time underground in the dark. An enterprising person has begun the work have chopping a path around the wall, leading to the main drag of the weyr's territory.

"Well, if this ain't a fuckin' bitch." Welcome to K'ane exploring the far end of the catacombs. The bronzerider's here with this fists parked on his hips, surveying the chopped path 'round the wall with narrowed eyes. From the dust and the cobwebs visible at the edges of his broad shoulders and tangled about his man-bun, he's come the long way around.

And from the riverside, stomps in El'ai with the light of Rukbat at his back and a muttered, "It's fine, it's fine, Sekhaenkath." Apparently the bronze is not at all interested in his rider going into the catacombs. Just as he's hopping over the little stream, he comes man-to-man with K'ane-bun. "What are - did you know that Bunn-Bunn is pregnant again?" And it's all K'ane's fault, never mind the fact that there are murderers on the loose.

K'lir has only been here a couple times so coming through the long way at least showed him where the entrance to the weyr proper was. Those cobwebs and dust that K'ane sports, he's sporting it too. Snuffing the torch he'd used to light their way through the catacombs, he tucks the end of it beneath his belt and dusts his hands off and grunts softly at the observation. When El'ai appears with that rather odd question, he can't really help the soft laugh even if he doesn't know who bunn-bunn is — the context is funny.

"mother FUCKER," the first word is legitimately not-capitalized to put emphasis on how *loudly* K'ane belts the second. The man turns to glower at El'ai. "You're th' one with all the hussy-ass rabbits." Even if this is likely Bunn Bunn the Forty Second by this point… He shakes his head and turns 'round to examine where the jungle's been beat back. "Pregnant. Again." He's muttering it to himself even as he checks vine growth with a critical eye.

THE RABBIT DID NOT DIE, OMG K'ANE. "I don't have the boy rabbits." Obviously, this means K'ane has the boy one. K'lir's arrival stuffs the talk of mating rabbits (lolol fucking like rabbits) to the back of the conversation and so El'ai has the wickedest of cheshire grins. "Did I scare you?" He glances back to K'lir, "I scared him." Maybe a little too good-natured cocky that. "On a serious note," because you know there's one, "I saw scuff marks outside the cave that suggested there's been some heavy traffic this way."

Rabbits? That would explain it. K'lir chuckles again as K'ane starts muttering to himself before falling silent again as he glances over the area a bit critically. "Suppose that new cook knows how to make rabbit stew?" The man has never had a pet, okay? All animals are considered food to him! El'ai insisting that he'd scared their Weyrleader earns a bit of a snort though he doubts that's exactly the reason. As the conversation turns a bit more serious, he listens closely and nods. "Not surprising, really. It's a good sized opening and it doesn't look like the way up from the river is too difficult to cross."

"Th' only rabbit I have is BUNN BUNN, El'ai!" K'ane yells this because he's not turning around to reasonably say it to El'ai's face, 'cause that's responsible. He grunts at El'ai's actually helpful comment and shoots K'lir a single, even look. "Not Bunn-Bunn babies." But the once-holder is too busy with his examination of the cut-back areas to comment, slowly moving along the edge of the cleared ground.

"Well, I wanna know how she's getting pregnant!" El'ai counters, just as loudly. Propriety? Who needs it! "Eeew." The bronzerider wrinkles his nose at K'lir's helpful suggestion making a good effort a scandalized face. But it crumbles in the face of doing actual work. "Ocelot found something going down the river last sevenday, but by the time we'd had more than one person on the ground… it was gone." All in a report, but y'know, still helpful? "I think the guard that was supposed to be here got sick." You know, too sick to guard the hole straight to the weyr. NBD. "Or maybe he's faking it. Shady shit going on down here." A final nod to K'lir, "Yeah it's not. My lazy ass was able to make it juuuust fine."

K'lir meets that even look and El'ai's more grossed-out expression with an innocent look. "What? They taste good when they're cooked right." He shrugs with a faint sparkle of humor in his eyes at the ability to tease the other two just a bit. A nod is given to the information of the attempt to apprehend someone going down the river and a grimace is given at the thought of one of the guards getting sick or lazy. "Hmm, was wondering about that. Should we do guard pairs instead so that doesn't happen? Or maybe a rider and dragon pair? Bryntaeroth wouldn't fit in that cleared area but a green or blue might." He gestures to the slight clearing closer to the river that is barely seen through the trees and underbrush.

"They're stretched thin right now," K'ane reports as to the situation with the guards, his voice distracted. "We lost another three of 'em last seven t' fuckin' Boll." He mutters something to himself: "Just 'cause they lost all their fuckin' force doesn't mean they need t' poach ours." He turns, though, with a critical eye towards the entrance. "If we can fit a watchdragon here…" he starts, then stops, his expression going dangerously thoughtful.

"And there's nothing keeping them here, when you have people disparaging their ability when they're stretched thin," El'ai comments, perhaps a touch protective of his sister's domain. "Boll sucks." That's his proclamation to that before giving K'lir a grin. "Yeah, rabbit stew is fine if it's not my rabbit's stew." Not that El'ai's eating his pets here! Stepping back, he looks from Weyrsecond to Weyrleader (seriously, El'ai is so outbrassed right now) and then to the cave. "A tiny… dragon? Maybe?"

A faint frown creases his brow as he considers that information and nods slightly, a heavy sigh issuing silently from K'lir's lips as he hooks his thumbs in his belt and looks between the other two men. "Can we borrow some of the wildling guard from the Hold? Just till we decide if we're going to block this up or not?" One hand loosens from his belt and waves at the cave behind them though he's still thoughtful about the situation they are in. His frown deepens as he thinks about how they can alleviate this problem. Oh, Arianne is not going to like what her weyrmate is thinking right now.

"No," K'ane drawls back towards El'ai, more thoughtfully than before. "I think it's more valuable…" he starts, then stops. "We should post a guard. Right… there." He gestures up the way. "And a watcher… there." He pivots and points across the cleared area. "Maybe a wildling," with a nod to indicate K'lir's thought. "See who comes out when they think we aren't watchin' for them."

El'ai watches the motions of K'ane's finger, noting the positions as well as K'lir's words. "Wildlings might be invested in keeping the area safe," he comments, though because he plays the devil's advocate as well, he adds, "Unless they are profiting too. Wildlings are an unknown quantity. If we do employ wildling guards, we should have our guard and watch rider keep an eye on them." What? El'ai being suspicious? Totally normal.

K'lir nods to K'ane when the man indicates where the guard and watcher should be posted, his frown starting to ease as the Weyrleader works out the logistics. The idea of the wildlings being in on the whole thing raises a bit of amusement for the Weyrsecond but he doesn't voice his opinion just yet. "Hmm … maybe we can use some of the riders who aren't injured in Fall but their dragons aren't off the injured lists to fill in gaps? No sense in them sitting around if we can put them to some use." He looks toward those two spots K'ane had pointed out before and heaves another sigh before nodding to his own thoughts. "Put my name on the list for either position on my restday." Arianne won't like it but she'll understand the need. He hopes.

K'ane grunts at the point of the wildlings. "I don't think wildlings're th' cause of our recent problems," he replies. "I mean, don't get me wrong, some of 'em are angry little fucks, but…" He spreads his hands. "What're they really gettin' out of stabbin' a Harper?" His eyes stay hooded and land on the entrance to the catacombs, even while he broods over the thought.

"I don't think they're the cause? But I don't know if they would necessarily be invested in stopping whomever is using the catacombs, either," El'ai comments, but he flashes a grin at K'lir, "Not bad, assigning potentially injured, but not seriously injured, as at least look outs." Arianne might be angry on two accounts! "We," El'ai means Ocelot, "keep scouring the river…" But thus far? They've found nothing. "Whomever is smuggling shit out of our weyr has thus far been lucky."

K'lir considers that suggestion a bit more and shakes his head at K'ane's hypothetical question. "Nothing, really. Unless Sven caught them at something?" A faint quirk of his lips is given at that grin from El'ai though his head shakes a bit harder at that. "Not injured riders unless they are mostly healed and just waiting on their dragons to finish healing as well. And not riders of dragons who need their lifemates to help tend them. Just those riders of dragons with minor scores that take them out of the wing for a seven or two. Arianne would skin me if I took riders away from dragons that required that help." He nods briefly at the luck of the smugglers. "They'll be less lucky soon if we do our jobs well."

"Aye," K'ane acknowledges El'ai's point, still staring out over the entrance; he inclines his chin to acknowledge K'lir's a moment later. "I'd typically say that riders're too damned important t' risk on this," it's been entirely too long without a clutch and the promise of new dragonriders to replace Southern's recent casualties, "But in this case I think they're th' only ones we can count on." Despite what Harper Hall may say.

"I'd agree," El'ai returns, turning away from the men to look out over the little entrance that leads further into the waterfall area. "Dragon riders, at least, we can trust. Their dragons won't lie and will divulge shit." Raking his hand through his hair, he glances back to the upper brass of Southern Weyr. "I'm counting on them being less lucky." A hint of a rogue's smile for that. "They'll rue the day they killed one of our own and snuck into our weyr."

K'lir grimaces at K'ane's comment and nods his agreement. "I'd rather not risk our riders on this either but we don't have a lot of choice right now. The guards are stretched thin, they need time to sleep and recover too. But you're right … riders are about the only ones we can rely on. But I won't say dragons will divulge shit … I have a feeling that there are a few that might keep quiet if their riders convinced them to." El'ai's conviction that these invaders will rue the day they messed with the Weyr is given a nod, the hunter in him snarling and wanting nothing more than to track them down and eliminate them.

"Aye," K'ane concurs, generally speaking, before shooting K'lir a faint smile. "Not with Dhiammarath leanin' on 'em," is all he'll say on the topic of dragons trying to keep secrets. That's called playing dirty, probably, but whatever. If it works~ "Well," he shifts his broad shoulders in a shrug, "We'll see." He leaves the vengeance-swearing to the other two, and starts back towards the catacombs in a measured clip. MOAR EXPLORING

"Dhiammarath leaning on any dragon would get that secret spilled," El'ai comments, seconding K'ane. "All dragons listen to the call of their senior." In truth, this is where the Wingleader leaves it up to the Weyrleader and the Weyrseconds to make the call, ultimately. He might have had more to say, but just then Sekhaenkath has other ideas. "I've gotta go tend a wing matter." He tips a (fake)jovial salute - for who can truly be happy in a time like this? - and turns and makes the hop across the little stream and heads on out to his dragon. To see what's going on.

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