Sadaiya, Kyara


Kyara pays Sadaiya a visit on the Sands. The silliness and giggling far outweigh any serious discussion…but they can just blame the heat. Right?

Some sexual innuendo


It is sunset of the thirteenth day of the sixth month of the second Turn of the 12th Pass.


Sands, Igen Weyr

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The out-of-doors of Igen Weyr seems a blissful respite from the oppressive heat of this sandy colosseum. Heated from beneath by volcanic vents, the air above the hatching sands shimmers, lending a sort of unreal, dream-like quality to the area beyond even the magic that happens here at Impressions. Despite its blistering temperatures, the sands are incongruously soft, almost powdery, and flat save for the worn stone queen's bower that rises up to break the monotony and provide a place of respite for the doting mother-to-be.

Tap tap-tappity tap. "Shit." Sigh. Tap-tap-tappity tap tap. "Shardit!" With a *fwumph*, Sadaiya tosses her practice sticks into the sands next to her and crosses her arms over her chest, glaring balefully at an aged drum-code set. "Jivayath, why can't I just… REMEMBER?" … … "No, no, of course it's not YOU, I'm just, y'know, ME. Though, yeah… you do take up a lot of my brain." With a roll of her eyes, she stands, massaging one palm with the thumb of her other hand. "It's not something I was any good at anyway at the hall, since, y'know, not related to the upbringing of what my parents thought would be a Holder's wife. We sure showed them."

The start of summer at Igen, and already it's this hot…and Kyara is venturing onto the Sands, where only the foolish would go in this temperature. Or those without a choice (like Sadaiya). Or merely the curious who can get away with it and don't mind sweating a little - the category this particular Assistant Weyrlingmaster happens to fall under for the moment. Though there is a very good reason for her to have an interest in this particular clutch of Jivayath's. Regardless, the greenrider comes wandering across the sweltering Cavern, giving a bow to Jivayath as she skirts around the eggs toward Sadaiya with a small mesh sack and a skin of some sort of liquid hanging from one shoulder. The stacatto tapping of drum code takes her a moment to recognize - botched or not - and she smirks as she nears the Weyrwoman. "Code?" she chuckles in question, tapping a couple of fingers against her brow in a rather lazy salute. "I can't imagine it'd be easy to remember much in this heat." Because brains tend to melt out ears in this sort of environment.

CAUGHT! "Idunno man," Sadaiya murmurs, blushing foolishly even beyond her sands-heat flush. "I'm keeping distracted because someone is feeling broody." Turning, she sticks her tongue out at Jivayath who, surprisingly, does something similar with a large gaping of her golden maw. "Plus I'm doing that whole 'I am feeling old so I must not forget things'… deal. Did I at least get the weyr codes right or did I end up with weather codes again because, for real, I cannot find my notes at all and I don't remember ANYTHING. Here, come have a drink, hang out. Teach me things." Kyara gets a big, sheepish grin.

Grinning in turn, Kyara laughs and sits, unslinging her small burden and glancing up at Jivayath in the process. "Well, I promise I won't get any closer today, myself," she says, raising her voice up at the queen a bit before looking back down at Sadaiya. "I was just going to suggest the same thing, actually. A drink." She sets the skin between herself and the Weyrwoman, gesturing at it. "It's not alcoholic, unfortunately. But it's still pretty cold. Redfruit juice. And I brought some food, mostly things from Ravene's. Things that won't melt." Except for the pastries that are supposed to have gooey centers. "I couldn't hear much of what you were doing from over there, to be honest." Reaching down, she grabs Sadaiya's practice sticks and weighs them in her hands a bit. "Weyr codes, weather codes…Faranth, do I even remember those things?" she says with a chagrined snort, quickly tapping out the code for Igen Weyr against her knee. Well, they'd better sharding well know that one.

"COLD!" And Sadaiya is reaching out with both hands, opening and closing her grasp like a toddler reaching for a sweet. "FOOD! Oh, Kyara, you are my SAVIOR. I have, uh, good wine but…" She changes her gesture to a feeble one that indicates the sad looking skins. "They're not as good, is all. But yeah, I'm trying to sorta plop out anything I can think of. Like 'tsunami' because, well, Ista. 'Harper'. Thought I should try to remember Igen what with being the esteemed co-leader — gotta just work on the all-knowing part."

"I figured it might be appreciated," Kyara returns, pulling various edible things out of the mesh sack. A sidelong glance is given Sadaiya's wineskins, and she gives a hum of thought. "I don't suppose an ice bucket would last very long in here," she notes with a mirthless chuckle. "But I might try to haul one in, next time. And as for Igen…for the Weyr, it's-" She cuts herself off with a bar of simple but rapid rhythm with the stick against her knee again, 'Weyr' plus 'desert' making up the basis of the pattern. "For the Hold…" It's 'Hold' plus 'desert' - another one bar pattern. At least the rhythm for Weyr is quite obviously different from Hold. Then she hands the sticks off to Sadaiya, smiling impishly. "The day you and W'rin become all-knowing, so many of us are going to be in so much trouble." A bite of a pastry is taken, and she settles back in her seat. "I'll probably be around a fair amount, if you and Jivayath don't mind. So I'll just make a habit of bringing some food along." She looks at the eggs quietly for a moment, amber eyes scanning the Sands slowly. "This clutch'll end up with the first group of weyrlings I'll have to deal with fully," she observes, her tone a bit pensive. "It's…sort of an odd feeling, to know that."

"Between?" Sadaiya asks, tipping her head and frowning. "Could send, like, Nibbler or something to the ice fields in the south and hope that none of the weirdos there don't recognize a Benden press from 75 turns ago. Wait… no, 475." She frowns. "Is that expensive now? It didn't age… blah. Oh, nonono, please, stay. I'm so EXCITED for you to be working with the little ones. They're going to be so lucky." As she chatters on affectionately, she idly slaps her thigh, her frittered attention span helping her rhythm. Hold, desert. Desert, hold. Famine tornado. Desert death. Well, okay, it doesn't last. "Hey, W'rin and I would make fantastic mind-readers. I could tell him to cram it, like, before he says anything that gets us in trouble! … but then wouldn't it reason he'd know I would tell him to cram it and say something faster?"

Kyara pauses, raising a hand with an uplifted finger as she considers that possibility. "That…isn't a bad idea," she notes, the finger waggling a little. "Or even just to the cold storage." Sadaiya's increasingly interesting code beats are heard peripherally as the greenrider answers, her gaze flicking to the hands forming the patterns every now and again. "I'll do my best," she says of teaching the weyrlings, flushing a little. "Sienna and I work well together; we always have. And Ay'den seems to trust us a good deal, which is nice." Then she chuckles as she interprets the last few of the Weyrwoman's cadences. "A 'famine tornado.' Just what we need on top of the sandstorms." Which have been coming up a bit earlier than usual and with surprising force. "And yeah, that would make sense. Though there are a few other bronzeriders here who seem more inclined to get themselves into trouble than W'rin, I'd say!" The Weyrleader seems to be doing more doling out of punishments for trouble gotten into than saying someting to get into trouble himself, these days.

The Senior nods at each idea, but emphatically at the names of the other Weyrlingstaff. "For sure. It's good when you're lucky enough to have a male rider willing to be taught instead of teaching." Sadaiya's thigh gets a stern glare, then, at it's error. "It's my leg's fault. And my subconscious. Do… do you have any ideas? I mean, I'm going to be sending Linny in, of course, since she's actually improving by leaps and bounds since her, um, the whole Cha'el and W'rin thing with her active imagination. And Threvobek — he's a stablehand — is taking aerial tally of herd stock, so we're good on meat at least. Just, what do we DO about feeding while fields are so controlled and the riders so overworked!" she wails, this time bringing both palms down on her legs with a slap. "Here I sit, drinking wine, taking the fruits of my position which, yeah, blah blah tradition, and then I hear the little kids in the bazaar and their begging doesn't… it's serious now, isn't it?"

"Well," Kyara surmises, rubbing at her neck a little and sitting forward, "I remember when we got a bit tight on food before…didn't we ask Southern for some help? There's so much to the Southern continent; I'm sure they wouldn't mind letting us forage a bit. And maybe we can haul a Masterfarmer or two down there to sample certain plants so they can see about using them to make the crops hardier somehow…I don't know." Agriculture-minded, Kyara is not, in spite of what little she learned of herbology from her mother so many Turns ago. She reaches out to squeeze Sadaiya's shoulder gently. "I know you and W'rin will figure it out. We're a fighting Weyr in many more ways than one; things will work out."

Sadaiya tips her hand, acquiescing with a gesture. "We'd be up a creek if it weren't for them, but I don't want to constantly shake our cups for assistance. Yes, I know," she continues, huffing, "We shouldn't be ashamed of asking for it, being a Weyr." She pauses, nodding. "Yeah, that. We need SOME modicum of self-sufficiency. Can't overwork the holds. Just, man, it's so… so all of this." Leaning, she grabs a handful of hot sands and lets them trickle through her fingers. "It seems an uphill battle and the last thing I want to do is to cause our people suffering, either through overwork or underfeeding. Your idea about the Masterfarmer, though, that's a really good one. I'll tag W'rin as soon as I see him about. He'll be around at some point to surreptitiously make moon eyes at the eggs, all proud like it's his big ole butt out here frying. Speaking of, juice me."

Searching out a cup, Kyara snickers a bit, filling the thing with juice and passing it off to Sadaiya. "Does Valiuth come around much, or mostly just when Jivayath needs to eat?" she asks, doing the same for herself. "And I don't think overworking is an issue anymore, really. Right? Since the Purge happened, things have seemed fairly peaceful; people are doing their part on the ground crews and such…" She shrugs a little, troubled by the notion that there's still begging going on and wondering why. Could it be that it just seems easier for some? Or more desirable for some strange reason? If so…she certainly doesn't understand.

"The Purge should not have needed to happen at all, Ky," Sadaiya mutters quietly, dark eyes searching something in the middle distance. "They were still people, and what will happen to them now? I failed them, in many ways, by not catching things sooner. Lots of folks may have failed them by driving them to crime. And all of this… like, I know I'm totally asking Veresch too much. She's given up her best years, and she's very important to me." The last is said into her juice cup, the liquid reflecting the sadness in Sadie's expression. Thinking of Valiuth, though, she manages a watery little giggle. "Valiuth, man, I am FULL shocked he's not lurking around. He's such a good dragon. And I guesssss his rider is okay, big protective bully that he is. He's like family, only, uh, I guess in a creepy backwoodsy sort of way a couple times a Turn."

"I know," Kyara replies quietly, sighing as she stares into her juice. "But we can't help what people choose to do with the shelter we offer. We can only be our best for them, and if they decide not to do the right thing with it…" She shrugs a bit helplessly. "You couldn't possibly have seen everything, Sadaiya. None of us could have." The mention of Veresch earns a nod and a small smile. "To me, too. I'm willing to bet there's little else she'd rather be doing, though, if you were to ask her." Sadaiya's last draws a nod with a quiet laugh and a bit of a scrub to the greenrider's face. "Faranth, am I glad Valiuth doesn't chase greens. W'rin…well, he is my Weyrleader, of course, but I do see him like family in a way, too." A snort. "I can see why people outside the Weyr think we're so weird sometimes."

A small grin ghosts across Sadaiya's face, then gone. "She's certainly brilliant and wonderful. Just, y'know, I hope she's getting out and getting stupid with a boy in the Stores or something, too. Faranth knows that room could use a little action." This time, the grin is back on Sadie's face to stay, though, and she snickers. "You ever end up in there? You know, during a flight or Idunno, maybe even just a good old 'whoa hey this isn't where I left my pants!' situation?" she asks, waggling her well-maintained brows up and down. "Pff, I like weird." No kidding, Sadaiya? Weird? Nah.

Kyara can't help but grin in return, blushing a little at Sadaiya's question. "Uhm…Cha'el ran into me there the second time Lia went proddy. He didn't take advantage, though…not that I would've minded it at the time, of course, but I was just starting to get serious about N'thu, and Cha'el had someone at the time, too, so. All that sort of cut through. Once with N'thu; I was helping him look for a rug for his weyr, but we didn't stay there." She taps her chin, mock-thoughtful. "I could see it happening sometime, though. I'm certainly less averse to 'weird' now than I used to be." Sobering a little, she adds, "I hope Veresch does find a nice guy sometime soon, though. Although all the boys in the Weyr probably know how many people will kill them if they mess around with her…"

"Or girl, but I'm pretty sure Veresch is strictly dickly." Stop hanging out with Linny, Sadaiya. No. Our girl crush is firm. "Did you use the rug? Or were you just doing what a lot of us do and starting to get all nesty around your flight time? I know I start rearranging the furniture as I get proddier. Drives Tan up a wall, especially if I ~*touuuuch his Smith stuuuuuuff*~." Yup. Full ASCII for that, and a wiggle of her fingers in a spooky sort of way. She's cheered, again, and Jivayath's smugly whirling blue eyes to reflect. "I'm glad you seem happy here. I'm happy you're here. Man, though, do I miss Cha'el. Crazy how that stuff happens. You get your dragon done and BOOM, all these lives are in your hands, you're halfway across the planet."

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure of that, too," Kyara answers concerning Veresch, nodding pointedly. "And he used the rug…I think. Wait…" Her eyes go vague, looking upward as she gestures idly, as if drawing a room or pointing out the parts of a room she sees in her mind. Then, another single nod. "Yes. It's being put to good use." At the foot of N'thu's bed. Faranth, she sort of has his weyr memorized, it would seem - which isn't necessarily a bad thing. There's a small laugh for Sadaiya's proddiness habits, and the greenrider sips at her juice. "I don't get nesty. I get more obsessed with how I look, though." Which she really never does normally. "I am happy here. This… Igen's home now; it really is. Though I miss Cha'el, too. Still, I'm sure he's doing a phenomenal job as Southern's Weyrleader. I should really go drop in him sometime." Shells, is she glad she's not a goldrider! Or even a brownrider, going by Cha'el's example.

Now Sadaiya is hooting with laughter, once again taking an emotion out on her thighs. "Good… good to know. Ahhh, N'thu. He's such a good — and I don't want him hearing this because I am fairly confident he has a Dude Thing about it — but he's a good kid." She knuckles away a few stray mirth-tears, chest still bouncing with hee-hees. "Oh, if you do go, please, send my love. Invite him to the hatching. I'd love him to check in if he's not too busy."

Sometimes laughter is contagious. This is one of those times for Kyara, who can't help but pick up on it a bit as she watches Sadaiya's mirthful display. "'Kid?' Shells, I must be a toddler then. Though we're not that far apart in age." Alright, about five Turns. Which really isn't that far apart. "And I will. If you want to pass anything on to him, just let me know, and I'll take it. I heard was actually here not too long ago, though it was just a quick visit; I don't know what for."

"Well I mean LOOK at him! He's wee! He could wear my pants leg as a skirt!" Sadaiya squeals between breathless laughs. "He's like… like a big bony teenager. And his FACE! Like some sort of long puppy-man." Her voice is in the dogwhistle registers as she pushes words through her spasming vocal cords, eyes streaming in giddy earnest now. "I love him but my GOODNESS he can't NOT be aware of that."

"He's not bony!" Kyara protests, reddening a little more although she's still grinning. Is she defending N'thu's physique to Sadaiya? Well, with no other ears around (except Jivayath's, and who is she going to tell?), the greenrider is much more inclined to. It's sort of fun, anyway. "He's lean; there's a difference. He's got a lot of muscle! Not like W'rin or G'tan, say, but it's there. And his face is more like…like an avian, not like a puppy. Faranth, I'm going to have to try to see it now aren't I?" she laughs, rubbing her forehead slowly.

Sadaiya leans in. Closer now, her face deadpan for all of ten seconds before she whispers, loudly, "You said bone." There go the titters again. "Okay okay yeah, he could probably bend me into pretzels, but have you SEEN my Weyrmate? Or the Weyrleader? Those are my points of reference at the moment. My short ass gettin' picked up like a sack of tubers on a rou-tine basis." She makes some sort of flappy gesture with one well-manicured hand. "But yeah, I can imagine. Just… just try not to go 'arf arf!' at poor N'thu or something within earshot or he'll go 'hrrrnh hrrrnh'." She collapses into more giggles.

"There was a 'y' at the end," Kyara attempts to deadpan back, failing rather miserably and turning even redder as she plasters a hand against her face in an attempt to stifle both her blush and her laughter. Once she's able to breath a little easier again, she shakes her head. "I don't know if I've seen your weyrmate, actually. W'rin, though…I mean, I've seen his arms; that's enough for me to imagine the rest. Not that I want to," she adds quickly. "That's for Sienna to do, anyway." And not just imagining, of course. "Plus it's too much. N'thu's pretty much perfect on that count, as far as I'm concerned." The though of Sadiaya get manhandled thusly is rather amusing though. The last bit isn't helping her laughter at all. "I'm not going to…shells, Sadie, there's no way! Oh, there's just no way!" What, she can't really specify. Except that she's not about to bark at N'thu; she really can't see the puppy-dog thing. Which is probably for the best.

Sadaiya leans in conspiratorially, almost falling as she hoots wheezily. "B-bony? Or… or do y… you mean he… he makes you HRRN-Y," she half-shrieks, kicking her feet in sheer teenage-ish giddiness and flailing her arms. "Man I don't even know I wake up with W'rin like 'ow man what happened' 'cause, y'know, I don't remember much when I wake up surrounded by what's left of whatever we were wearing and needing numbweed. Tanmorand, though, he's that tall, bronze smith with the green eeeeyes and the quiet voiiiice." Did she EVER leave puberty? Sadaiya's certainly cooing now at about the same age bracket as her joke was.

"SADAIYA," Kyara chokes out, rubbing at her neck in her usual bashful habit, though she is most definitely still laughing. There's not much sound to it now, however. This is most definitely something the Kyara of two Turns past would not have done! And now she's giggling like an idiot with the Senior Weyrwoman on the Hatching Sands. Go figure. A brief glance is cast up at Jivayath; is this bothering the brooding queen at all? They'd probably know it by now, she supposes. Eyebrows arch dramatically at the little anecdote; it's waaaay more than the greenrider needs or wants to know, but she goes with it anyway. "Numbweed? Faranth, I… I can't imagine…that." Not with being pretty well size-matched to N'thu. She does stop laughing enough to lapse into a bit of thought. "I think I may have seen him, probably at a party. Like the T-Tourney party, or one of the Bazaar masques, maybe."

Is Sadaiya ashamed? Nope. She's bowing floridly from her seated position. Catching on to Kyara's worries, Sadie shakes her head. "Oh she's fiiiine. Jivayath likes when I'm laughing," she notes, love swelling in her slightly titter-hoarse voice. "She better, since the numbweed is sort of HER fault. I'm surprised you haven't seen some of the OTHER riders coming away from the flight, or the lucky bronze. We both did a number on T'sei and Xhiyanth during a flight once. Don't know WHY or HOW, but I always come out of it looking like I've had rocks thrown at my torso. W'rin can take it, though. Tanmorand… doesn't have to, fortunately, because he kinda bruises easy sometimes, and I like that things are kinda… separate in that regard, know what I mean? He does too, I think, though I can't say that the days leading up to the flight aren't, er, festive."

Kyara just grins as she realizes Liareth can relate to Jivayath on that count; the pretty green is quite happy when her lifemate has a good laugh, herself. The greenrider could probably stand more of it, in truth. "So she sort of roughs them up a bit, then?" she asks concerning Jivayath. "And yeah, I follow what you mean. I'm sort of…learning how to just let things be as they are, when Lia starts in, myself. Since I do know N'thu is there and I don't have to, y'know, keep such a tight rein on myself around him." Why is she just putting this out there again? Oh, right. No ears. Sienna's probably heard something similar, too. And it's rather fun doing so with Sadaiya, to be honest. "Anyway," she continues, clearing her throat a little. "I'm glad Lia doesn't lash out at her chasers. She enjoys her flights…so I'm learning to, also." Finally.

"Oh yeah. We're fierce. Arrrr." One of Sadaiya's arms comes up in a chubby flex. Jivayath herself turns around and bares her teeth at Kyara in mock ferocity. "Oh, you'll get there, sweetheart. If you would have told 16 Turn old Sadaiya that she'd be yucking it up over eggs with a lifemate and a wonderful friend instead of… of cooped up like some kind of bird, I would have politely laughed. Don't even get me started on that whole 'and 400 turns in the future' part. Flights are lovely, though, and we do it for those we love best, but at the same time… well, why not get ours, yeah? And why not be HAPPY about that? Happiness is a good thing, no matter what some of the stodgy newtimers here think."

Her laughter far more under control now, Kyara nods emphatically along with the points Sadaiya makes, her own viewpoint much the same only a few Turns ago. It's the last bit, though, that has the greenrider propping an elbow on her knee and her chin on her hand to regard the goldrider, her smile widening crookedly. "It is. A good thing," she echoes, nodding a bit. "Especially in spite of what some of them think, and especially these days. It's something to latch onto." The she beams an all-out grin at the Weyrwoman, her forearm dropping across her knees. "I'm honored you consider me a friend, Sadaiya."

"And I'm honored to be yours. Believe me." Kyara's grin is reflected by Sadaiya's. Awww, it's a chick flick. "I think we're making a difference in attitudes, though, bit by bit. You being in charge of the little lings with Sienna will surely help. Not that Ay'den isn't a dear, but, well… you know. It's our issue. Even W'rin's loosening up, bit by bit. It helps knowing he can be yelled back at."

It's a chick flick with dragons, which just makes it that much better. "I've seen that we are," Kyara says with a nod. "Slowly, but I see it. That's encouraging, at least." And so on the conversation goes, until drinks run out or lifemates demand attention or someone gets too hot. Which has probably happened already, but who's paying attention to that in the middle of a good laugh? Not these two.

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