Lorawyn, Va'os


Lorawyn has lost her mark pouch and Va'os sort of, kind of, helps her find it… all while roping her in to his own personal agendas.


It is evening of the nineteenth day of the seventh month of the fifteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Craft Shops, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 20 Nov 2018 05:00




Craft Shops

Every day is Turn's End, deep within the sheltering stone of Southern's craft shops, for nigh every material desire may be sated by the contents of the merchants which have settled here… if one has the marks to spare. Elements of the garden terrace roam within, freshening the air, while skylights above vie with glows set clever along the bottom edges where walls meet floors. Towards the entrance are vendors suitable for most common purchases; but as those ascend towards the graceful walk of the Harper's Solarium farther within, the shops grow luxurious in taste, and far more rich in necessary expense.

Nice and bundled against the cold weather, Lorawyn has taken to doing a bit of browsing today. She's starting off at the more fancy end this cold day, adjusting her scarf as she peers over various wares that are much too luxurious for her tastes. The healer makes a face as she overhears the conversation between one of the merchants and a potential buyer. Probably something to do with the price. She straightens before continuing on her way, though there's suddenly an influx of children running past her to get to the solarium. Did she feel something drop? "Shards…" she mutters, looking around the ground as the horde disappears.

It’s a wonder anyone can find anything or even decide on just one amid all the selection here! Rare is the day that Va’os browses and even though the Weyrleader is present, that’s not the main reason behind his arrival. Having just finished some discussions with a few Crafters over something decently important enough to warrant his input, he’s looking to make an escape. Only he’s nearly hindered by those children rushing by, having to quickly sidestep out of the way. “Hey, what’s the rush?” he calls to their retreating forms. At least he didn’t say ‘where’s the fire’ and probably cause a fuss that way? Scoffing, he turns to stride away and nearly ends up running Lorawyn down in the process, since neither of them seem to be paying immediate attention to their surroundings.

Brows are furrowed as Lorawyn focuses on the floor, searching for her lost item, almost scowling. That is, until there's someone practically running into her. "Oh!" her hands come out to catch the person's arms as she nearly topples over — he's much taller than her! Then she's looking up at the familiar face as she steadies herself and lets go of him. "Va'os!" she exclaims with some surprise. It'd been some time since she'd run into him. "Or should I be addressing you as Weyrleader?" she asks with a slight smile before her gaze goes to the floor again. "Sorry… I'm looking for my marks pouch…"

Would this be the first time a woman has been caught in his arms? Nope. Not that that’s what happened, but Va’os just rolls with it as he’s used by Lorawyn to steady herself. Never has it sunk in just how different they are in stature until now, but he makes no comment — this time. He blinks as recognition sets in just as she voices his name. “Lorawyn!” Rank? Who needs rank? Stepping back as well, he just grimaces and snorts when she mentions his title. “Nah. You know how I feel about that and besides… nothing’s changed. Not like this is new, right? And we’re not formally on duty…” Are they? He frowns next, sobering. “You drop it?” Captain Obvious, here!

Lorawyn smirks up at him. "Well, I figured maybe it was different since you're the Weyrleader," she teases with a light laugh. "Yes, what with that horde of children running through…" A frown to match his. "Mind helping me look, since you're not formally on duty?" A glance back up at him before she's backing up a few paces to broaden her view. Hopefully there's nobody behind her!

Va’os smirks right back at her (looking down!) and he pretends like he’s considering taking up her request. “Well, I don’t know… you sure, as Weyrleader, if that’s asking too much of my time?” he teases, only to sober in the next breath with a thoughtful look. “So those kids rush by and suddenly,” He mimes a “poof” gesture with his hands. Magic, gone! “Your mark pouch has dropped?” What’s he implying here, exactly? Teasing aside, he’ll get to helping Lorawyn search for her lost marks. No one to bump or trip here, but they’re probably getting quite a few glances now!

The healer resists the urge to roll her eyes at Va'os, though Lorawyn very clearly fails. "You just told me you weren't on duty," she points out. Then she's pursing her lips at his implications. "I like to give children the benefit of the doubt," she notes as he begins to help her look around. Who's giving them weird looks? Luckily there weren't that many marks in that pouch. "It's a dark red pouch with a brown string," she tells him as she looks around the area around his feet.

“As Weyrleader, I can choose when and when not to be on duty, right? What if I decide now is a time to get back to it?” Va’os is just being an ass! She should expect that of him, given he doesn’t seem to be as reserved around her. He shrugs his shoulders, “Suit yourself but if we don’t find it, you can’t blame me for getting suspicious!” Nodding, he begins to mutter. “Dark red pouch with a brown string…” How far could something like that roll? He starts to edge closer to one particular merchant’s wares and rises to a crouch instead to work through some of the items there. Incidentally, it’s one of the pricier ranged and the poor merchant is giving rather hopeful side glances while dealing with another customer.

Is Lorawyn rolling her eyes again at the Weyrleader? It is very highly likely. "Well if we don't find it, then I'll consider the possibility." What's a few marks, anyway? But if she could find that pouch, all the better. While he's going up to that stall, the healer looks around the sides of it. Did maybe one of those kick it after it had dropped? "So what were you doing in here?" she asks conversationally as she continues to search. Did she see something over there?! … Nope. False alarm.

Realizing that the merchant is now looking at him directly with hopeful interest, Va’os just sheepishly grins and mutters some half formed apology before moving on. Cue one crestfallen merchant! He’ll stick closer to Lorawyn’s side, which obviously means he’s slacking off on actually searching. “I was trying to pass through after wrapping some business witth some Crafters.” Vague! So vague, it sounds like a lie despite being the truth. “Instead I almost got knocked down by those kids and now, well…” He gestures between them, then sweeps his hand to indicate their hunt for her missing pouch. Something catches his eye and he points, “Could that be it?” As always, he leaves it to someone else to do the actual WORK however.

Seeing that the Weyrleader is now by her side, Lorawyn looks up to give him a look. So much for helping. "Huh," she responds noncommittally as she continues to search. Another glance up just as he's gesturing. "And then almost knocked me over, too," she reminds him with a laugh. Then he seems to see something and she's trying to see what he's looking at. "Could do more actual helping," she points out with another roll of her eyes. But she's going to where he points and lo and behold! Her marks pouch! "Huh, well… I guess you're good for something after all," she teases.

Va’os just grins for the teasing and gives a mocking salute before he’s pushing to his feet and straightening. “You’re welcome!” he chimes, all sarcasm and borderline sass. He’ll peer at her, one brow quirking as he leans in slightly. “So? Is everything there?” Or does he have some children to hunt down… again?

Lorawyn grins widely at that sass, "Yes, yes, thank you." More eyerolling. Then she's looking through the pouch to count the marks. "Hmm… looks like everything's accounted for." No need to go chasing down any children tonight! She ties the pouch back up and then secures it… much better this time so it doesn't easily get knocked off again. "Well, guess I owe you at least a drink or something for your help."

“Oh, so I did help!” Va’os is going to leap right on that, broad grin splitting his features as he snickers under his breath. “Who am I to say no to a few drinks?” Wait, a “few”? He seems to have missed the singular ‘a’ in there but it’s too late now! He’s shadowing Lorawyn at her side, all beaming and pleased as punch. “… before we go though,” he adds, dropping his voice to a slight whispered tone. “I was thinking of finding something to send to D’wane. Y’know… a gag or joke gift, since he’s still laid up.” Maybe not so much confined to a bed with that broken leg of his but Va’os still hasn’t quite let the former-Weyrsecond live it down. “I’ve helped you, now you help me and then we’ll seal this off with drinks!” What could possibly go wrong with that?

An eyebrow lifts as Va'os amends her offer by adding on a 'few' drinks. Lorawyn lets out a resigned sigh. Then she's eyeing him as he drops his voice to a lower volume. "… You want me to help you find a gag gift?" she asks incredulously, "I am probably the worst person to help with that," she tells him with a laugh.

“No, that means you’re the best to help me!” Va’os grins and may even be so bold to attempt to sling an arm around her shoulders. Which shouldn’t be too hard even with him towering over her… just quite awkward. Maybe he’s already been drinking? Or is in a mood. “Come on! It’ll be fun!” Famous last words. He’s going to start heading down the line of available shops and stalls, regardless if she’s truly invested in helping him! He’s going to find a ‘gift’ and if she had any hopes of giving him the slip, well… too bad. A promise is a promise and he intends to hold her to those drinks (or a drink, if she insists)!

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