Divale, Doji


Divale and Doji both have their own reasons for coming to a rather secluded forest grove in Keroon, but they have some interests that might overlap.


It is sunset of the twenty-eighth day of the fifth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Keroon - Hidden Grove

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Hidden Grove

A tight cluster of trees suddenly opens to a small grassy meadow adjacent to the river. Mist fills the air as does the sound of the waterfall that heads the river. Evenly cut blocks of stone make something of a path seem to lead from the edge of the river up to a ledge by the waterfall. Pink and yellow flowers dot the area all the way down to the water's edge.

Finding spots like these, nestled away and largely untouched, are not too impossible a task. With a half-day of time to spend, Divale left Igen Weyr mounted on Lukoith after receiving permission to do so. Where do they go? To this out-of-the-way grove; a little bit of haven found in Keroon's backwater wilderness. The brownrider is crouched among some of the more prolific looking plants, who have already reached their prime late into spring. Lost to her work, her hands work with slow, cautious and practiced ease as she harvests. Lukoith is some distance ahead and well out of the way, sprawled on a wide expanse of grassy meadow now completely flattened by his earlier stomping through it — or maybe he rolled around in it? Regardless, whatever was there is now thoroughly destroyed and the dark brown basks both in the beauty of it and the warm late-spring sun.

at some point probably a few sevens ago, Doji and Raktraeth had gotten assigned to this remote section of Keroon for sweep assignments. Of course, they did have to stop and inspect the secluded grove. The stopping part was easy enough, convincing Raktraeth to leave those trees the first time… that took some doing. And a promise. Since Doji keeps her promise, once their morning drills were completed and they had some free time available, the brownrider pair make their way back. Raktraeth probably knows his sire is there rolling around in the meadow, but he's not acknowledging the older dragon just yet. There's a bugle of joy as he lands. Once Doji slides off, he's going to go and nudge his head against one of the larger tree trunks. TREEEEE!!!! And dignity, what is that? Doji's just left facepalming for a moment.

Lukoith opens his eyes in slow-sun drowsy laziness at Raktraeth's bugle of joy. There is no call of greeting, but the older brown does yawn in a jaw-cracking manner, stretch out almost feline-like and then promptly FLOMPS back onto his side. Nah. Not getting up! The only thing that acknowledges that he's still awake is the occasional twitch of his short tail. Oh, an the fact that he's watching Raktraeth head-bump that tree. Divale looks up from where she's crouched, holding a hand up in silent greeting to Doji once the other brownrider has finished facepalming. However, there is no gawking from Divale on Raktraeth's behaviour; she merely goes about sorting the plants she was just harvesting, carefully preparing them to be added to the rest of her gathering and, lastly, transport.

After that FLOMP, Raktraeth does stop in his tree nudging to just give a snort at the other brown. Judge all you want, he don't care. The trees won't judge him and he just goes back to nudging trees, although this time a slightly smaller one. « I want to smell like them! » Doji's finished with her face palming and there's a moment where it looks like she's going to retort to that comment that was certainly loud enough for Lukoith to hear as well, but she drops that raised finger down and just shakes her head. Moving on, she does spot the other dragon and a quick look around finds Divale all crouching and stuff. "What are you… is that nettleweed?" Doesn't take much peering to start spotting that there are herbs of some sort over there.

Lukoith wasn't judging! Simply rearranging himself to get comfortable. He will, however, grunt for the younger brown's statement. « Why? » His curious mind wants to know! Divale will smirk for Doji's greeting, rising from her crouch to dust her hands off and maybe stretch out her legs a bit. "Nettleweed," she confirms. "And a variety of other early-season herbs found in this region. One of the few spots to safely gather and not have someone breathing down your neck for trespass." she muses in her usual low, gruffer voice. "You've a good eye!" Since not everyone can pick out nettleweed from a distance!

The answer to why exactly Raktraeth would want to smell like a tree is not really something he can put into words and so why bother when he can just share everything that is good about forests? Sure, his mental forests are bigger and better than this little grove, but look at how the amber light filters through early morning fog clinging around the trunks of the trees and chasing it away. The smell of loam mixes with pine needles. « Why wouldn't you? » Doji tilts her head a bit at Divale's answer. "Trespass? But why would you need to risk trespassing for it?" If Doji had spidey-senses, they might be beginning to tingle now. Because if a rider (and dragonhealer) has need of a herb, the infirmaries should usually be well stocked…

Lukoith's forests are the exact opposite to Raktraeth's (or is it UPSIDE DOWN?) or what little the brown allows to be glimpsed. Amber light is traded for grey twilight and fog so thick it shrouds most in cold shadow. Eerie and unwelcoming, in stark contrast to the younger brown. He has no answer for Trae, save to deflect with: « They are better for chewing. » Say, doesn't that one tree slightly to the left look a little… gnawed on? "You overthink too much," Divale almost sounds like she's teasing Doji but it could be a sneaky tactic to change the subject. She gestures to her accumulated goodies, casting a curious glance sidelong to the other brownrider. "Do you know your herbs, then?" Which may as well be an invitation too, since she'll go right back to where she was crouched before and resumes stripping down another plant.

Raktraeth isn't unfamiliar with some more night time scenes of some of his clutchmates and wingmates. His amber light won't invade the cold shadow land (you must neve go there, Simba!). There's a line of clear demarcation between the two minds. He glances at the chewed on tree and then gives a bit of a shrug. « I prefer to save my chewing for herdbeast. » He wants to smell like trees. Not taste them. He'll taste a juicy, juicy herdbeast though. It's not quite that easy to throw Doji of track as that and she raises an eyebrow at Divale's clear attempt at not answering the question. "It's in the infirmary…" And here. It's clearly here. She does nod and since it doesn't look like her rider is going to be ready to go anytime soon, start gathering some of the nettles as well. "I was a healer apprentice before." In case the older rider forget.

Likewise, Lukoith doesn't go on the warpath into Raktraeth's mind (the gates are closed); he has no reason to. So far, the larger brown has been nothing but a curiosity and, perhaps grudgingly, welcomed company for the time being. « None here. She » Specific emphasis likely means the obvious. « Says only the wild ones but none are to be found. The smaller creatures, » An image of mountain caprines and other wild four-legged edibles circulate briefly in those swirling mists. « Are adequate but also lacking. » Sadness and woe. « Have you tried runner? » They're delicious! And bound to give your rider an aneurysm in panic. "And the infirmary need those herbs for very important uses. I cannot go depleating their stores for my… interests. The Bazaar has some but depending on season, does not guarantee freshness or an acceptable price." Divale goes on to cryptically explain. "And I remember." How could she forget that little tidbit about Doji? "So you would know a few reasons why nettleweed is collected."

« Now that you mention it… » Raktraeth can't actually remember tasting runner because he somehow managed not to get into that particular trouble yet… but there might be some signs of hoof prints in the forests now. At some point he may remember to follow them to get a taste of this delicious runnerflesh himself. And yes, Doji might have an aneurysm when that happens. "Your… interests? So not for dragonhealing than?" Doji will question, but she'll continue to collect the herbs. She seems to know what she's doing as her fingers make quick work of stripping the herbs. "There's a couple reasons, depending on how you want to prepare it. Since I doubt you're interested in male urinary issues, making tinctures for inflammation or for joint ache?"

Lukoith will claim all innocence in putting that little seed in Raktraeth's mind! He's just innocently laying there, anyhow, soaking up the sun! At least if there's hoof prints out here, there's a higher chance the animal is wild and thus fair game (as what happened in Lukoith's taste). "Very few of the herbs for our health translate to dragon kind. Most do nothing or have adverse effects. Fellis, for example? Poisonous." Divale doesn't seem at all bothered by sharing some knowledge with Doji; so long as it stays within the realms of Healing and not prying into her personal life. A quiet low chuckled laugh. "You'd be correct. So another guess would be I am collecting this to trade." Because why not? Divale moves on from the nettleweed to another plant, this one with small identifiable flowers on it. "And why would I want this?" Aside from brewing it in teas — trick question?

"Most of my experience with dragonhealing is limited to numbweed and redwort…" Doji's will almost hesitantly admit that fact, although really it shouldn't bee too surprising. But attention quickly shifts to the flower Divale is holding up, her brows furrowing a bit as she searches for an answer that isn't quite coming to mind. "I don't think I've seen that flower before." Raktraeth is at least full enough he's not going to go searching for those wild footprints. He'll live to eat another day. Right now, he's not soaking up the sun. He's just going to bask in the pile of leaves in the shade of that tree.

"Honestly those are often the only two things you need… Medicinal wise." Divale admits freely and with a small smirk. When Doji is stumped on the plant, she'll carefully harvest a little more of it and pluck one of the leaves from the stem. It's handed over, with Divale gesturing for her to hold it up to the sunlight. "I've heard of it called 'perforatum' — it's a terrible name, really." And it's a variant of whatever St. John's Wart became, be it the original species or a native mimic on Pern. "But see how the light filters through that leaf? Easy to identify that way, if the flowers have not yet bloomed in full — though it's the flowers you want."

"Perforatum… perforatum… perforatum…" Doji will say the name over and over again as she turns the little leaf over, gotta commit that to memory and she dutifully holds it up to the late. "Huh. I guess that would be something that would be pretty hard to write down in the archives." The whole how a leaf looks when held up to the sun versus how another one might look.

"Or it was and was lost to most folk's knowledge?" Divale muses, while glancing sidelong to Doji. It'll be noticeable that the leaf filters the light through tiny perforations, but she spares more rambling on that aspect. Instead? "Handy to have. Can help with inflammation and burns, but also anxiety and depression." This shared in a quiet murmur, though she makes no move to harvest any more of the plant. Instead she begins to inventory what she's already gathered.

Doji is just going to pull a notebook out of her pocket because of course Doji would be one of the people to wander around with a notebook on hand at all times and she'll carefully place the leaf and one of the flowers in the pages. Pressed for later. "A lot has been lost, sadly. But something that can help with burns also helping with depression?" Color her all sorts of surprised.

Don't worry, Doji. Divale has a journal and does not judge that notebook. In fact, she looks both impressed and pleased by the other brownrider's habits. "Very sad," she murmurs in honest agreement. There's a small nod, then a slight furrowing of her brows in thought. Considering, perhaps, a route to take. "I've… notes on its effects, properties and uses. Some come from my family; many of which were Healers in their own rights." But? Why does it sound like there's a catch?

And later, that page entry is probably going to have some detailed notes. What's the point of documenting everything if you're not going to be completely thorough? Doji listens quietly to Divale's comments, tilting her head slightly. "Really? That seems interesting." And by interesting, she means useful. But what is that catch?

"It is. If you are not against collecting information that may not be agreed upon by all back at Healer Hall." Ahh, there's the catch. Divale's 'knowledge' may be just as she explained it; within her family and perhaps a few others but not widely circulated. Another pity, really! Why pay attention to something akin to a weed that has properties so similar to other widely used medicines? Now it's her turn for more questions! "If you'd not Impressed Raktraeth and remained in Healing, would you have pursued herbology?"

And look, more brow furrowing. Such a serious look considering Doji's still so young. "Not agreed upon? But… why?" Because why is really the crux of the issue. Gotta be a downside for people not to use it, right? The last question has her crossing her arms and looking towards her lifemate happily ensconced in as big a leaf pile as he could make. "I didn't think I'd Impress. I liked herbology, but I was focusing on trauma. Thought that would be what I'd keep doing." All the Threadscores and knife wounds a person could want and more!

Oh, there is so much Divale could 'show' Doji about the world and completely strip what naiveness remains in the younger woman. "You've studied at the Hall, I presume?" A cryptic answer but perhaps not; even if assumed, the question yields answers all the same. Masters stuck in their ways, maybe? Or downsides ? it's more likely. "Trauma is not an easy field to study." Again, Divale sounds impressed by Doji's answer. "Not for humans or dragons."

Doji shakes her head quickly, a most definite no on that. "Only at the Weyr." Which seemed like a whole world of wonder compared to the little cothold she came from. But she's learned a lot in those three or so turns. She blushes at the last comment though, reaching up to run a hand through her hair. "Uhhh, well, it seemed to be something I kept getting drawn into." Quite literally. Any time she turned around. "And someone has to do it."

Divale nods as Doji explains her studies were largely at the Weyr but yields nothing further in that vein of the conversation. She laughs quietly and low in her throat for the blushing and the answer given to her last comment. "Very true. There's always someone to rise to the challenge, hmm?" Finished with her inventory, she moves on to gathering what she needs to properly store her harvested goods for transport back to Igen. A moment of silence may pass, before she speaks up again and though she does her best to mask it, there is a faint note of hesitation in her voice. "If you are still hunting for a hobby… I'd not mind your company in the future. When time allows and should it be the right time of the season, I try to venture out and collect." For purely innocent reasons! Honest (it's not).

"Always," Doji will agree in more of a mutter, but then she takes a moment to consider the offer, before nodding. "I think I'd like that." Probably. Although she's probably going to do a ton of research on her own just to make sure said herbs actually do have some beneficial properties. Always cross reference! But for now, she's going to have to try and start extracting Raktraeth from his leaf pile. That's not going to be an easy or quick task that.

They'll just have to cross that bridge of awkward suspicion when Doji's cross referencing yields some… interesting results! Divale's lips curve into a small, tentative, smile; it's almost as though she's trying to figure out how to do it and genuinely so. "I'll have Lukoith bespeak Raktraeth ahead of time when I've a better idea of when we may go next." With that deal settled, she stoops to collect her things and start securing them in the pouches on Lukoith's straps. The brown himself is proving to be equally as unmoving or unhurried in leaving, barely cracking an eye open at the increase in movement from his rider.

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