F'kan, Talya


A brief meeting where a playboy isn't a playboy and a bartender hits a sore topic.


It is sunset of the twenty-second day of the eleventh month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Koi Pond

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"Ah. F'kan. The fuck up."


Koi Pond

This open space is where Phagian's famed roses grow. And grow they do, in a profusion of sizes and colours. Tiny miniature roses in low boxes, rosebushes in ordered ranks behind, wild roses twining upon arched trellises over the path and the bench at the head of the pond, every plant is healthy and neatly pruned. They are also labelled. Here is the red-on-white of Fire and Ice, there the simple crimson of Heart's Desire, over yonder the inky shadow of Blackthorne, and bobbing practically beneath your hand the vibrant gold of Susanna. The pond is a palette of bright colours as well. Within its dim refractive depths there lurk the ornamental koi. Each fish an ancient Oriental soldier in full scale mail, and proud of his polychromal coat. Warm colours are most common, bright vermillion, marigold orange, sunshine yellow, but also there are other, rarer colours. Here a splash of emerald flashes, there a streak of jet, a swatch of white, a blink of azure. Dozens of bejewelled ichthyoids play in this broad pool's depths, each fat, well fed, and haughty.

Standing under one of the arched trellises here, F'kan is wrapped around a pretty red-haired woman, whispering in her ear suggestively, as she playfully tries to get away. "F'kaan…I can't! I have a shift." The brownrider makes a couple more attempts to convince the woman that his company is much better than work, but with a shake of her head, the girl disentagles herself from his frame, runs hands down rumpled clothes as she darts off towards the kitchens. With a sigh of frustration, the blond haired rider kicks at the ground, toe hitting a sizeable stone that lands into the pond, sending fish swimming away from the splash it makes. He had been sure that Lilee would be open to the idea of an afternoon romp.

Lucky for F'kan, here comes Talya instead. The young woman seems to be out for an afternoon stroll in the sun, despite the heat of spring, and is all alone. Except for the wineskin that hangs from her arm and the wrapped cloth that probably contains a late lunch. She's taking a swig of wine when a red-haired woman nearly knocks her over running out from the area. "The fish ain't that scary," she calls over her shoulder to the woman, staring after the retreating figure as if expecting an apology. It's the sound of the splash causes her to look back towards the pond itself, eyes narrowing when there's someone left behind there. "Hey, you're scaring away all the fish. You must be the one that scared away that girl, too."

Turning to look at whoever it is who is talking to him, F'kan's smile wides when he spies Talya. Well well well, maybe not all is lost. He puts on an affable half smile and shrugs his shoulders dismissively. "Her loss." He says simply with a shrug. "What brings a lovely creature like you to this remote part of the Weyr on a day like this?" He nods suggestively at the food and wine she is carrying. His blue eyes dance as he saunters closer to her. "The name is F'kan of brown Quaverilth." He introduces himself and gives a little bow of his waist in her direction.

Talya's brow goes and hikes itself up at the rider's words. Lovely. She glances down at herself, dressed as she usually does, not like she put much effort into it when going out for a quiet lunch somewhere. She looks back up and instead of replying right away, she takes yet one more swig of the wineskin. It appears she may need this… "I was going to sit here and eat something and share it with the fish. Now I'm not so sure they're up for it." She eyes pointedly to the disturbed water and then back to the brownrider, face lighting up suddenly in recognition. "Ah. F'kan. The fuck up." She was there at that Weyrling Graduation, and that was about as much information as she had gotten. Not that he knows that. Her lip curls up at the corners before nodding her head in greeting, no name offered in return. "Should I even wonder what you did to have that poor woman rushing away?"

Blue eyes go stormy as the woman says what she does about him. Lips dropping into a frown, F'kan takes a moment to clear his throat before replying. "Yeah, That old bit of gossip still floating around? Doesn't anyone have anything else to these days." A little growl enters his throat and he is about to leave her to her lunch but then he makes the comment about what he could have done to Lilee to make her run away, and he rounds on the teen, "I don't care what they call me, but if you have heard that I would force any woman, that person was mistaken. I didn't hurt that Igen girl! She pursued me!" Oh no, Talya may have hit a nerve. But then the storm wracked mind is assaulted with his lifemates salty voice. «Mate, you better check yourself now. I will make your every waking moment miserable if you don't.» With a loud huf, balling his hands into fists, F'kan exhales deeply, then in again, trying to will his anger back down. "I apologize miss, I just won't be made out to be a predator." But well, he kinda is, but a consensual one.

Talya shrugs a shoulder in response to the gossip going around or what others have to say and spins on her heel to follow the way the brownrider is going, as if she is going to comment more on it. But then there's suddenly this angry rider instead of that smiling one. She does not flinch, nor move away, just staaares at him with her dark eyes. She even goes so far as to lift the wineskin and sip a little, waiting for the anger to leave the man's face. Or at least for him to finish. "I just thought maybe to scared that girl with a fish or something," she says with just a brief flicker of her gaze in the direction the red-head went, then back to him. "Is that what they're saying then that you did?" See, she honestly had no idea. Her previous smirk now turns into a confused frown. "All I heard during the Weyrlinghood graduation was that you fucked up." She holds the wineskin out to him with a pitiful look now. "Reputations are shit, I think you need to get drunk and forget 'bout it." This woman doesn't really know the playboy-reputation or else she wouldn't pity him quite so much.

«Shit F'kan! She didn't even know about Xanthee!» Quaverilth lets out a loud rumble where he is lounging in the Lower Bowl. «Teach you to speak before thinking.» His face decidedly red, the brown rider shakes his head a little bit, as if to try and clear his lifemate's smugness from it. "A drink? Why? You offering?" He asks, nodding towards her skin of wine.

Talya would be proud of making him all red in the face, flustered, if she wasn't rolling her eyes at his question. "Take the skin before I change my mind," she says, holding it out still with a huff. "But if you steal it, know that I will chase you down." The woman is dead serious about that. She makes sure to have a free hand to be able to dig out a roll. Relieving her of the wineskin will help, but if he doesn't want it then it's going to be awkward doing so. But not impossible. "I'm starving, so forgive my manners." She takes a big bite of the roll and half-chews, has to comment, "I'd get your side of the story but it looks like it's a bit of a touchy subject." And likely not as amusing as hearing it from someone else.

F'kan takes the skin with a strangely sincere, "Thank you lady, you have my eternal thanks." Once his fist surounds the spout, he immediately slams it back for a long gulp. A little belch escapes when he finally comes up for air. "Again, my thanks, and my dragon's thanks as well." His color begins to even out again, and he runs his fingers through his toussled sandy blond hair, as he has to ask, "So can I know the name of the lady to which I owe such thanks." his words rolling off his tongue with a silky quality. I swear he doesn't even know he's doing it sometime, the flirt is strong in this one.

Talya starts to go back towards her original destination, giving the brownrider a look over her shoulder to make sure he's drinking and not taking off with it. She offered it, but didn't mean he can have the whole thing. She's at least by the pond itself now, glancing down to see if any of the fishes are back. Sadly they may have been spooked from the edge for the time… So she'll just drop some of her roll right there to try to lure them back in. "You really don't have to be all… polite. And not sure what your dragon is thanking me for." She makes a face as she turns back to the brownrider. "I'm just Talya. And you're looking better now, you no longer look like your head is going to explode." She holds out her hand for the wineskin back back. The food is for her and the fishies.

"You are refreshingly frank Talya. Anyone ever tell you that?" F'kan replies as he leans forward and hands the skin back to the girl. "But yeah, I am sorry about all that. I've had a rough couple of turns now…all self-inflicted, so I guess I can't complain too much." the browrider sighs again as he completely drops the pyboy act and it's kind of unerving.

"And ignorant," Talya admits with a smirk over at the brownrider. Saying what she thinks and what she sees or hears at the time usually leads to that conclusion. When she gets the skin back, she swishes it around to feel what is left. Having been full to enjoy at the pond, she is satisfied with what is left behind by the dragonrider. After a swig, she has to grin and add, "As well as a bad bartender. It's what I do, at the Kitten." Her dark eyes look the man up and down, studying him curiously. She must have some kind of super power to render the flirting powers useless of the man, but she wasn't going to question it. "I can understand that, Weyr life isn't as amazing as some people back at the Hold make it out to be."

Just as F'kan is about to comment about als being Hold Born, Quaverilth storms into his mind, «You done yet. I need a scrubbing Mate, And a good oiling. Like a really long one. Meet you at the beach.» And then the torrent of salty waves are gone and F'kan just shrugs his shoulders and with a sighs, says, "I might come by then sometime for a bad drink. But alas I am being called by my beast to perform my riderly duties so I must bid you good day." And he does so without with a little bow before heading in the direction of the beach.

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