Dione, Linden, Nathanael, Niyati


Thanks to an alarming cold, Linden and Nathanael soak in the hold's new hot springs. Dione and Niyati are there to provide mothering and eventually evacuation to warmer climes.


It is noon of the twenty-first day of the first month of the second turn of the 12th pass.


Hot Springs, Southern Hold.

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Hot Springs

HOT SPRINGS. Right now this is still in a huge state of disarray, but it is WARM in here… nicely warm. The room slopes downwards into vast pools of water, and it's a nice place to hang out from the chill of the outside.

Cough, sniffle, MISERY. Somewhere between the Heat of the South and Ice of the North, bubbly, cheerful, all around HAPPY Nathanael has caught a cold. One which has gotten him DISMISSED from chores so he doesn't spread it, and exiled to the warmest place in the Ice Hold to begin to recover. The humidity and heat are already working wonders as the teen has found a shallow spot in a pool, and curled up under the hot water. His nose and eyes are rather red from the constant sniffles.

Linden caught it too. And he's miserable. "I hate this place," he mutters thickly, before sneezing into the pool and sniffling again. "I hated High Reaches and I hate it here." POUT.

Dione seems to be one of the few of the Candidate class that hasn't caught the lurgy yet; one look at her graceful form making its way into the hot cavern can attest to that: no slowness from sore joints, sniffling, coughing or reddened body parts. She does, however, carry a tray of things, and as she makes her way over to the water's edge her expression creases with pity. "Poor guys," she mutters, sinking down at the side of the pool. "Here. I brought some fruit juice and a warm rub and stuff." She'll do the pouring and the handing over, and rinses out clothes in a little bowl of cold water she brought with, offering it for their foreheads. "Just sit still and I'll rub it on your chests." Wait, that stuff looks like something a swamp healer would brew up…

"Ye're 'e bes' Dion," More sounds than typical are dropped from Nathanael's speech as he sits up from the water. He reaches out for some of those drinks she has brought and sips with his eyes closed. "Shoudl've b'n wearin' m' coat." MISERY HERE. The cloth with cold water upon it is accepted gratefully, and he lays it across his forehead. THESE are times when Nathanael misses having a mother.

Linden just groans and settles into his misery and dislike of this hold. "Thanks, Dione," he croaks, closing his eyes and taking the drink, sipping it gratefully. The cloth feels good and he barely glances at the stuff she's going to rub on their chests. Does it look bad? He doesn't care, nothing is worse than how he's feeling. He just sits up higher in the water so she can reach.

Dione makes a 'tccch' kind of noise. "Yes, you should." Motherly? A little bit, yes, despite the boys only being three turns younger than she is. She reaches to fiddle Nath's hair out of the way of the cloth, then resettles it with a gentle pat. "Drink up, you'll feel lots better." The stuff in the pot looks faintly green, faintly sparkly, faintly a lot of things, and there's a strong herbal smell coming from it. Linden is the first to get to sample it as the young woman scoops up a good handful and starts rubbing it in with brisk movements. "This stuff will open up your nose, there's a lot of mint in there." Or mint-analogue, at least. Rub, rub, rub.

If Nathanael had a crush on Dione (which, you know, he is 15 so TOTALLY POSSIBLE) there is no hint of it now. He'll lean just slightly into that mothering and be OKAY with it. "L'st 'e ain't hv'n t' do ch'res…" No, he's not even trying to be intelligent in his mumbling now.

Linden breathes in deeply of the ointment and groans in satisfaction when it works, to a degree. Then he just slumps there with a few mumbled words about hating the cold. He shivers, and once the stuff is on well and good he sinks a bit lower into the water once again. "M'all wrinkly," he mutters, lifting a hand to peer at creased fingertips. He drinks his juice and is miserable, but otherwise a good patient.

With Linden's chest all done, it's Nate's turn to live through it, and Dione accomplishes the chore quickly and efficiently before dipping her hands into the warm water to wash them off. After that, with boots and socks removed, and pants rolled up to her knees, she dips her feet into the water as well, giving a lazy sigh. "I hate this place," she mutters. "Well, the cold, and the air's so dry, it's no wonder you two got sick. Rather give me Southern and the humidity there." Pause, smile. "Lucky though, you two, to be skipping chores. Honestly, you should both be in bed back home, not in this cavern."

Nathanael's eyes flicker open in PROTEST. "'s awesum 'ere!" His protest is cut off abruptly when his nose suddenly clears and the smell of MINT overwhelms his brain abrubtly. "woah…."
Linden mutters his thanks and turns his head away to sneeze. "I hate it too," he mumbles. "Yeah we should…" GRUMP.

Dione's fingers reach out to flick through Linden's hair - now that he's sick, surely he can't dodge that fast! "It'll be more dangerous taking you back home now though, especially if we don't wrap you up well. You don't want to be chilled to the bone." She grins at Nathanael's aggrieved tones. "It's very interesting, I'll grant you that. I never did see a skeleton that big, or hot pools this big. If only it wasn't so cold, you know? Although… hm. It does mean we can go ice-skating sometime after chores are done — have either of you two ever skated before?"

From somewhere a hankerchief has been produced, and Nathanael blowing into it is loud and echos slightly in the cave. He shakes his head, and then regrets it abruptly , leaning down to put his face just inches from the warm, lovely, beautiful water. And…. there goes the cold rag. "Ain't seen'er but I be hearin' 'ere's a pond."

Linden can't, but he can sulk that fast. Sullen for a moment, he rouses himself to answer. "I skate kind of." It's been turns though. "Still haven't seen the skeleton…" More sulking.

Teenaged sulking is the only thing that can give gossip a run for its money with regards to speed; unfortunately, in Dione, that sulk only makes her want to do it more. Luckily she restrains herself. "Don't move too much, honey," she cautions Nathanael momentarily before glancing down at her feet speculatively. "Once you guys are better we could go and look for it, and see if we can skate on it. It'll be fun and keep us warm. I've not done it much, but it'll be a nice change of pace."

SNIFFLES give utter lie to the words Nathanael is about to speak as he rubs a hand across his nose and looks up at the redhead. "'m feelin' better!"

Linden snorts, then sneezes, then has to blow his nose into his handkerchief. "You are not," he mutters.

Dione wrinkles her nose. "I might not be a Harper, but I'm not that gullible," she mutters. "You are much too sick for any shenanigans still, Nate, so you just stay where you are and get that stuff to soak in, okay? Heat and wet air is the best for you now, so don't go charging out. Take a break." To soften the words, she pours another round of drinks, handing them to the two. "You two want to go on and touch eggs after all, right? Can't do that if you're sick and forced to be in bed, so get better soon."

Drooping shoulders from Nathanael. "Hate hav'n t' be sittin'." It's almost a grumble, but Nathanael is good at doing what he has been told, so he lets it go. "I duno, I been lik'n 'e eggs've fingered."

Linden takes the drink with another muffled thanks. "Already touched three of 'em." And for whatever reason, that seemed like enough for the boy.

With the two boys submerged in the pool and Dione with her feet in it, it would have been quite a jolly scene if there wasn't nigh-constant wheezing and sniffling. "I've not had time to touch any of them yet," she confesses, frowning just a little. "But they're getting hard enough now, so I'm sure there'll be ample opportunity. "What do they feel like, the eggs?"

Philosophy! While SICK! Nathanael rubs a hand across his nose, and then puts it into the water to wash it off. "'e're… deep. like they's be no'n what we're thinkin."

Linden shivers a bit and sinks lower. "They made me miss home. Which's weird cuz /this/ is home. Well. The weyr. Not here." He hates it here. "One've'm showed me m'mom and dad…"

Niyati is cold. In fact, she's STILL freezing and she's made the trek all the way in here from the fireheights. It's not until her pant legs are rolled up and her feet in the water that she waves at the others before plunging said hands into the water too. "Eggs? Oh I'd give anything right now to be stuck in that hot cavern with those wonderful handwarmers. …eggs… I mean eggs." She nods toward the floaters and then glances at Dione. "Sick?" I thought I heard a stuffed nose."

"Hey, Niya," Dione greets, shuffling a little aside so that the woman can join them. "These two managed to catch that cold going around the ranks, so they've been ordered to sit in here and relax." It's coming more easily to some than others, apparently. "SOMEONE," and here she chin-nods to Nathanael, "is not taking it gracefully. You want some juice as well?" The look she gives Linden is a little concerned. "They did? That's kind of … strange."

"'m b'n good! Jus… wanna b' seein' more…" Grumble from the usually overly exuberant teenager as he swishes the water in front of him to create some waves.

Linden sneezes and just mutters a few choice words as he sinks lower into the water. Closing his eyes, his focus shifts to breathing.

Niyati shakes her head. "No thanks, I don't want to hold anything until my fingers thaw. If you know how to climb or don't mind heights, do yourself a favor and don't let anyone know." She grins. "Although, it was rather thrilling to be up there." Nathanael is given a half grin. "You'll see more and be more intelligable after your cold is gone. Oh, are you talking about touching the eggs? I haven't yet, but I probably should make myself available for it."

"Plunge your hand into the water," is Dione's down-to-earth advice. "It'll warm them up much quicker than letting them thaw in the heat here." There's a little shiver at the mention of the fireheights. "I'll be keeping my mouth shut. I can stand the heights, that's not a problem, but the thought of the cold up there! No thanks. I wish whoever our mysterious benefactor had been with the liners had something in the line of gloves as well. I find if I can keep my hands and feet warm, the rest of me can trudge on somehow, but otherwise? No thanks." She tilts her head a little. "I've not either — maybe we should see if we can sneak onto the galleries and ask really prettily?"

Niyati thinks it over then nods. "I'll admit, the prospect makes me a bit nervous but we really should. I could bribe someone with swimwear or something, since it's so hot at the Weyr." The temperature is mentioned with fondness, as if she suddenly misses roasting. Her hands are submerged and she shrugs. "I mentioned that I wouldn't mind giving a climb that high a go. Big mistake! Oh, the liners are so LOVELY. I'd made lined gloves before I came here the first time but didn't have time to make them for my boots."

"Whoever did those liners was a-fricking-mazing," Dione says bluntly. "They make such a difference in my shoes, although it's kind of strange thinking of someone measuring my feet whilst I slept. Perhaps it's a Candidate as well." She has her suspicions, but will keep them to herself for the moment. Reaching out, she gently places the back of her hand to Nathanael's forehead, and the other to her own to feel the difference in temperatures. There's a frown there — the boy's running a bit of a temperature — and she rinses out to cool cloth again, handing it back to him. "I've only been ice-chopping and in the kitchens here so far."

Niyati chuckles at Nathanael. "Yes, and on the fireheights and the rooftop. Anywhere extra hands were needed on bodies that weren't afraid of heights. It's positively freezing." Her gaze goes to Dione and she nods, though there is a bit of a grin on her face. "To tell you the truth, I'll pay the creepiness for the comfort. At least they weren't underclothes, then it would be beyond my creepiness threshold. …as for the ice, we should cut huge blocks of it for transport to the Weyr. It would be the most popular export ever. Drill bowls in it and serve up fruit from them.

Linden opens his eyes with a jerk, sitting up a bit and then having to turn away to have a nice little coughing fit. Delicious. "Ugh," he mutters, sinking back into the water with a groan.

If Dione keeps mothering, Nathanael is just going to move in with her. (ignore the fact they already live in the same room, kthxs) "Mayhap if'n m' shoes was fittin, 'e liners'd be fittin' better… Dien's boots're t well fit t' be havin' em in…

"…what?" That last comment just throws her for a curve. ANYWAY. Easy enough to mother about with two sick boys that can't get away. Linden gets checked too, and there's another frown. "I wish we could get you two back to the Weyr," she frets. "Perhaps if we wrap them up ultra-warm, Niya? Even in the hold the cold air's not going to be good for the colds, and it'd be better if we could get them into bed." Then, of course, the woman has to say something to derail Dione's mind. "Ice fruit bowls? That'd be… actually, that'd be quite interesting to see. I wonder…"

Linden groans pathetically. "I want to go back to the weyr." See? See how pathetic looking he is? "Ice fruit bowls?" Hmm. That's not a bad idea actually. "You could put drinks in them too…"

Niyati thinks it over and then nods. "We could always ask for a dragon to bring them back. I'm sure they can spare someone for no longer than it would take to get them back and tucked into their cots. It certainly won't do to have them spreading this round the Hold with all the work that needs to be done. I'd even volunteer to take a shift taking care of them." In the WARM where she's not climbing over ICE. "That way no one has to put off their duties to take care of something as simple as a cold." She tips her head at Nathanael. "You mean to say that your shoes don't fit? Whyever haven't you gotten someone to measure you feet? If there's nothing stored away, surely someone can make you a pair of suitable shoes and boots. You're meant to survive until after those eggs hatch, not to break your neck working here in the cold."

"Dun wanna go back! m' shoes be fittin' jus' ain't comfy w'e liners." Nathanael looks postivily ALARMED at this suggestion, and he sits up to pout a bit more. "Ain't seen'e glacier 'r 'e hights, 're 'e pond 'r any've'em! Ain't 'hat sick… jus' sniffles." Look at him standing up in that water, looking all NOT SICK (which would work better if his nose wasn't red. "woah…" and he was less dizzy from sudden standing after being in the heat.

Dione thoughtfully looks at Niyati. "You know. That is an excellent idea. Some fleece and stuff covering him all over, and bip! Back in Southern and in bed." Nathanael does nothing for his case when he stands and gets muddy head; the bartender simply raises her eyebrows at him. "Perhaps they could … circle over?" Her gaze diverts to Linden. "How about you?" she asks softly. "Want to go back with us? I'm sure we could get permission to take you two back." And then, you know, stay there and be nurturing in the HEAT.

Linden huffs. "/I/ wanna go back," he mutters with a sneeze. "Please," he whimpers to Dione. Pathetically. "I don't want to /be/ here…"

Niyati shakes her head at Nathanael. "Just imagine what will happen if your dragon is in one of those eggs and you're too blasted sick to stand. Do you know what happens then? Once you're better you can come back and see it all. In fact, if your dragon is out there, you can fly over it all once you're allowed to fly on your own. Wouldn't that be better than just walking out there to cut ice?" That said, she pulls her feet from the water and begins to dry off.

Nathanael looks from Dione to Niyati then to Linden. He doesn't see ANY chance of him getting to stay in those faces and his shoulders slump. Stepping deeper into the warm water he goes to wash off that mint stuff Dione had spread across his chest. SAD SAD SAD.

As much as Dione wants to indulge Nathanael (because he's pretty cute when he's sick), Niyati's logic and Linden's pathetic little voice trumps that indulgence. Pulling away from the pool, she dries her feet off too, pulls the socks, liners and stout boots on, and goes to fetch towels. "Here," she says, holding them out to the boys in her no-nonsense voice. "You two get dry; I'll go and speak to the Headman and get permission to take you two back." She can't imagine Renalde saying no; after all, the two are sick and not faking it. "And the watchrider. Niya, you'll wrap them up warmly, right?" Stay strong and ignore all the sad panda posturing, girl! There she goes.

SIGH SIGH SIGH. Nathanael drags himself out of the water with SAD SAD SOUNDS. "It ain't that cold 'n'e sleepin' areas… ye could jus' be lettin' me sleep're mayhap jus' be lettin' me be stayin….." But he's drying himself off and dragging on clothing with much coughing and sniffling in the middle.

Linden looks /happy/, in contrast to Nate's SAD. Happy, but still terribly sick. He hauls himself out of the bath and gets the towel, wrapping himself up and actually drying off for once. Weakly, he gets himself dressed, but there is a /purpose/ to his weakness. Going back to the /weyr/.

Niyati nods back at Dione and is already in the process of going to get the blankets and wraps she can lay hands on to bundle the boys in once they're dried and dressed. "You'll do better in the warmth with fresh juice and fruits to sooth your throats. …and when you're better, Nathanael, we'll go see all those things. Promise. Even if one or both of us has to wait out Weyrlinghood. And by the time you're better we'll have your shoes adjusted for those liners if you like." See? It's a good thing to go back. She's completely ignoring the sadface and the grumbling. "And the humidity will do you good."

Nathanael SNEEZES and looks a bit embarassed, where did the hankerchief go? "But…. What if'n I ain't impressin' 'n gotta be goin' back t' Nerat?"

Dione's away for a surprisingly short amount of time, and idles back in on the last. "All good to go," she chirps. "We're officially their chaperones until they get into bed." And then they can find some chores to do there, right? "Let Kelsey and those other lazy… women get on the rotation." She's even got an armful of scarves and parkas. "If any dragon doesn't want you, then the dragons are stupid," she opines point-blank. "I think there's a big-ass bronze waiting for both of you, so let's get with the getting. The sooner you're better, the sooner you'll be back."

Linden /beams/ at Dione. "Bronze? Y'think?" No denying it now, that it's his secret heart's desire to impress a mighty bronze. He huddles into his clothes, boots, sweaters, jackets…until he's ready to go but still shivering despite the heat his body is radiating after being in the pools for so long.

Niyati frowns. "You do know that even if you don't impress you don't have to return, don't you? I may have never actually stood for a clutch, but I know that much. If you've been searched it means you stand a chance and you don't throw good prospects back just because they didn't catch the first time round." She goes about packaging the sick for transport once they're dressed, glancing at Dione. "Oh we'll find chores. We'll be so needed we won't be called back to the Hold for days."

All dressed now, Nathanael takes one of those blanketss Niyati has gathered and wraps it tightly around himself. "'suppose…. 'e glacier tho'…."

"The glacier," Dione advises sturdily, "Will wait." She waits until Niyati's done with her wrap-job before giving the girl a sturdy parka, scarves and mittens, grinning at her. See, broad hint caught. "It really will, you see." Leaning over, she ruffles Nathanael's still-visible hair off his forehead before dropping a mom-like kiss on the top of the wrapped part. "You just get better." Linden is offered the same (perhaps with less ruffling!) before she does up her winter gear as well, and collects the last stuff before the big trek can begin. "I asked K'lan to take us." A big, sturdy Oldtimer brown, with more than enough space on Xhexanth for the four of them and K'lan. And perhaps there'll even be a circle of the glacier before they go between.

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