A'lira, Igraine


Igraine and A'lira have some time together, and discuss something of import.

Nudity, Mild Swearing, Implied Sex


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Igen Weyr, A'lira's Weyr

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"Tradition still running strong in the Zingari, despite Willimina's edicts to the contrary?"


Cafe Au Lait

It's a fairly small cavern, dense with heat and the steam that rises, languid, to heat the air and leave condensation on the walls. There's a narrow little path around two large stone basins that have been smoothed and shaped to become a small bath, fed by two natural springs that have been in place for millenia. One is higher and smaller than the other, its water running over the shining black lip into the larger basin. In chiseled-out niches, there are various lotions and potions and soaps with which to care for the body, all fragrant and rich. Here, there's one large-ish Southern plant in the only place that will sustain it.

A surprise day off for A'lira has been granted, with the orders tostay home with his mate and relax for a change; the man's been pulling a lot of weight, helping with wing leadership and all that entails, and the occasional stint in the Dragonhealer Yard to keep his skills in top shape. And so he finds the time to take a good long soak in the small hot spring he'd discovered in his new warren of a weyr, sprawled comfortably and eyes closed; the heat relaxes his muscles and the soothing scent of the place relaxes his mind. Various firelizards — most of them some shade of green — lounge about, chirping, grooming, or napping.

Igraine has been working the healer's tent on the grounds today, and, preparing for the trip to see the Kheeriin. It's hard, thinking about leaving A'lira for near a month, but she has to keep an eye on Reveka, and she'd like to see her family, too. She comes home to find Kyprioth lounging, and a smile tilts her lips. She's no longer afraid to approach the dog-like brown, as used to him as she is her own 'lizard fair. "Hello Kyp." She greets in sing-song, even if she can't hear him reply back. She reaches out to scritch aroud his eyes and headknobs (if he's in a position for her to do so) before heading into the weyr, sure her mate already knows of her arrival. She stows her things and runs into the bedroom to undress, a sending from her green Tziporah telling her that her mate is in the bath. Making her way there is easy, she knows this weyr better than she knows her own yurt by now. "My aren't you a sight for sore eyes love." She comments as she enters, sighing as the warmth and steam roll over her. Nude, she sets her towel aside and piles her now far too long hair into a messy bun atop her head. Then she slips into the pool of water with A'lira, a light groan of relief escaping her as heat envelopes sore muscles.

Naturally, Kyprioth will incline into those scritches, thrumming gently in response to her greeting and caresses; knowing full well she would prefer he not speak into her head, he settles for the gentle touch of nose against her cheek, for he feels as affectionate towards her as his bondmate, though in quite a different manner. When she finds A'lira in the bath, he opens his eyes and smiles at her, delighted, as always, to find his mate in the same place as he is, taking a moment to admire her lithe form, and all that hair — he's gotten rather fond of it, though he knows she'll likely cut it when it becomes a nuisance. Another perk of having a bath all to themselves is the ability to simply enjoy time alone with his wife. "Mmm.. and so are you, Kitten. Sweetest thing I've ever seen." He chuckles softly, rearranging his long body to be sure she has enough room to stretch out herself. "Long day?"

Igraine nods. "Mmm… you have no idea. I swear all the littles in the camp choose the two days before a trip to all get sick at once. And one of the jonglours broke a leg, so I had to fetch a weyr healer for assistance in setting the damn thing." Igraine closes her eyes and shakes her head. "And I helped with inventory and packing for the move. I'm exhausted." And the water feels good, venting to her husband/weyrmate feels good. "Mmm. And, I had something I'd like to discuss with you, if you're of a mind for a chat?" Igraine lifts an eyelid to peer at A'lira.

"Faranth, tell me it wasn't that stomach bug that the kids have been passing back and forth in the Creche here?" Because A'lira can do without another round of that — he's always the one called on to get the kids to behave, for somehow the tall, scarred rider is very popular among the littles, well loved for his essentially gentle nature and inclination to play, where most riders have little time for childrens' shenanigans. He'll shake his head over the rest, comiserating, "Which means you'll have to set up a wagon to keep him from screwing his leg up on the way, too. That's always great." Well he remembers the fun of keeping Xh'chil in one piece before the small, delicate rider died of his injuries, and his dragon with him. "Mmm, want a massage after this?" And then, she has a thing to discuss with him. He lifts his head to rest his eyes on Igraine's face, now very curious. "I'm always of a mind to chat with you, kitten. What's up?"

Igraine nods at A'lira's very astute observation that she'll have extra work along the way because of a broken limbed patient. "I don't know if it was the same stomach bug as what was going around or not, but it was just as nasty to deal with." A'lira's offer of a massage earns him a 1000 watt smile and a nod from Igraine. "I would love you so much….I love you anyways, but that sounds amazing." She winks at A'lira and then it's on to what she's brought up. "Well, I have one more patient to watch on the trip, a pregnant girl…" She trails off, trying to figure out how she wants to approach this.

Stomach bugs of any type are always nasty, and are often enough to make a man reconsider his life choices, especially when coming from the bodies of children. A'lira's spent a few bad nights, keeping the worst of them hydrated and soothed. That's what he lives for, those smiles of hers; invariably, they cause A'lira to be willing to do just about anything she asks of him. The mention of a pregnant girl has him nodding thoughtfully. "Hmm. Is she… a difficult case?" There has to be a reason the girl's come up. Igraine's unlikely to need his help under most circumstances.

Igraine sighs. "No, not difficult, at least, not in the sense of her health. She's in prime condition for birthing her child, saving the stress she's under." Igraine moves to fetch some sweetsand, wanting to actually bathe as well as soak. "But she's unwed, and the father has been searched and can't take the child, and her family won't let her raise it either. She's admitted too, that she's not ready for this." Igraine scrubs at her arms and over her chest, talking as she cleanses herself. Her eyes flick up to A'lira as she comes to the next bit. "I know I told you I wasn't ready to birth you a child, if ever, but how would you feel about fostering one?" Oh please Faranth let him say yes, because if he doesn't I'm screwed. She'd already pledged to take the child, weyrmate's opinion or no. But she hopes A'lira's want for a child can extend to a Foster.

"Tradition still running strong in the Zingari, despite Willimina's edicts to the contrary?" A'lira watches Igraine with mild interest, wondering what she's getting at. "Stress like that can make life hard on a woman with child, even if she's very healthy otherwise…" He frowns a little, wondering. The poor girl, caught out with a babe in her belly, and her family likely eyeing her as though she's some kind of monster. And when Igraine makes her request, he cants his head, giving Igraine a long, amused look. "You already offered, didn't you? I can't see you not wanting to offer the poor girl that much of an option, all things considered." Well, A'lira won't make her wait for an answer; he's all too happy to open his home to whatever strays — of any sort — Igraine would like to bring home. "Absolutely, yes, kitten. Fostered or no, I'd love to have a little one about. It's not like we don't have room, and plenty of extra eyes to keep the child company."

Igraine blushes and nods when A'lira catches her out for already offering. Her weyrmate knows her so well. He gets another 1000 watt smile when he answers yes for the rest and Igraine moves over to give him a kiss in thanks, after washing off all the suds of course. "Thank you. And I love you. I find I too, would like to have a little one about." EVen if she is nervous about having one herself. She is, after all, past what most would consider the prime age for child birthing. "I promised her we would raise the babe knowing who it's parents are, and that we'd keep the name she chooses for the child." There was another promise made to Reveka, one in sworn secrecy that Igraine whispers to A'lira now, even though they are in the privacy of their own home. One never knows where the walls might have eyes, as an ex spy, Igraine knows this all too well.

A'lira pulls Igraine close against his chest — might as well make it look like they're just having a cuddle, yes? Like as not, there are no extra eyes that should not be there, but as Igraine seems to want to be certain no one hears, he'll go along with it. Her secret promise is safe with him, though some small part of him hopes they will not make use of that second promise. "Absolutely. Those poor kids. I've no objection to them getting to know the child, too… I mean, I can't imagine having to give your babe up because it's too soon. They must be miserable." Thus the reason A'lira's known as a big softie: his thoughts are immediately for their fears. He brushes his lips against Igraine's hair, and closes his eyes. "And… should they desire it… well. I don't know how involved they'd want to be. I'm assuming they're both very young on top of it all…"

Igraine nods. "I could not imagine, and to find out after it's too late to think of any other option." Not that the Zingari favor those trips ::between::, because children are a bit sacred to them in that regard, but one of those may have saved Reveka all this grief. Igraine shakes her head. "They are, the father not so much, but the mother is barely two months from her eighteenth turnday." Igraine shaked her haid again. "Babies having babies…." She murmurs and sighs. "The mother made it clear she wants to be involved, she just can't be in the parenting capacity, I don't know about the father saving that he's been searched and is bound by the laws of candidacy at this time."

"Ah. Do you know who he is?" A'lira's frankly curious, now; if the man's unwilling, that could potentially be a problem. Though, if she's not named him there's little that can be done. "Mmm… she's not such a child, if she's able to think past the emotions and make a decision to find appropriate care, now is she?" There's much to be said for a youngling asking for help when in a bind, rather than try and solve it all on her own, without counsel from those older than herself. "Might bw worth investigating to see what's what in that capacity.

Igraine nods. "Aye, the mother is the young dancer who led Wilimina's birthday dance, and the father, that ex-tanner, Daenerys. Both were at our wedding, briefly, at least." Igraine sighs. "That's the part that surprises me, actually. Reveka has always been level headed and mature for her age, Willimina was even considering making her lead dancer, after all, she passed her tests barely after turning sixteen. She's been ahead of the curve for awhile now. It baffles me that she'd find herself in this position to be honest. But I feel bad for her, her parents basically disowning her, being so young and unready for such awesome responsibility as raising a child. I'd like to wring her mother's neck for not properly educating her about birth and what to do to prevent becoming pregnant."

"Hmm. I remember him — longer hair than many a woman on him. Had a reputation for flirtatiousness, but never heard tell of him ducking responsibilities. Does he know?" A'lira wonders aloud, curious. As for Reveka, he merely shrugs, then grins a little. "Having a good deal of freedom can turn the head of even the most responsible ones. I remember being free from under my mother's thumb, and the Masters' — ran a lil bit wild, but I settled down soon enough." He sobers, though, with the knowledge that Reveka is going to pay more of a price than seems fair. "Please tell me you're keeping an eye on the child, for her own sake?" He turns pleading eyes on Igraine, worried for Reveka, though he's never met her. "Pff… ask me, her mother shares some of the blame, here, if she hasn't been telling her daughter how to take care of herself. Did she think Reveka wouldn't want to experiment some with young men?"

Igraine chuckles, remembering her own wild days. "Aye, I remember what it is to be free from being under the parental or mentor's eyes. We all sow wild oats at some point. And Aye, I am watching her, and so is Willa. We won't let her go through this alone. And from what I've heard, her mother was against Reveka being on her own. But by Zingari tradition, she's an adult, able to make her own choices, despite some outdated traditions still being observed. Willimina is working at that, but she's only one woman." Igraine groans and leans her head against her mate's. "I wish you could come with us. You'll come out for the rodeo at least, if you can?"

"Good. I'd hate to think that the girl would have to bear a first child without help form someone she trusts." He rolls his eyes skyward in exasperation at the idea of objecting to Reveka's being out from under maternal control. "Pff, screw her mother. Woman sure as hell thinks Reveka should be on her own now, doesn't she." A'lira growls softly.The nerve of abandoning the girl when she needs her mother most annoys the man to no end. A'lira traces fingers up Igraine's spine in a thoughtful gesture, enjoying the feel of her skin beneath his fingers. "I'm sure that, between yourself and Willimina, Reveka's education will be brought up to speed. And she'll discover she ain't gonna forget to use the proper herbs again." He's very, very sure of that — he's seen too many of the Weyr girls forget once, and never again until they are ready for children. "Try and stop me coming out. You think I'm gonna go a month without you, woman? I can't do that."

Igraine sighs, letting the topic of Reveka slide into silence, now that the important bits have been discussed and she agrees with what A'lira says. And then he's talking about the trip and she's laughing and kissing him softly. "I should hope not, I would be worried if you could. And I would miss you." She kisses him in truth then, arms moving up to wrap around his neck, body pressing close. When she's done kissing him, she slides her lips to his ear, whispering deliciously dark and selacious things into his ear. She means to have a piece or two of her husband/mate before she has to leave in the morning. And she'll not leave him unsatisfied either.

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