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Sadie learns not to touch hot pans and Sara has a decision to make.


It is sunset of the seventh day of the fourth month of the second turn of the 12th pass.



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From the astringent smell of redwort, to the gleam of counter and cabinet, this place positively defines the concept of antiseptic cleanliness. Despite the yawning exit to the Dragonhealer Courtyard, the floors remain scrupulously swept of sand and particulate matter. Back behind the counter where the healers usually are, are shelves full of bottles and jars, as well as cupboards hiding away more delicate items that shouldn't be exposed to too much sand. Beyond the counter, there is the Desk, where patients are checked in and taken to one of the examination areas by a healer. The windows are usually kept open for the flow of air, but there is both shutters to shut out dust storms, and curtains for other occasions.

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The afternoon is well worn on by now, as the thunderstorm drives many indoors. Having made an executive decision (okay, so Peaston was up at the weyr and didn't have a say) Sara has closed up The Harper and made her way here to the infirmary. She and a healer sit off to one side, talking quietly. "Mostly, I am tired. And while typically the bazaar food does not bother me, lately it has been more and more of a hinderance to eat it. I find plain foods keep it from rebelling."

"Help! Help! Vast emergency!" Flush cheeked, the scoot of Sadaiya's slippers and the call of her plight preclude her entrance into the infirmary. As she rounds the corner into view, the emergency is revealed: Her hand is cradled against her chest, beet red and obviously blistered from a burn. "Hey Sara. I tried cooking again. You'd think the long handle of that pan would mean that, like, it wouldn't be hot towards the end, right? Isn't that some kind of science?"

Sara and the healer are startled right out of their conversation by the sudden and abrupt enterance of WEYRWOMAN. Once it is obvious that Sadaiya isn't actually dying, Sara laughs and stands up. The healer is off to gather redwart, numbweed and bandages while Sara offers up her seat to the weyrwoman. "Heat tends to travel though metal Sadaiya. No matter how long. What were/ the cooks doing while you tried to add yourself to the menu?"

With a sigh, Sadaiya settles herself into the offered chair, her face a mask of plight. "Idunno, cooking, maybe? It was pretty empty in there and I thought 'hey, I should make my weyrmate a nice thick slab of some sort of meat'. Unfortunately, he does not hunger for hands, and I would rather like to keep mine in working condition despite this abuse." Sara's explanation has Sadie's brow furrowing in concentration. "See, but why isn't my flamethrower super toasty, then? What is the difference. WHY is the difference! It's… it's unfair." The hand gets glowered at very pointedly. It was its fault, after all.

"You know, Sadie, they make these special gloves which can be put on." Sara's tease is very gentle as she steps back for the return of the healer. No particular words this one as he begins to clean and tend the burn on the weyrwoman's hand. "As for that, the flame comes after it exits the machine right? So there would be no way to heat the flamethrower."

Ever expressive, Sadaiya's face goes through a series of winces, breath occasionally hissing through her teeth. "Yeah, but — ow, shards! — then I drop all sorts of stuff and it's even more — ow! Sorry! — dramatic." Behind her, another drama unfolds as one of the cooks darts past the open doorway with a pan held far away from her torso, plumes of smoke trailing in her wake and cries of 'Out of the way! Out of the way!' accompanying it. With the pause in the Healer's ministrations, the Weyrwoman has enough time to peer over her shoulder at the chaos in the halls. "Huh. I thought I took that off of the fire." For comedy's sake, there's another entrance to the Kitchens in the hall. Or the bedlam is just that anarchic. Either way, Sadie slouches low in her chair to avoid being noticed. "Ahem. Anyway, how was YOUR day, my brilliant Sara?" Biiig toothy smile.

Sara leans backwards to watch the chaos, an eyebrow arching upwards. Only once most of the smoking/burning/ahhhhh is done she'll straighten up and lean against the table where the healer works. Sara is about to answer when the healer takes the words right out of her mouth. "She's pregnant. And perhaps you can talk some sense in to her. Really, almost forty is too old without there being serious risks involved."

"Oh! Yay! Though, uh, isn' A'l, like, allergic to babies? I think he said he was once, though there are several good options for fostering here." Sadie shrugs, unfurling her good hand in an accompanying gesture, the other air drying with several coats of what-have-you painting its palm. "Plus, we've got a great Healer staff here," The one who has taken Sadaiya's hand in hand (hurp durp) is granted a winning smile, "So, like, if you're careful it shouldn't be a problem. But, like, um… if it comes down to it… I can, um, we can get on Jivayath and take care of things that way." The good hand once again gestures, this time the thumb pointing upwards towards the sky. "I won't tell anyone, though… I mean have YOU told A'l?"

"He isn't very invested- and no, I haven't told him yet." Sara is going to turn a glare onto the healer who is just going to look VERY BUSY at the moment. What, spilling secrets that aren't hers to give? Nope, nothing happening here. A slight rolls of her eyes before Sara turns back to Sadaiya. "I'm still deciding what to do. The healer here has been informing me of all the ways in which having a child at my age is dangerous. But, I have no children and with A'lory fighting thread…" A silent request for Sadie to understand.

Reaching out, though awkwardly, Sadaiya pats Sara's hand and squeezes with affection. "It IS your decision, ultimately, and whatever you do, I'm behind you all the way." Shifting, she deploys another squeeze. "Maybe write out a list of, like, pros and cons? Like pro: the baby will be gorgeous, con: A'l sees babies as shrieking meatloaves?"

Sadaiya's approcah on to-have-a-kid-or-not has Sara laughing as she pats the hand that is squeezing her. "A'lory doesn't dislike children- he's simply utterly ambivalent to them. He has two he knows of in this time already. And I would have to foster her as I have the shop to keep up. I doubt Peaston would be supportive of having a child underfoot." The healer finishes up on Sadiaya's hand and begins the process of cleaning up. Her tone is more pointed, "At your age it is more dangerous, and the chances of the child having mental or physical deformations increases."

"Oh, have it just PEE all over Peaston, for serious," scoffs Sadaiya with a dramatic roll of her kohl-lined eyes. "For serious, though, I'm… not the expert on child bearing OR rearing, since Raikel's… well, with the Chadeys. Happy, as far as I know? But I spent a lot of that period sorta out of touch." She twirls a finger around her ear, then turns to tip her head at the healer. "Yeah, but how much can we stack those odds in her favor with some, Idunno, observation and vitamins and the like? Maybe a trip to Southern to get away from stress? I mean, if it comes down to it and all."

The IMAGE of a baby peeing all of her partner sends Sara into gales of laughter which require her to grab onto the edge of the table Sadaiya sits upon. The healer raises an eyebrow at the pair of women and waits for Sara to get her laughter undercontrol. "It would require a shift in routine for the Journeyman. As I am aware she works in the bazaar and lives in the weyr, correct?" Sara nods, still wiping tears of laughter from her eyes, "As it comes near the end I sould highly advise her looking into finding a place in the resident terraces to stay where it would be shorter."

The fact that there's no spittle when Sadaiya 'pfffftths' is astounding, considering its ferocity. "Oh, that. That's EASY. I can do THAT. I mean, c'mon, hello-oo." Accidentally, and with a few underbreath cusses, she uses her injured hand to gesture towards her most fancy knot, then gives a pinched sort of grimace-grin. "That movement? Mistake. Anyway, think it over, Sare, no pressure from me — like I said, not mother of the Turn here. Just want to help make sure you can carry out whatever decision you make that's best for YOU."

Obviously the support the healer thought she was going to get from the senior weyrwoman isn't coming. "Be careful with that, and keep it wrapped for at least the next couple days." Healer advice GIVEN the woman is going to take herself away from the pair and leave them to talk. Sara watches her go before turning back to Sadaiya. "I'll talk to A'lory before making my final decision. If I will have to move into the terraces near the end he deserves to be a part of the decision. I know he does not like it when I'm not there at night."

"Good call. Good, good call. There's ups and downs to both sides, so that might help tip the scales in either direction, and I know he'll support you too. Well, in his way. I mean if anyone looks at you funny he'll likely throw them, and that's a kind of love!" With a mumbled 'thanks' and quick smile, Sadaiya lowers her hand to the table surface, stink-eyeing it for all she's worth. "Just keep me posted. Like I said, I'll get you moved if that's the case, or take you up on Jivayath if that's the case. Granted I DO want you to be safe, but I'm sure that can be worked at."

"He is a good weyrmate, if a bit eccentric about things." Sara glances downwards at the hand, and smiles just slightly. "I'll let you know what we decide. Since I'm sure the cooks have fixed the kitchen by now, how do you feel about going and finding if they have had fish come in from the river hold? I have been craving some lately."

Sadaiya does her best approximation of a double thumbs up, though her wrapped hand remains immobile alongside the one whose thumb is actually raised. "It's pretty awesome being the Senior. It means they can't thrash me for almost burning down the weyr. Plus, I'm about done with the tuber rations. Gotta figure out how to butter me up some other holds for some variety." Grunting, she manages to push herself up one-handedly without swaying too much. "Maybe we can send Linny in with a good dress. It's worked before!"

When Sadaiya stands up Sara is just going to wrap an arm into hers. "I doubt they would have thrashed you before, who wouldn't love you?" There's a hint of cheekyness in Sara's voice as she turns the pair of them towards the living caverns (NOT the kitchen because yeah. Sadie's probably not welcome atm). "If you get fish in the caverns for a week, I will be your eternal slave my dear."

Leaning into Sara, Sadaiya laughs giddily. "I think it's in, like, the bylaws that every person in the whole of the Weyr has to be. However, since you're my favorite, I'll see what I can do." And, with laughter in their wake, the Living Cavern better watch out for these two.

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