Daenerys, Xanthee


Xanthee suspects that Daenerys is keeping something from him, so she attempts to follow him….all the way to the Rockfall Cave


It is afternoon of the sixteenth day of the first month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Rockfall Cave, Igen Weyr

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Will Xanthee put it together? Daenerys rather hopes she doesn't, lest the entire Weyr be subjected to her squeals of pure glee for Turns. TURNS, do you hear?


Rockfall Cave

The right branch of the subterranean river wheels languidly into this rugged room…and comes to a jarring halt. What is clear upon entering the recently ruined cave is that not all is as it should be; tremors have loosed a great tumble of sandy-hued stone from the roof high above, the boulders bringing the flow of water to a near-standstill. Small eddies rolling along the northern edge of the cave reveal that it isn't completely stagnant; there is a path to be unblocked, should the stones be moved. Given the way this water flows in relation to the Weyr…the solution to a much larger problem might just be found in that very task.

Free of his usual duties for the day, Daenerys has chosen, this fine chill evening, to follow the underground river as far as it will go, and discovers a cave he has yet to investigate, his quilted coat wrapped snugly about his slim person, his lizards zooming about overhead and chattering in high sweet voices. "Well kids; looks like there's much to look at here." He suggests softly, but decides to do nothing other than settle on a rock and watch the little river. And wait; he's certain he's been followed here, and will find out who his shadow is in a moment.

How incredibly perceptive of Daenerys to think he'd been shadowed, because that is correct! Clad head to toe in her mother's old riding leathers, still not quite filling them out at all, irking her to no end, Xanthee is bundled up against the cold, but also free enough in her movement that she is fairly certain she hasn't been noticed (WRONG XAN!). Her steps are suprisingly light but when he started to follow the underground river, she pauses briefly before continuing. When she finally reaches the Rockfall Cave and sees him sitting, she quickly, although not too subtly hugs the wall and holds her breath.

"Too late, baby girl." Daenerys calls out, grinning. "You ought to know better than that by now; I'm not so daft I wouldn't watch my own six out here." There's just too many ruffians out and about the place for the Tanner-turned Trader not to. He turns his gaze toward her wall; though he can't quite see the girl, he's certain of her general area. Having learned to hunt fairly young, he's quite competent at listening. Since Xanthee's a harmless girl, he's quite content to have her follow him about — besides, it's good practice for her to learn some tracking. One never knows when the skill might turn out useful. Idly, Daenerys wonders if he might charm Javid into teaching him to be better at it — he is cat-curious about too many things not to take the opportunity where he can find it. "C'mon over here and tell me why you're following me, dearling."

Shard it! Xanthee flinches as he calls out and let's out a deep sigh as she pushes off the wall and steps into the room. Striding as casually as possible, she makes her way over to her brother, finding herself a seat on a nearby rock, legs outstretched, ankles crossed and leaning back on her palms. "Well, if you weren't so obviously avoiding me, disapearing from the bazaar the other day, maybe I wouldn't have to go to extreme measures to get a moment alone to talk to you." Then she softens for a moment and looks up at him through her dark lashes, "Besides, I haven't gotten a chance to thank you for what you did at my Turnday Party. I am grateful beyond words." A small smile paints her lips at that, emerald eyes glistening with held back emotion.

"Oh, indeed? Is that what I was doin'?" Daenerys is all interested innocence, watching Xanthee settle herself with the slightest of smiles. Casual, his ass. He glances up at a call from one of the greens flitting about the cavern — she's foind a random small fish in the stream, and is streaking away from her sisters to eat it all by herself, the greedy little thing. With a smirk, Daenerys returns his attention to Xanthee, catching that emotion in her eyes. "Anytime, my sweet, devious sister. He was asking to meet with my fists. Now, what's on your mind?"

Xanthee has to give a little chuckle as the memory of that meeting of fists to F'kan, although it sours quickly as she remembers the burning welt on her own cheek. With a little shake, she frees herself from the images that want to invade her mind and narrows her eyes at the Trader, "I don't know. You seemed to be entirely more chipper than usual when we bumped into each other in the Bazaar the other day, then you disapear when my back is turned. I go to look for you at the Zingari camp but you are nowhere to be found, and oddly enough neither is Reveka, cause I was going to ask her if she knew if you'd been up to anything…" Xanthee's brow creases a little bit as she pauses for a long beat, lips slightly parted as if the next word was just waiting there for Xan to come back to it. "I mean…you guys are okay now right, since my whole matchmaking debaucle?" Her words are chosen carefully and have a hint of hidden meaning behind them, as if the weyrbrat is gathering information to possibly put towards a hypothesis. Her eyes narrow further as she watches his face very carefully when he replies.

Oh, F'kan's paid in spades for that welt — he'll remember the lesson taught him if he has a grain of wit left to rattle about his skull like loose marbles. As Xanthee's eyes narrow on him, Daenerys pretends to recoil away from her ferocity and determination, flinging out one hand as if to block the intensity of her gaze. As she finally puts forth her question, he smiles at her sunnily, still as serene as can be. "Ah, now we come to it: the reason for your trailing me like a puppy. Well, Xanthee-my-dear… we're fine. We worked out our… differences." Beam. He reaches out as though to flick her nose playfully. "No cause for concern."

Well that was a suspicious pause that Xanthee picks up on with her super power of observation skills. And was that a beam? Daenerys doesn't beam! Xanthee beams as another piece of the puzzle seems to settle in her mind. When her nose if flicked though, she recoils, scrunching it up, "Hey, no fair!" she squeaks as she bats at his hand. "So you worked it out with Reveka. How did you work it out then?" Cause if Xan's a puppy, she has a firm hold on this bone and she is not dropping this until she is satisfied with his answers.

BabaYaga blinks in from ::between::!

BabaYaga isn't the 'lizard you are looking for. There is no green lizard here. Carry on.

Wait, what? There are more than four lizards here? Naaaah.

That was definitely a suspicious pause. And a beam. The clues, oh, how they mount up. Will Xanthee put it together? Daenerys rather hopes she doesn't, lest the entire Weyr be subjected to her squeals of pure glee for Turns. TURNS, do you hear? "All's fair in love and war, sweetheart." He lets her bat his hand away, grinning playfully. Oh, she's such fun to tease! "Oh, like normal people. We had a talk, that's all." And how! But there are details he will not share with Xanthee even on pain of torture. Instead, he'll turn to watch the water again, idly drawing his braided hair over his shoulder to smooth the end between nimble fingers, reminiscing almost fondly. "I would say…" He muses, gently. "… that we are friends, dear."

Teasing will only make her more determined, so there! Xanthee tilts her head to one side as she leans forward, taking in his tone, his body language, the way he plays with his braid. She is sure something more than talking happened between her two friends, but what? Her dark eye brows knit together as the wheels are obviously turning behind those intense green eyes of hers. Suddenly her lower lip juts out slightly, trembling ever so slightly as her eyes are lowered and she looks away with a very heavy sigh. Hand goes to her lips, in an attempt to calm it maybe. A little sniff that sounds as if it is being held back. Then the final touch, "I know you're still keeping something from me." her voice comes out strained with emotion accompanied by another little sniff as she drops her head lower, her raven locks falling in front of her face like a curtain.

Has she forgotten? Daenerys has spent time amongst apprentices — he's well able for any tricks they might pull, including fake tears. Obviously, the girl didn't do her homework: no Tanner apprentice within the past five Turns has been able to get one past this Journeyman known for his own shenanigans as a young man. But oh, she is adorable when she tries it on him; he'll look on in frank admiration for the artfulness of her attempt at subterfudge. And he'll even pat her on the shoulder comfortingly. "Ah, Xanthee, sweetheart — don't take on so!" Does he sound sufficiently distraught by her act? "I'm not; I'm really not. I just found conversing with Reveka delightful, that's all. She's a very lovely girl, you were right about that. I do like her."

BabaYaga 's eyes whirl with mild amusement Sure Daen. Sure.

As the pat is felt on her shoulder, Xanthee looks up, her eyes are actually bright but no tears are falling. She has a feeling by his tone that he doesn't believe her and she sighs and sits up straighter again, her hands on her hips. "So you talked and you think she's a lovely girl." she parrots back at him, still with a tickle in the back of her mind that he's still keeping something from her. Does she drop it? She takes another deep sighing breath as she seems to consider whether she wants to continue this and risk irritating him, or just drop it…for now. Decisions decisions. "Well, I still think you aren't telling me something important, but as my chosen brother, I will leave it. For now." Obviously, the next person she tracks down will be a certain Zingari dancer and get her version of the story. But how to do it before Daen himself has a chance of getting their stories straight? Hmmm…

Oh, so she's cottoning on, then. It was a bloody good show, though! Daenerys will grant her points for sheer acting ability, if nothing else. Indeed, he will unbend enough to drop a tiny tidbit. "I admit myself intrigued." He smiles serenely, tilting his head to one side to eye Xanthee sidelong. Does he hear the turning of wheels within Xanthee's head, even over the wheel within the cave? So well does he know his adoptive sister that he will lean in, amused, to inquire gently, "Will you sneak about after Reveka? Haunt her every step? Pop up randomly in her yurt and bat your pretty eyes at her?" His laughter is delighted. "My, you are a determined one."

Waving a dismissive hand in his direction, Xanthee seems suddenly uninterested in continuing this conversation. So she suddenly changes the subject. "How did you get along with your 'punishment' as handed down by Willimina?" Ohh look at that, that speck on her nail which she must immediately inspect by pulling her hand up close to her face. How odd!

That spot is SO ODD, how it just appeared out of nowhere like that. Daenerys straightens, refocusing his attention on his firelizards. He'll wait; patience is becoming the thing to cultivate, though the ex-Tanner does have but a finite amount of it; Xanthee, fortunately, is given a whole lot of it for he loves the girl dearly. "Well enough, well enough. Tell you true, Xan, I was thrilled to have something to do that didn't involve recounting my stock over and over. Besides, I got to learn some new skills…" He's learned more about the anatomy of a runner's hoof in that sevenday than he had previously known.

"Ohh, new skills? Do tell brother-mine." Xanthee says with a genuinely interested tone to her voice as she leans forward, elbows on her knees, emerald eyes sparkling because she too can play the limited information game. Playful smirk dances on her lips with hidden mirth as she continues with the bland conversation until he finally gets sick of it and they head back towards the Weyr together. Daen gets to hear all about her plans for Malosim's Turnday that she has planned that evening, whether he wants to or not.

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