Javid, Aztrexia


Javid and Aztrexia catch up on their days….and a couple of surprising questions are asked during pillow talk.

Brief explicit sex (in a collapsible section)


It is evening of the seventh day of the twelfth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.
In Igen:
It is the seventh day of Winter and 67 degrees. Overnight, the winds die down. Sand coats everything.


Igen Weyr, Caravan Grounds, Javid's Wagon

OOC Date 11 Jan 2018 07:00


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“There’s something I wanted to ask you about.”


Javid's Wagon

Deep, rich shades of green highlighted by silver are the prevalent hues in Javid's wagon, lending the entire atmosphere a cool, shadowy calm quality that reflects the man himself. Countered by the warm light given off by the brazier sitting in the middle of the wall to the left of the entrance, each emerald accent can be seen in the drapes over slat windows, the intricately woven rug in the center of the floor, and the embroidered covers swathing the generously-sized bed that dominates the rear of the space. A hammered bronze wash basin stands beneath the window across from the brazier. Cabinets holding some food, liquor, instruments, props, and other necessities line the wall to the immediate left of the door, and between the end of this and the brazier sits a table and two chairs wrought of carved, polished hardwood. A wardrobe that stretches nearly floor to ceiling stands to the right of the washbasin. A hanging brazier for incense is often burning, lazy tendrils of smoke carrying the subtle fragrance of sandalwood - his favorite scent - throughout the wagon. And where does he keep the tools of his spy trade? That is for visitors to guess, and his secret to keep.

The chill of Igen’s winter evenings often drives those who live in yurts into any wagons with room to spare (unless they’re willing to go through the process of winterizing, of course). Regardless of whether or not this affects how often Aztrexia winds up with him at night, Javid does love the cold; it gives him an excuse to light his braziers hot enough that they give off warm, low light, fix something warm to drink, and snuggle up under the blankets with her in his arms. Granted, this often results in the covers getting inadvertently flung aside with what invariably goes on beneath them, but before and after and other times are just as pleasant, too.

Javid is still missing the one to make his intent complete for the moment, though he knows Trexa will be along momentarily. He pads about in the low light with a steaming cup of spiced milk tea, a pair of loose black pants as his only attire. A second cup sits near his heating brazier, waiting to be passed along.

Aztrexia is indeed on her way, dressed in extra layers against the chill as she makes her way back from the baths. She'd been handling sensitive herbs today and needed a good cleanse before allowing herself to head in for the night. Her wet hair is braided tightly down the middle of her head and down her back so that she can wear the hood of her jacket. She moves brusquely, wanting to be in the warm confines of Javid's wagon and his embrace, but her thoughts keep her company while she walks.

Things have been good lately. Trexa's students are attentive, particularly the newest ones that make the cut. Aztrexia herself is making progress with the people, she's got a couple that will greet her openly now, beyond her students. And the gossip, though still there, seems to have at least slowed to a trickle, and is only still uttered by those with truly nothing better to do with their time. Aztrexia has even begun reporting to Willimina directly for her class reports, progress and notes. And they can meet without flinching. Aztrexia wonders if part of that is because of her shared lessons with Tallel. Speaking of Tallel, Aztrexia must remember to ask him something, and it's important.

Finally, Trexa reaches her desired destination and with no hesitation, lets herself into the warm and welcoming embrace of Javid's wagon, a brilliant smile blooming on her face when she spies Javid with his tea looking absolutely delicious in his loose pants. “I see you took no time in getting comfortable.” A light chuckle slips her lips as she pulls her gloves from her hands and seals the door behind her.

The difference in temperature between the air that comes in through the door with Aztrexia and the warmth of his wagon is marked, though Javid shows no sign that he notices. The goosebumps that prickle over his bared skin betray him, however. His own smile curves at the sight of her, enigmatic at first glance until the heated glint of amber eyes comes into play. It is the smile that belongs to her alone - quietly roguish and brimming with intent alongside the twining of affection and desire. “It’s my wagon, after all,” he points out, waiting for her to shed her layers before setting his tea near hers and crossing to her with quiet, fluid steps to wrap his arms around her. “And seems to come easier when I know you’ll be here with me.”

He bends his head to hers and plies her with a long, indulgent kiss before pulling back with a soft, short hum. “I do so love seeing you smile like that, Trexa.”

Faranth, she loves that smile, and the way he looks at her with those amber eyes. Something she might have cringed from before Javid. The subject of love, one that had always been confusing and shunned before, is now something Aztrexia clings to like the breath of life it is. His words have her chortling as she shoves her gloves in the pocket of her coat and removes the coat, just so that she can step into Javid's embrace when he comes.

His kiss is something Trexa could happily drown in, returning it with a passion and vigor she knows to be unique to the two of them. The slow burning fire within her leaps to a roaring flame at the contact, her heart speeding happily as her nerves sing and dance with that happy frisson that Javid sparks in her. “I shall seek to do it more often then…” She comments breathlessly afterwards.

“As often as feels best to you, my love,” Javid rumbles quietly, one arm dropping lower to pull Aztrexia closer still. He can feel they way her pulse picks up, the way she answers him with the rise of the fire within that resonates with his own, and can’t help but dip his head to her again, his lips feathering along her neck. “I get the impression you’ve had a good day,” he observes between kisses, then lifts his head to smile down at her again. “There is tea for you. Though it will stay warm a while if you’d rather save it for later.”

Aztrexia squirms lightly at the feel of Javid’s lips on her neck, the sensation sending a pleasant shiver down her spine, and that smile blooms across her lips again. “I did…there are more of those these days haven’t you noticed?” She laughs, poking fun at her own long gone despair that all hope and happiness cause are misery. She’s come a long way from the cold-hearted woman she’d once been. And all thanks to hard work, and the man holding her in his arms. Without love, she’d have never come this far. And it seems silly now, how oddly she’d reacted when Javid had first voiced his love to her not so long ago. Seems diving in feet first paid off this time for the half-blooded woman. “Mmm, I’ll take the tea now, its cold out there. Then maybe you can finish warming me up, aye?” She lifts a brow in question, her voice a sultry purr.

Javid nods, his smile warming. He has indeed noticed that good days seem to be more abundant. It quite incredible, really, then effect that being able to be with Aztrexia openly has had on his life in general, and he’s quite certain it’s the same for her. They haven’t faced nearly as much persecution as he’d feared they would, much to his relief…and he hopes that it may have to do with the genuineness that can be observed between them. They are in love; there is no game going on between them, except in the best ways. Perhaps it has revealed something of Aztrexia to those observing her that might not have been visible otherwise. Whatever it may be, things are steady around them. It is certainly encouraging.

Her answer to his suggestion garners a pleased rumble in his throat, and he steals one more quick kiss before letting her go, turning to pick up the waiting cup. “That sounds perfect to me,” he says, passing it to her before retrieving his own. “Come sit with me, once you’re settled.” He tilts his head toward the bed, where the pillows have been propped to provide a wedge to sit back against. The covers are a bit mussed, indicating he’s already done a little bit of relaxing there himself. With an inviting glance, he moves that way, folding himself down into the little niche he’s created and settling with a sigh, one well-toned arm flung out across the tops of the pillows for her to occupy when she’s ready.

Trexa takes her tea, holding it under her nose to appreciate the aroma before taking a sip of it. It’s warmth burns through her and it feels nice. She sets it aside to kick off her boots, remove her belt and anything else that might need to come off, leaving her in her pants and one of the tanks she usually wears under her clothes. Retrieving her tea, she moves over to join Javid, settling into the crook of his arm with a care not to spill her tea. She pulls her knees up and holds her tea in both hands, resting it against her legs. “How was your day my love?” She asks once she’s settled, after all, she wants to know about him too.

Once Aztrexia is ensconced at his side, Javid folds his arm around her, sipping at his own tea as well. “Disappointingly easy,” he replies with a wry chuckle. “Not that having to tell some of our hopefuls that they’ve been culled is easy, but…there are more difficult things. I spent some time in the Bazaar learning some more about this…blueglow, and the knock-offs some of the less scrupulous merchants have been selling. Then more hidework…”

He takes another sip and sighs, dark brows lowering slightly. “I was having a thought. About where the spies now fall in the grand scheme of things. How necessary we actually are. I know I’ve made the training a lot more stringent, especially for the transition between spyling and adept, but…I can’t help but wonder if it might not be good for us to become a more elite sort of group. Fewer of us, able to concentrate more fully on developing more rounded and effective skill sets, focused on protection of clan leaders and interests and less on smaller issues that can be managed by the guards. Maybe instituting a training program that requires two Turns starting at fifteen before becoming spylings at seventeen with progress to adept at twenty one. Setting definite timelines for these things.” He looks down at Aztrexia, one brow cocked quizzically. “Or might I be overthinking things?”

Trexa listens while she sips at her tea, eyebrows hiking at mention of the blue-glow. “There’s been rumors of it all over, I hear it’s supposed to be some sort of ‘miracle’ cure.” Her tone implies she believes absolutely none of it.

She looks more thoughtful when Javid brings up the dilemma of wanting to trim some fat off the ranks, and she can see it from his perspective, and agrees. She nods along as he speaks, waiting for a good juncture to put her thoughts on the subject down on the table as it were. “I think you might have the right of it there…A new system needs to be put into place now that the Elders are no longer allowed to run a network and the clans are no longer spying on each other, and I think your idea has merit. Have you thought about bringing it up to Willa?”

“I will, but I wanted to make certain I had a solid grasp on just what changes I think ought to be made. On the other hand…” Javid sips his tea again and tilts his head a bit. “If I bring it up to her with a little more flexibility, she can give me her thoughts on the matter, and we can go from there.” He gives a subtle shrug and looks down at Trexa once more. “It’s going to make things much more competitive among those wanting to make a life of it. I’m a bit worried it might make things a bit too…cutthroat.” Ironically enough. “But maybe that’s what we need to see so that we don’t end up allowing the wrong sort of attitudes into the ranks.”

Trexa nods, understanding the need to be thorough and solid in methodology. She shakes her head at the mention of it being cutthroat. “It’s been a long time coming and training has softened since the likes of you and I trained with the Armida.” Trexa shudders. Some of the training methods she’d been through had been….interesting to say the least. “But you’re right about it being what we need if we are to downsize and specialise.” She drinks more of her tea, looking over to Javid over the rim of her cup. “Willimina is a smart woman, I have doubt that she’d refuse your proposal.”

“Yes, but how to be harder without being…you know…” Javid gives her a meaningful look, his thoughts returning to some of the methods used to make them what they are as well. He ponders a moment, his brows presently hitching upward along with a corner of his mouth. “Perhaps that will take care of itself. We would not subject others to what we went through, and that will temper the ways we teach,” he surmises. “We are not cruel. Not like some of our masters were.”

He finishes his tea and sets the cup aside with a delicate clatter of ceramic against wood, shifting so that he can focus his attentions more directly upon Aztrexia. “I’ll speak to her tomorrow, then,” he says of Willimina, and touches his lips to Trexa’s temple. “Thank you for hearing me out, my love.”

Aztrexia sighs and nods. “That will take some planning, and some practice. Not all of us who teach are so patient as you and I….but I agree, perhaps it will work itself out once we get to going on it.” She watches Javid set aside his cup, and finishes her own, mirroring his actions. The kiss to her temple has her smiling at Javid. “I’ll always listen if you need me to Javid…” In cases like this anyhow, in other cases, well, Trexa’s listening very much depends on what’s going on. However, that is neither here nor there at the moment. She turns to face him now that tea and time for ruminating is past. “So my love….about that warm up?” She sends a coy smile Javid’s way when she asks this, a hand coming up to run across the stubble on his cheek, and settle at the juncture between his neck and jaw, thumb running where her hand had been before.

“Something I am very glad for,” Javid murmurs to Aztrexia’s promise to listen, his fingers skimming up and down her arm. A slow, sultry grin appears at her last, and his arm tightens to pull her further against him, his lips seeking hers softly as his free hand glides along her thigh to her knee. When their lips part, amber eyes study hers through his lashes, a curious little smile forming. “There’s something I wanted to ask you about,” he says, and chuckles a little. “Not that I’m at all eager to delay our getting warmer…” Which he strives to keep doing in the background with the traversal of his fingers. “But I keep thinking of it and then forgetting. Something you brought up once or twice some time ago…”

The slow grin has things inside Aztrexia beginning to warm and melt for Javid, her whole being working to react and respond to him. His kiss sends waves of electric need to sing along her veins and pool in her core. Faranth, she loves kissing him, and responds with aplomb, her hands exploring, one landing on his when it settles on her knee. When their lips part, Aztrexia licks her own, savoring Javid’s taste before chewing on her lower lip a bit. Javid’s speech has Trexa looking at him with a blooming curiosity, that’s only slightly distracted by the movement of Javid’s fingers.

“Mmm. And what’s that?”

It takes almost all of Javid’s willpower not to just say, “Never mind,” and chase after that lip Aztrexia is nibbling. Still, he manages to contain himself, though his thumb strokes slowly back and forth over her knee. “I hope it’s not too…unpleasant a thing for me to bring up,” he says quietly, his tone little more than a husky rumble as they speak so closely. “But…I was remembering what you said, about your birthright to the DauDin, and I’ve wondered… If you ever had the opportunity to reclaim it, would you? If it could be worked out somehow?”

Unpleasant? Uh-oh. Aztrexia steels herself for whatever Javid asks her. And what he does ask her, she’s so surprised by it, that a shocked giggle escapes her lips. “Who would help me reclaim it if I did?” It’s one thing to try and win back the trust of a people she betrayed, to show them she does in fact, wish to make up for the things she’s done. But to reclaim a birthright? To go back and claim dominion over a clan who has shunned her since her birth? She isn’t so certain of the chances of that. Though, even after she answers him she looks thoughtful.

If Trexa had the opportunity to reclaim her right to lead the DauDin, would she???

She doesn’t honestly know if she would, but she has wondered from time to time, what would happen if she went back to the DauDin.

“I would,” Javid replies without hesitation, though his tone remains soft. “If it were something you truly wanted, I would do everything in my power to help you do it.” He studies her face intently for a moment longer before dropping his gaze, chuckling quietly and giving a little shake of his head. “I’m sorry. I know it seems a strange thing for me to ask. I suppose that…we’ve gained so much back, I just find myself wanting to help you regain anything else back that you might’ve lost, if you wanted it…” Sighing, he lifts his eyes back to hers, and there’s something almost…sheepish about his expression, his smile tilted in a manner that might be a shade bashful. “I think the simplest way of putting it is that I like making you happy. I’d just wondered if that might be something that would…or if you’re content to be here, living this life and being with me.”

Of course Javid would help her, the thought makes her smile appreciatively up at him, She chuckles at his first. “No, not strange, just…unexpected. I’ve been trying not to dwell on my past so much, not to wallow in in sorrows I can do nothing about. And so, the DauDin were far, far from my mind.” She nods at mention of how much they’ve gained, a truly happy smile spreading across her lips. A blush spreads across her cheeks when he admits to wanting to make her happy. After a moment, and a good, hard look inward, Aztrexia finds herself shaking her head and laughing just a little.

“Could you really see me as the leader of a clan? Specially that one, so hide bound and uptight? And what do you mean ‘or’ if I’m content? Could I not have both? Or would I need to choose between the two? You or leading? Because if that is the case…” Aztrexia leans in, hazel eyes intense and locked to his amber gaze. “The DauDin can go ::between:: and beyond for all I care…I’d rather be here with you.” WIth someone who loves her and cherishes her, instead of looking down on her and treating her like a cur because of the mixture of her blood.

If there’s one thing Aztrexia has learned in her tenure with Javid, is that she is not defined by her genetics, but by the impression she leaves of her character. And that her blood does not dictate whether or not she is Zingari or mongrel. She is Zingari in heart, soul and all she is, and no hide bound elder or hyped up caravan leader is going to tell her otherwise.

Javid flinches a bit inwardly, regretting having brought it up just a little…though it would have nagged at him until he brought it up eventually. Again he finds himself wanting desperately to kiss Aztrexia in the wake of that blush, but he keeps himself in check in order to let her ponder. The way she answers makes him blink, but he smirks, eventually conceding with a little shake of his head. He’d been of the mind that she could lead if she truly wanted to…though it would probably be more trouble than it’s worth. It was probably a stretch for the DauDin to side with the mother clan in the wake of the Elders’ coup attempt, after all. He starts to shake his head when she asks if she would need to choose; he would have been prepared to do what he needed to do to remain with her, after all.

Then she gives him a very definitive answer, locking eyes with him to do so…and he feels his heart swell in his chest, the banked heat in his blood surging unexpectedly. His hand tightens beneath hers on her knee, and with a low growl he suddenly pulls her astride him, his other arm almost crushing her against him as he kiss her deep and fiercely. “I have promised myself to you, my love,” he whispers huskily against her lips. “If you would ever decide to go, I would be right by your side. But…” His hands slide upward along her thighs, slipping beneath her tank to spread wide over her back as he looks into her eyes, his own sparking with earnest intensity and ardor. “Us together, here… Nothing has ever felt more right to me.”

That growl of Javid’s sends an excited shiver down Aztrexia’s spine as he pulls her into his lap. She emits a surprised little squeal before his lips are on hers, his arm clamped like a vice around her. Yes. This is definitely where she would rather be, here in Javid’s arms, not off fighting a war for something she’s not even sure she would want. And as his hands slide up her back, and she feels their warmth against her skin, Trexa leans her forehead against his, head shaking lightly.

“I’m not going anywhere Javid. I…I’m happy here, with you, and I’ve worked damned hard to get to where I am now, to find my place with this clan. I have no desire to start off anew somewhere else, and with a clan that would be much harder to win over than ours.” Aztrexia lifts her head and looks at Javid. “This is home now Javid. Why would I ever leave it when I have you to look forward to everyday?” There’s a part of Trexa that still scoffs at flowery admissions like this, that still wants to cringe at the sweeter side of life, but Trexa beats her down, back into her box where she belongs, because the man sitting in front of/under her is far more important than self deprecation ever would be.

“Then I need wonder no more.” Javid’s lips find Aztrexia’s once more in the wake of her words, and then his hands complete their rise along her back, quickly stripping her top away before he’s back to pulling her against him, reveling in the feel of her skin against his at last. “You are home to me. And I will always strive to be the same for you.”

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“I love you Javid…” She murmurs when she can speak again.

There truly is nothing Javid enjoys so much as watching and feeling the way Aztrexia responds to him when they make love, the way she becomes so radiantly wild beneath or upon him, completely unabashed in how she bestows such a perfect harmony upon all he does. It resonates within him even now, watching her, letting the heat in his blood ebb alongside hers as he holds her gaze in the overflow of his adoration. “And I love you, my fire,” he whispers in turn, wishing there were some way to hold her even closer without losing her eyes. He could drown there with ease, and lets himself do so for a while until a question rumbles softly past his lips. “Trexa, the promise we made to one another… What would you think of bringing it out into the open with everything else?” The very last vestige of all they’d kept guarded for so long.

Trexa is floating, on cloud nine and basically in her own little world, it takes a second for Javid’s question to penetrate. One would think that after all that’s happened between them, after all the hardships and the quick succession of change as of late, that it would be terrifying for Trexa to take another giant leap into the unknown, to let down all her guards. But she finds it surprisingly easy to accept when her lips get ahead of her mind and she answers before she even knows she’s made up her mind. “Why not? We have nothing to hide anymore.” She smiles and kisses him softly, lips brushing his tenderly.

Javid’s breath has gone quite shallow as he awaits Aztrexia’s reply, and the ease of it makes his chest vibrate with warmth, stirring his lungs to greater motion again. “You’re right. We don’t,” he murmurs once their lips part, returning her kiss in kind as his hand makes a skimming traversal of her spine. On the pass back upward, it comes to rest against the back of her jaw, his thumb skimming her cheek as his gaze locks deeply to hers. “Will you marry me, then, Trexa? Stand beside me…and I with you…and let the world see there is nothing more powerful than what we have?”

Again Aztrexia is decided before she knows she is decided, eyes wide and happy and locked into that amber gaze of Javid’s, but it matters not, because the answer is the same either way.


And for that, Javid has the most brilliant grin he has ever donned in his life. “Yes,” he echoes at a breathless whisper, the only word he can manage lest the overflow of his heart take over his tongue with whoops of elation to pierce the night. But it is not his way. All of that is now channeled into the most eloquent manner in which he knows to demonstrate his love for this woman, his woman, now his fiancee. He tells it to her in whispers of adoration, the writing of it with his lips upon hers and across her skin, searing it between them in the heat of passion that carries them onward into sleep. And he thinks, upon waking with the dawn the following morning, the days ahead have never looked more beautiful, now that he will have her for good.

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