Talya & Turahaimajusuth, Alyna & Haquith


Turahaimajusuth is hunting for the first time, good thing Haquith is there to lend some friendly advice, while Alyna shares some news with Talya.


It is sunset of the seventh day of the ninth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Feeding Pastures, Southern Weyr

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«Hunting is quite a… messy task.»


Feeding Pastures

Up the side of the mountain, stone fences mark the lines of the different parts of the feeding pastures. Bovines, woolies, ovines, caprines, herdbeasts; they are all collected here, dotting the hillside in lazy repose to stand stark against the brilliance of the green pastures. Rich, rich grass grows here, fed by the humidity and tropical climate. The sounds here are a blend of bleating, baying, and the thundering of many steps as the different herds move about. Occasionally, the whiff of something foul is carried downwind from the collection of animals that serves as the weyr's food supply.

It is the seventh day of Spring and 87 degrees. It is sunny and bright. White fluffy clouds drift lazily across the china blue sky.

Having passed a large milestone, Turahaimajusuth is flying! Except… he is currently on the ground, on the wrong side of the stone fence where his rider is at and staring at him incredulously on this (finally) warm spring day. Talya's actually wearing the least amount of clothes for the first time in a long time, still in weyrling uniform colors yet stylishly breezy and clinging in all the right places. Brand new, stored properly, no wrinkle in sight. It was going to be a nice break to watch her dragon eat, except he's not doing that. "What do you mean you'd rather I cut up the mean? Since when are you going to start being lazy, Tura?" The young woman's voice starts raising in volume. There's a weyrlingmaster not too far away, P'quil and brown Kwirath at least, in the event of trouble but at least they're still far enough that they cannot hear this argument, doing their own hunting. Her brown looks at the grown brown, and then huffs as he resolutely stays put.

With a warble of greeting, green Haquith wings over the pastures from the direction of the weyr, hide giving off the faintest of glows in the afternoon sunlight. Once landed near to a certain young brown dragon, she coquettishly arches her neck in Tura's direction. "Oh come on, he's not even old enough," grumbles Alyna loudly from her dragon's neck. With a contemptuous snort, the green goes on to ignore her rider before reaching for the young brown with a wafting of a softly floral scent mingled with lemony undertones, « Looking good Turahaimajusuth, » she purrs the name with an undertone of soft buzzing. « Here for hunting? » she asks as she sashays her way towards him after Alyna dismounts and heads over to Talya, her eyes rolling in their sockets, "I apologize in advance for my lifemate, she's…yeah…" Heavy sigh to clear the tension from the greenrider as she offers a smile to her friend, "So you guys are flying already huh?" she asks.

Turahaimajusuth is happy for the distraction, postponing his first hunt into the feeding pens! He gives the arriving green Haquith a warm deep rumble in greeting, turning his attention fully onto her. "Really? You're not even the slightest hungry for the first time… ever?" The brown ignores his grouchy lifemate to give the green a warm breeze, matching her flowers with many many flowers, a field of them! «Good afternoon, Haquith. I am looking splendid today, are I not?» Definitely not a modest dragon, and he gives his wings a snap open to show off. «But I cannot compare to you.» he adds in that deep gentlemanly voice, it breaks off with the next words, his head swiveling from her to the beasts in the nearest pen. «Or convince mine to. Hunting is quite a… messy task.» Talya rolls her eyes at the dragons' exchange before turning to Alyna, her dark mood dampened by the other woman as she smirks at her. "No need to apologize. He is flying, I'm stuck on the ground still for another few sevenday. How about you? Flying yet? Definitely walking good!" Stating this actually makes her grin at her friend.

« Flattery at such a young age, you'll be a charmer by the time you're ready to chase, I can see it already, » Haquith replies with amusement in her voice, more amusement for the fact that her flirting with this particular brown seems to rile her rider more, and right now the green is obviously paying her rider back for…something. Making her way towards teh fenced in pasture, she makes sure to swing her ample hindquarters enticingly behind, tail snaking and coiling invitingly. « It doesn't have to be, you know. With practice, you can hardly get blood on you at all.» To demonstrate, the green leaps powerfully in the air only to land some distance away onto the back of fat porcine, snapping it's neck neatly before lowering her head to disembowel it daintily. For her part, Alyna is trying her best to ignore her green's antics, although a tension is visible in her shoulders, "Yep, walking good, exercising to get my strength back up, and I should be good enough for drills by the end of the month." Her smile is evident at the relief that brings the greenrider. "Don't worry, it will come soon enough I'm sure, soon you'll be wondering where your weyrlinghood went." As her green makes her kill, Alyna pales slightly and turns her back as she fights the urge to lose her lunch.

Turahaimajusuth is preening at the compliment, and definitely makes sure to show off his best sides to the green whenever he can. His wings make him look larger, and catch the light just right. «I do not have to wait until I am old enough to chase, I am honest and will note perfection when I see it my dear.» His eyes whirl faster as he observes her, completely focused. It probably has nothing to do with the fact that she has a little glow… okay, maybe it does. He does like lovely things, but not for the hormonal reasons and all for seeing pretty things. Also to take note with how she expertly makes her kill. "I'm not sure if I'm very comfortable with the two of them…" murmurs Talya, her grin turning to a frown as she regards the two. Then she gives a nod to her lifemate and a jerk of her head. "If she can do it just as easily, so can you. Go on, show her." At least she can use it to her advantage. Turning to Alyna, she is nodding her head and sighing. "Already been half a Turn, and he's still getting big. I wouldn't mind if he stayed small." She sags against the stone fence. With her eyes on her friend, she does notice her reaction and can't help a laugh. "After, what, ten turns as a rider you still can't stomach a hunt?"

« Perfection? My my my, I tend to prefer blues but you make me think browns might not be so bad. » Haquith returns with mental laughter as she continues to dine, gnawing at the creature's entrails but keeping her muzzle surprisingly clean. « It's all about getting a clean kill, then you can take your time with your meal. » is her only advice as she gets too into her food for chatter. Holding her hand over her mouth, Alyna fights with the wave of nausea that rises behind her teeth. Blissfully, it passes, but she still does not turn to look at Haquith and her kill. "Does it matter if she flirts a bit? He's not going to be old enough to chase by the time she goes up this go around," the greenrider says with a sly grin followed by a suggestive wink, "Although, you're no longer a teenager right?" She's teasing…maybe. With a sigh for the brownling's last, she shakes her head, "Nope, never got queasy before in over thirteen turns. Must be the baby doing it now." she slips that in matter-of-factly in a totally Alyna way before waiting for her friend's reaction.

Can a dragon look indignant? Turahaimajusuth definitely is making it work. His wings ruffle out wider and her jerks his long neck back. There's a current of static added to his words, not to add sharpness but to make a point. It's important. «I cannot say for other browns but I am definitely not bad. No where near it, and therefore browns are definitely the best.» In particular, this one. To prove it, he takes a few steps back, then a jump start into the air. There's a moment where he spreads his wings, letting the wind catch, the sun… let her see it (or not, since she's eating, but someone better enjoy the view) and then he's down upon a porcine like the green. Unfortunately the loud squealing from the creature makes him almost lose it, and he sinks his claws deep… there's blood, there's his maw coming down to silence it, and then.. it's just a mess. "That is flirting? I think Tura is just being Tura." Talya doesn't recoil from her friend's suggestions, instead smirks in return and gives her a look up and down. "I do want Tura to be happy…" and it could be worse! She nods her head when her friend explains the situation, as if she totally understands the quesiness now. It may be that she was slightly distracted when she turned to watch her lifemate's first kill, saying without looking at Alyna, "Right, the baby. They do that." It takes a few breaths longer, before she's whirling around, almost falling down the stone fence as if her feet tripped just standing there. Eyes wide, hands up as if something fragile was about to break, she yells out, "Baby!?"

Haquith took note of his indignant expressions, but she was busy having a pleasant, and tidy, meal. Until Tura decides to try his hand (claw?) at hunting and turns the pasture into a crime scene. Quickly moving out of the way to avoid any backsplash, she pulls her porcine to the side before deciding he might just be too young, even for her mostly innocent flirting. "Haquith was flirting, not sure what Tura is trying to do," and Alyna is not going to turn and look either, she got an inadvertant peek through Haquith's eyes and it was more than enough to start her stomach roiling again. But it clears again in time for Talya's reaction which sets her off giggling, "Watch it, don't want you breaking something so close to your first mounted flight." With a huff of false exasperation, she rolls her eyes, "Faranth girl, it's like you never heard someone tell you they're pregnant before."

Turahaimajusuth will just have to work harder to be smooth in the future. At least dragons had short term memories and this embarassment can be wiped from both their minds soon enough. The loud squealing cut off, the porcine properly dead, the dragon then pulls his talons out… slowly. «I am going to need a very thorough wash after this. Multiple times. To remove this gore.» Now that he's got the kill in front of him and can't do anything about the blood and guts coating him, he will dig in. Can't say he will leave food out, but at least he tries to be daintier with the eating, not sinking his nose too far into the kill. Talya is having a differnt crisis all together, and she can leave her dragon alone now that he managed not to get himself hurt. "I haven't!" her voice rises up into a similar squeaky voice her lifemate might. She looks at Alyna up and down again, not even close to the way she did it before. This time she does it as if her friend was dying in front of her. She keeps her hands out and approaches closer. "I'm assuming you're keeping it? Or is it cause you're hurt?" She winces at her own tactless questions. "I… I never had many girl friends, and my mom never had another kid." And therefore Talya has no idea what to do with a pregnant woman. "Congrats?" She's very unsure about this word.

Almost done now with her own meal, Haquith looks up and over at Tura with an amused warble, « Yes, you most certainly are. But don't worry, it comes off pretty easily. » she says matter-of-factly before hunkering down and finishing her own porcine with relish. Alyna's trying really hard not to laugh at Talya and her squeaking, but she fails miserably. At the inspection her friend gives her, she just grins good-naturedly, "You're not going to be able to see anything, it's way too early for that." Her next question surprises the greenrider though, nodding slowly, "Yes, we are keeping it. It's D'har's, we made sure of that. And while no, it's not technically because of the injury, that did put some things into perspective and since I'm not getting any younger, we just kind of went for it." Her smile brightens at Talya's tentative congratulations. "Thank you, I'm really excited…and a little scared too." She points over her shoulder at Haquith, "Of course this one decides she's finally ready to glow again as soon as I find out," Leaning in conspiratorily, she adds, "I think she might be feeling a little jealous she's not the center of attention in our weyr right now."

There is relief to Turahaimajusuth's thankful rumble to Haquith. «Perhaps you can show me the best places to wash up afterwards too.» In fact, he can now go to plenty of harder to reach places to wash up that is not the salty sea, even if his lifemate has to trek that way all by herself. His eyes are whirling pleasantly now for a very different reason. For filling up his stomach… with bacon. He's at least savoring every morsel of his first kill. Talya seems to be coming down from her freak out, but she still seems to regard Alyna with trepidation. "You look really happy about it," she notes, more to herself than to her friend in a soft voice. Then she finally drops her hands and gives an uneasy laugh at herself. "I'm happy for you too, and that it all worked out, especially with being D'har's. She certainly could have timed that flight thing poorly." She glances over to the proddy green then back to her friend. "I guess I'm a little surprised that you decided to take that much time off of Thread and drinking and all that even more than just the healing. At least it all seems to work out with the timing too." She gives a little disbeliving shake of her head. "You're gonna be someone's mother, guess no late night drinkings together either?"

After she is done with her meal, leaving some scraps on the carcass for a certain gold and bronze firelizard who pop in from between as if on cue, Haquith hops back over the fence before finding a spot to lounge and delicately clean her claws and around her muzzle, even though there really isn't that much evidence of her meal. « Oh, I know some places, a beautiful lake so still it's like a mirror, I was just there today actually. » Alyna has to laugh some more at Talya's reaction, "I am really happy about it. This wasn't some mistake, we talked about it, and decided it's what we both wanted." Moving over to hook her arm around her friend's shoulder, she sighs, "It's not going to be easy, but with my injury, I'm not flying between right now, which means less chance of…well…losing it. And being how old I am, I don't know how many more turns I have, so I'm making this one count." She gets a bit of a pout on her face at the mention of not drinking, "Yeah well, it's a small price to pay…" she's obviously putting on a brave face there, because this can't be easy for the greenrider. Her last words though, do make her giggle again, "Are you kidding me? That's what nannies are for. I'm sure I'm going to need nights out even more, if not as frequently, since I will be, as you said, someone's mother." With a wave of her hand, she decides to change the subject, "So…did Th'res finally come and see you and Tura, or do I need to go have a little talk with him?"

Turahaimajusuth started out dainty, but then there was still so much porcine left. He ends up muzzle deep in the belly, tearing chunks as his hunger catches up. When it finally seems to be finished, at least the best pieces, the brown takes off to the sky to do that flying thing again. «That lake sounds amazing. Is it big enough to not have to crammed in with clutchmates and stretch out in?» Because he's had to suffer with the pool in the weyrling barracks. Talya needs a little bit of stability right now, and she throws an arm around her friend as well, being just the right size to do that together. Being this close, she can really observe Alyna's face. "You're not that old, you know. You make it sound like you'll be unable to do this again in another ten Turns, if you want to. You still got plenty of time." With a laugh she nods her head back in the direction of the Weyr caverns. "Right, nannies. Weyrlife help raise kids all together, that definitely helps out too." And then there's the subject change, and Alyna can likely feel the tension suddenly spring to the weyrling's shoulders. "Oh, I wouldn't say he came to see us. I actually ended up running into him on the beach. He's… he's looking good. Being himself, you know? Wouldn't so much as lay a finger on me." She cranes her neck back to the green dragon and then to her friend. "You know if he's won any green flights while I've been… here, you know?"

« It's plenty big indeed, I'm sure you'll like it, » Haquith relays as she moves to the next claw, as fastidious with her grooming as with her eating. Alyna tilts her head to one side, still gripping the younger woman's shoulder, "I'm plenty old enough for the Healers to fret over me. I'm no spring wherry, but you're right, I may have a bit more time than all that." she admits. Her next gets a hearty chuckle, "Oh yes, we're not fostering or anything, but we'll definitely be using the nannies, because I'm still going to be fighting Thread, which I can actually do while pregnant. Have to transfer to Puma though, since they don't do nearly as much betweening. Just have to wait until the little one is a little further along." As she gets the lowdown on Th'res, her eyebrows furrow slightly, "Of course not, he's probably trying to protect you with all that nonsense as well. He does know you'll be in your own weyr soon now right? You guys can pick right back up where you left off…" she blinks a bit in surprise at Talya's last question, "Ummmm, I don't think Jed's caught anyone…Why? You think he's found someone else? Not sharding likely!"

«I look forward to seeing it with you then, lovely Haquith.» While the lake does sound very enticing, and pleasing the pretty green, Turahaimajusuth has a whole field of food to choose from. He's already diving for a different pen, caprine this time, to satisfy his hunger… again. The bleating is loud again, but quicker to die off than the porcine did. Talya is learning many new things that afternoon, staring at Alyna now like she grew another head. She draws back a little further away to look at the other woman. "You can? Fight Thread that is. I honestly had no idea how all that works, but I guess dragonriders still have babies with how many weyrbrats are in the caverns… I guess I just assumed they were the men's." She presses her lips tightly together and then disentangles from the woman slowly, not to be offensive about it. "Soon but he makes it sound like another Turn away still. No sparring, no kissing, not even a little hug. It's not like that would have sent Turahaimajusuth in a fit now would it?" She sighs and looks back to her lifemate, though her words are still for Alyna. "He's got a big heart to love, it ain't like I'd be jealous or anything but it had been a lot of time. Doesn't mean he's not sharing it with others." Tura's digging into the caprine, but his eyes are always regarding the rest of the herd running away. "Don't even think about it Tura, you've stuffed yourself enough!" She gives a suffering look to her friend. "I should probably get him away from the food now before he's too fat to fly."

"If I wasn't pregnant, I would slap the sense into that boy," Alyna says with a sigh, pinching the bridge of her nose, not offended at Talya's disentangling "Are you kidding me? This is Th'res we're talking about, wants-his-one-and-only Th'res. He is not out there sharing anything with anyone I assure you." Alyna has her ways of knowing, mostly her nosy green who talks regularly with Jed. "Unfortunately, I don't think even slapping would help, he's so maddeningly stubborn," the greenrider is actually grinding her teeth a little bit now before she takes a hold of herself and breathes, knowing her dragon's prodiness can affect her temper negatively. Shaking her head slowly, she's about to go on when Haquith grumbles impatiently. Shooting a glare at the green, Alyna calls, "Just give me a second, would ya?" Turning back to Talya, she sighs, "Be glad you impressed a male dragon, I've been told it's time to be getting home. But you come visit anytime as soon as you can fly with him ok, we'll talk. I still have a bit of an old stash of Th'res' moonshine that I need to get out of the weyr," she dangles that little piece of bait before briefly hugging the younger woman and then wandering off back towards her dragon, whose eyes are whirling impatiently. In another moment, they are gone.

"You're not that pregnant yet," Talya points out, helpful as always. Because it would be amusing to hear about her slapping sense into that bluerider. "Stubbornly stuck to duty." Not that Talya was passionate in return, stubbornly set to being annoyed by not having seen him in the last half-Turn. Her face was scrunching up into a scowl at the memory, but for once it doesn't stay on her face long. She relaxes quickly and gives a confused look between Haquith and her friend. "I didn't think I'd have a male voice in my head, but I think it's more to do with the dragon. Got to please Tura about as much as you please Haquith no doubt." The hug brings a surprise to her face and her own arms gives her a careful squeeze back. She gives the pair a wave as she walks along the fencing, to get closer to her own stubborn dragon with his bottomless stomach.

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