Milosh, Echo, Daenerys, A'lira


Milosh doing the Spy thing, Echo doing some shopping, and Daen doing…whatever it is Daen does. A'lira shows up and is not in the least bit helpful when Echo has… questions.

Strong Sexual Innuendo
Adult Themes


It is midmorning of the twenty-fifth day of the first month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Central Bazaar, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 26 Jan 2018 05:00


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Central Bazaar

All roads in the weyr ultimately lead here, to this center of commerce. Canvas awnings jut out over time worn, sandy cobblestone, sheltering customers and wares alike from the majority of Igen's elements, and funnel scents both mouthwatering and vomit inducing through the thin streets. Almost all store fronts are open air, delineated by sandstone arches with intricately carved facades. The insides of these stone-shingled buildings act as an amplifier for the salesmens' bawled enticements, and are held up by the chipped swirls of marble pillars.

Milosh has been a social ghost as of late, putting himself on as many shifts in the bazaar and out in the field as possible. There's a fire in his blood he hasn't been able to quench and it gets worse with every moment he spends in camp. He's been a bit over-obsessed with his newest pet and really… people are starting to notice. He currently perches on the rooftops of the bazaar, keen eyes watching the comings and goings of the crowd. A few Zingari teens were caught trying to ingest blue glow… or one of the knock offs, which it is hasn't been determined yet. And so… Milosh has been trying to suss out the source of the teen's blue substance. As his eyes scan the crowd, his mind wanders, first to his next few shifts and then eventually, to pale soft skin and short hair, and a lip he wants to bite and kiss. No! No Milosh, focus! But already the hum of need is buzzing through his veins. Shit. He gets up and moves a few rooftops down running and jumping the few tops with ease, and cooling his need in the process.

Mid-morning is the perfect time for someone with anxiety about crowds to wander into the Bazaar for a little shopping, it's still crowded but not overly so. Echo is dressed head to toe in leather to keep out the cold, her usual tight pants, with a short jacket and warm leather boots. A thick woolen scarf wrapped around her neck several times, and she snuggles her lower face down into it, hands deep in the pockets of her jacket. Her gait is unhurried, if she was a runner, she'd be grazing. Her chocolate brown gaze shifting over the stalls as she passes. Short auburn hair throws off bright ginger highlights in the sun's rays.

Boredom has him in it's grip, prodding him forth from his yurt and its memories of a lithe young woman; Daenerys simply has to get out now. so, it's to the Bazaar, where he expends his energy in making the rounds, seeking a distraction— any distraction. Dressed as usual in his quilted coat and leathers, he wraps his colorful scarf more tightly around his neck and scans the crowd absently.

Milosh is now focused on a different crowd, one nearer the exit to the caravan grounds, his eyes wander lazily, though they watch every movement. He's about to get up and move again, Echo's face haunting his mind when he realized he's not imagining her in his mind, she's right there, meandering through the crowd. Without thinking Milosh is up and trailing her from the rooftops, keen eyes watching the way she moves and functions in the crowd.

Echo ambles from one stall to another, dodging people as she goes, paying special attention to those people who might be coming too close for comfort, so she will adjust her own path to make sure wide berths are given. It is second nature to her by this point, she probably doesn't even realize she is doing it, her path through the crowds dictated by avoiding contact, taking the path of least resistance. She finds herself in front of a shop selling some very fancy dresses and she sighs as she steps up to inspect some of the wares a memory of the recent weyrmating ceremony and how every woman there seemed so much more put together than she managed. Her brows furrow a bit a heavy sigh escaping her lips as she tilts her head to one side.

It was bound to happen, really: Daenerys spots a familiar face in the crowd and approaches her, smiling in friendly fashion. "Hello, there, Echo." He is careful not to get too close to her, knowing it makes her nervous. And he'd heard the gossip as well. People just aren't good at keeping juicy secrets. "How are you?"

Milosh stops when Echo does, watching her admire the frippery. He smiles, more than salacious thoughts running through his mind. A moment later, Milosh's gold pops from ::between:: to land on Echo's shoulder with an encouraging cheep and a note on her leg. Look at you out in the crowd. I would dearly love to strip that dress off you sometime… perhaps I shall buy it for you. Stand up straight pet. -M By now Milosh is well out of sight of course, but still watching, blue glow forgotten. The gold grumbles when Daen approaches, but is far less hostile than last time.

"Oh! Daenerys! Hello there." Echo says without actually jumping, thanks in part to Daen keeping his distance. She is just about to follow it up with something when Ana lands on her shoulder and holds out her leg. Holding a finger up at Daenerys as she excuses herself as she turns her back to read the note, a small smile playing on her lips as she reads it. Her eyes dart around slightly but doesn't catch sight of a certain long haired Zingari man. A small happy sigh escapes her lips as her cheeks blush just slightly, before turning back to Daen, subtly standing a little straighter. "Sorry about that. So what brings you to the Bazaar this morning? Looking for something in particular?" Her tone is easy and friendly, her smile bright.

Daenerys chuckles softly. He's begun to recognize that particular gold, though he doesn't know who she looks to. "Your friend need not worry — I've no interest in more than friendship." There's already a woman he has in mind for other things; he is only one man, and will likely need all his energy to keep up with her. But Echo's less shy, which is good! He'll take that as a sign of willingness for that, at least. "Just wandering about. I find myself at loose ends." And with a desire to find a certain dancer and do things he should not. Again.

Reaching up to offer the little gold scritches, Echo chuckles softly, "Behave now Ana. See, Daenerys is just a friend." She says in a soothing voice. "She should be ok." she reassures her fellow Zingari with a smile. "Ahh, Loose ends. Anything you want a second opinion on?" She offers, with a shrug, "A fresh perspective can be helpful." she says wisely as she turns away from the dresses, and puts her full attention on the leatherworker.

Ana preens under Echo's scritches and settles, though she's watching Daen. Always watching.

Of course she is — Echo is plainly highly valued by this mysterious friend of hers, and Daenerys can find the humor in a firelizard as chaperone. Turning his attention to the dresses as she assures the little gold, the ex-Tanner will consider the shop before them with a furrowed brow. "In there? Not likely." He laughs at the very idea of buying clothes gor a woman. Totally not his thing at all. "Yeah… I find myself without chores to hand and no particular place to go." There's a shrug for the ridiculousness of it all. Eyeing one particular dress, he gives a soft, "Huh…" For it is a fancy complicated affair full of ruffles and various shades of gold and brown. "Think someone's trying to copy Timotin's work, there…" He points it out to Echo with a smirk. "Nowhere near as fine as his is though."

Satisfied that the gold is going to behave herself, Echo turns her attention back to Daenerys and the frilly dresses and says with a smirk, "Yeah, they are certainly pretty on some women, but I don't think I can pull of something so…." she wants to say feminine, but that doesn't quite cover it either, so she merely says, "Fancy?" questioning as if that is the right word, but deciding it's not important. "Well if you have idle hands, I could always use a couple more this afternoon, I have a couple of heavy draft runners to shoe and I could use some big strong muscles." She says with a teasing chuckle.

"Speaking strictly as a leatherworker, I wouldn't put you in something so frilly." Daenerys offers quietly. "Clothing should reflect the owner, not the other way around. You are better suited to things you can move in, not something that limits you to being merely decorative. Besides," Amd he dismisses the… contraption out of hand, "That kind of thing is for bored miladies. Perhaps something that would play to the fact that you are a trim and active woman." Which, to Daenerys' mind, is much more attractive than the uselessly decorative. "But… Perhaps I say too much." No sense in tempting Milosh to rappel down the damn wall or whatever. And then he grins at Echo in amusement. "Women. They only want me as a packmule." That's what happens when a man goes and gets all buff, Daen.

Echo's eyes go wide and another soft blush colors her cheeks as Daen goes on about what kind of dress he could see her in. "Wow. That's incredibly insightful." And at this she narrows her eyes in mock suspicion, "You sure you meant what you said about only seeking friendship?" But her tone is easy and joking, having gotten to know Daenerys when he worked with her for a seven as some sort of punishment. At the packmule comment she chuckles, "Well, I miss my helper." She says with a soft smile. "Did you finish the rest of your 'punishment' by now? Is that why you have so much time on your hands?"

"Oh, I most certainly did." Daenerys assures with a laugh. A sevenday in her company has provided him the opportunity to get to know her as well; nothing like a good working partnership to lay the foundation for friendship and peace. "Hey, now, what's the blushing for?" He teases playfully. "You'll have that lizard waylaying me in an alley, and then where will your helper be?" He laughs softly, then shrugs. "Yeah. I've served my time for beating a rider into common courtesy."

Waving off the blushing with an absent flick of her hand, Echo chuckles and shrugs, "I can't really help it. It just happens. Ignore it." Then he talks of the firelizard waylaying him and she raises a brow to look from the small firelizard to the big man and back again, "I think you could probably take her." She says with another easy laugh then Daenerys mentions the reason for his punishment and she nods, "Oh, I heard, you don't think I wouldn't wonder what you were being punished for. I heard he started it though, so I don't hold it against you."

Rather like another girl he knows; Daenerys smiles, amused. "Yeah, maybe." And no telling what his little flock would do, being none among them share her color. As to that damn rider, Daenerys gives a soft huff of annoyance. "He had much to answer for. Xanthee is my sister, you know." That brief anger uncoils, is forced to lie back down again. "I'm glad Leader Willimina didn't hold it against me, either."

Raising a thin eyebrow, Echo shakes her head a little, "I don't think I know her. Is she Zingari too?" She asks curiously. "But of course, no one would hold it against you for defending your sister. Willa seems to be a very reasonable woman." she says with a smirk at a remembered conversation with the Caravan Leader and her cousin's wife. Echo shifts a little bit, noticing the crowd getting a little thicker now, and her eyes dart around for a gap. Seeing one, she starts to amble off, looking back at Daen in invitation to join her. Whether he does or not, she will make her way over to a stall that sells verious metal fastenings for belts and the like. A belt buckle in the shape of an oval sculpted on which is a scene of a runner galloping along the plains. catches her eyes and she goes up to inspect it further.

"No, she's Weyr-raised. We met awhile back, while she was a Candidate. Poor girl was having a bit of a hissy." Daenerys chuckles at the memory, remembering fondly how far Xanthee's come from that young and unsure girl, overwhelmed by all the possibilities of life. "But she's a sweetheart, you know. I.. kinda adopted her, since she seemed to need a little looking after. Not so much anymore, but don't you ever let on." He winks ath the Herder, ambling along with her to that new stall — and is eve more amused when her eye is drawn right to a buckle with a runner. She would. "If you want, I can make a belt to fit for you." He indicates the buckle.

Echo smiles slightly as Daenerys elaborates on his relationship with the girl, "Oh, that's sweet. Who knew you were such a nice guy?" She says with another teasing chuckle as she carefully picks up the belt buckle and examines it. The craftmanship is fine, and she is sorely tempted. "I don't really need another belt. But it's tempting that's for sure." She considers it for another moment and then puts it back down, shaking her head a little bit at the merchant. "Maybe another day." she says with a grin.

"Don't you dare tell anyone, or I'll… I'll…" Do something drastic. "I'll find out who that gold shadow of yours looks to and suggest you'd like a particularly frilly dress to wear everywhere." Yeah, because that's exceedingly frightening, now, isn't it. But Daenerys is grinning back at Echo, enjoying the easy banter between them as much as he might with any other good friend. Too bad she put the buckle back, though — oh, the interesting things that could be done with such a thing. "So," he begins idly. "Do you spend a lot of time with Reveka?"

Blinking wildly as Daenerys makes his threat, Echo scoffs a little bit but her cheeks blush brightly as she thinks of him. "I have no idea what you are implying." She says with little conviction and poor acting skills as she waves a hand dismissively. As he suddenly changes the subject though she ponders idly, "Reveka? Wasn't she the one leading the dance at Willa's Turnday party? I don't think I've met her yet." She says but then, because she is not completely oblivious, she smirks in his direction, "But she's definitely a pretty girl…" She observes off-handedly.

Milosh has been watching from the shadows, having come down from the rooftops quite some time ago. He's still too far off to hear anything but he finds he wants to be near, or better yet, with her, his hackles going up in jealousy despite the friendly banter. Still, he's cool as a cucumber and showing none of it when he slips out from seemingly nowhere and apparates next to Echo. "Hello Pet…" His rumbling purr is meant for Echo, but his eyes flick to Daenerys, a man he's seen about but not interacted with much. "Leatherworker." He greets, not having the man's name down just yet. Though her job is done, Ana stays planted on Echo's shoulder, knowing she'll get more pets from Echo if she just stays put.

Does the man always have to walk so soundlessly? When he speaks, Echo jumps with a little squeak and spins to see who is there. Her heart skips just a little bit when she sees who it is, giving Milosh a smile warm with adoration. "Hello S—Milosh." she catches herself just in time, but that doesn't stop a blush from creeping up her face, her eyelashes fluttering down shyly as she wills her burning cheeks to cool. "Do you know Daenerys?" she says as she indicates the leatherworker with a wave of her hand. Yes please, take the focus off of her until the red fades from her cheeks.

"So I'd noticed." Daenerys laughs, unpeturbed by Echo's sally. "And yes, she's the dancer that led at Willimina's Turnday party." Again, there's a fondness in his grin. "I was also thinking the pair of you might get along as friends, should you find yourself in need of feminine company." Oh, jealousy! What a prod that is. IT will bring even the most stubborn forth against their will. "Milosh." Daenerys greets calmly enough, though he'd appeared quite unexpectedly from nowhere. "I don't believe we've met." Canting his head to one side, he smiles serenely at the other man, completely unconcerned as to what Milosh may be thinking of him — he has other women on his mind.

Milosh nods his head at Daenerys in turn. "Well met, I don't believe we have officially, no." Despite Daen's disinterest, Milosh moves closer to Echo so that he can pick up what Echo had been admiring. It's a smart buckle, even Milosh likes the look of it. "Did you want this Pet?" He asks, tipping it at Echo to make sure it's the right one. Milosh's eyesight is good but not that good. He's pretty sure he has the right of it though.

Blinking again as Milosh moves closer to her, pulse quickening with his proximity, Echo raises a curious eyebrow as he picks up the buckle she was looking at and stumbles over her words slightly, "I—I was just looking at it. It's pretty, but I don't need another belt right now even though Daenerys here was kind enough to offer to make me one to go with it." Sensing something different in Milosh, she wonders what it could be as she idly raises a hand to her shoulder to rub a finger along Ana's eyeridges.

"No," Daenerys agrees amiably. "I don't believe we have." He studies Milosh carefully, noting the man's tenseness. Is there sympathy for his posessiveness? Possibly, though the leatherworker doesn't quite understand it. But he's not going to make the man any more jealous than he already is; with w playful grin at Echo, He begins to move off. "I'll see you at the pens later, Echo. And when Milosh brings me that buckle — " For Echo is going to agree to let Milosh buy it for her, isn't she? If she's smart, she will! " — we'll work out something lovely for you. Let the man spoil you, Echo. It's fun." With that wry tease, he's off, disappearing into the crowd on an errand suddenly remembered — possibly to do with a certain chestnut-haired dancer.

Milosh begins the process of urchasing the buckle the second Echo confirms it's the right one. He was going to buy it anyway. He waves Daenerys off, tension going down a bit as the man moves into the crowds. Purchase done, Milosh slips the buckle in his pocket, for Daenerys will be getting it later indeed. The offer had been noted by Milosh. He waves Ana off, and the gold protests, but scoots when ordered. Leaning in close, hands going to Echo's waist. "Now about that dress Pet…."

Looks like it's a different Zingari man's turn to play 'Because Cat'.

Echo is about to protest when the purchase is done and she gets a troubled look on her face as Daenerys talks about letting Milosh spoil her, but he is gone before she can object so she turns it on Milosh, "You know I don't expect you to buy me things right? That's not part of the agreement." She says in a soft voice. Cause gifts make her think of romance, and he had made it clear that that wasn't on the table. But then he's mentioning dresses and she holds her hands up in protest, "I'm fine really in the dress department. I just got a really fancy one for that weyrmating a few sevens ago."

From the tropics to the dry, dry desert! What a change, and already, the heat is missed. It's a brief stopover A'lira makes, more concerned with getting back to his lovely new bride than the current Igen weather. He'd nearly forgotten the necklace he'd ordered for her, but something made him remember. A bit of stone the exact color of the one he'd previously found. Somehow, he'd managed to come up with a semi-convincing excuse about some healer-related emergency, and has come back to see if he can locate Malosim — and her present. Why, pray, is it so cold right now. He wraps his jacket tighter around his body, hunching his shoulders against the cold as a matter of habit. He'll wander through the Bazaar, ignoring the various calls and noise, as it's the best and quickest way to get to what he wants.

Milosh 's hands tighten on Echo's hips, and he trails a couple of kisses down Echo's neck. Though reeally he's emitting a small growl. "I wasn't asking your permission Echo." He growls. "Don't argue. Please." And that's the only time he'll ask nice. "It would please me to see you in something pretty." He nips lightly at the skin of her neck before moving off suddenly. "Keep up Pet. Come on." He says, leading the way back to the dresses, though he spots A'lira mid way. "A'lira!" He calls in a friendly tone, waving at his friend and sometimes lover. The smile he gives the man and the body language suggests more though, a male comradery that borders the line of bromance.

Emitting a small squeak when Milosh's hands tighten on her hips, Echo is about to say more before he begins trailing kisses up her neck…in public, where others can see them. This is all very confusing for the poor herder girl but then he growls at her, and with a shiver running through her, she feels a familiar warmth spread over her as she briefly closes her eyes and whispers, "Yes, Sir." before looking back up at him. The nips at her neck bring a soft sigh from her lips, as Echo feels her own fire for the man start to stoke. Then he is moving off back towards the dresses, and she follows without a second thought. When he calls out to someone though, her attention turns to the brownrider and she ponders out loud, "Isn't he the one who got weyrmated?" She asks curiously.

A voice he recognizes drags A'lira put of his reverie, and his head jerks up, turning unerring to catch sight of Milosh. He alters his path to intercept him — and his little friend. "Hey." he greets, his grin as easy as sunshine, that masculine camaraderie echoed in his relaxed, confident posture. "How's thangs…" His gaze falls briefly on Echo, but he decides it's better to wait for Milosh to introduce her — if he intends to.

Milosh nods a yes to Echo's question and clasps hands with A'lira and pulls him in for one of those bro hugs before chuckling. "Things are going well. Just getting back from Ista I'm assuming? Missing the tropics yet?" Milosh slips a hand around Echo's waist and pulls her in to his side. "This is Echo, by the way." He sends a heated grin towards A'lira. Yes. That Echo. The one he'd borrowed the naughty room for.

Echo blinks and smiles at the other man when Milosh introduces her to the brownrider, but fails to introduce him to her. And what is with that grin? She waits for the bro-hug to end before she pipes up, "You're A'lira right? I was at your weyrmating. Well obviously not the ceremony, I was at the after party. It was really nice by the way, very festive. Your weyrmate was stunning. Well you both were. Everyone was really." Oh look, Echo's nerves seem to have gotten the better of her as she rambles aimlessly for a moment before remembering herself and another easy blush returns to her cheeks as she averts her eyes slightly.

Oh, hello! Apparently A'lira was missed! He returns that brohug with every evidence of affection and enjoyment. What a great thing to come back to! "Wish we could have stayed." Any excuse to have Igraine all to himself. And then his gaze falls on Echo, mildly curious. Never you mind what the grin is for; never you mind. "Ah, the mystery is solved. Nice to finally meet you." He can see why Echo would take so much of Milosh's attention: she's a pretty little thing, and seems very demure. Quite unlike his spicy wife. Echo's ramble earns her a chuckle of amusement. "It was the Zingari's doing, you know. I ain't the wedding planner by a long shot. And I quite agree with you: Igraine is very stunning. Damn near forgot my own name for lookin' at her."

Milosh shares a knowing look with A'lira over how stunning Igraine is. He knows too. "Pardon my manners." Milosh says after Echo guesses at A'lira's identity, correctly. Still, that had been rude of him. He holds Echo a little tighter when she starts rambling. "Aye, we Zingari know how to throw a thing. How were the Islands man? Don't hold out on me now. Was the weather fine the whole time? Did you try any of the liquor?" Milosh is in friend mode, one Echo's not seen him in before, which is probably confusing as hell to the girl, but Milosh is a multi-faceted man. Better to see all sides, right? Right. Even though most of the time Milosh is a cold, stern S.O.B.

Eyes widening now at the change in the man besides her, Echo is strangely awed at just how excited he seems to be to see his friend. And what is this mystery the rider speaks of? Curiouser and curiousr. When he pulls her closer, she can't help a happy little sound slip out of her lips as she lets her body mold to his. She turns to look up at him, her eyes sparkling with not so hidden emotion behind them, adoring and admiring at the same time, staying politely quiet so the two men can catch up.

Dare A'lira tease? Nah; the thing is much too new for such things. Besides, he's all too certain Milosh is not ready for the kind of humor that A'lira can indulge in. Better to simply treat it as nonchalantly as possible, the man's possessive cuddling. He knows those feels all too well, and he's glad Milosh has gotten someone he can have to himself. The brownrider gives Milosh a smirk for their shared knowledge. "Yeah…. the Islands were great. Good times were had, man. Think we spent most of it wearing very little. And the liquor was…" Again, that wry, amused chuckle. "I recommend it, let's say that."

Milosh chuckles, completely relaxed other than the ossesive hold he has on Echo. A'lira is probably smart not to tease, there are things that would touch nerves Milosh doesn't know he has yet. "Well I'm glad the trip worked out then. And I would expect you spent time wearing very little but please tell me you went and saw some of the sights?" As to the liquor, well, Milosh gives a lusty sort of grin. "Perhaps I should plan a trip to Ista myself…a couple of sevens of endless debauchery sound sounds good right about now."

Listening intently to the conversation, Echo blushes freely when there is mention of very little clothes. Then Milosh is talking about taking a trip with endless debauchery and she feels a pinprick to her chest at the thought of him going away, her smile faltering. His arm around her being probably the only thing keeping her where she is, as her body tenses, her instinct is to flee, not really wanting to hear about his plans for whatever, or whoever, he will do at Ista.

A'lira raises his eyebrows, thoughtful. Now here is where he might do his friend and lover a good turn, perhaps; setting him up with a lovely little vacation where he might relax without watchful eyes everywhere and mo one to ask untoward questions. Echo's nervousness, too, is noted though he says nothing to that point at all. Perhaps he should steer this thing onto something safer, like: "I assume you've taken the opportunity to spend time alone with your new friend here." He grins conspiratorially at Echo. "Away from all the aunties?" Faranth knows there are no boundaries with old ladies — even A'lira came in gor his share of nosy women among the Zingari. "Cause, man, those old women are nosy as hell. Can't tell ya how many times one at the Caravan latched on to me and asked me every question besides which way I tucked it in when I got dressed."

Milosh 's grip tightens on Echo when he feels that shift in her demeanor. Though he can also feel the need to steer the conversation in safer directions. Luckily A'lira does so, asking after their alone time and commenting on gossiping old aunties. MIlosh laughs. "Every chance I can get, right Pet?" MIlosh looks at Echo with a heated smile, and just a hint of fond regard. What has gotten into Milosh today? "There isn't a Zingari Auntie alive that doesn't want to ask that question A'lira. You're really lucky they didn't." Milosh goes lefties, not that anyone needed to know that.

Feeling his grip tighten on her actually relaxes Echo a little bit and then she is being addressed by Milosh and a smile automatically comes back to her lips as she looks up at him to answer, it grows brighter when she sees that heated smile with a hint of fondness back down at her, eyes dancing up at him. "I am really not complaining." She replies with a soft giggle. Then the two men mention something that she doesn't quite understand, "Tucking what in?" And just as the words leave her mouth does she realize what they are talking about, her mouth forming an O brielfy. "You mean there's different ways?" She says, awed and curious.

"Oh, I'm sure they're gonna ask sooner or later — what's-her-face, the really short one?" Right, they're all short, stood next to the tall brownrider. "Ikala. She practically measures me, man. If it wasn't so damn funny, I'd be worried." That, and the woman has to be ninety if she's a day, and as tiny as a child. A'lira has nothing to fear from that woman. And then Echo lets drop that question, startling A'lira into staring at her in surprise for a long moment before glancing toward his friend with laughter in his dark eyes. Well, now, hasn't Milosh gotten the most adorably innocent creature ever. A'lira can't quite muffle his laughter at Echo's question, giving Milosh his most innocent gaze. "Well, Milosh? Are there different ways?" Oh he's going to love this girl, he just knows it. She's good for his friend, which works for him.

Milosh likes that little giggle. How to make Echo do it again? Milosh has laughter for A'lira's words until Echo asks her question and A'lira fields it back to Milosh. The spy coughs. Excus-a-what now? Says the look on his face. Uhm. Ehem. "Not Different ways perse, but most men have a preference as to which side they tuck it into." Milosh glares a bit at A'lira, though he has his own ways of getting back at the man for that. A'lira may find himself with a visit from Milosh….or maybe not. Milosh can get creative in his more friendly revenges.

Well Echo's really put her foot in it this time, with the stare from the brownrider and the thoroughly confused look she is getting from Milosh, she can feel her face burn with a sudden bright red blush. Panic starts to set in as her anxiety rises as she has just made a fool of herself in front of one of Sir's good friends. The first friend she was ever introduced to. With a little squeak, she turns her body and buries her face in Milosh's chest, instinctively seeking what feels safest, hiding from the looks and stares that obviously mean that she has made some horrendous social misstep.

Bring it, brah! A'lira hasn't had a good game of playful revenge pranks in a very, very long time now. His grin is all white teeth in his dark face, and his brows waggle suggestively. Is there to be a demonstration, or something? Preferably not in the middle of the Bazaar, or they'll have some 'splainin' to do, and possibly unpleasant work details forever. But it'll be fun to find out what Milosh can get up to, in the wee hours where most might be asleep. And to see if he might convince Kyprioth to put up with tricks (hint: easier than one might imagine.) and pranks. But then, Echo's all embarrased, and it distracts A'lira from the playful challenge. "Aw, hey, don't mind us — we kid each other a lot." He glances over at Milosh again, still really, really amused even amid his concern. "Seriously, Echo, don't worry 'bout it — Milosh can tell you I tease. A lot. Just caught me of guard is all."

The sound of thoroughly amused laughter from MIlosh should let Echo know that Milosh isn't upset in the least. In fact, he'd found her innocent question adorable once he'd thought about it. He lifts his arm to Echo's shoulders to give her a comforting hug. "Don't worry Pet….." He comments and hugs her again. "This ass over here does love to tease and poke fun."

And it is so on A'lira. So very, //very/ on!

Echo relaxes just a little bit at the reassurances from A'lira and the amused laughter from Milosh, and finally lets herself peek, wide-eyed, up at him. Without even thinking, she stretches and plants a sweet kiss on his lips, before remembering that they are in public and she pulls back slightly, turning her head towards A'lira, she smiles weakly, "I should really learn to ask my questions in my head before I do so out loud." she giggles again, poking a little fun back at herself.

"And deprive me of the fun of watching him be confused? Don't, Echo." A'lira is earnest, now — never mind the sparkle of mischief in his gaze. "It'd spoil my fun." And oh, what fun they will have, especially if he can convince Echo to ask Milosh all kinds of crazy questions at the worst possible time — or maybe find other, more interesting ways to stump the man. There simply has to be a way spy or no spy. But hark: he has a brand-new mate currently in his weyr, likely rearranging the whole thing into some kind of immobile Zingari yurt and a half — perhaps he ought to see what she's up to. There's no sign of Malosim at the moment, but there is sign of that other thing he was looking for: a small, innocuous little thing, just for Igraine's pretty self. A thing he ordered, and will take an immense amount of pleasure in giving her, and he's just spotted the merchant who made it. He arches an eyebrow at Milosh. "Well. I'm off to pick up a little gift for a certain lady of mine. Be seein' you. Or not, as you please." He winks at Echo, playfully. "Nice meeting you, Echo — hopefully we get to know each other well." Well, once Milosh is more certain in his claim to her that is. A'lira knows how that is — he's even more eager to spend his time with his new mate. With a mocking salute to Milosh, the brownrider eels his way through the crowd to that merchant.

"Don't encourage her A'l, please." Milosh pleads half heartedly, when in fact, a reason to …. Nope. Brain can't go there. Stop it MIlosh! He eyes the brownrider as he spots a merchant and has to rush off. SHaking his head and laughing, MIlosh begins to again lead the way. "Now about that dress Pet…." And he'll pull her gently along, intent to get her something to make those gorgeous eyes pop and that he can peel her out of later….slowly.

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