Renalde, Ayanara


Renalde "welcomes" the newest healer to the weyr.


It is afternoon of the thirteenth day of the seventh month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Southern, Inner Caverns

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Inner Caverns

As straightforward as can be, the hallowed halls of Southern's innards are blessed with a prolific cultivation of wild glows, tended in a way to illuminate the valuted arches with warm light. The halls themselves are a mix of rough-hewn wall and carefully-carved architecture, stunning in contrast and beauty. All the passageways are well-kept, here, though certain paths show heavier wear: the corridors terminating in the baths, the latrines, and the main thoroughfare that moves through to the Living Caverns beyond.

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Months and months have passed since the wall came down in the ground weyrs. Months since Weyrwoman Lendai had "redecorated". Slowly the pink has been disappearing from the hallways, first one piece, than another. This inner hallway is one of the few which still boasts a majority of its pink colouration, and from the looks of the weyrfolk scurrying about, this area of the weyr is quite about to be unpinkified. "Careful!" The headman's voice will ring out severely, striding over to where a ladder wobbles. Reaching out he grabs a teenager and puts his hands on the shifting wood to hold it steady.

With so much hustle and bustle, it's no wonder Ayanara has a hard time locating the Headman for Southern Weyr. She stumbles around the halls, avoiding one worker or another, until she sees an unoccupied drudge. "Uhm…Excuse me, could you please direct me towards Headman Renalde?" She asks, voice quiet and unobtrsusive. The drudge rolls his eyes, as if he doesn't have enough work to deal with, and leads her to the pink hall of doom. "There!" He points and disappears. Ayanara nods and walks in. When within hearing distance, she stops and clears her throat. "Uh..excuse me, but are you Renalde?" She asks, hoping she has the right person. (re)

Renalde looks downwards as someone says his name, casting a look around for the unfamiliar voice. A slight frown crosses his face as his eyes brush past her knot. "Ah, you must be the new Healer the hall was sending now. Ayanara yes?" He doesn't offer her a hand or any other show of solidarity. "Welcome to Southern. I assume someone directed you to me so I can get you set up in your new quarters?"

Ayanara blushes, and re-adjusts the carry sack on her back. "Yessir. It took me a few minutes, but I found you." Aya shifts feet and looks around at the glaringly pink walls. "My new quarters sir?" She asks confused. "Will I not be in a dorm?" She asks, she's never had her own rooms before. She tucks a lock of dark hair behind her ear.

"Of course not." Renalde's voice is clipped and precise. It would not be proper Journeyman. His arms fold over his chest as he examines the newest crafter to join the Weyr. "You will find that Southern has many differences from any other posting you may have had before. For one, all craft apprentices live together communally. Many of them take classes together rather then only with their craft." He'll pause, and wait to gauge her reaction.

Ayanara takes in what the headman is saying with mixed amounts of confusion and awe. "I have only ever had a post within the Hold at Ista, and not even for very long….sir. This is my first official post." She shifts again. "I think that it's a splendid idea for the apprentices to do their schooling together. Young ones learn better in groups, I find." And with that unprompted set of word vomits, she quiets, waiting for the headman to continue.

"You find what Journeyman?" Renalde perhaps has cracked the slightest of a smile, though perhaps Ayanara doesn't realize the danger which the headman's smiles can have. Perhaps he'll be nice? Seeing as this is her first day after all. "Please, do enlighten us."

"Th-that young ones learn better in groups." Ayanara repeats, her own tentative smile coming out to return Renalde's, danger or no. She shifts back and forth on her feet, feeling like this is more of an interview than a tour and explination of her duties. "Is that wrong?" She asks, a thin eyebrow raising and showing that there is attitude hidden under her skittish exterior.

"We have found that to be true. As for having your own room Journeyman, you will find that Southern," okay, well, only within Renalde's circle is this actually true, "has a very strict attention to rank. It woulbe less than proper for a woman of your age and rank to be housed like an apprentice or drudge. I will assume that you have not had a chance to see the crafters quarters what so ever?"

Ayanara nods. "It's appriciated sir, please don't think I was complaining." The comments about rank have her curling her nose up. Wasn't Southern famous for being more….laid back? At the rest of Ren's inquiries, Ayanara shakes her head. "No sir, I'm fresh off the dragon, haven't even washed the sand and grit from my mouth yet."

Minute examination is taken of the Healer woman before Renalde responds again. He'll unfold one elegant hand to point down the hallway at various doorways. "Very well. You find the baths on the far end of the hall. They are communal, so do be aware of your manners." Does he even realize how insulting that sounds? Probably. "The latrines are across the hallway, with the laundry right next door. Unless you find a mate among those here I doubt you will have much to do with the children, but if you do, the nursery is on the far wall, just around the corner." His attention abruptly shifts from the the healer and back to the workers around him, his target this time a middle-aged looking man who is prying nails out of the wall. "Farnath help me, If you fall our newest healer will have to begin work before she is properly settled. Do not press against the wall for leverage, that is what the curved end is for man!"

Insulting indeed. Ayanara's face becomes a mask of calm and cool observation, a talent that got her through her training and the sneers of men around her. "I shall keep that in mind." She replies evenly, her tone flat. She watches Renalde scold the worker under his watch and shakes her head. Is this man for real? She crosses her arms under her bust, making for a more defensive stance. She'll have to watch herself around this one…/

As abruptly as his attention had shifted it is back on the healer. "I will have someone show you to the healer area. Dinner is typically served just before sun-down, though you will find that with the odd hours many here keep there is almost always something to be found to eat. Soup in the Nighthearth," and he'll point the other way down the hallway, "is typically changed daily for those who wish something warm." Reaching out he'll snag the arm of a teenager who is attempting to slide away from attention and perhaps out. "This one," and he fixes the teenager with a look, "will show you to where the healers area is. Your room should be prepared." He'll pause to see if the woman has any other burning questions to ask.

Ayanara makes a mental docket of the intructions being spat at her in record timing. "And whom should I report to within Healer Hall?" She asks, her voice that of brisk business. This one has all the warmth of a High Reaches winter right now. She lets a slight look of sympathy escape towards the captive teen, but only fr a millisecond.

Her opinion of him as cool is not helped at all by how his ice-blue eyes fix on hers for just a moment. "Healer Varden is our current weyr healer. He will be able to answer any specific questions you have. Do you have any other questions?" The teen is released, and will wait, having received his orders loud and clear. At least he gets to escape the work for a bit?

Ayanara shakes her head in a curt like way. "No sir. Not as long as you don't have any for me." She shifts once more, trading shoulders with the bag. "Varden, you say?" She asks, wanting to make sure she has the right name. She looks at the teen. "We should get out of the headman's way then, let him get back to his business." If he's ready to dismiss her, she is ready to go.

Renalde doesn't even bother to do something as formal as dismissing her. Instead he'll turn heel and walk down the hallway towards a man who is calling out for his attention. Curiously he holds pieces of tile in his hands that seem to have come off when the nails were pried away. To the man, having begun to ignore Ayanara completely unless she should call attention to herself again, Renalde says, "Southern has yet to reveal all her mysteries, keep an eye out for more such tiles, perhaps something of use may be discovered."

Ayanara blinks once, then once more, and then she stares at the teen. "Well, lets get going. There's no sense in staying here." She jerks her head in the direction Renalde had indicated and waves the teen ahead of her. They exit, with Aya taking one last look at the gawdy pink walls of the hall. Shaking her head, she disappears around the corner and her footsteps fade away, covered by the noise and hubub of the pink hall of doom.

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