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Igen's second on-cam egg touching!


28th day of the third month of the first turn of the 12th pass


Hatching Sands, Igen Weyr

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Hatching Sands, Igen Weyr

The out-of-doors of Igen Weyr seems a blissful respite from the oppressive heat of this sandy colosseum. Heated from beneath by volcanic vents, the air above the hatching sands shimmers, lending a sort of unreal, dream-like quality to the area beyond even the magic that happens here at Impressions. Despite its blistering temperatures, the sands are incongruously soft, almost powdery, and flat save for the worn stone queen's bower that rises up to break the monotony and provide a place of respite for the doting mother-to-be.

K'ane comes on in with a full-length stride. Hope all dem cute little girls can KEEP UP. "C'mon, children. Bow to th' clutchparents, be respectful, be quiet," he shoots a Warning Look(tm) at the assembled candidates, "Don't run. Walk slowly. G'on," he shoos them off with a quick grin over to Teya, stifled after a moment.

Sekhaenkath lies curled on the sands, starkly dark and vibrant fire against the Igen sands. Balefully, he watches, the darker aspect of his dam's influence evidenced in the sharp eyes he gives the candidates. Yes, that's right. Beware ye who enter here for the two-legs are for munchings and crunchings.

Just imagine, a few moments ago, Mayte was quietly chatting with Sacitca, and now she's out on the Sands again. She eyes the clutchdam and dad briefly before bowing to them both and then her gaze cuts to the eggs. She steps very carefully to avoid the desert-coloured egg this time, instead choosing to sidle up to the softer-looking Grunged Egg, fingers so gently brushing it as to seem tentative or cautious.

You know that dream where you are naked in front of your whole class during presentation day? This walking dream is WORSE. You're wearing FLANNEL. At least it's comfortable… but man, Teya is totally laughing at you and your acid-washed jeans and your thousand pieces of smartass swag. Oh wait. No, you're just naked, and Sekhaenkath is the one that's laughing. WAKE UP!

Well, it's safe to say that this securely puts Sacitca out of the boundries of the Known. A glance is cast at Mayte, who has been through something like this before, but turns her eyes back to the clutchparents at K'ane's words, and bows politely to Elicheritath and Sekhaenkath before making any further movements toward the eggs. Her first stop is beside the chaotic colors of the Magic Eye Egg, which she hesitantly touches her fingertips to after a moment.

sacitca with It's there, just at the edges of your awareness: a faint-fuzzed picture that you can't quite make out. That's it, you're almost there — just at the edges of your vision, the picture almost comes into focus … almost … almost. No, nevermind. Not quite. You're trying too hard.

At least of 'dem cute little girls' is boring a hole into K'ane's back for making her do a hop-skip type affair to keep up. Not that he'd know for if he happens turn? Blank-faced-bow to the momma and pappa in progress. Truth be told, Prymelia would have been happy to stay as far away from the sands as possible after the last time but here she is, bracing and marching over to the Cowabunga Egg with chin lifted and shoulders squared. Aaaand…Touch!

Nightfall suddenly swirls in around you, the coolness of evening pushing away the heat of the sands, and your feet fall quick upon hard ground. You're on the move, running along narrows streets between looming buildings in the shadows, chasing down that dastardly villian who won't get away from you this time! Hah! And with your friends at your side, armed and ready for action, it's a sure thing. This is what it's all about - saving the world with your best buds at your back, and nothing's gonna stop you now! Down an alley you charge into shadow, unseeing…and back you come. Want to see where the adventure leads next? How can you not?

Teyaschianniarina finishes herding the last of the not-actually cats onto the sands, sketches a bow of her own to Eli and Sekh that is a little cheekier to the former than the latter. She goes wide around the eggs, and ends up standing near enough to make EYEBROWS at K'ane before watching the candidates mill.

K'ane smirks after Prymelia and gives a little waggle of his fingers — oh hello there precious redhead, he remembers you from one drunken adventure long ago — and paces a semicircle over towards Teya to use her shoulder as an ARM PROP. Don't judge, this shit's comfy. "They're growin' up so fast," he states in the loudest stage-whisper *ever*.

Bringing up the rear along with Teya, her smile quietly…nostalgic? Is it too soon for her to be nostalgic? Nah… Well, there is Kyara, helping keep this particular gaggle of white knots in line with a calm voice and encouragements. Her bow made to the clutchparents, she stands near the brownrider and K'ane to watch, her smile slanting into a bit of a lopsided grin before she's looking out at the eggs and the Candidates among them.

Mayte yanks back her hand quickly, staring at the egg in dismay: "Oh man," she breathes, looking around furtively. Did anyon… No. It's okay. "Um." A quick patdown to make sure her clothing is still in place, and Mayte moves on. She takes a few moments before eyes focus on something white… white and angry. It takes a while to get there, but Mayte looks at it a moment before carefully setting her hand against the perturbed shell of My Name Is… Egg.

Sullen light flares underneath your fingers, gone before you hardly recognize that it exists in the first time. It's … disturbingly quiet: a forest flushed of birds and chirping insects by a predator so soul-suckingly badass that everything is afraid to breathe. Or perhaps … perhaps it is just a pissy Holder boy penning some new HORRIBAD rhymes. What? They seem to go a little bit like this…

May I have your attention please?
May I have your attention please?
Will the real Slim Mayte please stand up?
I repeat, will the real Slim Mayte please stand up?
We're gonna have a problem here…

Sacitca's eyes cross, and her brow furrows, trying to see whatever it is…and then backs away from the egg, brushing a hand against her forehead lightly. Her brow remains furrowed, confused, and she shakes her head slowly. "Well, alright then." She says, moving away from the egg quickly enough - though not actually quickly. A quick little smile is cast at Prymelia when she sees the other, but after a moment she comes to a stop beside the glizty glam of the You've Got Egg. She waits until after the current Candidate's moved away from it, and then touches it more boldly than the last egg, with her whole hand. But carefully all the same.

kkkksssxxx screeeeee piiing squip skkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk and on, and on, and on: if you can just get through that god-awful noise for a LITTLE WHILE LONGER, there's something magical on the other end. A whole unlimited world of possibilities. Kkkkkssssssssskkk.

Shoulder being used for an ARM PROP prompts Teya to lean in against K'ane - not all sappy cozy, but like he's the fame of a doorway, one she's got her arms crossed and is leaning against. DOUBLE COMFY. "Speaking of," she adds with a nod and a grin toward Kyara, "how's it feel to be on this end of things?" Despite her question, her eyes are - largely on the candidates, making sure that everything keeps going smoothly.

K'ane watches. And not even in the kinky K'vvan kind of way EITHER. Comfy-prop'd on Teya, he smirks at the reactions seen across the Sands. "Aye, Ky. Things look a little different out here, don't they?" He points out one candidate — turns out to be Mayte — and comments, "I bet she screams 'fore the end. She looks like a screamer." Yes. Yes he just said that.

Oh yes, Prymelia remembers you, K'ane. She REMEMBERS! She's just pretending like she doesn't. Slipping her palms across the slightly slimey looking green egg, the redhead frowns, breath picking up as if she were on the chase but its exhilaration rather than fear that etches freckled features. "Now that I can get with." She mutters and turning a look over her shoulder to Morin who is impatiently waiting her turn at the gold egg, a quick smile is sent first Kyara and then Teya's way. Moving on, she's drawn to the I Can Go Twice As High Egg, brilliant rainbow hues an attraction for any magpie.

Refreshing, the breeze that wafts through your mind as misty light suffuses your vision for just a moment. Are you curious? What do you want to know? Here it all is, waiting for you. Just come and find it! Search among the swirls of color that coalesce into pages before you - catch them! Read and learn, know and be enlightened; there's so much coming your way, and you'll need to be prepared. The colorful breeze sweeps you along, light glinting off of so many possibilities…but just a glimpse, as the light of knowledge gives way once more to pale sand.

Kyara chuckles softly, digging a toe into the sand as she folds her arms and glances over at Teya and K'ane. "It feels…well, different, yeah. Of course. Like I get to watch over them now instead of being watched, if that makes any sense." And then K'ane is being K'ane, and she simply eyes the bronzerider. Can she throw something at him, please? With a roll of her eyes, she looks back out, catching Prymelia's smile and returning it with a nod.

Mayte is clearly less than impressed by the white egg, going so far as to let her eyebrow creep upwards briefly as her hand falls to her side. Is that all? She steps back, turning just in time to hear a few of K'ane's words but not see who he's pointing at. Surely it's not her, even if some of the other unoccupied Candidates in her area are tittering. Twerps. As Mayte is moving over to the Get Over Here! Egg, she happens to glance at the bronzerider suspiciously, right before her hand comes into contact with its shell.

VIOLENCE. VIOLENCE AND GORE! VIOLENCE AND GORE AND RATED "M" FOR MATURE!!!!!!!!1! Your vision washes red — red from all the BLOOD you have shed — and as you blearily blink around you realize you have killed them all. You have killed them ALL. Why would you do that? Why would you do that? A sudden pinch and a shaft impales you, a harpooner's rig wielded by none other than the oafish bronzerider o'er yonder. A maniacal cackle: GET OVER HERE! As everything fades to black and "THE END" is superimposed over your consciousness, the reel of disclaimers speed through inhumanly fast: 'please-play-responsibly, ClicheCo claims no liability for any lasting mental injury or laughter-induced hernias, only-available-in-select-gaming-areas, rated "M" for mature'.

Again comes the furrowing of Sacitca's eyebrows, and a slow shake of the head before the expression smooths into a sort of bewildered smile. "Okay, so the near-headache was worth that." She mutters more to herself than the waiting Morin, and backs away from the egg. and A quick survey of her surroundings has her making the trek to the curiously colored Cowabunga! Egg, and after a moment, the perfumist touches the red and blue lightly.

It hits like a freight train, the craving: it pinches your belly and invades your mind and only one thing, ONE THING will feed the need: dough and sauce and cheese baked to mouth-watering perfection. Little slices of spiced meat? No. Little chunks of fruit? No. This pie's toppings, the only ones that will do: chunky nut spread and creamy avocado slices and extra, extra pickles, please and thank you.

"I cried," Teya admits, "does that count? I probably would have screamed, but my throat didn't want to work right - um." She looks up, and while she is looking up she scuffs her boot against the sand, like she totally isn't fidgeting somewhat anxiously in remembrance. "I don't think I would have said yes a third time if they hadn't been Elicheritath's eggs I was saying yes to." Everyone be glad your egg-touchings ain't as traumatic as Teya's, yo.

"You are a crier," K'ane replies, his face a glinting little grin at Teya's … Teyishness. What? Oh, right. He's not supposed to sport a b… bad sense of humor on the Sands when he's supposed to be a responsible adult. He even waves with his free hand at Mayte, grinning cheerfully: meanwhile, sideways, "Oh yeah, totally a screamer." A sunny smile for Kyara, irrascible as the day is long. To both Tey and Ky: "Did I ever tell y'all 'bout Dhioth's egg?"

Enraptured by the allure of light, Prymelia's lips curve about a smile. "You're a clever little one, aren't you?" A pause and then she cants her head to one side. "I bet you find a harper to make your own." Giving the egg a light pat she pauses to shake some sand out of her sandals, glancing over to the hulking gold where Morin is getting all giddy about it being her turn next at the gold egg, she snorts and shakes her head. That's one egg she's staying faaaar away from. And so, This Is The Egg That Never Ends gains the redhead's attention next conversation coming from Those Who Watch, nibbling at the periphery of awareness.

There's…echoing in your head - muted, at first, and clearly a voice, but you can quite make out the words. There's a line, spreading into a quaint dirt path in the grass of a clearing before you, inexorably drawing you along and coaxing you to follow it into the trees of a familiar jungle. The voices come clearer and clearer, and suddenly it's just one as you keep walking… "This is the song that never ends/ Yes, it goes on and on, my friend…" Earnest, simple…somewhat insane? More voices join, and the path curves through the trees back to the clearing; you've been here before, but you just can't stop following… "Some people started singing it not knowing what it was/ And they'll continue singin' it forever just because/ This is the song that never ends…" It and that path go on and on and on…will it never stop? MAKE IT STOP!

Reeling back, Mayte stares at this egg in horror. "What the …" she says clearly, and clearly the next word isn't going to be a nice one, but she swallows it back, eyes flicking to the other candidates as they move among the eggs. It takes a moment for her to count each one, under her breath. Shouldn't have gotten that universal player. Despite the heat, Mayte stands stock still, hands clenched at her side. No touchy! She does gaze slightly longingly at the You've Got Egg, asking another Candidate going by, looking a bit stunned, "Why can't they all be as nice as," a chinjut to the gold egg. The dirty look Mayte gets back indicates that perhaps that isn't always the case. Anyway, Mayte takes a good, long walk around before stiffening her back and laying hand to the Box of Chocolates Egg.

Dry southern heat rises as the strangest vista fills your mind's eye: a dusty road under a sky not quite a normal shade of Pernese blue, grasses unfamiliar and familiar alike dotting the sides. A house — a mighty house, unlike anything you have ever seen before, whitewashed with huge collumns lining the front of it — stands quiet sentinel at the end. Cotton fields line each side, and Faranth is it hot. Sweet tea — such a foreign taste, so sweet, so craveable — quenches your thirst, soothes that parched throat. As the image fades, you have a sudden and irresistable urge to RUN, MAYTE, RUN!!

Sacitca's mouth is probably both watering and puckered in something akin to want and disgust by the time that egg is through with her. She has to drop her hand and swallow a few times before she can even think of moving on. "That's. Um. Both irresistible and revolting." She tells it, "though I suppose it does have some merits." Maybe. Potentially. She's going to need to find a pickle before light's out tonight, perhaps.. An egg nearby catches her attention with it's varied hues, and she approaches to touch The Color of My Heart Egg.

Against the Sands' heat your mind is suddenly cool, the eggs, your fellow candidates, the riders attendant all fading out; the entirety of your senses are nothing but blackness, neutral-cool and calm. It doesn't stay that way for long, though: the sensation warms as if from a touch, shifts to purple-blue, no red, no greenish-gold — the colors dissipate back into the Sands' heat, and your vision clears before you can quite put your finger on an actual defined hue.

"I'm totally a crier," isn't abashed at all, because really. "No-one's really surprised by that." She's not betting for or against Mayte being a screamer, though: instead she leans her head — no, instead she gently thumps her head against where she's leaned up against K'ane, and says, "You really haven't," because let's face it: even when K'ane's someone's BFF, getting him to talk about personal history is somewhat hit-or-miss. "Ryggles' was weird, but decent. I'll tell if you," both, says her expression, "tell."

It starts out so nicely; Mayte even hums a couple of bars while her hand slowly, reluctantly starts to pull away. So tempting, so delici… Mayte's eyes widen suddenly as her hand pulls back, her face going scarlet after a second. Eyes dart back and forth and then Mayte starts a fast duck-walk over to the escort riders, hissing quietly, "Um. I kinda… I have to… you know… go." The call of nature has hit Mayte and the young Candidate is bouncing on her toes, trying to avoid embarrassing herself.

Kyara's eyebrows pop up a little at Teya, her smile fading. "You had a bad experience out there? Or, more than one?" Then she blinks over at K'ane. "I remember you talking about Dhioth, but not his egg…" And then she goes silent in curiosity, though she smirks and gives a nod to Teya for her last.

K'ane is really sketchy about his past, it is quite true. What? Painful topics, man. Painful. His eyebrows shoot up at Mayte's statement but he's waving her on: "Oh, 'course. Don't run," he calls after the girl, squinting at the others. To Teya: "It felt like I was havin' sex right on th' Sands. I didn't walk right for two whole freakin' hours." Sadface. SAD. FACE. "I swear. Felt like nails down my back an'…" he shudders and wriggles his shoulders all at the same time. Not appropriate conversation for the current group of people, OBVIOUSLY.

Mayte's practically purple at this point as she nods thanks, somehow remembers to bow to Sekhaenkath and Elicheritath, and flee the Sands at a respectful, but hurried clip. The bathroom summons!

Bewildered is definitely a good call for the expression on Sacitca's face as her vision clears, and all she can think to do is make a "hm," sound. That's it, really, all it gets is a "hm," because the Tlatoani girl's not sure that any other words quite…cover what that particular egg had to say. Or if they do, they're currently far, far out of reach. Idle footsteps take her on a path straight to the malevolent darkness of The Fifth Egg. It's shell is considered for a few long moments, and then she finally touches it. Just with her fingertips, though.

There is blackness here, too, but from this one there is no escape: this time the reprieve from the Sands' heat is too-cold; this time the calm is too-quiet. There is a malevolence here, ancient and all-consuming and inescapable - or is it. A bright flash of light POPs across your senses, one blister-bright moment before the darkness is gone and the Sands are the Sands again, their heat oppressive but welcome.

Mayte walks to the Entryway.

Prymelia is at first drawn along by the wily little egg, a smile etching onto her lips at the familiarity of projected surroundings. It's not long however before hazel eyes narrow and brows pinch together until eventually, sticking her fingers into her ears as if to block a most annoying sound, she jerks back. Staring open-mouthed at the egg for a few moments she gives her head a shake. "You need help," she tells it. "Or for someone to teach you a new song." From the edge of her vision, Mayte's hurried departure is noted and quickly a glance is flung the way of the clutchparents. Are they hungry? They LOOK hungry! It's at just that moment that she catches snippets of the conversation going on between The Watchers. K'ane's reply in particular finds the redhead having to bite her lip to contain the snicker that rises up. Sucks to be a dude! Back to the matter at hand curiosity finds her slipping fingertips along the near black shell of the Reeks Like Adolescent Rebellion Egg.

Just your fingertips? Pssshh. This one's grabbing your hand and pulling, irresitible, into the dark and the pounding music, the bass rumbling through your feet as you pass among the seething, jumping, dark-clothed throng. Smoke from an unknown source drifts in head-level clouds, dazing and confusing you and somehow making the world seem completely fine all at the same time…and you are being pushed, pulled, through the crowd, whispers suggestive at your ear and throat in the shadows and then rebel yells ringing in your ears in the light. Then you're there, on the stage in blinding floods, the crowd roaring in anticipation at YOU. For YOU. Here we are, now - ENTERTAIN US! But do you have the wits for it now? Go on! GO ON!!

"I had a lot of kind of awful experiences out on the Sands," Teya admits, but quietly - not because she's ashamed or anything, but because speaking of inappropriate subjects. "The first time was sort of intimidating but unremarkable, the second time was scarring," literally! K'ane's seen them. "The third time I said yes because the weyrlingmaster needed someone he trusted to watch the other candidates, and because Tuli." Matter-of-fact delivery, there. "Totally managed to escape K'ane's kinda awkward, though. I'm so sorry." She seems genuine enough - around the grinning.

"Oh…" Kyara's definitely a little wide-eyed at K'ane for that, and then she's blinking over at Teya. "Wow." She's quietly thoughtful again for a moment, noting Mayte's departure in the periphery before murmuring, "I actually didn't even touch the egg Lia came from, mainly just because there wasn't time. Some of the ones I did touch, though… Faranth. They had some pretty insane things to show me. Gave me weird dreams for a good seven."

K'ane scruffs at his face and opens his mouth to reply — before he's overtaken by someone quick-slow walking towards him from the entrance. "Uh. If y'all will excuse me." He leaves the candidates in the very capable hands of Kyara and Teya before trekking after the dragonhealer, shaking his head as he goes. Duty sucks, guys.

Sacitca shivers despite the heat of the Sands, and then flinches suddenly away from the egg, her hand snatched back and held close to her chest for a moment. A few moments are taken to clear her vision, and for the heat to sink back in, before she's finally able to make sounds. "That's… What was.." A shake of the head has her heading to an egg hopefully of a safer variety than the malevolent one. Her eyes land upon the Above The Clouds Egg, and she makes a beeline - though a slow one - toward it, touching it once she finally gets there.

There's a sound like wings on the air, heavy and leathery - but smaller than a dragon's wing. There's a sense of presence, looming; watching, waiting. It could be sinister; it could be sweet. Overall the sense of being watched is overwhelming … ly ambiguous. What is out there, in the night?

Sly, even sensual the smirk that forms. The brush of fingertips become palms flattened against the inky darkness of the egg as if Prymelia might draw its very essence into her by doing so. A laugh, low and husky spills. "Oh you have NO idea, little one, what I would do to entertain you." Morin, all a-twitter at GOLD EGG drooling, comes barreling along, knocking into the redhead so that she's disconnected from that hedonistic den of iniquity. Much like a junkie denied its fix, hazel eyes snap to the chubby blonde. "Eejit!!" She hisses before casting a last longing look at the egg, then darting a glance over to the trio of supervisors grouped together. Catching Kyara's comment she glances back down at the egg again and then with an unreadable expression in place, she moves herself on. Idly meandering but not touching until she comes to the Magic Eye Egg with all its colorful chaos.

"Ryglinath's - everyone around me was birds," and what a relief that was, "which was a lot more reassuring than a lot of things had been. Oh," Teya side-steps away from K'ane so that he can leave without hassle, "I'm doing steaks tonight!" on his heels. "I'm always glad that what comes out of 'em doesn't always seem to match what they put in our heads," she says to Kyara once they're alone with the candidates.

This feeling is one that Sacitca is at least familiar with - the feeling of being watched…though never to the extent the egg seems to be. Family eyes are a bit different, after all! And thankfully NOT PRESENT. In the end, she walks away from the egg without much hesitation. Prymelia catches her eye, and she casts a wry little smile at the other woman, and winds up beside the Apocalypsegg. This one can't be any worse than that other one, can it? It gets eyed dubiously, and finally touched.

The light around you fades, leading your gaze forward, ever forward, down and down the tunnel…tunnel vision made tangible, your steps following your eyes toward the color spangled down in the distance. Yet even that fades as you stop in the charcoal darkness, and as you cast about, figures start to form…what is it? What is- no! Shardit, you moved your eyes, and all is a muddled ink-blot test of ambiguity again. Stare, stare - that's the way. Flecks of color start to swirl, mingle, congealing here, bursting apart there, teasing at images that can't decide whether or not to exist. And the feeling as you look with burning eyes - longing, frustration… what you want, what you need is right in front of you. Why is it so hard to see? Or is it all in your head? Stop trying so hard; the answer may suddenly appear.

Cunning amusement tracks Sacitca’s path to the egg Prymelia had just touched. Hazel eyes dancing with mischief to see the other candidate’s reaction to it suddenly widen and the redhaired candidate snaps her head to the egg she’s now making contact with. Straining, her willowy frame tense, she STARES at it until her eyes start to smart. “Ugh!” Pulling away, she lifts both hands and rubs the heels of them against her eyes. “That was weird. Seriously. What in the name of firestone!?” Feeling a little woozy, the heat from the sands not helping much, she wobbles backward and then flicks a fuzzy-eyed look toward Teya and Kyara. “Gonna go sit down,” she tells them waving vaguely in the direction of the entrance onto the sands as she zig-zags her way off.

Lips pull downwards in a frown of confusion, and Sacitca backs away from yet another egg. Her eyes track Prymelia's progress off the Sands, and she pulls her hand away from the egg. "That was……" She tells it, falling silent when Elicheritath shifts closer to the eggs. That movement, followed by Kyara's words, has the young woman stopping at one final egg, one nearest the exit, and considering it for a long moment….before she simply shakes her head. "I'm not sure I can handle another right now." At least she's being honest about it! Polite bows are issued to the clutchparents, and after a quick glance to Kyara and Teya for permission, leaves the Sands at as quick-slow a pace as she can manage. FLEEING. Or something quite close to it.

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