Tolavin, Ryott


Tolavin thought he found somewhere quiet to practice, but Ryott quickly corrects that assumption.


It is afternoon of the first day of the sixth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Standing Stones, Igen Weyr

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"Oh, did I interupt you?"


Standing Stones

It is perhaps a pity that the Standing Stones lie in quiet isolation, half-forgotten in the Weyr's easternmost corner. Or perhaps it is inevitable: the grandiose beauty of these red rocks is ill-suited to Igen's coarse grit, and maybe only their loneliness allows them to survive unmarred. Whatever the reason, it cannot be denied that the Standing Stones, a lonely jumble of ancient boulders, have a glory about them. The tumbled field of pillars and arches has been shaped by eons of wind and water into strange shapes, twisted and rutted. The going is treacherous: only the Weyr's half-feral herd of caprines navigates the terrain with any ease. To the northwest, the lakeshore glimmers; to the east, rough-carved steps lead towards another ancient pile of rocks - though the Star Stones are less haphazardly placed than their Standing cousins.

It is the first day of Summer and 93 degrees. It is overcast and cloudy.

Morning has well and truly broken; as midday approaches, the temperature rises even as the sky continues to be overcast. It's already hot, but for some reason Tolavin's decided it's absolutely fine weather to take his gitar and head up to the standing stones. There is at least a breeze there, winding through the tumbled stones. He's started the clibm up the stairs to the Star Stones, but the heat's got the best of him and he's given up halfway, sitting down on one step with his feet resting two steps down. With the gitar in his lap, and a brimmed hat shielding his eyes from what sun there is, he plucks out a few half-tunes on the instrument, repeating the phrase over and over with slight changes.

At the sound of music drifting over the area, a head with a closely cropped brush of dark brown hair peeks down from her perch atop one of the taller pillars of stone, laying flat on her stomach. Dark eyes scan the area until they reach the Harper on the steps with his gitar. Propping her chin up on her cupped hands, Ryott watches him go through a few repetitions before she calls down at him, "Hey! Do you know the one with the Trader who has a wife in each cothold? The one with all the rude words?"

Tolavin doesn't stop playing, even with the sudden voice from the person he didn't realise was there. His fingers continue to play over the strings even as he turns as best he can to look around, finally spotting the girl up on one of the stones. A bright grin is aimed up at her. "Know it? I've added to it." He winks, and then his fingers have shifted and the first verse of the song comes - an innocent start, but it gets fun from the chorus onwards, of course. His playing is easy, even in the heat; his voice a sure baritone as he gleefully sings the words with a mischevious twinkle in his eyes.

Shifting on her perch, Ryott swings her legs over the side, sitting now and leaning forward as the Harper begins his song, not seeming at all concerned that she's half a dragon-length above the ground with nothing securing her. With only a single foot tapping along in the air, the girl is otherwise still as stone as she watches the performance intently. The new lyrics bring a smirk to her lips and almost unconciously, she begins to follow the beat with little taps of her hand against her leg. She lets out a few whoops and whistles at the especially dirty parts, moving her lips along with the chorus.

Tolavin is loving it, completely the performer. Each character in the song gets their voice, the female ones especially high-pitched and silly; he doesn't shy away from the rudeness of it all, and by the time he's finished the final verse of the bawdy song, he's belting out the words at top volume. With the details of the Trader's comeuppance given, a final strum of the gitar strings signals the end of the song and Tolavin grins up at Ryott, dipping his torso in a little bow to his audience.

Ryott actually claps quite enthusiastically, her normally frozen expression thawing with the smallest hint of a smile as she continues to gaze down at the Harper, "I love that song." she says rather obviously, as she leans way forward and rests one elbow on her knee. "What are you doing all the way out here to practice? Big ass rocks seem like a poor audience," she muses as she rests her chin in cupped hand, tapping curled fingers gently against her cheek.

Tolavin flashes teeth as he laughs at Ryott's complete understatement. "Who doesn't love that song? It's a classic!" Maybe in certain circles, Tolavin, but it's no Duty Song. As to his interesting choice of theatre, the Harper shrugs, his fingers already picking the strings again as if he needs to accompany his own words. "Sometimes it's good to have a clear head, a bit of space. No apprentices bursting in interrupting when you've nearly cracked a composition." He sounds amused by it all, rather than annoyed.

"Oh, did I interupt you?" Ryott asks evenly, not bothering to look even the slightest bit repentant as she continues to study the man from beneath dark brows, one hand running absently over the brush of her dark hair. "I get that. I'm kinda here for the same reasons. Needed a bit of a different view to clear my thoughts," she muses cryptically before tilting her head to one side. "So what were you working on?"

"I'd never turn down a request - not an interruption at all." Tolavin looks up at Ryott, wriggling his eyebrows. "A good view it is, too." He looks out approvingly at the view this height gives, even without the advantage of being at the top of a pillar. "Yours must be better still. I'm sure my painter friends would kill to sit up there like you are." He absently strums out one of the phrases from earlier, half the answer to her question; the answer is completed with: "a little nothing, really. A song about our Weyrleadership, in honour of the T-Tourney." There's something in his tone that implies it may not be quite serious; his cheeky grin adds to that impression.

"Hmmm, maybe I could act as guide to the good spots…" Ryott considers for a moment, looking around her briefly. "For a small consideration for my troubles off course," she adds before looking down at the Harper again. When he explains what he's working on, she narrows her eyes briefly before a small smirk spreads to her lips, "That's ballsy," she states simply as she sits up and stretches back, leaning on her palms, before observing, "Everyone seems to have their opinion on the Weyrleaders lately."

Tolavin grins at Ryott's consideration of that idea. "Trust me, once one knows about it, you'll have plenty of requests…!" He has no immediate answer to her comment about opinions, instead looking down at his gitar as he plays the phrase again, this time with an air of finality. "Got it!" He reaches into his pocket for a scrap of hide and a pencil, jotting down some messy notes, and then shoves them back away. Now he plays louder, singing a line to accompany the music. Innuendos that leave the lyrics just barely appropriate, hinting at the Weyrleader's visits to Rosie's, and things the Weyrwoman gets up to at the underground lake. He grins broadly up at Ryott when he's finished. "What d'ya think?"

"It's very…" Ryott searches for the right word, rolling her eyes to the clear blue sky as she hisses air through her teeth, "Yeah, I'm going to stick with ballsy," she affirms with a nod as her dark eyes find him again. "It should make for some rousing entertainment, hope I'll be able to catch the show," she says sincerly before she suddenly gets to her feet in one fluid motion. With a wicked little smile, she seems to step off the back of the perch and then she's gone. It only takes a few moments for her to saunter out from behind the stone pillar, no more winded than if she were on a leisurely stroll, "So what's your name Harper? I want to make sure I know who to look out for on the day." Her hands are deep in her pockets as she cants her head to one side, studying the man closer now.

Tolavin's eyebrows go a-waggling again; his hands have settled now. Instead, he's watching Ryott with fascination as she stands and then…steps off the back of the pillar?! Alarm has his mouth drop open, but he's too stunned to get to his feet and do anything useful like check if she's okay. Fortunately, there's no need, and when Ryott comes out from behind the stone he shakes his head, jokingly pushing his mouth shut with a hand. "Impressive. Acrobat?" As to his name: "I'm Tolavin. Formerly of Fort Harper Hall, and now drying out in the Igen sun." He's cheery about it all as he meets her gaze, unfussed by the scrutiny.

At the guess to her profession, Ryott just shrugs her shoulders, "Of a kind…" she drawls cryptically before finding a convenient boulder to lean against, although behind her mask of indifference, she's secretly pleased at the Harper's reaction. "The name's Ryott, formerly of…somewhere else," she introduces herself with another smirk playing to her lips. Looking up at the forementioned celestial body, the girl just makes a non-commital sound in the back of her throat, "The desert's not so bad…y'know…if you can see past all the…" heavy sigh for maximum dramatic effect, "sand."

Tolavin drums his fingertips idly on the body of his gitar, the lack of doing anything with them getting to him. He's still listening, taking part in the conversation, but he needs to be doing something with his hands. "How mysterious," he teases, though he's also not one to probe - not overtly, anyway, and not on a first meeting. "The adverts certainly weren't wrong about the sand," he agrees about the general sandiness of the place. "Still, the heat is pretty nice, especially compared to Fort. Sand's supposed to be good for your skin, right? Exfoliating or something?" Looking for an upside with a big smile on his face!

Ryott takes note of his restless fingers before she snorts at the idea that she's being mysterious, "Nah, just not as interesting as a Harper from Fort way." If he's at all good with accents, there's just the barest hint of Bitran brogue. "Yeah, don't like the cold much myself, couldn't do it up Fort or High Reaches way," she replies conversationally before hiking an eyebrow way up on her forehead as she scoffs at his last, "I've heard of some pretty farfetched beauty treatments in my day," all fourteen turns worth of days, "But sand being good for the skin? Go stand in a sandstorm and tell me if you like the feel of your skin getting sadn-blasted." She actually rolls her eyes at the mere suggestion.

"I could get used to this heat," Tolavin says. He's certainly more tanned than one would expect of a Fortian, so has no doubt been taking advantage of the sunnier Igen weather. Perhaps his first summer will change his opinion, when he realises how extreme the weather gets. "I'll pass on that one," he says jovially - he can have crazy moments, but that's a step too far even for him. "So - got any recommendations for places around here off the beaten track, so to speak?" Apparently he's decided she's not just a guide for the star stones, but a general Igen tour guide.

"What are you looking for? And how far off the beaten path are you looking to go?" Ryott answers his question with two of her own, and not even letting him answer them before she forges onwards, "If you're looking for gaming, there's a few places I could suggest, but…" she looks him up and down consideringly, "I would need to know your tolerance for brawls and possible pickpockets. There's dicing, Dragon Poker, even tunnel snake fighting if you know where to look." With a clearing of her throat she just continues, "The Zingari put on some amazing entertainment nights, great booze, and…" she leans in conspiratorially, "They have the best escorts in Igen, female and male." She nods knowingly, cause Ryott doesn't judge and the harper does have that pretty boy look to him.

Tolavin considers that question, but Ryott has carried on before he can figure out some clever answer. "Quite the selection. I reckoned there'd be plenty going on…I've heard a lot about the infamous Bazaar." He laughs briefly, and though his laughter diminishes, a bright smile remains, a twinkle in his eyes at the talk of escorts. "Oh? Well, while I'm in Igen I should make sure I sample everything it has to offer." Is it sort of weird he's saying this to someone Ryott's age? Not that he's to know exactly how many Turns she has, though. "Maybe they'll even accept an evening's playing as payment," he adds, hopefully.

"Infamous," Ryott smirks with a wry chuckle, "I guess you could call it that. Just, y'know, watch your back…and your marks purse." Her last has her training her smirk back into her more neutral expression, adding an air of sincerity to her words. She sees that twinkle when she mentions the escorts and scoff soflty at the idea that they will accept music in exchange for favors, "I have no idea, I'm only fourteen. But sure, you should definitely try that." She nods emphatically, hoping that if he does, she'll be in the vicinity to watch the fallout.

"I'll try not to wear my valuables," Tolavin promises, voice serious although his eyes betray him, sparkling away merrily at Ryott. He does do a double take when the girl's age is revealed, but keeps his composure. There is a subtle shift to reign in the more flirty elements of his manner. Thank Faranth he hasn't gone too far with her. "I will," he says with a grin, then attempts to leave that topic behind (fourteen!!) by asking, "so, you work in the bazaar or…?"

That double take amuses Ryott to no end, the ends of her lips curling up just slightly as she rubs her hand over her bristle like coif, "Yeah, I know I look older than I am…" she adds sarcastically, fully aware she's 5'2" and built like a re-adolescent boy. She'd giggle if she was prone to such things. His last question gets an inward chuckle as her dark eyes glint mischievously, "I do sometimes work in the bazaar, yes." More cryptic answers from the mysterious youth.

Tolavin hikes an eyebrow up. "I never assume a lady's age," he replies, smoothly, managing to resist adding a wink at the end of that sentence. There's just a slight twitch at the corner of his eye as he fights his instinct. He's still not getting many answers from her on the general work/life/who are you? front. His fingers move over the strings of his gitar once more, picking out the tune he'd managed to crack earlier. "You've gotta come listen to this when it's done. I reckon I can get it ready for the T-Tourney everyone's a-twitter about. I thought I might go in for the flamethrower-shooting thing they were advertising." Has he had any practice with one before?

Ryott does actually laugh at the idea that she is a lady, a loud belly laugh that has her leaning forward and clutching her sides. When she can finally manage speech again, she just shakes her head, "I ain't no lady." The twitch at his eye is missed in her uncharacteristic display of mirth, but she gets herself back under control in short order before she continues, "Oh I will be there, you can count on it." Ryott wouldn't dream of missing what could be a most amusing performance. Just about to reply to the comment about the flamerthrower events, a pair of blue pop out of between and chitter excitedly at her. Features take on a frown as she gives a sharp whistle of command and the two take up perches on her shoulders. A little more silent conferring and the girl looks back at the Harper. "Well, gotta run," she declares with some finality before she begins to saunter off in the direction of the descent to the lake shore. Almost as an afterthought, she turns to face him while walking backwards, "And you definitely should enter the flamethrower event. I mean, how hard can it be right?" she adds with a shrug and one final wave before turning back and nearly skipping over the uneven terrain before she is lost behind some of the Standing Stones.

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