Tommin, Lethea


Someone lost something in the dragon infirmary. Technically it wasn't Thea …


It is afternoon of the nineteenth day of the fifth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Dragon Infirmary, Southern Weyr

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Dragon Infirmary

An exceptionally large cavernous area is set aside for the dragons of the weyr to convalesce. Immediately adjacent to the ground weyrs, it provides some privacy for those pairs whose injuries require more silence and solitude for recovery. But there are also a number of dragon wallows here for triage and diagnosis; those with the worst injuries have the wallows nearest the open air exit reserved for them until they're well enough to be moved further in. Bins, shelves, and locked cabinets store all of the medicines and raw ingredients the dragonhealers will need for treatment, as well as things like blankets and 'medicinal whiskey' for the riders of the afflicted. A lettering system applied to the shelves above one lone desk hint at a filing system used by those who work here.

In the past few weeks, Tommin has been healing from his last encounter with a cranky dragonrider - his arm is now crooked into a lighter sling and has some movability, which means it's time to toss him back to the lio… er, dragons. Tommin is skirting carefully around one of the victims of the last threadfall, giving the sleeping brown a wide berth - this one got hurt pretty badly, his wing shredded and now covered in bandages. Tommin's got a basket of bandages he's passing out to healers doing the hourly cleaning, trying hard to look comforting while not actually looking any riders in the eye.

Lethea does not in any way, shape or form belong here. She is not a dragonrider. She is not a healer. She is not a loved one, relative or even close friend of either of those, either. But nonetheless she has come into the dragon infirmary; it is to look for something, it seems, as she's attempting to glance around nooks and crannies. She does spot Tommin, and his knot, and if he looks over at her, clearly not a rider, she will take that advantage of eye contact to smile hopefully at him — attempting to get attention without directly disrupting his work. If not, she'll continue to creep around looking in small spaces as if she's lost something.

Tommin is still on his route when… franky, a very different knot comes into his vision. Tommin takes a moment to study it, make sure it's what he thinks it is before looking Lethea in the face, his eyes wide with surprise. "Um. Hello?" Lethea is safe to address apparently, "Is there something I can help you with?" She's apparently blown his mind a little. The fingers of his encumbered arm wiggle a little as if to say hello but Tommin licks his lips nervously, "Journeywoman?" Manners! Manners is important!

Because there's a Harper in the dragon infirmary who seems disconnected from any of the dragons? Or because she's looking at him curiously? Or because she's looking at everywhere else curiously? Thea doesn't seem to notice how surprised he looks; that, or she's taking it so in stride she continues acting like all of this is normal. "Can you unlock those cabinets?" she asks thoughtfully, gesturing at one of the larger locked storage spaces.

Tommin listens to the request and blinks once or twice. "Um, the cabinets?" Yes, the cabinets. "Ahh, I'd have to ask the Senior journeyman for the key," he replies nervously, eyes flicking between Lethea, the cabinets of note, and where the Healer in charge might be. "And then he'll ask me what I need it for." Chin tipping towards his knot, "They… haven't given me clearance for that yet. They haven't… let me work here much." Because SOMEONE *cough-Kvvan-cough* may or may not have said something.

Or it's not K'vvan's fault at all and they don't usually let broken apprentices work in dangerous environments. Who knows.

They probably don't let any apprentices work in dangerous environments unsupervised, and perhaps everyone's a little too busy to supervise … or it's totally K'vvan's fault. Could be either. Lethea wouldn't know, even if her meta's being clever about it! "Oh, well," she says with a tiny shrug, "If they're usually locked, they're probably not in there anyway." They what, she forgets to specify. "Have you seen many firelizards in here?" Is this a related question?

Now Tommin is eyeing Lethea very curiously but with some fascination too: "What would 'they' be?" he asks kindly, a tone that sounds strange coming from such a young mouth. Like he's practiced it in front of a mirror. As for firelizards? "There are frequently firelizards coming in and out of here, Journeywoman. Are you looking for a particular one?" Like Tommin knows each and every one, or something.

"… Eggs," Lethea says as if it's dawning on her now that she's forgotten to specify, oh, basically everything about why she was there. She's a little absentminded like that sometimes. Or singularly focused. "My Hypatia laid eggs in here, I think. She's not always the best of communicators, and I don't think she can find them, so I thought I'd look." Said firelizard is not present, at least not apparently; maybe she's hunting around somewhere else.

Oh! Firelizards! Some tension and excitement in Tommin's shoulder relaxes a bit. "Oh, uh. No, miss, I haven't seen any firelizard eggs here." A nod over to where a large steaming basin is being kept warm in the duration of post-Fall, "We… have some warm spots, but don't they need more heat?" he offers. "Like, a kitchen? Or, or the Hatching Sands?" See, Tommin is getting used to this 'living in a Weyr' thing! Though his nose scrunches, "Would the queen dragons allow that?"

"She's just a firelizard," Thea says with a little shake of her head. "She isn't always the smartest about where she lays her eggs, but I'm sure she would have laid them somewhere as warm as possible." Like in that steaming basin. Where they might melt. "A linen closet has been a favorite of hers in the past, so I thought maybe a cabinet with bandages, or something along those lines — also, I doubt it," she rotates back in conversation to his point about the queen dragons. "I doubt they would like it if they noticed. Maybe if there weren't dragon eggs on the sands, they might not mind, but I can't see firelizards trying to use the dragons' sands. Big. Easy to misplace one's eggs, which they're already good at."

Tommin is in fact following the conversation. Woot! "Can you, like, train 'em to lay in one place? Something more convenient for you?" A brief shrug for the sands and then someone is shouting Tommin's name and yelling at him to get his ass on the move. "Just a sec, I'll be right back…" and the apprentice darts off to get the Healer working on a grumpy bronze - Tommin's back in a flash too, this time having dropped his basket of bandages off on another apprentice to finish his rounds with a promising wink. "So, she likes linen closets… We have the closets for towels open?" his free hand waves in the direction of some other cabinets.

Smart Tommin. That is probably the answer. The towel closet sounds like the sort of place that a linen closet loving gold might put her clutch. Who knows why, exactly, she picked the dragon infirmary besides convenience; Lethea will never understand her. "I spend more time training my canine than my firelizards," she admits, "especially because Hypatia is — particular. She's not poorly trained, she just chooses whether or not she wants to listen. Towel closet sounds like a good place to start." Even if it isn't actually starting, Thea had looked around a bit on her own.

This is why Tommin deals with humans: "They can choose to listen?" he asks, gobsmacked. Shaking his head a little, he huffs, "Well, miss, if you'd like to follow me, I'll show you to the towels." He gestures to them and starts out in that direction, dodging another apprentice who trips over his feet ahead of them. "But canines… at least canines'll listen, right?"

"They can," Thea agrees with a brighter smile now, as they head towel-ward. "They can and they do, same as dragons, same as humans." Thea's snitty gold firelizard is also probably still more tractable than a good number of human patients. The tripping apprentice is glanced at with a wince of sympathy, though, as Lethea is arguably Southern's biggest disaster on two feet. It's impressive she hasn't collided with anything this scene. "Canines listen. Pythagoras listens to me without hesitation, even if sometimes he has no idea what I am saying."

To the towels, neatly stacked and of the faintly green colour of having been once dyed. They're clean and Tommin doesn't reach for them on purpose, eyeing over some: "I don't see anything here, miss." Another shout for Tommin, "While you're at the towels!" and he looks apologetically at Lethea before vanishing for a moment, grabbing a couple of those towels and dashes off, leaving the harper to her own devices. It's a bit longer for him to come back and when he does, there's definitely a moue of disappointment on his bottom lip: "I'm sorry, miss. Healer Ninnian has asked me to get back to work…" Does Harper need supercede Healer? In Healer's own home? Probably not…

Of course Southern's dragon infirmary has bad luck color towels. Fading bad luck color towels. This surprises Lethea not at all, and she even smiles to herself at the observation before she keeps on looking through the closet on her own. When Tommin returns, he's only greeted with another, if smaller, smile. "No need to apologize for going back to your responsibilities. I think I'm getting closer, anyway. I appreciate the help!" She'll allow him to go back to what he's doing, and maybe twenty minutes later, somewhere amongst the towels, she DOES find those eggs, carefully wrapped and folded amongst the bandages Hypatia had stolen and hidden on that shelf. How she got away with it, who knows: must have been after a Fall. Needless to say, Thea won't let it happen a second time.

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