Evka, Talya, Syrianna, Jaymes, Ginger, Katryana


Candidate Bingo: All Dialogue Scene In The dark of the night, candidates find themselves in a bout of insomnia and chat away in the wee hours until they are tired enough to sleep again.

Adult topics discussed such as flights, death and drinking


-- On Pern --
It is 10:38 PM where you are.
It is late night of the tenth day of the fifth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.
In Igen:
It is the fortieth day of Spring and 84 degrees. It is overcast and cloudy with very little stars out.
In Southern:
It is the fortieth day of Autumn and 48 degrees. The autumn rain drums the weyr pleasantly throughout the night.
In Southern Mountains:
It is the fortieth day of Autumn and 12 degrees. It's cold and dark out.


Southern Weyr, Candidate Barracks

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"Wait…People die in flights?"


Candidate Barracks

You see nothing It is pitch black in here.

For once, curfew for the candidates of Southern Weyr might just be a blessing as chilled rain drums the weyr from without, plummeting the usually warm temperatures to quite unpleasantly cold ones. The candidate barracks are darkened, most asleep, but some lay awake, lost in thought, or otherwise, and well, sometimes the silence just begs to be broken….

OOC Note to the audience: From here out, there shall be only dialogue in this scene.

Reveka says, "Anyone awake?"

Talya says, "Who's asking? … I mean, is anyone asleep is the real question? Bit hard to sleep. At least these days."

Syrianna says, "Why would I be awake? Its not like it is nerve wracking or anything."

Reveka says, "Reveka. And I can certainly agree with you. Sleep is…impossible, even under stone I can hear the drumming of the rain outside."

Reveka says, "We're getting close, aren't we?"

Talya says, "I thought I was the only one awake most nights, good to hear a few more voices tonight other than the one in my head. The rain isn't so bad, it's the cold— would be nice to get this over with already, and get into a warmer bed."

Syrianna says, "I tend to sleep odd hours, I try to get naps as much as I can, so I am ready whenever."

Reveka says, "I don't sleep well most nights, but it's usually later when I'm awake and irritated about it. It's not falling asleep I have the issue with, it's staying that way. Oh shells do I miss a nice, soft, comfortable bed. I think I might miss that the most. That and being able to make late night trips to the caverns, I would kill for a snack right about now."

Talya says, "You'll know when it's hatching, won't be able to sleep through that hum. A nice warm soft bed is like a long lost dream to me. Now food, that is easier… You need to sneak in a snack. Or got a firelizard to grab something? If they're that well trained of course. "

Syrianna says, "I haven't had a warm soft bed in a while, the joys of being an apprentice. But then what do you expect, its not bad here though, I am just used to trying to get rest whenever I can, did a lot of baby watches."

Reveka says, "That's a brilliant idea, I should just send one of my fair after something, but that's if I can get one of them to come at this hour. They're pretty touch and go after they fall asleep, they might, or might not. I couldn't imagine craft life, well, I once couldn't, I imagine it's a lot like this. Which isn't horrible, but I do miss the freedom to just up and go, it's in my nature to roam, trader blood and all. "

Talya says, "Mine sadly wouldn't have a clue what to do or I'd offer to send one of them. And being a guard recruit was about the same, but we could do whatever we wanted still so long as we showed up. Baby watches though… that's different. What's that like?"

Katryana says, "I for one like the rain. I think it's relaxing. Baby watch? Oh, beast babies. Not human babies. I've been on human baby watch, but generally, those come to us in the infirmary."

Ginger says, "What are you all awake for? I was sound asleep there… It's the middle of the night! Did something happen? Oh, and it's raining. Wouldn't it just be.""

Reveka says, "I'm awake because sleep isn't anywhere to be found. But sorry for waking you. Do they put watchers on the eggs when they get ready to hatch? Or just wait for the hum?"

Talya says, "Is sleep really that important, Ginger? I mean, if I've been able to get along well with just the minimum… It can't really be needed that much. Gotta get used to the dragon baby watching, anyway, if you find yourself with one of those. Heh."

Katryana says, "I need my sleep, but I'm not sleeping now, anyway. My schedule is pretty wacky, too. And the clutchmother is in there watching the eggs, isn't she?"

Ginger says, "They've got a big gold watcher. And, yeah, sleep is important. Got to get stocked up on it now 'cos there won't be much after the Hatching, if you Impress. I don't want to be sleep-deprived before I've even started. Though I guess if you don't Impress, being fit to drop has something to be said for it. "

Reveka says, "So many what ifs. What are you all going to do after this if there's no one waiting for us on the sands? I think the first thing I'm going to do is drown in something full of liquor and sleep in a big cushiony bed." "

Talya says, "Think of tonight like a practice run on sleep deprivation. Oh, I know exactly what I'll be doing after this is over— joining you in drowning in something strong and blinding. Preferably Th'res's moonshine. Just hoping he's smart enough to have a batch saved and ready when these eggs hatch that just has my name on it."

Katryana says, "I've never gotten drunk. I'd probably just bury my head in a book and never come out again. Which really isn't much different from what I typically do. The hardest part for me is being awake in the morning. This crack of dawn thing really isn't my bag."

Ginger says, "I don't do drunk. I'm going to go and throw things at something. And then get a good night's sleep somewhere really quiet. And then do pages and pages of maths problems, because they're distracting, and anyway, I'm going to be so out of practice."

Jaymes says, "I don't do drunk, either. To be perfectly honest."

Reveka says, ""We should get to know each other better Talya, and I should introduce you to whiskey. It's too bad ya'll don't indulge, I have a good bottle saved just for the ocassion, if it turns out that way. If you change your minds, you're more than welcome. Math? To each their own I guess. I just look forward to letting loose….or the other, if it happens. "

Talya says, "Haaah, I know whiskery /very/ well too Reveka. Have you ever tried homebrewed 'shine now? Wait… Never, Katryana? Remind me after this is over… Weyrlinghood, Candidacy, whatever, I'll look for you. I'll find you. And we'll get stinkin' drunk. It'll be a good time. Y'all need to get away from the books more often. — Wait, did we just wake up one of the snoring men in here?"

Katryana says, "I mean, if I don't Impress, I guess I'm in a liminal space where I'm neither candidate nor apprentice, and thus am permitted to drink. That's how that works, right? I've been an apprentice for my entire teenagehood, which has its perks and its downsides. Drinking one of them. Oh, hi Jaymes, I was wondering why it was so quiet suddenly. "

Ginger says, "Maybe if I'm not wanting to Impress any more. Until then, I don't want to get into the habit. Drunk with dragons can get you a bad case of dead. Don't really fancy it much anyway - drunk people are kind of, squicky. But, yeah, I'm an apprentice too."

Jaymes says, "I don't snore… most of the time. And are y'all telling me that drinking all that whiskey is worth a pounding headache the next day? Because that's all I ever woke up to after that much booze. Ain't a fan of feeling like death. That and I never had time for a hangover since chores were always at dawn."

Reveka says, "What headache? I was practically weaned off the teet on the stuff. Only thing ever game me a headache after drinking it was too much wine. And no, I don't suppose mixing booze and dragons works very well, though I know several that do. Not that they fly that way… and I can agree that drunk people can be squicky, not all of them though. Dawn chores aren't just part of everyone's lives?"

Talya says, "Squicky drunk, heh. Yeah, I've seen that… That's the kind of drunk I see at work a lot now, that causes a mess in the brig for me to clean up later. You gotta get drunk responsibly. I mean, know how not to get the hangover or have work— or Threadfall if that should happen— the next day. I've got it down to a mathematical equation. I went and became responsible and have to wake up early now, doesn't mean I enjoy it.. Ugh."

Katryana says, "You've heard that song, right? What do you do with a drunken 'rider/What do you do with a drunken 'rider… What's the difference between whiskey and moonshine? As a general rule, I'm hiding inside reading at night when people get drunk, so I haven't had much opportunity to observe them in the wild until the next morning when I'm having to empty emesis basins. Not my idea of a good time. I have to do dawn chores, sure, but that doesn't mean I like it. How do you do math for drinking, Talya?"

Ginger Says, "Whiskey's made by people who do it for a living and aged until it's fit to drink. Moonshine's made by people with a still in their weyr and drunk as soon as they can get it into a glass."

Jaymes says, "Do you hang out in the library to read at night, Katryana? The stables are pretty quiet, too, if you don't mind the sound of runners munching on hay. And, yeah. I want to hear more about this math equation.""

Reveka says, "Way to know a thing or two about Whiskey Ginger! And no, I've never had moonshine, doesn't sound like I much want to either. I'd rather dance than read though, I do miss a good dance. Don't we have to do enough math in our lessons?"

Talya says, "I would hate to bore you all back to sleep, Then I'd have no one to talk to. You guys can learn about my brilliant mathematics when you come out drinking with me sometime. Dancing, now that's something I don't do. I think the last thing that I have read were a lot of those fun… ahem, romantic reads that you can find laying around the Weyr. I can't be the only one that's read them?"

Katryana says, "Library, Nighthearth, Apprentice Dorms, occasionally hiding out in the Gardens, but that one's risky. I've seen some rather risque things I'd really rather have not seen. I haven't really danced, either. I'd like to try, sometime, but I'm worried I'd trip over my feet and look like a fool. Gathers are generally too noisy and busy for me. Talya, I'm surprised you read… those things."

Ginger says, "My Grandad knows about that sort of thing. He was gonna be a vintner until he Impressed. Don't think he learned much that was practical, though: he used to have a still in his weyr, but the stuff he made was vile. Tried it once: I'd rather eat firestone. Come to think of it, it did burn rather well. And, yeah, I've seen those things - what a load of- Well, not my thing at all."

Jaymes says, "Alright, well. Y'all keep talking and keep me awake while I attempt to sew a few more stitches into this robe. I'll try not to stab myself in the thumb this time."

Talya says, "Th'res's stuff burns all the way down, but not too bed. And sometimes he experiments with fruits to make it better… Then again, the man seems to be able to do whatever he puts his mind to. Wait, what's wrong with those books? They're /amusing/. I stayed with Vani for a little while, and she seems to have collected the whole set of them. Good way to pass the time."

Katryana says, "G'night, Jaymes! Be careful. I'm technically not a Healer right now, so not gonna be patching you up. Have you eaten firestone before, because how else would you know if you'd rather eat firestone? It'd be a good way to find out if you're a secret dragon. I haven't read too many myself; it was just for scientific inquiry."

Ginger says, "Mmmm. Well, you can always eat…""

Talya says, "As someone once told me, those books aren't very good comparisons to real life. You should probably should talk to someone else for scientific inquiry than try to learn off of those books. But they do make for some spicy entertainment. Huh, always eat what? … I think we lost her. At least she's getting some rest now."

Katryana says, "Good niiiiight, good niiiight, good niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight~ And I tried to, a few times. Y'know. Flirt."

Talya says, "Did you try to 'Flirt' like in the books or try to practice on people in a real setting? I meant ask others, you know, more experienced for how to do things… instead of the books. "

Katryana says, "Well, I kissed someone's hand when they were drunk. And I also asked someone for fashion advice. One ended up kissing somebody else and the other got married. I think I'm cursed."

Talya says, "Heheh…Ahem, I'm not laughing at you, honestly. Heh. But maybe be a little more obvious… At least, asking for fashion advice doesn't sound like flirting to me. Then again, I'm not really someone to ask for advice on flirting either."

Reveka says, "Trust me, flirting isn't worth all the trouble that comes with it sometimes. Best to just stick to yourself until your old enough to n ot have anyone care who you like or who you're boffing.""

Katryana says, "You're totally laughing at me. I dunno how this how social thing works! I just think people are pretty. Siiiiigh. And I think it does if you, like, bat your eyelashes the whole time. Not that I could do anything more about it, anyway. Doomed to a life of celibacy no matter my fate on the Sands."

Talya says, "Maybe they thought that you had something in your eye and left you alone to fix that problem? Hehehstill not laughing at you. And really, you're younger than when even I started thinking about that stuff, Katryana. Don't say it's too late this early at least you aren't missing anything throughout candidacy or weyrlinghood."

Reveka says, "It's definitely not to late, it's too early if anything, though, that may change if we impress. A rider rises with their dragon, so I've heard. I bet proddiness is terrifying the first go round."

Katryana says, "Well, I hope I don't get a green dragon. Is that bad to say? It just makes me anxious. I guess I don't really have much choice in the matter at the end of the day."

Talya says, "Terrifying, angry. Not sure how I feel about that whole losing yourself to the dragons, myself… And that goes for the male dragons too, right? It's not like you luck out just for not riding a green. But if there's ever a time you'll learn to be drunk, it's probably during your first flight, male or female."

Reveka says, "I wouldn't mind a green, such a lucky color. So beautiful. Or a brown. But all of my clan that have gone on to ride have impressed green.""

Katryana says, "Green is literally the opposite of a lucky color, Reveka. Is this a Tsingari thing? Is that an okay question to ask? I love the color green, it just freaks me out. Statistically speaking, though, it's most likely to Impress green. And I'd hate to be drunk during my first flight. It's already enough loss of control."

Talya says, "Are… are Impressions like getting brown hair from your parents? Does it run in the family, the color that you will Impress or something? I don't know what's luck or unlucky. I mean, I would have thought just Impressing is lucky, since it doesn't happen much. And maybe drinking will negate each other, and you'll end up in full control instead."

Reveka says, "Hahaha. So you think. Yes, it's a Zingari thing as you say it. But we do not fear the color green the way everyone else does. I plan on being completely snockered the first time, if I can help it. You're already losing control there, why not just go with the flow and have fun?"

Katryana says, "Good to know! I think the green superstition is ridiculous. My fostermother is always aghast about it, but do you know how much cheaper stuff dyed green is? By that genetic logic, I will be on green, but I'm way different than my gramma. Drink to be less connect? Nah, I hate not being in control. That seems like one of those 'don't drink and fly' things. People die during flights, man. Dragons die. That doesn't seem fun, it seems reckless."

Talya says, "Can candidates place bets? Cause if that's so, I may have some good insider tips here and know where to put my marks. Wait, wait… What? People /die/ during Dragon /flights/? I thought it was just Threadfall we had to worry about. I thought Flights was only about the dragons wanting to have sex cause they gotta get their fun in sometimes."

Reveka says, "You're kidding right? I've never heard of anyone dying during a flight. THough one of our queens once went up during threadfall, that was nerve wracking to watch. If anyone would die during flight I would have thought it to be that group. "

Katryana says, "Well, dragons can fight sometimes and they could go between and then the riders could die so like… Testing fate, you know? Man, I'm tired. Is anyone else tired yet?"

Talya says, "Gonna stick that into my list of 'reasons maybe I shouldn't walk out onto the Sands'… Hmmm, tired, yeah, that thing. Not sure if I can sleep after that image in my head, but I'm gonna be under my blanket to stay warm. You two have fun talking about dragon deaths and rider deaths and— Whatever. Night you two.""

Reveka says, "I'm getting sleepy myself, guess a bit of conversation did the trick, eh? I think attempting to go back to bed might be the best option…though thanks for the potential nightmare Kat. "

Katryana says, "Zzzzz…"

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