Pim, Rhiex


Confusion and frustration on both sides?


Seventh day of the third month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Guardhouse, Igen Weyr

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Like a proper recruit, Pim spent the morning training. In the mud from the storm the night before. Obviously this is part of some conspiracy against the female guards. But that doesn't mean the scrappy young woman has been complaining about it. She did take some time to grab a bath before managing to snag some food on her way back to the guardhouse, however, and she's eating said food, a convenient sandwich, as she arrives. Multitasking.

Maybe some of the older guards were just, like, trying to make a MUDFIGHT go down? It would be like some of the pervs. Not Rhiex, though. Rhiex who is currently on-duty and, for once, not CLEANING; instead he's seated at the desk with a daunting amount of hidework in front of him, going through each report with a red pen. Doing reviews for Ladivos? Perhaps. He doesn't immediately notice Pim's arrival. SOME GUARD.

Considering she's sort of heading that direction anyway, Pim spots Rhiex easily. But her mouth is full so forgive her (or thank her) for not saying anything right away. Instead of going to pass like she usually might, Pim stops at the desk and, rather than sitting on a chair, sits down on the edge of the desk itself, turned enough to be able to watch Rhiex work. Surely he's noticed her by now, especially since she's watching like she expects him to ignore her.

Rhiex did notice that thigh come across the edge of his periphial vision. As such the man slants a gaze upwards at her, light blue fringed by indecently-thick eyelashes, and cocks a brow. "Recruit," he acknowledges her in a neutral tone before marking his initials in a precise script at the top corner of one report and turning it into the 'discard' pile next to the stack of reports he's working on currently.

"Sir," Pim returns his formally neutral acknowledgement with one of her own, even pitched a little lower. It's not mocking, though. Never that. She does end with smiling as she leans slightly to try to get a glimpse of a report, though. "You're kind of cute working on hidework like this. All serious and important. Are you the only one that can read and write?"

Rhiex shifts in his chair and tilts a half-smile to Pim, not (outwardly) put out by her insinuations and her … general … BEING. "No. But I tend to lean towards boredom on desk-duty when it's quiet out, and Ladivos never seems to have enough time to do his report reviews, so." A shrug of broad shoulders. "It's a win-win situation." He even SMILES at her. Did he even acknowledge her cute comment? Heeeeeeeeell no.

"No? What's he spend all his time doing, then? If you can sit here getting bored and he doesn't have time to do it, well, it sounds like someone's getting the shit end of the deal." But Pim doesn't actually seem sure which one of them it is. Definitely not the win-win Rhiex sees from her point of view. She finishes off the rest of her sandwich in relative silence, but the guard isn't spared her attentive gaze while he works.

"I," WHOA WAIT did Pim just poke at something? Rhiex opens his mouth to finish that response, then colors slightly and drops his eyes back to his paperwork. Whoa, almost caught at saying something bad about the captain? NEVER. NEEEEEVER. "Are you planning on sitting there the whole rest of my shift?" Rhiex glances up again, through his 'lashes instead of shifting his head. "Because if you are, I'm going to put you to work."

She probably shouldn't look so danged pleased with herself but she does. Pim leans casually against the palm she settles against the desk like she definitely plans to stay awhile. "Careful now, sir. It might sound like you're trying to come onto me." And nobody wants that, now, do they.

"Recruit," Rhiex questions, straightening in the heavy desk-chair, "Am I a distraction for you?" He's probably not meaning this in the way it actually is delivered, because he is a Good Catholic Boy or would be if Pern had such things.

Pim's brows furrow at that question because she's not entirely sure what the question actually is. So she'll just answer with the first thing that comes to mind. You know, like she usually does. "Yeah. Your innocent little holder boy act is very distracting. It makes me want to punch you in the nose all the time." Note: she has not done actually so! "I never know what you're thinking. And it's probably worse than all the other guys in here combined."

Well, now they are both on the same footing, because Pim answered that entirely not-how-Rhiex-intended it. So dark eyebrows raise and he stares across at her for a long, confused moment. "You think," His voice is incredulous, "That it's an act — wait, you think I'm an innocent little holder boy?" He's not quite sure WHICH ONE IS WORSE, but she's got his whole attention now, his expression somewhat unstrung.

"Well, isn't it? No one can be so… you." It kind of sounds like an insult. But, if you look at it from a less Pim-inspired angle, it's really kind of a compliment, right? "NO one actually acts like this."

Rhiex isn't sure to be insulted or complimented, IT IS TRUE. "Act like what?" He's looking like he's about ready to stand up. Like maybe this conversation needs to be had ON HIS FEET.

Pim goes one step further and actually stands up. It's hard to look tough when you're lounging on the edge of a desk, after all. "Ugh! Like YOU." It's obvious to HER! Why is he being so dense! But she must just think he's doing it on purpose, more of his masterful act, because she turns to storm off further into the guardhouse.

Rhiex doesn't follow her because he's a GOOD LITTLE BOY who understands things like boundaries. But that doesn't mean he doesn't yell after her: "You make zero sense, Pim!" That's RIGHT. He just used her NAME. And maybe even vents a little at the desk, hitting the heel of his palm against the edge of it in frustration.

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