Terrian, Linny


Linny seeks dirt from Terrian. He just confuses her.


It is evening of the seventh day of the first month of the second turn of the 12th pass.


Central Bazaar, Igen Weyr

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Central Bazaar

All roads in the weyr ultimately lead here, to this center of commerce. Canvas awnings jut out over time worn, sandy cobblestone, sheltering customers and wares alike from the majority of Igen's elements, and funnel scents both mouthwatering and vomit inducing through the thin streets. Almost all store fronts are open air, delineated by sandstone arches with intricately carved facades. The insides of these stone-shingled buildings act as an amplifier for the salesmens' bawled enticements, and are held up by the chipped swirls of marble pillars.

A sharp whistle cuts through the late afternoon crowds. "Novak!" The shout follows the whistle from the tall muscular guard standing near the scent seller's booth. A canine, standing thigh-high bounds through that crowd to fall in at Terrian's side. Upwards the creature looks, its tounge sticking out as it puts on the utmost innocent expression. "Don't be givin' me that lass, you know where you ought to be stayin' when I'm talkin'." No real annoyance there, as the guard nudges gently at the dog.

For once, and it's a rare occurrence, Linny has the time on her hands to be able to leisurely stroll through the Bazaar, eyes sweeping from side to side but never really looking in depth at anything. Just there, idly browsing, but obviously, she's got other things on her mind other than serious shopping. The shout and whistle obviously grab her attention, and, spotting Terrian, she forgoes anymore mindless looking as she heads purposefully in his direction, and once there, he's given a warm smile in greeting. "Terrian. How are things?" There's a weight with the look she pins on him, obviously wanting to know more than just how his day is going.

Terrian slutes the weyrwoman, just briefly as he settles into a comfortable standing pose. "Weyrwoman. Things be quiet today." An eyebrow ticks upwards, he isn't about to volunteer more information without being asked a more explicit question.

Linny bobs her head as she comes to stand beside him, much more leisurely in her stance as her eyes roam around, as if wanting to check on any spying ears. "Any more news from the cotholds?" If she has to be direct, she can be direct, tilting her head to peer up at him, eyebrows arched. Sure, she gets the reports, but perhaps there's more to the story that they don't tell: the gossip and the rumors. She wants the dirt.

"Ain't been out myself recently." Terrian will preface his report with that, and flick the slightest of gazes at the woman. Downards a hand falls, finding Novak's head so he can scratch at it almost idly. "A few travlers reported their goods had been lifted while they was distracted. No violence there though. Strang eenough. If iwas just a small group, they'd be doin' things the same. Must more typical that."

Obviously, that doesn't make the goldrider very happy, emitting a sigh as her facial features scrunch up, switching her gaze to stare outward, idly watching the others pass her by. "This whole thing confuses me so much. Just as soon as I think I understand, that I have it all figured out…" Linny trails off, shaking her head as she bites on her bottom lip. Finally, it's let loose as yet another heavy exhale is let go. "Do you have any theories?"

Terrian rolls his gaze towards Linny again, examining that knot of hers. Finaly, his slow drawl comes out again, "Not one which will be makin' me any friends up in the weyr proper."

"I'm not looking to make friends, Terrian," Linny replies quickly, with the words perhaps coming out a bit too harshly, and so she follows those up with ones that are softer but persuasive. "No bullshit here. No rank, none of that. In the end, it doesn't matter who is responsible, as long as they are caught and punished. Right?" There is a glance up to him to make sure they are on the same page. "So we all need to work together to make that happen. If you know something, I'd very much appreciate it if you'd pass it on to me. Help me help you."

Terrian raises an eyebrow as Linny goes off on rank not mattering. He allows her to finish her enlongated speech. "Aye. It ought to be that way. Well." He reaches down to scratch Novak's head again. His low slow drawl goes on, his gaze now fixed on the bazaar. "Been gatherin' reports. Talkin' to them what'll speak up. You ever met some of those swamp people? They make the Steens be lookin' talkative. They all be thinkin' the same thing. The Weyr's responsibile. So. Ma'am," nope, that gaze doesn't change or flicker expression once, "Who's the one what controls the sweep schedules? That's where I'd be startin' to look."

Finally she's getting somewhere, even if it's somewhere that she was hoping to be. "Yeah, that's what we've been thinking," Linny murmurs, clearly unhappy that their speculations could potentially be facts. Another sigh comes freely from the unhappy weyrwoman before she angles her body more towards Terrian, taking a step to close the gap between them, not wanting this section of their conversation to be heard. "So what can we do besides that? I mean, how in can we get? Look, Sadaiya has no business getting herself too involved and Mayte's too young, so if we can somehow disguise me, sneak me into the cotholds, see what we can hear and figure out…" Eyebrows lift to see how on board Terrian is with this idea.

….. Silence will greet Linny's words. Utter total and complete silence. "Ma'am." Slow, slow drawl. "You talked to the weyrleader 'bout that? I'm just a guardsman." In Igen no less, "ain't my call to be settin' that kind of thing up." And it wouldn't work btw. Because. REALLY?

"Well, of course W'rin would say no. I don't even have to ask to know the answer to that, but…" Linny lifts and drops her hands in a show of frustration, that healing, gloved left hand let down more gingerly than the right. "How else are we supposed to find out who leaked the sweeps information? We have a whole damn Weyr full of riders, and potentially, we have to narrow it down to one? Surely there's someone out there who knows something that could lead us in the right direction."

"Weyrwoman." A beat, "I'm thinkin' this is a conversation you ought to be havin' with the Weyrleader. I can be givin' you my reports and theories, but I ain't lookin' to be thread-bait when some rider thinks I'm sniffin' too close to their business." He turns to level those sensible brown eyes on the woman, the picture of cool-headed male. "Ain't nothin' more the cotholders can be tellin' you. They ain't involved. Them swamp people wouldn't be attackin' their own, nor them what brings the supplies."

A hand reaches up to scratch at her forehead, frustration rolling off of her petite frame, but eventually, Linny nods. Just a little. "I just want to do something. Just sitting around waiting just isn't my thing." And for that, a little sympathetic grin is sent up to Terrian. She's a handful, and she knows it.

Terrian scratches at Novak's head again, and Novak leans in against this leg. Best Friend Yo. "Some of the cotholds have lost quite a bit." He begins slowly. "Or stayin' with close relatives. Bit cramped. Leastways, out in the swamp, it can be hard to be movin' supplies." It isn't a suggestion, and Terrian's tone makes it just an observation.

Linny slowly turns a look up to the man, brows brought together tightly as forehead wrinkles, but finally, she gives him, reaching both hands, even her gloved hand, up to scrub at her face. "Aw, shells. I'm not meant for this detective shit. I kiss ass with Weyleaders and Holders and do my best to make everyone happy, but…this shit just hurts my brain." Heels of hands are pressed into her eyes. "Mayte seems to have a good handle on it. Maybe I'll just let her keep doing her thing, and I'll stay out of the way. Just keep telling the cotholders we have it under control until we do."

Terrian's expression doesn't flicker a bit when the weyrwoman utterly misses his broad hint on what thew weyr could be doing. "Mayte be good people. Gets along well with the bazaar folk. Speaks their language. Knows the difference between assurances people will be understandin… and lies." A cocked eyebrow upwards.

Linny has gone from eagerness to defeat, all of lines of her body slumped upon the realization that perhaps she's starting to lose her touch. Slipping. OLD. "Yeah," is replied idly, though obviously, the goldrider's brain is elsewhere, but eventually, she flicks her gaze up to the man, giving him a small smile with just a tinge of embarrassment. "Good to see you, Terrian." Then, testing, she puts her hand out to let Novak give her a sniff so she can give canine a pat goodbye.

SAD PUPPY. Novak looks upwards at Terrian, as her tail gains its own life. The guard cracks a small grin, "Fine. But I'm watchin' you. Release." Permission given Novak jumps to her feet and is ALL OVER THAT HAND and twining around the weyrwoman. "Be well Weyrwoman."

Now that pulls a smile from Linny, giving the canine a decent amount of love, but let's face it, with a canine, it's never enough, so eventually, she has to say enough is enough and walk away, tossing her hand up in a final wave to Terrian as she wanders off, looking more lost than before.

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