evka, F'kan, Amani


Reveka discovers Southern's Archive Library while searching for Amani. F'kan reintroduces himself as well.

Backdated (takes place prior to the clutching)


It is midmorning of the twenty-eighth day of the second month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Archive Library, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 09 Jun 2018 06:00


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"Is it…getting easier, at least?"


Archive Library

Where once books reigned supreme, this open space is now dominated by a stalwart skybroom reaching to the sky through a broken ceiling. What was once evidence of collapse is now ornately carved with engraved ivy, matched by a clever contraption of stone that allows the gap to be closed in inclement weather. A small garden occupies the space around the tree-trunk, all manicured bushes and flowering shrubbery enclosed by a grated gutter. The walls are lined with bookcases, while a spiral staircase leans on the western wall to wind upwards to the second level. Tucked in the corners and scattered in the main areas are tables and chairs, cafe-style, and comfortably worn overstuffed armchairs. It is the perfect place for individuals to gather, to enjoy the offerings of the food-cart or a spirited conversation.

Reveka has finally slipped her room again, having been hiding in there on the days she just can't deal, but today has been good thus far. She's exploring indoors today, however, because it's a bit warm outside and she wants to find a friend. Her explorations eventually bring her to the archive library where she stares in wonder from just inside the entrance. "Wow." She whispers, a bit awestruck.

It is not immediately apparent why F'kan would be found in the library, but here he is, stepping out from between some stacks although empty-handed so he must not have found whatever it is yet. Spying Reveka at the entrance, the brownrider recognizes her but not immediately from where so he wanders over in her direction, sharp ears catching her whisper, "It's really like nothing else is it?" he asks with a tilted smile in the girl's direction.

It's a good guess, looking for Amani here. She's been in and out of the library most of the morning, and right now is an instance of "in" that finds her up and about. She has a mug of klah that needs refilling, which finds here near the foodcart…which happens to be in sight of the entrance. She grins when she glances over to see Reveka, but she's not about to call out; it's the library, after all, and the looks from the archivists can be downright baleful. Once she's done pouring her klah, she wanders toward her friend, spying a familiar brownrider along the way. That they all converge isn't all that surprising. "Good morning, F'kan," she greets before dark eyes dance back to Reveka. "You can definitely wander into worse places!" Her own brand of agreement there.

Reveka blinks over at F'kan when he speaks, about to answer when a look of recognition crosses her face. "It's gorgeous, but I've seen some pretty places in my short life." And some pretty faces too, mainly F'kan's, on the receiving end of a decent beating. "Still inviting trouble rider?" She asks, a brow quirked upward as Amani approaches. "I was hoping I'd find you somewhere in this warren of tunnels Amani." She's been a terrible guest, hiding in her rooms for days. "I was hoping we could have a visit?" The klah cart is eyed, and debated upon.

With a respectful bow of his head to Amani, F'kan offers a perfectly cordial, "Weyrwoman," before he looks to Reveka and back again at the goldrider until finally he puts together where he's seen her before, ducking his head a bit bashfully, "Not since that ill-fated trip to Igen," he replies with a bit of a self-deprecation before piping up gently, "Of which I am very sorry by the way," he's gotten so used to apologizing now it's almost automatic. "You visiting long?" he asks casually just to show the girl that he's not the jerk he was then.

Amani shakes her head at Reveka's little jab at F'kan, though lets the brownrider provide his own answer rather than trying to stand in the breach somehow. "We can definitely have a visit," she tells Reveka, already having decided that they're going back to the klah cart. She doesn't excuse them from F'kan right away, though; he's asked a question, and she has one of her own, offered up rather cautiously. "How's Quaverilth?"

Reveka aims a wry grin at F'kan, near in disbelief, however she doesn't give him any more shit over it, just a smiling acceptance of his apology. "I'm here for the time being, I haven't decided when I'm going home yet." Home. Still full of memories and things lost… Shaking her head, she moves with Amani to the klah cart and fixes herself a mug. It's been nice drinking it again. She beams when Amani agrees to a visit, happy to not be intruding on the Jr Weyrwoman's time. However, the conversation is steered towards F'kan when his lifemate is asked after and she turns to follow the conversation.

"Well if you need anything to make your stay more pleasant and Amani's not available…" F'kan trails off knowing that the junior weyrwoman would very soon be confined to the Sands with a broody queen. As to the goldrider's question, he turns his head to her with a shrug, "He's better now that it's slipped from his memory," he offers with a wry grin, "He took it hard though, he always does with golds especially, but this time was rough." He might as well be honest but he quickly adds, "Not that you should let that trouble you, it's his nature and I doubt it will ever change even if he does end up catching some tail eventually, green or gold."

"Well, Zymuraith adores him, I hope he knows. Ravaith has her attention right now for obvious reasons, but…she's always paying attention." Her expression is bemusedly sheepish for F'kan, the ins and outs of draconic relationships always seeming to present one more bit of a puzzle. "He'll make a wonderful clutchfather someday," she says, and means it sincerely. Looking to Reveka, she gives the other girl a squeeze about the shoulders, carefully so as not to induce klah-spillage. "You're welcome for as long as you need, Rev," she assures her friend for probably the thousandth time. "And F'kan //is //good for a tour. I think you'd love his Quaverilth."

Reveka smiles over her klah. "I'll keep that in mind." She says of touring and flicks a gaze to F'kan, who does seem a bit different than the last time she'd seen him. She's still keeping a distance though, whether it be for obvious reasons, or ones of her own. She listens patiently as Amani and F'kan talk of her gold's flight and the outcome.

F'kan feels a little swell in his chest at Amani's assurances and he ducks his head just a bit to hide the faint flush of his cheeks, "Well shards, it's nice to hear you say so cause I'm of a same mind. He just needs a little more seasoning I think," the brownrider relays before he lets his gaze wander to Reveka with a warm smile, "Oh definitely! All you have to do is ask, Quav loves meeting new people!" And because he isn't completely airheaded, he did catch that the two friends were going to catch -up so with a bow to them each in turn, he'll flash them each a brilliant smile, "If you'll excuse me ladies, I think I'll go rustle up some early lunch for myself." And with that the brownrider exits the library, sauntering easily down the hall in the direction of the Living Caverns.

"Clear skies, F'kan," Amani answers the brownrider, watching him move off for a moment before directing her full attention to Reveka. "He really has been working on doing better," she tells the other girl, gesturing toward an empty bench by the sky broom that dominates the book and hide-filled space. "I think it got beat into him enough, finally. And he's had some very patient people not giving up on him." After snagging a pastry from the cart, she'll settle onto the bench with Reveka with a sigh, hitching one knee over the other. "It's good to see you out and about, Rev. Is it…getting easier, at least?"

Reveka nods at F’kan and waves him off, turning to Amani with a soft sigh. “I’ll have to take your word for it.” Because she really can’t say either way. She turns on the bench to face Amani and stirs her klah, looking thoughtful. “Some days, some days it’s like torture getting out of bed. But I’ve been braver as of late, met an interesting fellow in the living cavern late the other night.” Reveka chuckles, that had been an interesting encounter, what with the man not knowing Rev’s past, and that it was completely platonic and friendly. Reveka isn’t quite used to that, plenty of creepy pervs in the crowds when one is performing.

Amani gives Reveka an understanding little smile for her first, knowing full well it will take some time yet for some perceptions to change surrounding F’kan, even now. She’s still working on it herself! Perking to the news that her friend has been up and about and talking to people, she lets that smile blossom into a grin. “Oh yeah? Was he a rider, Crafter, wildling…?” she asks, sipping at her klah. Just inviting elaboration; there’s quite a range of possibilities to choose from at Southern, after all.

Reveka is mid-sip when Amani poses her question and she lowers her klah mug. “Mmm. He was a rider, name of Th’res I do believe.” She looks pretty happy with the interaction it seems. “He was a pleasant sort, real polite.” She smiles happily. “It was nice, having a conversation with a new person and not dreading what they might think of me or….other things.” Another sip of klah is taken and Reveka tucks a leg up under herself. “How are you doing coming so close to Zymurauth’s time to clutch?” She’s been listening to the gossip chains, and the word of the Weyr, despite hiding a bit.

Amani grins when Reveka mentions Th’res, nodding along. “That’s Th’res alright. He has one of the biggest hearts you’ll ever find, and odds are that if you mentioned me, he’s already decided you’re as good as another little sister,” she notes, chuckling. Reveka’s next sobers the goldrider a little, and she reaches over to gently tuck a bit of hair behind her friend’s ear. “Just remember, Rev - you’ve got no need to fear any of that ridiculousness here,” she reminds the other girl, and takes a bite of her pastry. The question earns a smirk and a soft sigh through her nose as she chews, then washes it down with some more klah. “I’m…anxious, I guess. It’s odd, watching her get bigger when she’s already so big. I worry watching her move around, even though I know there’s nothing wrong. And I’m excited for her and eager to see her and Ravaith’s eggs,” she finishes with a smile, flushing slightly with the sentiment.

“Aye he certainly seemed very kind. I liked him.” As a person that is. Reveka sips her klah again and sighs. “I bet it's a bit nerve racking. You both are so strong though Amani. You'll do beautifully I'm sure.” Giving her friend's shoulder a comforting squeeze, Reveka smiles. “How's your clutch father doing with it all?” Yes. Gossip. Talk. Friendship. This is exactly what Reveka needed today.

Amani nods; Th’res is indeed very kind, if big-hearted to a fault at times. There’s a chuckle for Reveka’s assertions but no argument as she sips further at her klah. “Ravaith? He’s…eager, but in a quieter sense than I was expecting. Watchful of Zymuraith, but he’s careful to give her all the space she needs. I’m still learning about him, even though I’ve known M’noq since…well. He Searched me,” she notes with a chuckle before her expression turns pensive. “We’ve been getting closer.”

“I'd meant M'noq, but glad to hear that Ravaith is excited too, I guess.” As Amani continues talking, Reveka quirks up a smile. “Have you now?” Reveka picks up on the pensive expression and quirks an eyebrow up at Amani. “You don't sound so sure of that development. Things alright?” Yes. More focus on Amani. Less on Reveka. This she can be happy with.

“Well, M’noq didn’t sire the clutch,” Amani counters teasingly, and looks surprised at Reveka’s last. “Oh, everything is fine. We’re just both being…careful,” she explains. “He and I both went through breakups at around the same time, and found a connection through that. We could talk through things with each other, reason through where we went wrong and our doubts and such. We could be there for one another…comfort each other.” The slight coloring to her cheeks probably gives away the extent to which that comforting eventually went. “And we’ve always had a degree of trust. It’s one reason I really am glad Ravaith won.” Dark eyes focus on her friend once more, and she smiles. “So trust me, I’m sure of it.”

Reveka nods as Amani speaks, talk of relationships gone sour putting a sort of funny look on the Zingari woman's face, but it's soon gone and she can focus on her friend again. “Sounds nice, I'm glad you're sure then.” A sip of klah is taken and Reveka looks around the massive archives, eyes lingering on the tree in the center. “How did that happen?” Reveka would think the Harpers would have a fit at having their records exposed to the elements such as they are. Aye, she's changing the subject, but there are things she simply doesn't want to think about right now.

One glimpse of that odd look on Reveka’s face is enough to have Amani deciding to steer well clear of any relationship talk for the rest of their conversation. When the conversation turns to the tree, however, the goldrider is caught off guard and twists around to blink up at it, then laughs. “I…really don’t know!” she replies, resting her arm on the back of the bench. “I heard it was here when the Weyr was founded. Obviously people liked it being here, not mention it would’ve been a right pain trying to remove.” And really, who could fathom wanting to remove such a strong, beautiful tree? “There’s a contraption built into the roof that lets it get closed up for Thread and such, so no harm comes to the books and such.” Her free hand gestures up beyond the branches in indication.

“It’s beautiful. I think I would have a hard time removing such tenacity from the world too.” Reveka’s brows hike when Amani mentions the device. “How clever.” She remarks, taking another look at the tree. By this point, her klah is near gone and she’s possibly hungry for more than just nibbles. “I think I may need to find some lunch soon.” She chuckles and looks about the room. “I’m definitely coming back here to look around later.” Looking back to Amani she grins. “I’m glad I caught you, though I suppose I’ll know where to find you consistently soon enough eh?” She tries to make light of Amani’s sands bound fate. Winking at Amani, Rev stands, intending to return the klah mug.

Amani nods along to Reveka’s first, draining her own mug afterward. “There’s a lot to find here,” she notes. “Things you’d expect, things you wouldn’t…thing you wish you hadn’t.” There’s a chuckle to go along with that, her smirk mischievous. “Though most often interesting things, thankfully.” Her friend’s last earns a soft, rueful snort. “Hopefully she won’t need me there constantly. But before I find out one way or another, being out and about sounds good. So speaking of lunch…” She holds her hand out for Reveka’s mug. “Would you like to come wander the boardwalk with me? I’m in the mood for something outside the living cavern.” And walking and talking also appeals more than sitting around and doing so right about now.

Reveka hands Amani her mug, and ponders for a moment. “Sure. Being outdoors sounds nice.” It’s a nice walk to the boardwalk, filled with light conversation and the warm comfort and ease of friendship. The tour of the boardwalk is even better, filled with things to tempt the eye and the stomach. Just the proper dose of medicine needed to make the day even better than it had been.

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