Nevik, Ty'ai


Nevik meets the new Brown Rider, Ty'ai


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It is noon of the seventh day of the eighth month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Weyr

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| Stone benches rise, black and showing the lack of polish from a thousand
| seats — by the look of it, these have not been used in… forever, if
| ever indeed.

The dreary, overcast day can't be spoiled by the sight of the eggs on the sands. The galleries are almost empty except for the few people who brave the chill in the air. One of the few gathered is the young healer, Nevik, watching his young bronze firelizard show off its ability to fly by darting around the gallery. He seems lost in thought and happy to take a big of a break from his daily rounds.

Ty'ai is making his way up the steps from the entrance below. His dark eyes scan the viewing stands as he enters, perhaps looking in vain for someone he recognizes, unlikely as it may be in this strange and foreign place. Not finding anyone of note, the brown rider instead takes a seat. It's close enough to the healer to warrant a nod of his chin and a low-voiced hello, his eyes sliding to take in the eggs on the sands below.

Nevik glances over to the unfamiliar face and notes the knot at his shoulder. "Rider," he offers a brief greeting as the Bronze flit swoops down to land upon his lap. "Visiting?" he asks in the beginning overture of a conversation. "I can't say that I've seen you in the infirmary just yet." The Bronze, pressing for attention, shoves its head into Nevik's chest and creels for a scritch.
Ty'ai shakes his head in response. "New transfer." His voice is deep and rich, like a thick mug of hot klah on a day.. much like this one, actually. "From Ista Weyr." Sounds a little longing, as if he is already second-guessing himself with the weather out there like it is. "Is it always so dreary?" Past the weather the man pauses before continuing. "You see many riders in the infirmary?"

Nevik hrms and adds, "Well - bet you're having a bit of an adjustment to the weather down here." With a faint glance up to the grey skies he reaches out to offer his bronze some attention. "I'm new here myself - well, been here a few weeks. Came in from Fort Weyr to help with the wounded from the Fall." With that he just leans back to allow the bronze to curl up on his chest while he speaks to the rider. It's a bit of an odd position to carry on a conversation but Akron, the bronze, refuses to leave his new squat.

Ty'ai agrees with that. "It is different for sure, but I'm sure part of it is that I left in high summer.. to this." Just a bit different from one hemisphere to the next. "Fort, eh?" The man shakes his head but doesn't comment past that question. "This is my second day here. I figured I'd come see the eggs. Still trying to figure out where everything is." His voice is a rumble. Considering. "Seems very spread out here.. not like Ista at all."

Nevik offers, "Never been…but I've heard it's a lot different. They have, what…two seasons there? Summer and Shards it's Farding Hot!?" he barks out the last bit in a jokingly serious tone as though he were attempting to draw a bit of humor into the conversation. "May I ask about your lifemate? Who do you ride?" Perhaps not the most indelicate of questions but for 'firsts' it may not be too far out of the realm of a young boy's curiosity.

Ty'ai laughs. "They have cold, too. Sometimes it can get quite cold, but it never lasts longer than a seven or two, tops. I never saw snow until I went to High Reaches when we first learned to between. I'm sure, you being from Fort, you know all about snow." There's a slight surprise for the boy's blunt question but he answers easily enough. "Brown Taodath claimed me as his own some fifteen turns ago. He's always been a willful beast." There's fondness in his voice for that.

The apprentice healer can't help but have a bit of hero worship in his eyes when he hears how the rider was chosen by the Brown. "That sounds fantastic," he begins and offers his bronze a scritch or two absently. "I haven't seen this one, here, do that…yet but I'm sure he'll figure it out soon enough." Turning his attention back out to the sands, he pushes himself up onto his elbows, jostling the 'poor firelizard' from its sleep enough to re position itself. "Do they have you flying patrols yet with one of the wings? I know we have a few dragons down because of the Thread and a few…other…reasons."

"It was like nothing I've ever experienced. I don't think there's quite anything like Impression." Understatement of the century. Ty'ai doesn't notice any hint of hero worship, and graciously ignores any comparison, however well-meant, of his bond with his dragon to a firelizard's fickle attention. "No sweeps, yet. I watched drills this morning.. they are different, here, but not undecipherably so."

Nevik swallows dryly and nods, coaxing the bronze off of his stomach so that he can stand fully upright. "Come on…come on…" he nudges and nudges and finally has to pick up the bronze lump and set it beside him. "Well, it was nice to have meet you Rider but I need to get back to the infirmary. Don't take this the wrong way but I hope it's a long time before I -have- to see you again." He smiles a bit and starts to climb down from his seat in the gallery - heading back into the bowl.

"Good to meet you, healer. May the skies be clear where your feet travel." Ty'ai inclines his chin again in a more formal nod, eyes briefly watching the boy head back down the viewing steps, before turning back to brood on the gold's brood below.

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