Z'bor, H'ris, Eryzz, Talya


Someone is or isn't writing Talya asking for a romantic rendezvous and she tries to find out who it is. Z'bor, H'ris and Eryzz are pulled into this mystery and left with a cliffhanger. WHO IS THE MYSTERIOUS 'R'?


-- On Pern --
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It is afternoon of the nineteenth day of the twelfth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.
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It is the nineteenth day of Winter and 40 degrees. It is a bright, sunny day with a gentle wind.
In Southern:
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It is the nineteenth day of Summer and 28 degrees. It's really damn cold out.


Southern Weyr, The Treble Clef

OOC Date 14 May 2018 06:00


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"'Hoping you'll stop by The Treble Clef, R.' I'm taking a wild guess that you are not 'R


The Treble Clef

This is a place of idyll repose, a place of music, a place of soul: no liquor finds the tables of this endeavor, nor does darts nor dragonpoker. This is a place for the Harper's soul to rest, with hearty fare served to a degree of sophistication higher than the kitchens in the weyr proper, if for a price… but the draw of it is no doubt the open platform front-and-center, where a bar would likely stand. The Treble Clef does not deal in alcohol, but it does promote the artistry of amateurs and Harpers alike in the well-outfit stage for those to entertain those who stop to sup within these gently-outfitted walls.

Summer days, stormy days… this one was a nice looking day outside, except for the heat, which is nothing out of the ordinary at Southern. Talya on the other hand does not intend to stay outside for more than is needed and has gone on some kind of wandering mission indoors, just in time for those looking for an early dinner. It's certainly busier than she thought it would be, having to side step around Crafters until she winds up here… Somehow she finds herself at the Treble Clef, and her dark eyes sweep the area with a completely befuddled look. She tilts her head to one side to give her golden firelizard, proudly perched on her shoulder, a side-eye. "You sure you got this message from someone for me?" She's holding onto a scrap in her hand, looking from it to the room before her. It's like she's been dropped into a whole different place on Pern, she definitely looks out of place with how she stands by the entrace.

Z'bor does, on the rare ocassion, make an appearence in the Treble Clef, liking the music and atmosphere, despite the lack of liquor. And, finding he has a quiet evening to himself, he comes here tonight, dressed casually in loose, dark pants and a white tunic, a hand running through his dark hair. He'll find a table, and seat himself, eyes roaming the room. It'll be nice to have a meal to himself, despite missing the heck out of certain people.

On the stage, Eryzz is doing the Harper thing as one does. He has his guitar on his knee as he perches a top a stool. Strumming softly a relaxed tune, his body moving along with the tune as his eyes wander over the crowd of people. Spying one of his fellows wave at him, the dark haired journeyman nods sublty. When he finishes out his song, trailing off with one final mournful note. Standing, he takes a little bow before moving off the platform and vacating it for the next performer. Wandering over by the entrance, he quicks a heavy black brow in Talya's direction, "Are ya lost?" he asks with a subtle curl of his lips.

Talya has shifted to the side so that she definitely doesn't block those coming and going. Her attention goes towards Z'bor's entrance, and how he settles by himself at a table. She seems to be hesitating in approaching when someone else beats her to it— She turns to Eryzz instead, brows raised as she looks up to the much taller man. "Definitely lost. I admit I've never come by this way before, but someone told me to." She waggles a scrap at him, as if that explained everything. "With a sigh she gives the room a look around. "'Hoping you'll stop by The Treble Clef, R.' I'm taking a wild guess that you are not 'R'?" is asked of the Harper. "Maybe it's that person that just came in. He looks like he's looking for someone." A point to Z'bor. Somehow it has been decided this is a man. "Oh, and that was a nice song you were just playing too," she adds to Eryzz, because she knows how to compliment. Especially if she can get help solving this puzzle.

Poor, unsuspecting Z'bor, guilty of sending no such note and expecting to dine alone, though he does people watch. However, something prickles along his skin, as if he's being watched. The Serval Wingsecond sits up a bit straighter in his chair and his brown eyes begin to search the room in earnest now. However, he doesn't quite catch Talya's pointing at him, so his eyes continue their search. And where is the server?

"I thought so, I haven't seen you in here before." Eryzz replies before he listens to the rest of her story, eyebrow hiking up with each new puzzling detail. "Interesting," there's a tight-lipped smirk on his lips as he tries to take a look at the note that Talya is waving around. "Alas, it's not me. The name's Eryzz, Journeyman Harper," he'll incline his head in her direction in a respectful bow. Looking towards the greenrider when he is pointed out by the girl, he hums thoughtfully, "Only one way to find out," he tilts his head in Z'bor's direction as he meanders over in his direction, with a mischievous twinkle to his slate grey eyes. "Good afternoon Wingsecond. Just curious, your name doesn't begin with R by any chance?" he'll ask with a curious tilt of his head.

"You'd think there's no place yet to discover after living in a Weyr for a Turn, yet here's somewhere new for me," Talya notes, giving the area an appraising look around. There may not have been any alcohol to lure her in, but her eyes do curiously take everything in, pausing briefly at the latest Harper on the stage. With a sigh she turns back to the one helping her, shoulders drooping. "Eryzz /has/ an R at least, so I feel like I'm getting closer." She holds out the note in front of her, perhaps the Harper can see it better. It definitely is written in swooping letters, very stylized, and the gold gives a cheep in pleasure at seeing it displayed. It was her work bringing it. She gives a distracted nod as she reads it over, but does follow the Harper to the rider's table. "/Please/ say that it does and why you brought me here." Without waiting for a reply, she collapses into an extra seat at Z'bor's table, plopping her elbows on the table.

Z'bor looks upward when Eryzz approaches, an eyebrow hiking in slight curiosity at the nature of the harper's question. "It does not." He answers, his reply neither curt or short for rude purposes, it's just the simplest answer. He seems to eye the two in front of him before sighing and giving a friendly smile. They don't seem like a suspicious pair. "The name's Z'bor, green Ozriath's. Sorry to disappoint." He looks over to the girl plopping herself down in a chair and raises a brow, well then, maybe he has company anyway. He waves at a chair, motioning the harper to sit too if he likes.

Eryzz looks midly amused when Talya just takes a seat at the greenrider's table without leave, but he will also slip down into a chair when it's offered. Turning to the guard he shrugs his shoulders idly, "He also has an R in his name, but doesn't look like it's him. Unless he's playing coy?" he'll give the greenrider a thoughtful once over as if pondering whether he seems the type. "How did you come across this note anyway? Do you even know someone whose name begins with R?" Eryzz is fully ingtrigued now by the mystery of this note.

Talya looks back and forth a few times between Z'bor and Eryzz as she ponders this dilemma. "It does have an R…. You /both/ have an R," she muses. "I think that's good enough for me." It's her firm decision, she's going to stay in this new seat as she considers her two new companions over hands still clutching the note, which she rests her chin on. "The name's Talya, which does not have any R in it at all. And I've been up and down the tunnels and caverns just trying to /find/ this place, I'm going to just say I've succeeded in finding what I had to." She drops back in her seat. She shakes the note out again, this time tossing the scrap over to the Harper, because he can probably get more out of this riddle from it right? "Beast brought it to me, she's just been learning to deliver and bring me things. She is very happy to have got this message to me." Said gold on her shoulder gives another happy trill. She did fetch it! Sorry R, if there was someone out there with that name. Perhaps a broken hearted weyr resident now.

Ok. Now Z'bor is really curious. "Someone sent you a note to meet here?" Is his first question, but then Talya is explaining about her firelizard just learning and he shakes his head, and his next question is more comical. "Are you sure she didn't have a mix up? Or that she didn't recognize the scrap as a note and brought it to you because she thinks all notes are for you? And then, looking at the other hand, who do you know that has a name starting in 'R'?" Z'bor loves puzzles.

Eryzz takes the note from Talya to look at it when she passes it over. "Well met," he quips to her introduction before remembering something and looking back up towards Z'bor, "Oh, I'm Eryzz by the way," he adds as an afterthought. The Harper looks like he's about to say something when Z'bor preempts his thoughts about the note, and he points a finger in the Wingsecond's direction, "He has a point. You said you were training your gold? Maybe she picked up a note from someone else. It's not specifically addressed to you anyway." Seeing Z'bor's interest, he smoothes the piece of hide over the surface of the table.

Talya gives that same side-eyed look she gave Beast earlier, pressing her lips into a tight thin line. "Well, I'd like to think that someone had to actually /hand/ it to her while she was away for a bit and knew her by the fact that she rarely is out of my sight." It seems to make sense in Talya's mind, and the gold is not giving up any answers. Not that she can speak to them, since she is just preening. Because that's twice now being asked if she knew anyone by a name that starts with R, Tal really seems to consider the question. Her brows furrow together and she looks between the two men as if the answers are on their faces. "Some names /have/ an R, but I don't actually think I know anyone with a name that starts with an R," she admits reluctantly. "I assumed it was some admirer or kid… or both." She waves a hand dismissively. "I guess if I get a followup note I know, something along the lines of 'I cried myself to sleep wondering where you've been'."

Z'bor sighs patiently, for he is, a very patient man. "We'd all like to think that, but flits are notorious little thieves sometimes. Have you tried getting her to visualize the person who gave it to her? Training them for facial recognition is an important step, that way they can tell you who sends the messages if there are times like these." Faranth knows Z'bor's own horde had been a mess to train, except Hart. His gold is perfect and no one can convince him otherwise.

"Maybe he'll still make himself know," Eryzz remarks before adding as an afterthought, "Or her, of course," this harper doesn't judge. As she continues, Eryzz's brows knit together as a skeptical look takes over his features, "So this person, R, knows you, but you don't know them. Has presumably watched you enough to recognize your queen firelizard, tracked her down to pass her this cryptic note about meeting here. Ummmm…That sounds kinda creepy if you ask me," he offers bluntly as he nods along again with the greenrider, "I almost hope you're right, cause that would be a much more palatable scenario in my opinion." With a sigh of frustration, the Harper pushes out of his chair and looks at the others, "I'm going to go see if I can find a server. I need sustenance after my set," he remarks before wandering off.
"It's creepy when you put it /that/ way," Talya says with a smirk to Eryzz. "I just see it as a possible free dinner if anything. Maybe flattering. I always come armed, of course." Not to mention still sporting her Guard knot, just in case this secret admirer didn't know she had training in taking down creepy guys. She then stares at Z'bor blankly, as if the man was talking nonsense. In fact, he probably was talking nonsense for her. "Facial… what? I didn't know I had to do that? I just point at the people I know and tell her to take stuff to them, eventually she knows that Alyna is the blond short greenrider of Haquith's or that big guy that sleeps in the bunk under me is Gorgo. I mean, I hope. She's only just started actually taking notes away from me, instead of playing fetch with it." She gives a big heavy sigh, watching the Harper go. "Send them our way as well!" she calls after him. Because they needed dinner.

The Treble Clef is not a H'ris hangout. The number of times that he's come in her on his own could probably be counted on two hands. Generally, he's here at the behest of his weyrmate. Which may be why he appears in the entrance to the cafe, his bulk causing the light at the door to dim as he shoulders his way through it. He's dressed casually, which means that there are no boots on his feet, and they make a slapping sound as he crosses the room to where Z'bor sits. He doesn't greet the group immediately, opting instead to drop his massive frame into a chair (that creaking noise is totally normal) next to his weyrmate. "Did I miss all the bad poetry?" he rumbles in way of greeting, leaning in to buss a kiss against Z'bor's temple, eyeing the performance area. "That little fella from Igen ain't done them limericks yet, am he?" That's largely for Z'bor, but the greenrider turns his atteniton on the Guard, as well. "H'ris," he grunts.

Z'bor is actually quite surprised when his Weyrmate shows up unannounced. It's a more than pleasant surprise as he leans into the kiss to his forehead, smiling at H'ris. "No, been music so far H." And then he's back to business. "This young lady here has recieved a note that may or may not have been meant for her. And we're trying to puzzle out the mystery of it all, her Harper friend has just gone to fetch the server." Far from the shy lad he used to be, Z'bor seems to be cottoning on to social life well and is nowhere near as squeamish around strangers.

Eryzz is on his way back from fetching the server when the Harper performing waves at him to come and join him for a duet. Holding up a finger in his direction, he winds his way back to the table to see another rider has shown up. "Well, I got the server's attention, she should be right over. I have to go do my duty but it was a pleasure to meet you all." To Talya he offers a half-grin, "Hope you find out who the mysterious note writer is." And with one final bow for the table, he grabs up his guitar and makes his way back to the platform for the next song.

Talya perks up in her seat at the arrival of H'ris, especially when he seems to be heading right for them! It doesn't last long, when the greenrider she's been sitting with is his obvious target instead. When he introduces himself, she gives a brief nod before her eyes turn back to focus on Z'bor. "Another R in the name, but not the R that I'm looking for. At least I could return their note…" Forget the fact that it was supposed to be delivered to someone else and not back to the owner. "Thanks," she calls after the passing Harper when he passes by. Her eyes trail after him onto the stage before she looks back to the pair of greenriders. "And thanks for the help as well, I think I'll give the area one more look 'round. You both have a good night." She'll give the two riders their space. Just as she joined abruptly without permission, she gives them a wave and heads off— out of there. Too much time spent wandering the tunnels searching for this R, she probably was out on her way for a place with booze.

H'ris blinks when the Harper appears, falling silent as the man makes his apologies and departs. Then Z'bor is explaining, and he nods. If he has any ideas, though, they'll remain unspoken as the Guard likewise decamps and he's suddenly alone with his weyrmate. Which is how he largely prefers it, but he still frowns deeply. "I ain't meant to run out all o' your company," he rumbles apologetically. "I were just done with watch, an' the kids are over to th' Nursery tonight…" he frowns again, looking between the door and Zeb. "I don't never do shit right in this fuckin' place." He rubs at his face. "They ought'n serve some damned booze or summat."

Well. That can count as one of Z'bor's oddest encounters, and all he'd been here for was a quiet supper. He will be left wondering who the mysterious 'R' is, it seems. Damn. He looks around and still doesn't see a server and is about ready to leave. With H'ris having shown up, Z'bor's not so sure here is where he wants to be. So, after the abrupt departure of both his table guests, he turns a surprised look on H'ris. "I honestly don't even know who they were really. That was a weird encounter H." Z'bor laughs and scrubs at the back of his head. "Speaking of booze and liquor, since the kids aren't home, should we just go there? Or should we go over to the Kitten? I'm suddenly no longer in the mood for quiet and music."

"Hell yes," is H'ris' immediate response to the question, and he's on his bare feet faster than a man his size should be able to move. "I don't care where we go, as long as it ain't here." There's no rancor in his voice — he knows how much Z'bor enjoys coming here, but pretense has never been a tool in H'ris' box. He's even gentleman enough to pull out Z'bor's chair slightly. "But we do got that whiskey from Nabol with th' peppers in it back t' home." His voice drops, then, suggestive smoke creeping in around the edges. "An' I am definitely in th' mood for somethin' spicy." Translation for the non-Zebs: Someone is proddy.

Z'bor doesn't have to be hinted at twice, he'll stand when H'ris pulls out his chair, a darker glint sweeping over his brown eyes. "We got that whiskey I brought from up North too, the redfruit flavored one." Then he'll let a slow smile creep across his lips before strolling to the door with a more than suggestive gait. Translation for the non-Hris: Come and get 'im big boy!

H'ris doesn't need to be told twice. He's right behind the smaller man, a wicked grin lighting up his features.

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