Echo, En'rys


Echo and En'rys catch up on all the news during their first meeting in months.


It is evening of the first day of the tenth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Living Cavern, Igen Weyr

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Living Caverns

Brightly lit by a regimented march of strung glow-globes, Igen's busy living caverns are cut of the same exotic limestone design that frequents the bazaar without. Tapestries line the tops of the walls, one for each of Igen's wings, past and present; beneath them, skybroom tables litter the floors in scattered profusion. Some of the wicker chairs have seen better days, but most of the worst offenders have long-ago been replaced. The seemingly random placement of furniture, however, at closer inspection yields a sort of cross-shape of negative space. The northernmost walls and nooks of the caverns are owned by the kitchen's buffet, food-laden thrice daily in regimented shifts by busy bakers from the curtained southern entrance to the kitchens. To the east is a large arch leading outside; westerly lies the large doors leading down into the bowels of the weyr itself.

Feeling rather restless, Echo has found herself wandering into the Living Caverns, a place she hasn't visited much in the last eleven months since she arrived at Igen, but she is sniffing the air hungrily as she feels her stomach rumble. Well Milosh has been telling her to eat more often, and he would probably be pleased if she returned to their yurt having eaten. Her usual outfit is adjusted slightly to make room for her growing belly, a tailored short-sleeved tunic over soft wherhide capris that ride low on her hips below her bump and short boots on her feet. She wanders over to the buffet to get a good look at what is on offer.

A few minutes of freedom, dearly earned at the best of times; Briamiorth has finally run out of energy to race here and there, pouncing on whatever object catches her fancy, and is now content to watch the goings-on in the Bowl, fascinated by the steady parade of people and dragons. She's safely out of the main thoroughfare, though close enough to be reached should she need her rider. Meanwhile, En'rys has wandered into the Living Caverns for a drink, though he's hovering in the back of his little green's mind, checking and double checking that she's all right and not creeping off to get into any trouble that will mean more chores for him, and a long lecture as well. But wait, what's this? Echo's spotted, along with her newly rounded belly. Curiosity being the larger part of his personaliity, En'rys will move toward the Trader, and come abreast. "Hello, there, Echo." He greets her with a grin. "How's things?" In the Caravan and eveything else, for that matter.

Checking out the spread, Echo lifts her head, puzzled at the familiar sounding voice as she turns her gaze to the weyrling, her lips spreading to a warm smile as she reaches up to brush her auburn hair back behind her ear, putting her silver and emerald engagement ring on display. "Daen! Or, should I still call you that?" she giggles softly as she looks him up an down taking note of his shorter hair as she does so. "Things have been really eventful with me actually." she says, glacing not so subtly down at her bump with a warm smile. "Although you may have me beat. A belated congratulations on Impressing." She finally reaches for a plate and begins to fill it.

One would think En'rys will have gotten very attached to his new name, and perhaps he has; at any rate, he doesn't seem too upset about theuse of his old nickname. Instead, he just shrugs. "Old friends get a pass, you know," the greenling reassures Echo mildly. There have been so many changes in his life of late that he's entirely willing to let this one thing slide, a comforting dose of the old to go along with the addition of a young and exceedingly curious dragonling in his head like a purring current threading through his every thought and deed. "Oh? Do tell?" He eyes both the ring and the swell of her elly with intnsifying curiosity — a curiosity he manags just barely, to contain les he draw Briamiorth away from her current fixation on a flapping bit of discarded kite. "Thanks." Pause a moment for the usual prideful glance Bowl-wards. "She's a lovely girl, my Briamiorth."

"Such a pretty name, I hope to meet her someday." Echo grins as she piles several pieces of roasted wherry onto her plate. As to telling what's new, the Zingari woman will ponder where to start. "Milosh has retired from escort work completely since we moved in with each other. And then the Zingari got a bad batch of herbs, which is how this happened." she says as she rests her hand on her belly. "And now…" Her chest swells slightly as her face lights up as she looks down at the ring on her finger. "We're getting married." Looking back at her friend, fairly beaming from a bright smile as she giggles softly, the laughter of one thoroughly besotted with maybe a hint of pregnancy glow mixed in.

"She's pretty." En'rys practically glows in reminiscence over his delicate green beauty. Tiny, fierce, mischevious: she's very much his mirror and his truest, deepest love. He's even forgotten he's supposed to be geting food, but the fact that Echo is piling it up prods En'rys into action, and he begins adding his own selections of meat and vegetables and bread — but there's a moment where he simply has to pause and stare at Echo like he's never seen her before. "Married? Really?" The rest of it, well — "And he's… quit escorting. Huh…" Plainly something does not compute for this man, and he cannot really process it with his dragon still half awake in his mind, though she's drifting off to sleep over by the Lake among a group of weyrlings.

With a soft smile for the way the man is glowing when he speaks of his lifemate, Echo watches her friend as he starts to fill his own plate. She manages a giggle when he just stops and stares at her, nodding a long to his questions, "Married..yes. We're hoping to do it before the end of autumn. And yes, he's given up escorting completely, months ago actually, he only told me about it when we were visiting the Kheeriin." She raises a brow in his direction as he still looks confused. "You ok?" she asks.

"Wow… just…" And then En'rys gets a distant look in his eye, soft-edged and loving. It takes moments before he returns to the Living Caverns in spirit, though his body never left. "Briamiorth checking in." He laughs. "She was curious who I was talking to, and says hello." But back to this news of Echo's! "I just never thoughtb he'd want to get married. Keep you all to himself, certainly… but the rest?" He laughs softly, shifting his now much shorter hair behind his ears and grinning raakishly at his friend. "Oh, my, we are in the cream, aren't we, dear?"

Echo watches intently as En'rys gets that distant look in his eyes, assuming he is talking to his lifemate, which is confirmed when next he speaks. "Well you tell her hello right back for me." she answers before breaking into a hearty chuckle at his next, giving a little shrug of her shoulders, "Well how better to keep me than to make me his wife I suppose. Although I'm sure the little one here had something to do with the timing of it." she grins broadly as she looks over the table one final time before deciding that her plate is full enough. Moving over to the drinks table, she picks up a pitcher of juice as she continues talking. "I don't think you'd reconize him, he's very different now that things have been settled between us. He's open and loving, and he dotes on me so much." Her cheeks flush with pride at being able to talk about this with her friend.

En'rys snickers. "And here you thought I was out of my mind when I said he cared for you." See, he was right! He does so love to be right! He's finally satisfied with the arrangement of food on his plate an heads for a table, tilting his head in invitation for Echo to follow. "Huh, I probably wouldn't. He's gotten all soft and whatnot." This is said with mild amusement, for clearly En'rys doesn't actually believe it. "So, you're happy, then." He grins at Echo, almost boyish. "Did you know… Reveka had a boy." Though he still seems quite upbeat and steady, the sadness at not being there, it lurks, briefly, before being submerged where Briamiorth cannot detect it. He's gotten veyy good at keeping most of his emotions well under wraps.

Echo blushes slightly at En'rys' mention of her previous denial of her fiance's feelings, and shakes her head, "Oh you were right, it just took longer for him to admit it. Well both of us really." When mention turns to talk of Milosh going soft, Echo scoffs loud enough to turn heads in her direction, which immediately makes the shy woman shrink in on herself with a wince as she motions to a nearby table after she's gotten a glass of juice. "And he hasn't gone soft at all." the herder girl states when they are seated, a pointedly raised eyebrow in the weyrling's direction. "He's almost more strict with me now that I'm carrying our child. Strict but in an adorably protective way. And yes…I am very happy." The glow on her face is proof enough of that. But then her smile falters a little bit as she nods her head, "I heard. I met her, not too long before she gave birth." she grins playfully then as she picks up her fork, "We talked about you."

En'rys smirks, having succeeded in teasing Echo yet again; he has not lost his knack! "Well, glad to know you're safe and cared for then. And that this is what you want. Happiness can't be shoved away until it's more convenient." He picks up his fok, spearing some finger roots to nibble on. "Huh. Did you?" He tilts his head, deeply curious, now. I didn't know you two knew each other, really."

"We hadn't met before that one time." Echo explains, "But of course, I'd seen her around and knew about her from you. So we chatted about what we had in common, mainly you." Her eyes drop to her food as her voice softens considerably. "She told you fathered her child. What bad timing, for both of you." she shakes her head with considerable sympathy.

"I very nearly left the candidacy to be with her, you know. She insisted I stay." En'rys wants that one out there; well he knows how people can make assumptions that are not true. "And she knows I intend to be with her after… well after Bria's old enough to understand. I do wish the timing had been better. His name's Revaerys, you know." He smiles a little, somewhat saddened that he will not know this child from the beginning, yet hopeful that there will be time, in the future, to get to know him. "And he will b raised Zingari, which I am all for."

"She told me." Echo says plainly at his first. "I think it's commendable that you offered, and I'm sure it was very hard on her not to take you up on the offer." At his next though, she raises a fine eyebrow in his direction i surprise. "You're still planning on being with her? You must really love her then." she adds a little wistfully as she studies the man's face. "When will your dragon be old enough to understand?" she queries as she spears a piece of wherry to put in her mouth. At the name of the baby, Echo smiles as she swallow her food hastily. "That's a lovely name. And I'm sure A'lira and Igraine will do right by both of you with the raising of him."

Oh, there's so, so many questions that wistful tone evokes; questions he dares not ask as yet, as this place is simply much to public to delve into certain… activities. And with the purring presence of his dragon growing ever louder in his mind, En'rys must be content to have them remain unanswered. "I do love her, in my way." Smirk. "Yes, I know — I've met them both, and if I cannot raise my son myself, as I would prefer, I can ask for no better fosters. They're Zingari, but not so traditional that they will raise a hidebound son." And then, he rubs at his temple, wincing a little. "I've got to go — certain greenlings require grooming, like, right now." Forget about the fact that En'rys hasn't finished his food! Grooming is more important.

There could be so many reasons for Echo to sound wistful, but that is definitely a conversation for another time indeed. But at his admission that he does love her, she just smiles, genuinely happy for her friend. But then he's wincing as she narrows her eyes at him before he explains what the problem is. "Don't worry about it En'rys. Hopefully it won't be months again before our next meeting. Take care." She offers before tucking back into her food with all the gusto of a ravenous hatchling.

"You too, baby doll." En'rys laughs mischeviously at her — why not have a nickname for her? Especially if it might make the woman blush, as that had been his biggest, best past time while he was among the Traders. Well, and Milosh isn't around to grumble and huff and puff at the very idea. With a last playful smirk at Echo, En'rys is off to apply yet more oil to those spots Briamiorth insists weren't oiled properly the last time.

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