Safi, Th'res


Safi and Th'res meet and are very carefully not going to have a date soon.


It is noon of the first day of the eleventh month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


River Delta

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"Yeah just as friends, I.. um wouldn't want to presume or get you in trouble."


River Delta

At last! The winding Black Rock River spills into the Sea of Azov through the fingers of the river delta. Small islands form around the estuaries as the deep river rises up to meet the shallower inland sea. Rich in nutrients, this part of the river teems with fish that come to lay their eggs at the boundary where fresh and salt water mix. During the mating seasons, the delta is clogged with seacraft and trader vessels fishing for the best catch of the year. The stirring of silt from the estuaries creates the murkier waters of the delta; a stark contrast to the crystal clarity of the inland sea.

"Stay." Safi's voice is firm and commanding - so very different from the tone she takes around other people. With the puppy she is sure and confident. One hand holds Jen's favorite treat and the dog is FOCUSED on that hand as Safi gets slowly further and further away. When he twitches like he's going to come after her despite that command Safi quickly switches it to, "Come!" First rule of training, take advantage of what the animal was going to do anyway so they associate the command with the action, vs their own initiative.

From the river bank there is a merry whistling, walking up is the red headed rider Th'res. He has a catch of fish stringed up as he walks, pants rolled to the knee and bare feet tread lightly on the ground. He wears a loose fitting shirt with a flower design that is open in the front showing off his muscled torso. He hears the call to 'come' and looks over to see the brown haired herder training her dog he stands there to watch the show not wanting to interrupt.

Jen is NOT old enough to have learned all his commands yet - or that he should accept them only from Safi and those the girl has also given the commands to. The whistle is a command he's suppose to be learning though, so since Safi's treat has been eaten all up Jen runs over to the bluerider in a brisk scramble. WOOFWOOFWOOF. "Th'res?" Just checking she's pegged the rider right as she follows the puppy at a more sedate pace.

Th'res grins as the dog runs over, "Hey Safi, sorry didn't mean to mess up your training" He lifts the fish higher so the pup doesn't think it is a play toy. He gives the pair a warm smile, as he glances to the sky before turning his attention to the herder and her charge.

FISH THAT IS A FISH PLEASE LET JEN HAVE THE FISH! Jen makes small pathetic noises of begging and ALMOST jumps up when Safi calls out, "Jen, Stop." Oh, but, but, Sad puppy says as Safi trots up to scratch his head. "Good boy," a treat gets fished out and given to the puppy. Not as good as fish but… that's okay. "It's okay - were you…" a glance over her shoulder, "looking for someone?"

Th'res smiles and shrugs "well I was looking for a large blue dragon, but it seems I found a better company for the moment." Dude leave the pick uplines to F'kan and others.. His ears blush slighty as he realizes he infact was hiting on her. "sorry that sounded kinda forward.."

Safi's brow wrinkles, "Jedameth ran away?" Her expression clearly hints that she didn't think that was a thing that could actually happen. "Do you need, um… forward?" It went right over Safi's head. Instead she's turning about to see if a blue spot suddenly appears.

Th'res isn't going to push it, figuring the herder is just letting him off the hook with out hurting his feelings, "Well he didn't run away, more like he found a friend to play with and hasn't come back yet. Some visiting green from Igen was intrested in the water fall and well Jed is ever the helpful one." There is an exasperated fondness in the riders voice as he shifts the weight of the fish he is holding.

"Waterfall?" Safi's tone ticks up in interest. Perhaps the nice green and Safi have a little in common? But obviously Th'res isn't here to take her walking for instead she glances up at the fish. "Also fishing?" Not exactly what she'd pegged the bluerider as doing in his off time.

Th'res nods "Yeah, I picked it up when I was first starting to be a jouneryman. It is rather relaxing and enjoyable." He shades his eyes again as he glances around the sky before asking "What do you like to do in your off time?"

Well, that at least makes a little bit of sense. At the question Safi glances around again, almost like she expects the bluerider to be talking to someone else. "I, I'm training Jen?" A question, because Safi's not sure exactly if that what what he meant. "Um, you?"

Th'res looks at her and gives her that soft smile saying "well, I like to fish, and carve stone. Camping, watching the waterfalls, exploring the ice caves up at the barriar, and stargazing.." He looks at her and grins "and of course going out with friends, do you like any of that stuff?" The look in his eye is hopeful as he seems to have something else going on behind those blue eyes.

"Well, I… I've never done any of that?" At least not anywhere NEAR Southern. "When doing the runners sometimes… we had to camp so, um, it's not something we did for fun." There's the slightest hesitation every time that Safi says 'we', but she squares her shoulders and plows through her explanation.

Th'res catches on the 'we' and reaches up to rub the back of his neck with his free hand as he looks at the ground "Oh well… um if you would like to.. you know uh…do any of that stuff I mean with me.." He is blushing abit as he actually asks her but keeping his face lowered trying to hide it from her "I mean if you don't have anyone else you already would like to do it with.."

"Like… on a rest day?" Safi is catching an edge of what Th'res is saying and it fights with what she knows the rules of being an apprentice are. "I… just, as friends?" Because if it's as friends then she can absolutely say yes. Anything else and she'd have to turn him down.

Th'res knows the rules to, 'Thanks Llewellyn' so as much as he probably wants to say other wise he will nod and smile saying "Yeah just as friends, I.. um wouldn't want to presume or get you in trouble." He looks like he wants to add more but he holds it back instead asking "Would that be ok? Just friends I mean.."

A full on bright smile blooms on Safi's face. IT replaces the frown of worry that so often creases her expression. "That would be perfectly okay. I, I'd have to let someone know where I was going?" Less hesitation there as Safi shows some real excitement for the idea.

Th'res grins, as he sees her actually smile for the first time he may even have a little awe but he will put that in the back of his mind for later, "Of course, we can stay around the Weyr if you aren't allowed to travel. I know that you have your studies and all I don't want to interfer with your apprentice ship." But hey she said yes! The grin on his face shows that he is still over the two moons with excitement.

"I mean, I think, it'd be okay? Just have to tell before we go.." So no sudden surprise visits anywhere that Safi can't tell someone important. Don't ask about her firelizard. Probably just isn't old enough to deliver messages yet. "Do… do you want to spend some time with me today?"

Th'res looks at her and blinks before he nods "I always like to spend time with you." is his quick answer. He looks around before adding "I mean, I could cook these for us for lunch?" Because people got to eat right?!? He glances around the area looking for a good spot for a fire probably but he still keeps bringing his eyes back to her smiling face.

"I'd like that." Honestly said and Safi steps away to gesture at the beach. "If you gather rocks I'll get some sticks?" Mostly, because, seriously, Jen would LOVE to chase some sticks.

Th'res smiles and nods "sounds good to me" he says as they head to the beach for a little impromptu lunch and hang out. After some time the blue dragon will return to spend some time with the pair of humans and the pup for the rest of the afternoon till the riding pair has to bid them farewell as work does call for the dragonrider.

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