Jedrek, Jedi


Jedi's in the Kitten. Jedrek distracts her from the desire to drink booze. There's talking, and a couple thoughtful moments.

Some swearing.


It is evening of the fourth day of the third month of the seventh turn of the 12th pass.
It is the fourth day of Autumn and 63 degrees. The autumn rain drums the weyr pleasantly throughout the night.


The Tipsy Kitten, Southern Weyr

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"Figured the last place a person like you'd be is in a tavern.”


The Tipsy Kitten

Here there be drunkards: a marble bar and the gorgeous array of colored bottles behind it would be enough to draw them in, but more yet lures those to enjoy the recreation the Kitten has to offer. Windows allow light to naturally illuminate the first floor of the tavern in the daytime, while green-tinted glows shine after nightfall. A door behind the bar leads to the tiny kitchen, while a stairway leads above to the rooms available for rent. Among the hubbub and the ruckus, a calamity of tables scatter through the open space, plenty enough for dragonpoker tournaments on restday eve.

Outside it's raining kittens, and in the Kitten it's pouring alcohol - or at least Jedrek's pouring booze to the myriad groups at the tables and a few at the bar as well, a steady business on such a wet autumn night. The man works with quiet efficiency, not really listening to any of the conversations around him as he pours drinks, washes dirties, and wipes at the counter on occasion. Just another rainy day at the Tipsy Kitten.

Jedi is a bit of a duckling amidst all of the booze geese. Sure, she walks in, and even sits down at the bar, but she orders nothing. She says nothing. Exactly what the woman's intentions are, are left unclear…except for the fact she continues to order nothing. Although she does seem to be smelling the booze. Where else to get in those scents, but right here, at the bar? Her knot is simple - just that of a wingrider. She's just here to watch. And apparently smell. Then, finally, she says, "juice only, I don't care what kind. No booze." She essentially already said that, but well…Jedi might as well err on the side of caution.

Jedrek's seen Jedi's kind before; when you've worked in taverns all over Pern, you see pretty much everything at some point or another. So it's with phlegmatic promptness that a tall glass of juice is set in front of Jedi when she asks for it (pineapple), a little drip of moisture flicked away with his towel too. "You want an empty whiskey glass of to mell while you're drinking that?" It's said perfectly deadpan - he's totally serious.

"That would just make me go after whiskey," the woman replies just as seriously. "Better to let me smell from a distance. Jumbled, then." And apparently that's better for her? Torturing herself is Jedi's bend tonight, apparently - sitting in the thick of that which she had best not let herself indulge. "You weren't here the last time I was in." Which…isn't saying much. The last time she was in the Kitten was a few Turns ago, now. "Been in Southern long?" Questions asked, she'll take a drink of that pineapple juice. It's not booze - disappointing, and yet at the same time, just what she needs.

"Figured the last place a person like you'd be is in a tavern. But, takes all kinds. You a masochist or something?" Jedrek wonders, moving to refill a wineglass at the end of the bar before returning, picking up a clean glass to polish "Haven't been here long. A few months or so. You've been on the wagon that long at least, eh?" He'd likely remember her, otherwise. He seems fairly approving of her decision not to drink, however. "Good to see someone understand their limitatioins. Frank there, he's gone the other way." He tilts his head toward the sot on the other end of the bar, nursing the small mug of ale that is all Jedrek will serve him - one an hour and no more. If Frank wants anything stronger, he'll have to get it from another bartender.

"If I can't face my demons, what kind of person does that make me?" Jedi counters, with a rise to her eyebrows. "I've fallen off a couple times. Been nearly a turn now since the last time, though." And clearly she's cruising to fall off again…or, as he says, she's a masochist. Maybe a little bit of both. "Mm. I'm Jedi. Don't ever serve me booze." Because he'll remember her the next time she wanders in here, right? She glances in Frank's direction, and shakes her head. "I remember those days. Kind of. More like I remember missing my pants and having to go buy new ones." Probably…too much information, there, but well. "What brought you to Southern?"

"I like strong people." Jedrek says obliquely, "And nothing wrong with falling, so long as you pick yourself back up." He puts away the newly polished glass, reaches for another. "Jedrek. And worry not, Jedi. I won't ever serve you anything stronger than juice." Because he can respect someone who understands their demons and try to control them, even if sometimes it's a struggle. He glances back at Frank, than to the rider "Was that before you impressed? Didn't think a dragon would countenance such inebriation. With pants or not." He smiles faintly at the thought of her running around without pants. Note, he doesn't actually answer her question.

"Pulling oneself together can be a bitch," Jedi chuckles dryly, and then raises her eyebrows in challenge. "You almost make me want to disguise myself and see if you can still tell who I am." She's…probably teasing. Probably. A little. "Tits, man! How old do you think I am?" Jedi can't help it, she's cackling a little with glee at that particular compliment, unintentional though it may have been. "I've been a 'rider for over thirteen turns, now. Lli's never liked my drinking, but so long as it didn't interfere with our duties, he didn't care so much." Very accomodating, her lifemate, it would seem. "But you didn't answer, Jedrek. Is it a secret?" Jedi gives him a rather feral grin over her glass. She might be facing her demons, but she's using all of her willpower to focus on him instead. Lucky Jedrek!

"Nothing worth having is gained with ease." Jedrek intones smoothly, adding another of those small smiles. "And I never query a woman's age, Jedi. Leads to all sorts of painful things." Like, thwaps upside the head, sometimes a kick in the nuts…you know. "You don't look so old, any road. Dragonriding must agree with you…or perhaps riding that wagon." Or both, maybe? He polishes another glass, inspecting it for spots, before proffering up a respnose to her repeated question "No secret. I was at Black Rock Seahold bouncing and it burned down. I don't like to work that hard," i.e., rebuild from scratch "So I moved on." He does it a lot.

"Hah, learned your lesson young, did you?" Jedi teases, smirking slightly. "I'll have you know I'm in my thirties." Young thirties, but she doesn't say that. "And I don't care who knows it!" Because she's got nothing to lose? Apparently. "Or my kids," the woman adds to the list of things that could be making her look younger than her years. "Though looks aren't worth shit. Sometimes our jobs, as I'm sure you get to experience too, make us feel older than our years." Which might…be another reason Jedi's in here, 'facing her demons'. She takes another drink from that juice, and raises her eyebrows. "I was there, when it was burning," she says. "'Twasn't a pretty picture. Were you there, that day, as well?"

"Not much older than me, then." Jedrek says, "No kids, though." He pauses, thinks about it "That I know of." There were a lot of women, after all, and he sometimes didn't stick around to see if they swelled. He shrugs a bit, reaching for another glass. "Job's a job, when you're tending bar or bouncing. Though I do enjoy bouncing more than tending bar. I was better at it." Considering how efficient he is at tending bar, you can imagine how good he is at cracking heads. Denim-blue gaze regards Jedi thoughtfully "You got worries nagging at you, making you want to reach for a bottle again?" Well, you know what they say about bartenders, right? He starts polishing. "I was there." Yeah, better listener than a talker, is Jed.

Jedi gives the man another toothy grin. "I've got four. They're little hellions." They're her kids - of course they are. "Mm, that's true…but it's important you enjoy at least a piece of what you're doing, too." The woman raises her eyebrows at Jedrek, as if asking…but doesn't. She rests her head on her chin briefly. "Not…worries, necessarily. Well, I guess they're maybe worries. But they're not really my problem, anymore." And yet, here she is, worrying about them and tempting fate. "It's…exceptionally complicated." And stuff she cannot go into, apparently, if this oversharer isn't sharing. "Can't blame you for getting out of there, especially after that. Seemed like the place was about to be run into the ground."

"Black Rock was as good a place as any. Plenty of heads to knock together." Jedrek says, regarding Jedi thoughtfully "Four? That's quite a plenty of kids. Run you ragged, I imagine." He finishes the last glass and moves to pour Frank his next mug of ale, setting it gently in front of the rheumy old drunk and putting the empty in the sink, he returns to his conversation with the rider. "No need to worry about other peoples' problems." He agrees. "Borrowing trouble's about as pointless as drinking yourself stupid."

"Hmm. I suppose I can understand that," though really, she can't. But she'll say she can, because he would know Black Rock far better than she. "All the more reason to be just a wingrider," Jedi replies with a quick grin. Though surely there's far more to the story…Jedi doesn't go into details. She watches him attend to Frank, and taps her fingers on her chin absently. "For someone who likes being a bouncer, you make a good 'tender." The woman gets that hazy look riders are so well known for, and makes a face. "Apparently someone no longer appreciates the mud art the babies did on him." Jedi grins wearily. "I'm sure I'll be seeing youn again soon, Jedrek." She reaches into her pocket, and leaves a mark, one high enough for a decent tip, on the bar. She winks, gives the booze one last wistful look, and heads out the door. She might fall off the wagon again some day…but it will not be this day.

"I've never been a person to stay in one place." Jedrek sort of explains why Black Rock was an okay place to be "Some have been rougher, some less so, than Black Rock. So long as you understand the area, you can get along wherever you are. For instance, Southern's a nice place. No heads to really crack." He looks kind of bummed about that, too. But then she's looking to leave and he nods to her. "I'll be here until I'm not." Which could mean tomorrow or 20 turns from now, really. "Nice t'meet you, Jedi." He slips that mark away without comment, adds a smile as she makes her way out, then gets back to the business of tending bar.

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