Va'os, D'wane


D'wane and Va'os both end up called to the brig to deal with two drunk riders and some wing (and knot) shuffling is done.


It is evening of the fourth day of the fifth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Weyr - Guard HQ

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Guard HQ

Grimly clean and grimly guarded, this is the house that upholds the peace and the law of justice in Southern. Co-opted by the legists and guards alike, this expansive room is roomy enough, set in a whole suite of micro-rooms shallowly adorning the leeward stretch of the weyr entrance. A main desk is always manned by some manner of guard, with individual desks of smaller scale peppering the remainder of the space. In the back, a large and roomy brig spans the full length of the guard compound, in individual and group cells alike. To the north is a much-worn door heading into the barracks: to the south is an office that lies more often in dust.

Stormy weather makes for strange moods that are equally as charged and unpredictable. Doesn't help that everyone's gossiping about some strange black feline roaming about and it's unusual timing of appearance to minor catastrophes! Maybe that's what spurred the disagreement that has now landed two of Southern's Wingriders in the hot seat (aka the brig) ? or copious amounts of alcohol in P'her's case. The other rider belongs to Jaguar, which at least explains Va'os' presence in the HQ. As the rain picks up outside, the Weyrleader is currently leaning against the wall while browsing through report written so far. With the quarrel now ended and the offending parties separated and cooling down in separate cell, Va'os is taking his sweet ass time. Waiting too, no doubt…

And he won't have to wait for too long! Fortunately for Va'os, it's D'wane's turn to respond to whatever minor wing emergency might come up and he's only cursing a fraction of the amount that K'vvan would be as he comes in and brings a good bit of water from outside with him. The cursing comes to a rather abrupt stop when he sees he spots Va'os and he switches back to a rigid attention and throws up a crisp salute that would make his old High Reaches weyrlingmaster proud. "Evening, sir. Sorry about that." Both the riders getting in fights and the water that may possibly have been slung the weyrleader's way along with the salute. He's just going to keep dripping over this way away from the hides.

Va'os will at least spare the reports in his hands being ruined by slung water by holding them up and out of harms way. Only when the threat of damage is gone does he shift his weight and salute back to D'wane with his other hand; not as rigid, mind. He may be High Reachian born, but he's not of that attitude. "Evening, D'wane. Not sure why you're sorry?" Smirking, he goes on: "I mean. You weren't the one brawling? And one of mine…" Ugh, that's still not sitting well with him! "… from Jaguar is just as much to blame. Dunno what in Faranth's name possessed P'her to antagonize B'ly." It's one of those 'everyone should know' sort of deals, okay? At least… Va'os assumed that. "Here. Whole story." Those reports? Now handed to D'wane! Enjoy reading!

There's a couple reasons why D'wane could be sorry even though it's not really his fault. Is asking grown riders to act like adults too much to ask? Apparently considering that they're having to come to the brig to sort out any sort of situation at all. But D'wane's not going to justify it. He'll just shrug. "Maybe it was the hair." First suggestion for possible rhetorical question as the wingsecond starts to review those reports that are handed to him. He'll read them. And possibly end up filling out the rest of the half filled ones. B'ly definitely has a much better head of hair than poor P'her. P'her's got that whole crew cut thing going on, except he couldn't be bothered to maintain it so he's more just got all around scruff.

That sound? Would be Va'os trying to stifle laughter and managing to contain it to a sort of half-snorted cough. Not that either P'her or B'ly could hear them from here, but still! The Weyrleader's going to keep his next comment muttered under his breath and only for D'wane to overhear. "Wouldn't surprise me." About the hair. Seriously! "Report mentions something about a feline?" Added in a 'who the fuck cares' sort of tone and a shrug to follow. "Whatever it was, they were both out of line. Spats happen but they've been riders long enough to know better." Or that's his thought on the matter, as he resumes leaning against that wall. It's comfortable!

Honestly, P'her isn't in a condition to hear much of anything. He may or may not be actually passed out on the bunk in the brig cell. Regardless, D'wane is perfectly safe from any hair envy by just shaving all his hair off. There's not really much to the report. It reads like pretty much any other bar brawl between two riders. He said… and he said. And they both said stuff about the cat. That part gets an eyebrow raise from the wingsecond. "Really? Fucking weird." Because really, it's just a cat, guys. No need fighting over it. "They should. I think P'her's gonna be getting a lot of dawn sweeps in his near future." As in only dawn sweeps and nothing but them. Make him go to sleep before the other drunks are out and belligerent!

And B'ly is likely just pacing his 'cage' and stewing in his own anger to be paying any attention. "You've not heard about it? It's been the fucking talk of the Weyr all day. Some folks," Va'os' opinion is obvious here, given the smirk and slight exasperated look. "Are actually spooked by it." He just spreads his hands helplessly after that. People are going to talk about shit and he's just got no control over that! As for punishment? "I'll figure something out for B'ly. Maybe have Haroveth grounded, outside of Threadfall, so he can't go zipping off somewhere and taking his anger out there." Because that's not a mess anyone wants to clean up. Va'os makes a sort of dismissive gesture that shows he's undecided; this is probably his first go at laying down punishment… at least as a ranking rider.

"It's a cat!" And D'wane's tone makes his own opinion on that equally clear on the subject. Until after a brief glance through just to confirm something doesn't actually confirm. Apparently D'wane has been living under a rock all day (or at least in a hole in some rocks). "It is just like a regular feline, right? And not a feline feline?" Cause a mysterious black feline of the big jungle variety probably should spook folks if one is wandering around. Only Panthers allowed here should be the rider variety. "Grounding only works so far… especially since he already showed he can get in trouble here." A beat later, "Sir." Cause Va'os is still the ranking rider, even if the man is a relative novice at the whole being in charge bit. At least D'wane's got some experience there.

"You think we'd be this calm if it was the nasty-kind of feline?" Va'os is going to be quick with the sarcasm there, followed by that lopsided grin of his. He must feel comfortable enough around D'wane, even as Weyrleader, to behave more like "himself" than… well. Not himself? "Nope. Afraid not. It's just some story going around about some run of the mill pet feline. Vanishes, apparently! Before anyone can catch it." That's probably Variant #4 of the current tale circulating. A brow quirks for the suggestion given and, rather than bristle or dismiss D'wane outright, Va'os is considering what the Ocelot Wingsecond said. There's a thoughtful scratch of this thumb along his jawline while he mulls it over and won't let the poor man off the hook so easily. "So what would you suggest? I've been on the… ah, other side of justice most of my life. Many of those punishments wouldn't work in this case." And Va'os doesn't want to be that kind of man or Leader regardless.

D'wane shrugs again. "I mean… it wouldn't be the most deadly thing Southern's had running around the Weyr before?" That's probably a joke, but it has been a while since they stumbled on a dead body at a party together. Not to mention the lovely string of bodies that Southern just tends to accumulate in odd places. "I thought that's what felines do? Ignore you or disappear when you want them? If you want a pet that'll come when called, you get a canine." Turns out, D'wane's a dog guy. He takes a moment to consider the options when Va'os asks him, crossing his arms across his chest as he thinks. "Well… it's still going to be another month or two before the latest weyrling class graduates to senior if I remember right. Could put him to flying resupply if you can spare a man in Jaguar for some 'Falls." Because someone has to fly resupply, even if there aren't senior weyrlings to do it. "Dullest sweeps imaginable is pretty common. Or if he's been a frequent a problem he's been, you could even consider putting him to work breaking up firestone chunks for a couple sevens."

"Don't jinx us. Seriously! Some vanishing black feline I can handle…" Va'os doesn't want more being dished onto his plate right now, okay? He'll lapse silent while D'wane comes up with his suggestions on suitable punishments for B'ly. For a rare moment, the Weyrleader actually looks serious in considering those options. "Maybe a combination of some of those? Leaning towards breaking the firestone and then flying resupply. Sweeps, even if dull, seems… too easy. He's been a problem before, even before I was Weyrleader. Hitting him too hard only has him pushing back. That might ? It might actually work. Since we're not, say, stripping him of his rank." Just giving the good 'ol warning that isn't a lecture or some other temporary fix. Hopefully! Va'os mulls over it for a few more seconds, before giving D'wane a lingering look. The type of look that generally doesn't bode well. "You've got a knack for this, don't you? Been a rider long?"

It's only a matter of time, Va'os. Only a matter of time. Jinx or not. D'wane just nods and flips slowly through that report just one more time for good measure. If there's crazy mystery cats, who knows what other gems might be in the two drunks' stories. "Mixing it up could be good. Hopefully he'll be too tired to get into much trouble after." Nothing solves problems caused by boredom like good hard work. "That last question does get D'wane's attention from scanning for any juicy, juicy tidbits in the report. "Huh? About seven turns now… give or take."

No juicy tidbits in that report! It's really cut and dry, save for the mention of that damned cat! Va'os just nods about keeping B'ly too occupied to stir up trouble. Notice he says nothing about P'her? At the rate they're lingering, P'her's only supporter is likely to show up soon to do "damage" repair. And if Va'os is good for one thing, it's not hedging around a topic once he's got the person's attention. "Weyrsecond's open, y'know. I could use a rider like you. Ever consider it?" Sorry, not sorry for putting D'wane on the spot! (also sorry K'vvan, but Va'os is totally poaching)

Since there's nothing juicy it won't take too long for D'wane to set it aside on the desk that's right behind him. While Va'os is busy with all that wall leaning, D'wane's going for the more not quite sitting on the desk behind him stance. And P'her's biggest support (otherwise known as his little brother) has been through this song and dance enough before and will only be showing up in the morning. D'wane raises an eyebrow at the question. "Knew it was open. Not gonna keep Zl'an on?" Everybody's favorite wannabe. He's probably especially lovely after having that brief taste of power that was then taken away from him.

"I honestly considered it?" Va'os will just openly admit that, though from the grimace that follows? ALL of the regret, there! "He's not… eh, a terrible rider? Just not fit for Weyrsecond. Let alone Weyrleader. All but had to pry the knot out of his hands." That last bit is muttered under his breath, before he clears his throat and pushes from that oh-so comfy wall. Serious discussion calls for a more upright position! "You and I seem to get along well enough?" At least, Va'os has never had issue with the larger and older bronzerider! "And we seem to share similar views." On rider punishment. LOTS more ground to cover, but he's willing to risk it.

D'wane snickers a bit at that because really, who hasn't imaged exactly how that scene might have played out between Va'os and Zl'an by now? But right, serious discussion and he'll sober up pretty quickly (quicker than either of the errant riders that brought them here definitely) and mirror Va'os in the whole standing up right at parade rest type position. "Yeah… although we haven't exactly run into each other much." Outside of flights. Rocketh and Tsiroth tastes in the ladies seems to overlap more often than not. But D'wane does seem to be seriously considering the proposal. What exactly is going through his mind is a mystery, but eventually he does nod. "Alright. Although we should probably have a healer nearby when we break the news to K'vvan." Someone needs to document the new shade of red he'll achieve for posterity's sake. And also in case of blood pressure problems.

"Doesn't take much to get the general idea of someone!" At least for Va'os and he's generally right half of the time. Half. It's true that most times their paths have crossed it's because of their dragons; and Tsiroth often triumphs over Rocketh. So… yay no bad blood there? "Rielle's got some Healer background." There's a grin to take a bit of the edge from his serious sounding answer. "Can just break the news in the morning when we're all gathered? 'Fall isn't due for a bit, anyhow; K'vvan will have time to reshuffle." And really, it's likely Va'os the greenrider will be mostly spitting mad at. Poacher that he is! It was going to be someone's Wing, okay? It's just unfortunately Ocelot this round. "And if he still desperately needs you as Wingsecond, we can delay the official turn over. See if that won't… ah. Soften the blow?"

Luckily, draconic memory seems to limit the amount of bad blood that could be had. Rocketh's not really interested in holding grudges (although he might be just a smidge pleased with how PISSED Khalyssrielth has been after Tsiroth dared chase Caelisth recently). "Morning meeting's good." D'wane nods along. More witnesses should probably mean better behavior, right? It's at least a theory. "And if he complains too bad, you could always offer to give him Zl'an. R'zel's more than competent." So it shouldn't be a horrible blow to Ocelot, right?

And luckily only the riders will remember Tsiroth's idiocy and eventually even HE will forget having pissed off Khalyssrielth. Or is that the bad thing? Va'os is less than thrilled having to live through THAT particular fallout, thank you! "Do you want K'vvan to kill me? Or have an actual genuine attack of some sort?" Medical terms ? not the Weyrleader's forte. He is laughing though and poor Zl'an is now being lumped into 'use as a threat' category. "Then it's settled. We'll break the news come morning and… work out the rest then." Should there be a warning he'll probably have to wrestle the knot from Zl'an too? With no other reason to linger here, Va'os gestures with a jut of his thumb over his shoulder to the door. "As poor taste as it might be to suggest…" he mutters with a smirk. "Up for hitting the Kitten for a drink?" A DRINK.

"Fuck, no. It's in my best interests that you live!" D'wane's going to be brutally honest there. He might be accepting a big fancy knot, but he doesn't want the biggest and the fanciest of the knots. Va'os can keep that one, thanks very much. They can also work out wresting the knot from Zl'an in the morning meeting as well. It'll be SUPER PRODUCTIVE DAY TOMORROW, GUYS. Especially since D'wane will nod again and swipe up that report. He'll add his bit to it later. "A drink sounds great." And yes, that might have been loud enough that surely both B'ly and P'her can hear it. They still both have a night in the brig to look forward to while D'wane and Va'os can enjoy their relative freedom and walk themselves on down to the Kitten.

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