Javid, Aztrexia, Tallel, Willimina, Taimin ( NPC, puppeted by Tallel), A'lira, Igraine, Milosh, Echo, Daenerys, evka, Zisiene (cameo), Ziniel (cameo), Timotin (cameo), Ryott (cameo),


Javid and Aztrexia get married, and Aztrexia gets a full pardon and a family in the mix.

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It is afternoon of the tenth day of the third month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.

In Igen:
It is the tenth day of Spring and 68 degrees. It is bright and sunny. The only evidence of the overnight storm is in the lingering mud puddles.


Caravan Grounds, Zingari Encampment, Wedding Yurt; Igen Weyr

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"I would be honored to call myself Haeyleri, Willimina."


Igen Caravan Grounds: Wedding Yurt

The inside of this wedding pavilion is white and bright. Paper lanterns filled with glows are hung from the ceiling to light rows of tables set with white table cloths and purple and green place mats. Each table hosts a center piece of glass, a green glass bowl with a glass purple water flower rising from the center. Each is filled with water and have floating candles twinkling merrily in them. There is a side board full of delicious smelling food, an open bar, and a head table for the bride and groom. A flap in the yurt leads to an outdoor area that has a dance floor where the ceremony takes place and where Dancing will follow. Harpers and Zingari musicians alike strike up music in both areas, inside the Harpers play gentle, ambient music, and outdoors the Zingari musicians strike up spicy music that entices dance and social interaction.

It's a lovely Spring day in Igen Weyr and for the most part, it's gone on as normal. But the longer the day has gone, the more and more activity there has been on the Caravan Grounds. All day before and most of this morning, people made a spectacle of watching the enormous white yurt and it's two smaller matches on the grounds. A wedding yurt to be precise, with smaller ones for the bride and groom to prepare in before hand. Once erected, the place was like a nest of insects, people hauling things in and decorating and upping the feel of festivity in the air. No stops have been made, and the Zingari have gone all out on things, as usual.

Now that it is nearer sunset, about a candlemark away, the activity seems to gain more focus, guests arriving, wait staff waiting, people making last minute preperations. The bride and groom have been seperated for the last two days and were escorted to their yurts early this morn. Now both wait, wait for the ceremony to start with only their wedding parties to sooth the jitters. One must wonder how they are feeling on the day of such an auspicious event. It's not everyday a Zingari Spymaster gets married.

The only reason Javid isn't pacing is because he's being fussed over by his mother - something that hasn't happened to him in Turns. Both of his parents, Adjin and Davina, arrived only three days ago, having just obtained new knots from their studies at the Harper Hall. It's barely been enough time for them to catch up, meet Aztrexia, and settle in…but their happiness is clear. They'd never expected Javid would marry, especially after ascending through the ranks of the spies. But here he is, breathing deeply, trying not to go mad as nervousness wars with confident in the confines of his head and heart. The two-day separation from Trexa has been difficult, and he is more than ready to have her back in his arms - as his wife. His wife. The thought has him grinning, something that makes his father wonder and his mother teary because she knows what's causing it. He worries about who will and won't show up…but that is honestly beside the point, in the end. He does hope it's well attended and enjoyed, however. Aztrexia has been putting in so much work and has been so excited that he wants things to go perfectly for her sake above all else! His nerves are for the biggest day of his life, of course, but they can't overshadow his happiness in the least. He's getting married! If he happens to pass out, it'll just be due to his awe over the fact.

Varli is seated next to Zisiene towards the back. The better to hustle the other woman out should it prove needed. For her part Zisiene simply glowers. Is it for the event, or the get up she's in? Probably the latter, "I thought," an elbow from Varli silences whatever Zisien was going to say.

Sometimes simple works best, especially for a man not used to fancy clothing: A'lira has chosen a long, pale gold shirt with minimal embroidery about the collar and white pants; both are fitted to his long body with meticulous care. His cream colored shoes, too, are minimal in decoration, and fit well. For once, though, he is not fretting at his clothing — this time, the formal event has nothing to do with him except for knowing the wedding couple slightly. In this case, it's Igraine who has peeled him out of his weyr and away from his studies and work to get out and see people who aren't ill or have done something stupid. He's good. But still, the wry amusement he feels at attending the wedding of Javid, the Zingari Spymaster is difficult to keep in check. It seems not long ago at all that that worthy caught him exiting a certain escort's yurt, and grilled him with subtle humor. Too bad A'lira can't tease him the tiniest bit right now.

Aztrexia is pacing, much to the aggrivation of the seamstress set upon her by Timotin, who is busy in his own rite, doing the finishing touches on some of the other wedding guests. She moves over to the flap on the yurt door and peers out, where she has a perfect view of the entrance to the wedding yurt. She can see people moving in and out, and it's a relief to see the line of guests showing up for the event. She was so nervous that she'd be getting married in an empty yurt, not that she would mind per se, because Javid is all that really atters to her, but she has no family here, and very few friends, so it's a comfort to know there will be at least some here for her big day. Meeting Javid's parents had been nerve wracking, but she'd been accepted and that had made her feel so very much joy. "Please stand up staright miss, I need to check your seams…" Aztrexia sighs and lets the flap close, the flutterbies in her stomach growing with each passing moment, each second ticking aaway the time until she'll see Javid again, until she'll be his wife. His wife. Emotion comes on strong and thick. She never thought she'd see the day….and yet, here she is.

When a group of guest arrives, all talking animatedly, a small shadow slips in with them and then makes it's way to the a far back corner table, where Ryott slips into a chair, and slumps down, wearing an oversized black tunic over top some dark trous with a long knit black scarf wrapped several times around her neck, burrying the bottom of her face into it so just her sharp near black eyes are visible above it, hooded with dark brows as they scan the area.

Igraine enters on A'lira's arm, a vision of yellow silk and a pale creamy pink sash that sets off the darker tones of her hair and eyes, while complimeting the paleness of her skin. She's a perfect compliment to A'lira's formal wear and she seems excited. Peelig herself off her weyrmate, she kisses him subtly on the cheek. "I must go check on Javid, and perhaps, exchange a mild rib or two with him. I'll find you in a minute?" Hopefully Javid is up for some company.

Tallel isn't in the main yurt yet because he's in Javid's part of the wedding party…and so, in fact, is little Taimin, whom the Spymaster asked to carry some Important Things. The little boy is taking this responsibility very seriously, of course…and Tallel is beaming. He and his son are very nearly matching, both wearing crimson kurtas with gold embroidery and crimson trousers to match. He tells Taimin to stay where he is and seeks out a bottle of Zingari Red that's been conveniently left in the groom's yurt, pouring a glass and handing it to Javid. "You look like you need it," the caravan second says with a grin, and the Spymaster looks bemused, though he takes it. "You can't hide everything, Spymaster. Not on your wedding day." To which Javid grumbles, but can't help but smirk.

Milosh is attending this wedding as a plus one, since it was Echo invited by Aztrexia, and not Milosh specifically. But here he is, Echo on his arm and ready to attend what looks to be a fun ceremony. They've had their rough patches lately, but seem to be growing closer. And it shows, Milosh is brely able to keep his eyes off Echo, who's wedding attire leaves Milosh wanting to haul her back to the yurt and rip it off her just to get to the glorious skin beneath it….she's beautiful, really. He seems proud to have the young farrier on his arm as he steers them towards the path to the Wedding Yurt and leans in to whisper somethig absolutely salacious in her ear. Milosh himself is garbed in a black set of formal wea with bronze embroidery and hems.

Meanwhile, way over there near the entrance to the yurt is Daenerys, all done up in pale cream with black embroidery. His formal wear's so brand-spanking-new it doesn't yet have the stiffness quite out of it — or so one would think, with the way he keeps sticking his finer in the collar and pulling at it, nervously. Somehow, he has to get through this thing! The bright spot in all this is possibly surprising Reveka with clothing that matches hers well, for he hadn't told his lover that he'd be attending, nor what he'd be wearing. Being a nosy kitty, he'd managed to find out what she was wearing, and gotten something that would compliment it. As Milosh and Echo enter, he smothers a soft laugh, glad to see the pair entering together and seemingly happy with their lot in life.

Willimina is making her way to the wedding yurt, resplendant in a gown of red and gold commisioned just for this ocassion. She arrives alone, as Tali is with a nanny and Lillia is at another formal event with the Kheerin, a competition she's got herself into for runner riding. So, Willimina must wait until after the ceremony to see any of her family. However, weddings are a good place to shmooz and get to know one's constituants. But, before that, there's a certain bride Willimina must give her congratulations to, and so, she moves for Aztrexia's yurt, and sighs before taking herself inside. The girl has come so very far. "Well well, aren't you a vision dear?"

Reveka is running a tiny tiny/ bit late, having had to take care of some personal things this morning before preparing for the wedding. It seems strange, attending this wedding, what with all that's happened in the last few turns. It's hard to think of Aztrexia as the woman that nearly got their leader killed then, so hard, because the woman has worked her arse off to become //something more than just a traitor of mixed blood. Reveka smiles, it's a good reminder that even the seemingly impossible can happen. She arrives finally, her dress clothes fitting her well and in colors of burnt orange and white. She comes now, heading up the path to the yurt, mind distracted as she moves so that she doesn't quite catch sight of Daenerys as she enters.

A'lira brushes Igraine's cheek with affection. "Give him hell, kitten." Smirking, he'll wander over toward Milosh and Echo and give the pair his usual greeting. "Didn't we just do this?" He asks them with amusement, idly smoothing a hand over his kurta and admiring both the fit and the soft material. A plus of having a wife to choose one's clothes? They always seem to know exactly how to dress a man so he doesn't feel like the stuff's going to try and kill him when he isn't looking. Funny how these things work.

Echo is beaming as she is being led towards teh wedding yurt, wearing a long white lacy dress, simple but very pretty, her new belt laying low on her hips, with a simple soft leather jacket of tawny brown over top. At her neck a beautiful chainmail style necklace with a round pendant hanging off it. Her chin is up and she seems to be beaming everytime she catches Milosh looking in her direction. Whatever he whispers in her ear causes a soft blush to bloom over her cheeks with a soft giggle.

Javid knocks back the whiskey in a couple of goes, smirking when he notes his father helping himself as well. "I've no intention of hiding anything today, Tallel," he chuckles, and momentarily kneels down to look at Taimin. "Do you remember what you need to do?" The little boy nods enthusiastically. "Give it to Timo when he asks," he replies, and the Spymaster nods. "Very good. Now get ready; it's almost time for us to go to the big yurt!" Almost time for him to stand in a state of greater readiness for his bride.

Zisiene fidgets just a little as she looks around the wedding yurt for a quick exit. It's Varli's hand on her arm that stills her for the moment. She's here, but she's not sure why she's here? "Sit still," Varli hisses at Zisiene, but it doesn't take long before Zisiene's up and stalking towards the exit.

Aztrexia relagates herself to the seamstresses fussing, thankfully it doesn't take long. Willimina's greeting startles her and she jumps. To be honest, the pregnant leader is the last person she'd thought she'd see just now, even with their still fragile friendship. "Thank you Willimina, you look in fine shae yourself." Aztrexia gives a stiff bow, afraid the whole time she might rip the stitching in her dress. She manages not to and straightens as the seamstess starts weaving the first of the spring's desert blooms into her loose hair, stetching the blooms to small braids hidden throughout her hair. "I'm nervous…" She admits, hands trembling as she folds them in front of her. Normal bride's nerves, but she's quite sure she's never felt more nervous in her life.

Igraine slips into Javid's yurt, laughing at something a passerby says before allowing the flap to drop behind her. She turns to find Tallel fussing over Javid and young Taimin looking a vision in his little crimson and gold kurta. "Well, well, well, look who cleans up nice indeed." She teases with a smile.

Milosh beams up at A'lira as the man approaches, whcih keeps him from making another whispered remark to Echo, who's laughter and blushing stir something deep within. "I believe we did, you started something friend." Milosh moves to greet A'lira with one of those patented bro hugs that friends of their ilk seem to have. "How's the 'married' life anyhow? Does the titling of it make a difference? Weyrmate vs Husband?" Milosh is actually dying to know, because Igraine certainly seems happy these days, and A'lira does too….when one can spot him off duty or outside that warren's nest of a weyr of his.

"I should have been standing guard," Tallel opines wryly as Igraine invites herself into the groom's yurt. Taimin looks up at the new arrival and waves. "She's pretty like Mama's pretty," he notes, pointing up at the yellow-clad woman. "But Mama's prettiest." Tallel chuckles, tousling his son's hair. "Any woman in a dress is automatically pretty. And I didn't even have to teach him that," the caravan second notes. Somebody's little boy is going to end up taking after his father without much further effort invested

Javid, though still sticking to his preferred dark tones as Spymaster, does indeed clean up well. His regalia, perfectly tailored, is a long brocade coat, half black and half forest green, embroidered in stripes accented with antiqued gold thread to created interlocking patterns of diamonds n various sizes. There is also shimmer amethyst thread entwined in each embroidered stripe, carrying tiny beads of amethyst and amber into the pattern. He's neatly shaved, though not clean-shaven; his stubble is too stubborn for that. A deep smirk is offered to Igraine, his dark head dipped in gratitude. "Thank you, Igraine. And thank you for coming. Though I have a feeling you're going to make me regret it in a moment," he teases.

The proof is in the fact that A'lira seems to never be where Igraine is not these days; he seems to have settled into a domesticity that keeps him very relaxed these days. After exchanging the patented bro-hugs with his friend, he steps back to eye the man half-sternly, then smiles playfully. "Well, I wouldn't know; I've never been married in the Traditional sense, you know. But I ain't complaining abotu being mated." Really. There's something about coming home to his mate that sends him straight home after his shifts, and forget about drinking with his wingmates except at scheduled times. He raises an eyebrow at Echo, noting that blush, and grinning a little sideways. If he knows the spy, Milosh has been up to shenanigans of some sort, either verbal or otherwise, and the thought amuses him. Were Igraine within his reach, he'd be doing the same with her.

Aha! There's Reveka! Daenerys will edge around random people until he manages to catch up with the distracted dancer. Coming alongside her, he says, teasingly, "Hey, girl, can I go with you?" The idea of a former trader marrying a spymaster doesn't seem to bother him much; being so new to the group, the young guard trainee has long ago accepted the quiet Aztrexia as she is, without prejudice or concern. She deserves the happiness she's been granted, as far as he can tell. His mind, it sems, is on other things: the way that dress fits Reveka, for instance. It's really quite remarkably beautiful, in every way one can imagine.

Willimina smiles at the bow and the proper greeting from the woman, and when she is staright again, Willa bows to her, as much as she can anyhow. "Thank you Aztrexia, but this is your day, come, all the honor belogs to you." Willimina walks up to Aztrexia and extends the woman a familiar hug. "You have come so far Aztrexia, and it's time you are properly forgiven for things. Your part in my kindapping was small in comparison to what others would have done to me. And you have worked so hard to prove to me that you are no longer that desperate, lonely woman. And my how you have grown. You look beautiful darling, and when you leave this yurt to become one with your beloved, know that it is as a free woman. I hereby strip any restrictions left on you Aztrexia, and bestow all priveleges back to you. And…." Willimina steps back, a smile on her face, "If you are amenable, I would like to adopt you as a full member of the mother clan."

Echo smiles brightly at the approaching brownrider and waits for Milosh to greet his friend properly. Once she manages to find a pause in the conversation, Echo pipes up with, "I was hoping to finally meet your wife, is she around?" She asks conversationally, subtly stepping back to Milosh's side once the manly affection is done, slipping her arm back through his again. Her first time out at an event on his arm, you can bet your last mark she's going to make the most of it, her soft brown eyes looking up at him adoringly with a bright smile that seems to light her whole face.

Ryott is still seated low in that back corner, but now she seems to have some kind of meat jerky in her hand, from where it came, who knows? But she is taking small bites and then chewing thoughtfully as she continues to scan the inside of the yurt with her sharp dark eyes, expression frozen in one of teenage disinterest.

Reveka jumps a little when Daenerys sidles up next to her. But, the second she recognizes him and his voice, she sends him a heated and friendly smile. "Sure thing kitty cat…" She teases and moves in to find her place, wandering out to the area quartered off for the ceremony. People are beaing seated. Reveka looks around, glad they'd decided to do the ceremony outside the yurt. RUkbat is sinking lower and sunset is nearly upon them and it bathes the area in red and gold light. It really is perfect. "They certainly know how to set a romantic scene…" Reveka comments, speaking of the toorches and glows out front and the decor inside. Such a lovely celibration.

Aztrexia blushes when Willimina insists that she be honored today. It's a touching statement, though not nearly as touching as what comes next. It is a good thing they saved doing her face for last because at the hug, and the small speech from Willa, Aztrexia is near bawling, a tight lump of sheer joy squeezing the life out of her throat so that it constricts near painfully. Her eyes well up a bit and she has to blink furiously to keep that wetness from falling. "Thank you Willimina. You've no idea how much that means to me…" And then there is an offer of adoption and Aztrexia loses the war with her tears. "I would be honoured to call myself Haeyleri, Willimina." Her voice is tight even as a couple of tears fall, starting a little set of rivers. The seamstress glares at Willa. Great. Now she'll have to deal with blotchy too. There's always something at these weddings. "We'll need ta get your face on Miss and we canna be doin' that if you're a'squawlin'. All respect leader Willa, but can ya not upset the bride a'fore the weddin' please?"

"You might just…." Igraine teases with a smile. "Any of that whiskey left to taste?" She asks, moving farther in to hug and greet both Tallel and Javid properly. She hugs them both. "I still don't understand how you and Aztrexia happened Javid, but…" She leans back looking at the man, "I suppose I'm glad it did. I'm hapy for you my friend. Congratulations."

Milosh grins. The obvious change in his brownriding friend is a good one to see. Milosh is happy to see him happy. "Glad to hear it. Shall we go find our seats? Lest we miss the start of things?" Milosh points to the outer area where the ceremony is to be and moves his arm out of Echo's to slip it around her waist instead, pulling her close. "Yeah, where is Igraine?" He asks when Echo brings her up, looking around. "Off to give Javid hell I suppose?"

"Love is more than enough to conquer mountains of doubt, Igraine," Tallel notes with a grin, knowing very well how sappy that sounds but believing every word of it. "And whatever else Aztrexia's mountains were made of."

"And my own," Javid amends, returning his former adept's embrace. "Thank you again, Igraine." Outside, the music switches, a more processional sort of drumbeat beginning. "We'd better get ready. Go make sure no one's run off with your man," he teases with a wink, straightening his kurta and taking a deep, steadying breath.

Igraine giggles. "I suppose it is Tal…" And Igraine should know, her love for A'lira had certainly conquered the doubts she'd had about these sort of things. "Oh, something tells me he won't be going too far Javid, but I'll see you out there okay?" Igraine gives javid a friendly pat on the arm and excuses herself. It doesn't take her long to find her way through the wedding yurt and to the outer area, eyes searching for her 'mate.

Willimina hugs Aztrexia again and smiles at her when she backs off, sending an apologetic look to the seamstress. "My wedding gift to you Aztrexia, know that you go into your new life with family at your back." The music seems to shift in the area and Willa looks over her shoulder as if able to see through the yurt walls. "I'd better go take my place then. COngratulations Trexa, I wish you and Javid many happy returns." With that, the leader sweeps out of the yurt and out to join the gathering crowd. She manages to snag a biscuit from a passin waitor to nibble on, her stomach insisting on it. Sometimes being pregnan means feeling like a grazing herdbeast.

Javid dips his head to Igraine as she leaves, then looks to Tallel, Taimina, and his parents expectantly. "Shall we?" He'll need to be waiting when Aztrexia makes her entrance, after all. So Adjin and Davina lead, followed by Tallel and Taimin, with Javid following them out among those assembled, his stride confident and gracefully stately as he comes to stand at his appointed spot. But he can't help looking toward the bride's yurt, two days of separation making him feel…overeager.

A question from Echo? A'lira's a bit surprised, but will roll with it; it's not every day a shy person will volunteer these things. "She went to make sure Javid wasn't trying to claw his way out of the ceilin'." And to mercilessly tease the life out of him, of course, but isn't that standard for weddings among friends? "I'll be sure t'indroduce ya when she reappears." He chuckles at Milosh, then, knowing the man really does know his lady all too well. "Yeah, she's probably gonna light him up a little bit, too…" And willingly does he follow the other two to wherever their seats might be.

"That they do…" Daenerys says, eyeing Reveka sidelong for a moment before he subtly brushes his fingers along the back of her hand, smiling a little at her nickname for him. "If I haven't told you yet, you look beautiful."

Echo sinks into Milosh's embrace when she feels his arm around her waist, a soft, happy sigh fluttering past her lips as they take their seats befor she turns back to A'lira and nods at his offer to introduce his wife once she reappears. "I'd like that." she says softly and then leans ever so slightly into Milosh's side, silently and subtly encouraging him to put his arm around her if he is so inclined, if he is not, she will content herself with resting her head lightly on his shoulder.

Aztrexia waits patiently for the woman doing her clothes and face rouge to finish. She's given a cold cloth to put over her blotchy features, which helps. the kohl is applied to her hazel eyes, making the green on them pop and a light, light rouge is added to help color her pale cheeks. She's left in her floor-length, shoulder less silk dress that fades from silver to a silvery green to amethyst, intricate bodicework and red desert blooms in her hair. She can hear the grooms processional moving their way out and her nerves begin humming all the more, though with excitement more than nervousness now. She'll meet her groom a full, free woman. The seamstress leaves to alert Timo to move to his post and hands Aztrexia her bouquet of silk flowers, also done in green, silver and amethyst. She moves to the flap of the door and stands there, waiting for her musical cue.

Igraine finds her way to A'lira, and sends a cheeky smile towards Milosh. Oh, who is this on his arm? Must be the woman shes been hearing rumors about. She slides in next to A'lita and chuckles. "Javid's in fine shape, didn't look too nervous." She leans over to look at Milosh. "And who's this?"

Willimina listens as Echo and A'lita converse, his eyes sliding over the party at hand. "Oh I'm sure she's doing more than that." He says of Igraine driving Javid through the roof. Speaking of, here comes the woman now. Milosh can't help but smirk at her when she comes up and asks about Echo. "Pardon me, Echo, this is Igraine, A'lira's weyrmate, Igraine, this is Echo, my paramour." Milosh gives Echo a wink and a squeeze around the waist. There is still a need for an official title, but they'll get there when they are ready.

Now that he's outside in front of everyone, waiting…now Javid is feeling a little more nervous, though it remains masked beneath a proud, eager bearing. His pulse picks up a bit as he notes Timo's approach…the sight of whom causes Taimin to make a false start toward the man. Tallel holds his son back with a chuckle and a few whispers, garnering a smirk from the Spymaster. And then…the music changes, a melody joining the drums, and he stands up straighter, his raptor-like gaze going straight to the bride's yurt in his need to finally see Aztrexia.

Reveka blushes at Daenerys' compliment and smiles. "You look pretty fine yourself Daenerys, you might be lucky we're in public." She laughs and loves to seat herself just as the bridal tune begins playing on the instruments. Any second now.

A'lira is willing to bed Javid was merely pretending to be at ease! He well remembers his own nerves before he reached the end of the aisle to find that his heart's desire there, waiting for him with every evidence of desire and welcome. Gently, he draws his mate — his wife — to his die, and presses a kiss to the top of her head. "The one woman who keeps me in line." He winks at Echo, playfully. But look, the music's starting, and he whispers something agains Igraine's hair.

Echo smiles brightly at the woman joining them as she is introduced so eloquently as Milosh's paramour, she really likes the sound of that, blushing a little at his wink, "Well finally, I was just wondering when I was going to get to meet you." She says with a smile and looks like she is about to sat more, but then the bridal tune is starting so she sits back and nuzzles in happily against Milosh's arm around her waist.

Daenerys joins Reveka, grinning with pure mischief as he looks down at his finery for a moment; he's gotten used to dressing rather more fancifully than he used to. "Why, thank you, sweet dancer." He winks at her blush, and gives her a look that dares her to join him later — once the happy couple's been handfasted. The music begins, now, and he forces himself to pay attention to something that isn't her. For a short period of time, anyway.

Ryott uses the distraction of the ceremony to slip from her chair and head over to where the food is being brought into the actual Wedding Yurt by various camp drudges milling about. She has her usual impassive, neutral expression on her face, just aimlessly milling about, until she sees a break in the steady stream of people carrying trays of food and slips into the tent casually. A minute or two later, Ryott slips back out of the yurt just as casually, her face never changing expressions. If someone were to be paying attention, they would see her long tunic now tucked into her trousers in the front, where it looks to be bulging slightly. Her hand reaches up to casually unravel her long scarf from around her neck, letting more of it hang, camouflaging the bulges effectively as she saunters off at a relaxed pace, disapearing into the bustle of the camp.

Aztrexia hears the music change outside, hears her cue come up and for a split-second, the urge to bolt runs over her, an old instinct come to the fore in her nerves. But she calms herself just as quickly and moves out into the fading light of Rukbat, the light shimmering off the silvery threads in her dress. She lifts her bloom covered head to look straight towards the alter, her hazel gaze landing on Javid instantly and a smile blooms on her lips. She walks in stately affair, forcing herself to go at the practiced steady speed, instead of running headlong to Javid as she longs to do. Reaching the row of chairs in the back, she auses for a moment and then begins her way up the aisle, he entire being vibrating with her excitement. Now that she's here, she wouldn't want to be anywhere else. This is where she belongs."

Igraine grins. "Mmm! So you're the lover I've been hearing so much about from the boys. Well then, it is indeed good to meet you. Well met lass." Igraine would continue, but then Aztrexia is there, a vision in her wedding dress and desert blooms and tradition and respect demands attention. So Igraine rivets her gaze on the bride and watches the woman walk so proudly up the aisle.

Milosh watches as the bride approaches, and he watches her move her way up. Timo really does do extraordinary work. The dress suits her, in Milosh's opinion. Grinning, he turns to whiser something against Echo's ear.

Javid has told Aztrexia before that firelight favors her, and moonlight…but to see her now, the warm, ruddy light of sunset shimmering upon the silvery threads of her varicolored gown, limning her hair and the blooms ensconced within them…well. He knows she would take his breath away in this in any light, but that of an Igen spring sunset will forever reign in his heart from this moment forward. He forgets to breathe for a long moment, his vision blurring dreamily at the edge when he starts again - fitting, all things considered. Hopefully he'll remember to talk when the moment comes to do so! But for now, as his bride draws near, all those in view will have a rare glimpse of the normally stoic amber-eyed Spymaster wearing an unashamedly entranced and adoring grin. There simply is no breaking such an all-encompassing spell as that cast by the heart, nor is there any hiding it.

Echo smiles at Igraine with a little blush as apparently she's been the topic of conversation. Her eyes soften though and she lets out an appreciative sigh as Aztrexia walks down the aisle looking absolutely stunning. The when she hears Milosh's whisper in her ears, a deep blush blooms over her cheeks as she gives him a little side-eyed glance as she nibbles her lower lip briefly before slipping her eyes back up to the ceremony begining to start, but her hand reaches out to rest lightly on his leg, giving him a gentle squeeze.

Reveka watches as Aztrexia passes and resolves right then and there that no weaver other than Timo will ever make her clothes. That man really does know his way around a stitch. Why he didn't head for the weaver hall when Willimina opened the caravan to the crafts is beyond her. But, secretly, she's glad he didn't go. She looks forward to the groom and the look on his face is just…If Pern had Kodak moments, this would be one of them. "Look at them." She says to Daenerys, "It's like no one else exists. Makes you sort of jealous, doesn't it?" To find that kind of love and devotion in another, is a rare thing.

Ziniel has been here the whole time. She'll watch as Aztrexia passes. The girl, like Reveka, decides that Timotin will be the only person she'll ever go to for clothes.

Daenerys raises his eyebrows thoughtfully, eyeing the couple with something akin to… is it a certain amount of nervousness? Well. He's certainly not inclined to such a thing. A bachelor who enjoys the freedom to play is hardly going to volunteer to go a-wandering down the aisle toward certain doom. But still, it does seem the pair are happy to volunteer. Turning to Reveka, he cants his head to one side and asks, softly, "Is that something you want, Reveka?"

What is it about weddings that make people reminisce on their own ceremony? A'lira draws Igraine close, confirming with the faintest of smiles his own love for her in return. She knows, his kitten; she knows. There's no human save his mother he loves more than the feisty Zingari healer. This ceremony he can watch without the least bit of nerves — his own had been a blur once he'd left the yurt and seen Igraine there, and exchanged his vows with her.

Willimina has been here too, and she sits in the front row, watching her husband and son, that is, until the bride makes her appearance. She watches Trexa move forward with a soft happiness for the girl. She had no idea back then, that she'd be sending her SpyMaster and this woman on the path to finding each other, but she is certainly glad she did.

Finally, after what seems an eternity, Aztrexia reaches Javid at the alter, her cheeks rosy from rouge and excitement, a happy smile bandied on her lips. The whole world had disappeared in that walk, falling away, peice by piece, until all that had existed is Javid and herself. She's barely breathing in her jubilation. Even Timo is given barely glance, because she's drowning in the amber depths of Javid's eyes. "Hi…" She says breathlessly, causing a mild chuckle to erupt from those who can hear. She's starstruck.

Igraine settles hapily as the bride reaches the alter. Yes she knows, she knows very well how much A'lira loves her. It's hard not to go romantic places in such a romantic setting. "The light favors her…" She murmurs to A'lira before falling silent.

Milosh settles, a smirk on his face. He loves it when Echo blushes like that. And now, time for some seriousness as the ceremony begins.

Even standing up front and watching Javid and Aztrexia finally stand before one another doesn't stop Tallel from reminiscing himself! His tawny gaze drifts outward to find Willimina, slowing a little as it passes Echo and Milosh and then moving on until he finds his wife. There's a quick wink to his love, and then he's paying attention again, partly because Taimin is waving up at Aztrexia and wondering why she doesn't appear to see him. The little boy just doesn't get it yet!

Reveka leans in to Daenerys, a soft shrug of her shoulders given in answer of his question. "Maybe…. Someday. But I'm not ready to think about a permanence of that sort just yet, I'd like to enjoy my youth a bit first." She sends him a saucy smile and then settles in to watch.

Javid's entire world is before him now as well, though that single word earns a soft chuckle from him as well. "Hello, my love," he whispers, vibrating with restraint against the urge to just gather her up into his arms right then and there. But the words. They are important! And now, after being worried about forgetting to talk, his bursting to speak them all.

Bride and groom present, crowd settled, Timo begins the rites of a Zingari handfasting, moving through them with ease of practice. He intones the words with strength and conviction, speaking to the unwavering connection he feels burning between them. He allows them time for heartwarming and binding vows of their own before signaling young Taimin to give them their rings. Once these have been exchanged, Timo takes the handfasting cloth from Taimin and begins the handfasting, speaking age old words over them until the binding is complete. The ceremony itself goes off without a hitch and when the time is right, he bids the groom kiss his bride.

Finally, it's his turn to do things! Taimin manages not to hop even as he's wishing the adults would stop talking already. Then he can give out what he's been entrusted with, and there can be kisses like his parents do all the time, and then food and having fun! That's what really matters to a six-Turn-old, though he does understand this is Important.

Javid listens intently to Timotin even as his eyes never leave Aztrexia, then speaks his vows, simple and poignant and true, the fullness of his heart given to her before all to see and hear. He takes their rings, carved obsidian ensconced in silver with a tiny emerald and amethyst in each band, and slips it onto Aztrexia's finger, awaiting his own before clasping her hand and letting them be bound. The invitation to kiss his wife can't come soon enough, and he does so heartily, joyfully, his free hand slipping around her waist to pull her more fully to his lips and propriety be damned if a toe slips over the line a bit. He's grinning down at her when they part, a whisper of, "I love you," clearly on his lips even if the words can't be heard by anyone other than her.

Aztrexia is spellbound the entire time Timo is speaking, his words ringing through her like a clarion call to plant themselves in her heart. She trembles with happiness when they exchange rings and her heard soars when Javid kisses her, propriety be damned indeed. She's breathless when their lips part and she barely hears Timo announce them as husband and wife. "I love you too, spyboy." She whispers back, giggling as the roar of applause starts and she's reminded here are others around. She blushes wildly and turns to face the crowd, with Javid, her husband.

Igraine is amongst the first to stand and begin clapping and cheering for the newly bound couple, letting out a couple of catcalls and whistles when Javid pulls Aztrexia close. She laughs and continues on until the crowd sees fit to stop. It seems more were rooting for this couple than it would seem, for all involved seem to be genuinely cheering the bride and groom. It certainly has been a strange few turns in the Zingari world, a strange few turns indeed.

Taimin claps because they've finally gotten it over with! He doesn't clap for as long as Tallel, though, instead turning to his father and asking, "Papa, can I go to Mama now?" Chuckling, Tallel ruffles Taimin's hair again and sends him on his way with a bump on the rump, prompting the little boy to trot himself out of the wedding party and go careening off toward Willimina.

Willimina pulls Taimin up into her lap, which is quickly growing smaller by the day. She could have sworn she never showed this fast with any of her other children. Nonetheless, there is still room for her handsome son and she chats with him while the wedding party breaks off and guests begin to rise. Food, speeches and dancing would happen soon, but Willa can wait until the thick of the crowd is already in, not wanting to be jostled or stuck in a hot line to get in.

Echo is on her feet in seconds with the rest of the crowd, her eyes bright with sympathetic tears for the beautiful ceremony as she claps her hands loudly, punctuated every now and then by an ear-splitting whistle as she holds her fingers to her lips. Once the clapping has died down, she will look up at Milosh next to her, desperately wanting to kiss him, but holding back a little, unsure if she could get away with being so bold.

Milosh starts clapping when Igraine sets it off, rising with Echo an cheering for the happy couple. His own whistles join Echo's before things start to die down on the noise front. It's announced that dinner is served and that the yurt is prepared. Leaning into Echo's ear, Milosh grins. "Time to eat Pet, hungry?" Milosh knows he is, he nods towards the yurt and the food that lies within.

Reveka waits. She too is not near ready to go in and fight the crowd through the door. She's ok with being seated last. Perfectly ok. Besides, it gives her an excuse to soak up the last of Rukbat's rays as he sinks below the horizon.

Ziniel claps enthusiastically as she stands along with everyone else. She'll stand back, and let others go ahead of her. She's not a fan of jostling in a crowd. She's also keenly aware that her height can make others feel crowded.

It also gives Daenerys an excuse to slip his arm around her shoulders, pressing a kiss to her temple. What? Surely the entirety of the Zingari already know these two are… attached. The happy couple are given a shrill whistle or two, for he truly is thrilled for them. "Suppose we just enjoy the sunset awhile, sweetheart." He purrs against her ear, then brushes a kiss to her shoulder.

Once everyone starts shifting, Tallel draws near to do the whole bro-hug thing with Javid, then turns to Aztrexia and offers an embrace as well, including a peck on the cheek. "Congratulation, both of you," he says, and steps back. "And thank you for asking Tai to help out. He loves it. Even if he's impatient." As small children are. "I'm going to go find my own bride now, if you'll excuse me," he announces with a wink to Javid. Then the caravan second is away, wending his way through the milling crowd to find Willimina and knowing that he'll likely find her sitting.

Tallel will indeed find Willimina sitting, excitedly chatting with their son. At Tallel's approach, Willimina will wave, hoping to catch his attention. Here they are Tallel, right here!

Javid accepts Tallel's embrace with a laugh, clapping the other man on the back in turn. "Thank you, my friend. Tell Taimin he will have a gift. Though tell him later." He doesn't particularly want a six-Turn-old clinging to his leg until he gets his present, adorable though the boy may be. Once Tallel departs, his eyes are all for Aztrexia again. "I have never seen anything more beautiful than you, right now, my love," he murmurs, and indulges in another kiss with both hands in play before glancing toward the center yurt. "We are allowed to cut the line," he observes with a mischievous smile. And by "cut," he means utilizing a back way to the head table reserved for them.

At Milosh's question, Echo nods her head emphatically with a smile dancing on her lips. "I am. Let's go." She says as she takes little time in heading in the direction of the Yurt and the food.

Aztrexia dips her head in respect to Tallel after his embrace, coloring a little at his congratulations. Javid answers on Taimin and so, she is quiet until JAvid turns to her. His compliments have her coloring wildly though, and she kisses him back with an eagerness that is only beginning to simmer below the surface. Soon it will be a raging inferno, their seperation for the last few days having starved her hunger for him. She glances over at the wedding yurt and grins when Javid mentions cutting the line. "Well then by all means My shadow, lead the way."

Milosh grins and leads Echo into the yurt and to their seats, where dinner is being served and wine is being poured. He settles into his seat with a sigh and reaches for the wine automatically. He's parched! Toasts and the like will come after supper.

A'lira gently takes Igraine's hand and lifts it to his lips. "Shall we, kitten?" HIs dark eyes are warm as he gazes down at her, grinning. "And I think tonight… we should stay here." Somehow, he assumes Igraine will want to be among family tonight, not stuck in The Warren, as he's become accustomed to calling his weyr.

Reveka is more than happy to lounge in the light with Daenerys, learning into that kiss on her shoulder. She smirks at the leather worker and cuddles up with him. Dinner? What?

Catching Aztrexia's hand, Javid leads them off around the yurt until one of the spylings is encountered. Without a word, the young man pulls back a flap to let the couple pass, smirking subtly. Javid claps him on the shoulder as they go and leads Trexa to the table in order for her to set down anything she may have in hand, then to the table for food. Faranth knows they're going to need plenty of energy for the rest of the evening!

Igraine turns to A'lira and nods. "Aye, I think we shall, that food smells delicious." She turns to watch Milosh and Echo enter the yurt. "So that's Milosh's woman eh? She's pretty."

"Didn't he do perfectly, saikhan?" Tallel asks as he beams down at his wife and son, leaning down to kiss Willimina but not sitting himself yet. "Would you rather eat out here? I can bring something for us all…"

A'lira grins wryly. "She is." He had noticed; he's not blind. "I think he's taken with her more than he'll admit." The theory seems to thrill A'lira as he watches the pair enter the yurt. "I can't say it makes me unhappy. I'd enjoy seeing him make a fool of himself over such a tiny little girl." His grin is pure mischief now.

Echo is beaming as she lets herself being led over to the yurt, not minding the people milling around because she frankly doesn't see them, her eyes are only for the tall man by her side. When they gain their seats, she settles into the chair next to him and smooths the lace of her dress over her knees, running a hand slighty over the large oval buckle on her new belt, so beautifully made with it's overall runner theme.

Willimina beams at Taimin and sends a glorious smile Tallel's way. "He was perfect. I'm so proud of you Tai." Willimina slides Taimin to the ground, and kisses Tallel back. "Not at all, I wouldn't want to miss out on the food and cake and speeches. I do love weddings." Willimina loves any event that highlights the happy times in life. She stands and it feels good to do so. "I just didn't want to be squished walking in." She chuckles and begins moving for the inner portion of the yurt.

Igraine nods. "I think you may be right." She'd seen the way those two were looking at each other. She laughs at A'lira's last and shakes her head. "That would be quite the sight wouldn't it? I've never seen Milosh that warm with anyone…" Well, besides she and A'lira, but that somehow is different.

"Thank you, Mama," Taimin says, smacking a kiss against Willimina's cheek before ending up on the ground and grabbing Tallel's hand. Tallel slips an arm around his wife's waist as they move forward. "We could always insist on going to the front," he notes. "Not before Javid and Aztrexia, of course, but…" It's something they can do if they feel so inclined, being the caravan leaders with a child on the way and whatnot. Tallel makes a brief glance down at Willimina's growing belly. Children? It's something he's wondered about, given just how much Willa is showing already…

Milosh moves moment later to fetch food for them both, realising it's set up buffet style. "Be right back Pet, anything you'd like in particular?" After all, someone needs to save their seats. "A bubbly? Roll? Curry?" A whole selection of Zingari food is available and Milosh intends to try a little of all. "WIne? Whiskey?"

Echo giggles a little bit at the way Milosh gets up to get them food, this is an interesting change of sitation for her. "A little bit of everything? It all smells so good, I don't think I can chose. And wine would be nice, white if they got any please…Milosh." using his name is always weird, but with her cousin around here somewhere, she daren't use the other name she has for him out loud. When he goes, her eyes roam the incoming crowd and sees if she can spot the dragonrider and his mate, eager to gets better acquainted with Milosh's friends.

Reveka is happy soaking up the sun with Daenerys, but eventually most everyone is inside. "I think it'll be less of a hassle getting in now, what do you think? Or should we eat out here?" She leans into the embrace of Daen's arm and looks at the yurt. It is really nice out here.

Willimina chuckles. "Aye we could, but I am not so overtired I can't wait my turn. It's nice to do things the polite way. I feel no need to assert authority here." It is Javid and Aztrexia's day after all and Willimina is enjoying the festive air. She smiles lovingly at Tallel, however, because he's always thinking of her comfort and she apprecites him for it, loves him all the more for it too. "Though I certainly feel like I could eat a whole herdbeast to myself." And she's not kidding, her belly is rumbling.

Aztrexia is starving and all the food smells delicious, she moves through with Javid and takes a small portion of anything she can get. Once they make their way back to the head table and sit, Aztrexia's nerves kick in again just a little. She is as happy as she's ever been, and the bond between she and Javid has never seemed stronger than when they took their vows today, but being in front of all these people for viewing has her a bit on edge. She sips at a glass of wine and for a moment, her hand seeks Javid's for comfort before she begins to sample what's on her plate.

Javid wants to sample everything as well, and his own plate shows it. He is just as unused to being the center of attention as Aztrexia is, but this is what they knew would happen on their wedding day. There is no small amount of comfort in knowing that the eyes turned upon them are rooting for them rather than judging. Once they're seated again, he squeezes her hand when it finds his, leaning close to press a lingering kiss to her cheek before they start in on their meal. Eventually, his arm ends up around her waist instead.

"I think we forgot to spit the herdbeast," Tallel counters Willimina's last with feigned disgruntlement as they finally end up past the threshold and inside the big yurt in earnest. "Do you think this might be big enough for when we finally have all the children we're aiming for?" he teases, his grin at her impish before he's looking around at the dimensions of the yurt and trying to spot familiar faces apart from the bride and groom.

A'lira grins at Igraine, tugging her toward the yurt. He is, as always, hungry. One simply has to fuel one's body often on a hectic schedule like his. "Mhm… It's good for him, though." So sayeth the Healer! "He's alone too much: even he needs a reason to come home besides duty." And well does A'lira know it, for he'd have beetin that trap had he not found a good reason to come back after every Threadfall. Sometimes one needs a reminder of why they do their jobs that they can see and touch. "Let's find Echo. She strikes me as shy, and it might be nice to have one or two people she sort of knows ro talk to." And an excuse to get to know her better.

"Hmm." Daenerys eyes the yurt, then the sun; it'd be a shame to waste all that pretty being stuck inside walls, be they canvas or stone. "Let's eat out here. I don't want to waste the view…" He smiles at Reveka as she cuddles into him. Nor did he want to waste the opportunity to potentially disappear into a yurt without being observed.

Igraine looks around and soon spots the young farrier in her white dress and jacket. She points. "I do believe they have settled down over there. We'll oin them as soon as we have our food." Igraine doesn't want to lose their place in the line. She moves up, they're only a couple of people behind the food anyway. She adjusts her pink scarf and looks around the line. She spots Willa and Tallel, and a few other familiar faces.

Milosh is soon returning with food, and look, white wine! He's magic like that, and in an odd mood. But at the same time, he too knows to behave in public, and to mind his P's and Q's around Echo's cousin. Besides, they have a different arrangement now than they did then.

Willimina laughs at Tallel's first and gives him a teasing but loving look at his second. "Not nearly." She teases back, impish in her own way, though this yurt would be plenty big enough in reality. She moves up the line with her small family. Soon enough they have food and find their seats, settling in to start the meal with everyone else. And they have some perfect timing as one of Aztrexia's students lifts a glass to the new couple and sets off the first round of toasts.

Reveka chuckles. "Alright then…..one of us will have to fetch the food." She chuckles, though makes no move to go get said food or give up her space in Daenerys' embrace. They have plenty of time to eat right? Though, ,with these two, food may very well be the last thing on their minds.

Echo beams up easily at her paramour, the word he used to describe her to Igraine. Oh how she liked the sound of that. It had the sound of something….more. Then when he hands her a glass of white wine, her eyes light up, "Thanks love." she says, as she takes it from him, the use of the l word coming so naturally that Echo herself doesn't even notice. and then turns her eyes to what he managed to procure food wise. "It looks all so good." she says as she grabs a roll and begins munching on it.

Daenerys is hardly ready to give up his spot with Reveka yet, either. "In due time, in due time." And in due time, Daenerys does go and get food and drink for them, but only after a good deal of cuddling and flirting — and potentially convinces Reveka it might be more fun to eat in his yurt.

Aztrexia is touched by the toast given by her student, and a bit surprised. It's a heady feeling knowing so many have showed up to support their marriage. She gets a bit into her food before she leans over to speak to Javid. "Willimina stopped by my yurt before the ceremony." She mentions, hoing to bait his curiosity. She's wondering if her knew that Willimina was going to give her a full pardon today.

Is there such a thing as post-ceremony munchies? Javid is finding himself feeling much hungrier than he remembers being just a candlemark ago, though perhaps it's just that there's so much food to try. He, too, is moved to see one of Aztrexia's students toasting them, though can't help but feel as though his ears are turning red. Other people are going to have other things to say for them, and he has no way of telling who no matter how hard he tries! It's easy to devote all his attention to his wife when she leans close to speak. "That was kind of her," he notes, dark brows lifting subtly in mild surprise. "At least, I assume it was?"

Tallel is probably one of the people thinking of words on Javid and Aztrexia's behalf, though he's also trying to focus on the delicious food, and that is incredibly distracting. He'll just sit and eat for now. Hopefully more sustenance will fuel a better toast than what he might spout off now.

Daenerys is all too happy to join the other couple at the table after collecting some truly tasty, tasty nibbles and drink. Ever the gentleman, he'll even pull out a chair for Igraine first, to seat his lady before seating himself. One of those rules his mother pounded into him since he could crawl, or something. "Hope you two don't mind extras here…" He waggles his eyebrows playfully at Milosh and Echo, grinning in amusement.

A'lira is all too happy to join the other couple at the table after collecting some truly tasty, tasty nibbles and drink. Ever the gentleman, he'll even pull out a chair for Igraine first, to seat his lady before seating himself. One of those rules his mother pounded into him since he could crawl, or something. "Hope you two don't mind extras here…" He waggles his eyebrows playfully at Milosh and Echo, grinning in amusement.

It won't take long for Daenerys to convince Reveka to go, she's all for eating in Daen's yurt. And so, at least two dodge out early on the night's events in favor of their own company.

Aztrexia chuckles. "I rather thought it waas a good visit." She says a bit cryptically before taking a couple of bites of her food. "She pardoned me in full as a wedding gift…" Trexa moves her food around on her plate a moment. "And she adopted me into the mother clan." Trexa slides a look at Javid, trying to gauge his reaction. It is good and exciting news, and she wants to see ho whe reacts, because his reply earlier had hinted he may not have known the reason for the Zingari Leader's visit.

Igraine slips into her seat with a grin. "Well, hello again Echo dear." Igraine gives a wide smile to both Echo and Milosh, tapping A'lira playfully on the arm for his teasing eyebrows. "We figured it may be a bit easier in the crowd if you had someone familiar to talk to. Now I know I'm new, but aat least you know A'lira." Igraine takes a sip off her wine and points to their plates. "Looks like they sampled the board too love, apparently everyone has the same idea."

Milosh doesn't even notice Echo's use of the 'L' word, he's too eager to try the food, but he does toss Echo a "You're Welcome Pet." Before sitting back down. A'lira and Igraine get a wide smile when they join the table. "Not at all, come, sit." And they do and it is good. "This looks delicious, I couldn't help but get a little of everything…." Or a lot of everything depending on how one looks at it. He slides an arm around Echo and works on a breadroll.

Willimina is pondering her own words for the couple, but is busy eaing and getting Taimin to do so too. The youngster is excited to go see what else has been set up for the wedding. Willimina stalls him and gets him to eat by promising cake later. She rolls her eyes when at last, this is a motivator. SHe sends a knowingly exasperated look Tallel's way then chuckles. Kids, right?

A'lira is all innocence when he turns to Igraine. Hrm? He'll take a sip of his wine — a nice, crisp white. The food before them is enough to tempt the most aesthetic of monks, really. Almost to beautiful to eat; but only almost. He'll begin with a selection of wherry, enjoying the tenderness of it and the exotic flavoring. Somewhere nearby, his brown is probably rolling around in mud, or digging up the Lakesore, but tonight A'lira couldn't possibly care less. He doesn't have to go anywhere, so the dragon is free to get himself as dirty as he pleases. "Me either," A'lira will agree with Milosh, mischeviously. "Much better than what we get at the Weyr."

Kids indeed! Tallel returns Willimina's look with a deep smirk and keeps eating, keeps pondering… "Maybe we ought to do a joint one?" he suggests of the toasts they're contemplating, leaning closer so that not every ear passing by can hear. He also keeps a side-eye one Javid and Aztrexia; it's clear that they're discussing something, and he doesn't want to accidentally speak up in the middle of it.

Echo smiles at the pair and nods emphatically when they ask to sit, "Of course, please." almost at the same time as Milosh does, causing her to giggle a little bit. But then at the other woman's words, she shoots a puzzled look at Igraine and then one back at Milosh, "Indeed. I didn't know my discomfort around crowds was so well known around camp." she says with small chuckle, trying to shake it off as she feels Milosh's arm slips around her waist and she settles in close to him, a happy sigh escaping her lips as she takes another sip of her wine.

Though Javid is in close confidence with Willimina and Tallel, their caravan leader does not, of course, tell him everything…and quite frankly, hearing this from Aztrexia means so much more. So what she will see as she gauges his reaction is a lifting of his brows, a subtle widening and brightening of his eyes, a slow curving of his lips into a small, awed smile as a hand lifts to her cheek. "My love…" His happiness is made most clear in the kiss he plies her with as his arm tightens to pull her closer - again, with very little regard for who might be watching. "Things could not be more perfect today. I'm…" So happy he can't put it into words, apparently, so he just beams at her, his hand still against her cheek.

Aztrexia could watch that look spread across Javid's features forever. The kiss he plies her with is returned in full, heated and uncaring for who may watch. Seems neither the groom nor the bride care if people like the PDA today or not. "So happy?" She finishes for Javid, stating in in the simplest and best form possible. "I am too." She beams back at her husband. Her Husband. And nothing in the world could be more right.

Igraine chuckles. "Oh come now love, the weyr food isn't that bad." It's no Zingari fair, but Igraine has come to appreciate the two different sets of cuisine. "I don't know that it's all that well known Echo, A'lira mentioned it when we were getting food. And I must admit I find myself curious about a woman who can distract Milosh from real life so well." Indeed, it's been a time since Milosh has come for just a visit and a drink with A'lira and Igraine, and he's been scarce otherwise. Igraine winks at Echo and sips from her wine again.

Milosh lifts his hands. "I may or may not have mentioned it a time or two, when speaking of you Pet. But only to A'lira here, no worries, I'm not bandying your secrets around camp." He grins and digs into more of his food, taking a break for a whiskey drink now and then. "What do you suppose those two are whispering abou——" Milosh is speaking about Javid and Aztrexia speaking in murmurs and then, there's a very public, very heated kiss and Milosh, being the teasing ass he is, lets out a shrill whistle that is followed by a bit of clapping and a few cat calls from around the room.

Willimina looks at Tallel. "We could, if you like dear, I don't mind." She smiles at him and prods Tai to take another bite of his food and to eat some of her own. Willimina also slides a look towards the newlyweds, and seems to be one of the few letting out the cat calls. Hey, she knows how to have fun too! And besides, it's not like she and Tallel are any less guilty of near indecent public displays of affection.

Tallel is not going to hold back from a little whistling himself; he knows very well what he and Willa have subjected everyone to from time to time! That done, however, he reaches for Willimina's hand and gives it a squeeze, inviting her to stand with him and toast the newlyweds. His won't be a huge monologue, but definitely sincere. There's no denying the journey these two have been on.

"Happy doesn't even begin to cover it," Javid answers, and kisses Aztrexia once more before he sees the caravan leaders standing to speak. Any words from them will be cherished, for like his wife…he would not be here, now, in the midst of something so wonderful and unexpected.

Echo smiles warmly at Milosh, her pale face fairly glowing as he reveals that he's talked about her, with his friends. She suddenly feels as is her heart could burst with happiness right then and there. Her simpering look lasts for several long moments before Milosh's shrill whistle snaps her out of it. Shaking her head, she offers a soft smile to the weyrmated couple, "I was just thinking, you two should come and have a meal with us one of these evenings in our new yurt." Surely Milosh has told his friends of this new development.

And so it goes that the evening continues in frivolous jubilation, Igraine accepting the offer to dinner from Echo, Tallel and Willimina (and others) making their toasts and speeches, Milosh being more relaxed and open than he's been in a long time, and looking as if he may care a great deal more for the woman on his arm than he likes to let on. The cake is brought out, a confectionary masterpiece made by the same baker that had made Willimina's Turnday cake, yet different in every way. The glassy frosting is done in a wash of emerald and amethyst, one bleeding into the other, while purple water flowers are scattered about the triple layered cake, each in full bloom and of the richest color. Gifts and dancing are arranged and all party well into the night, never noticing that around midnight, the bride and groom disappear completely, leaving the rest to enoy the liquor and food until they all deem it necessary to pass out or go home. And with that, Javid and Aztrexia come to the end of one very long, and bumpy road, and begin a new road, one paved with endless possibility.

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