D'ex, A'ndi, Taliveth, Zynth


Guess what! Taliveth had a clutch of firelizard eggs!


It is evening of the first day of the seventh month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Taliveth's Weyr

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« And then you too will know what it's like, Zynth… to be a mother. »

Taliveth's Weyr

A decent sized weyr, or maybe it's the sparse furnishings that make it seem so roomy. Towards the back is a curtained off alcove that acts as a bedroom, and another alcove houses a nice little kitchenette and some shelving for ingredients, pots and pans and utensils. There's a small desk pushed up against the left wall with a little stool to sit upon, and on the opposite side of the room is a small, round, beat-up looking table and a basic wooden chair (there used to be a second one, but D'ex threw it off the ledge and into the river). A large tan pelt of some animal lies on the floor beneath the table in some attempt at decorating maybe? Standing out from everything else is a well-made, stylish, white-cushioned couch that adds a much-needed dash of cheeriness (and seating) to the space. Taliveth's sandy bed isn't far from the desk, and on the wall above the brown's sleeping space is a pretty acceptable charcoal rendition of Vulheimurath's face, framed and hung up (IT'S NOT CREEPY, DON'T YOU JUDGE HIM-). Straps, riding gear and supplies have a storage area near the weyr entrance. It's overall pretty basic and boring at the moment. There are two modes of cleanliness for this space: regular tidy-but-lived-in clean, and inhumanly-spotless-and-impeccably-organized D'ex Was Here clean.

It's a damp, dark night, all clouds and blustery wind and rain, rain, rain. But it's nice and cozy inside Taliveth and A'ndi's weyr, and the warship brown seems especially so this evening. His large body is curled into a tight ball inside his sandy wallow, but his smushy nose is nuzzling something tucked near his side. Five tiny eggs in a neat little pile. Gold Aster is perched nearby on the back of a chair and seems unconcerned— they ain't her problem anymore~ She has some self-grooming to do. A'ndi has a book and is seated far away and is TOTALLY IGNORING THIS ENTIRE SITUATION.

Zynth is NOT totally ignoreing this situation. The Blue sits statue-like in the wallow, his wings open to cast a blue-filtered light on the little pile of eggs, his eyes locked on them as they have been for the past hour or so. The weyr is filled with the soft sizzling sound of oil and a growing smell of fried dumpling-things fills the place, keeping out the smell of rain from outside. D'ex has been cooking up various appatizers, but no actual meal tonight, too much weather for a real meal, so perhaps snakes to watch the lighting and show? Or that was the plan, before it became clear that the dragons where haveing no part of it. « Why, brother, do you suppose my Lady has not given me eggs? Do you suppose I should ask her for some more kindly? »

« You could try! Or just lay them like ME! » And there it is. Good ol' Taliveth delusions. Despite best intentions and attempts to convince him otherwise, the rusty brown is absolutely certain of the eggs' parentage. Or at least half of it. « You gotta take a nap, and then when you wake up, THERE THEY ARE- » A supernova is inserted for emphasis. « And then you too will know what it's like, Zynth… to be a mother. » Taliveth's face rises and swivels to regard the slender blue, his eyes grown suddenly so big and so round, and sort of damp like he might start crying at any moment. « This.. this is the HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE. » Impressing A'ndi has been knocked to second place, apparently. The brownrider casts a suspicious glance over his shoulder, and then returns to watching D'ex cook and not actually reading his book at all. But still, silence.

Zynth does not reply right away. The blue doesnt even look at the brown at this revelation. Instead, his head starts to snake down to get a better look at the eggs. When Taliveth's eyes are growing, finally the blue will look at him. Very closely, his nose almost touching Taliveth. « Brother. Males Cannot be Mothers. » While Zynth may not know how motherhood works, or how flights or the production of small humans work, this is one fact that he is very sure of. « And Dragons Cannot Have Firelizard Eggs. » Sorry Tali, this is one delution that Zynth is not going to humor. Granted, he didn't know why Taliveth got to have firelizard eggs and he didn't. Still, this jealousy will be bottled for now. The silence from the humans will increase as the oil is removed from the heat and D'ex walks over to A'ndi with the plate of deepfried food.

« But but they're MINE! » Taliveth insists with the classic whining of a child, punctuated with all orts of space debris raining down, a cacophony of burning metal. « I'm their MOTHER! I'll keep them warm and safe until they hatch and pick someone! I'M A GOOD MOTHER. » Snort. « I wonder who the father is, though… » A new wave of calm and curiosity takes over. « Maybe Vulheimurath? Oh! Or Rocketh! He really likes me a lot! » Meanwhile, A'ndi accepts the food. He picks up a fried dumpling thingamabob and begins eating, while casting looks between D'ex and the dragons. There is a distinct, probably familiar expression of 'dude, they're being fucking weird again.'

D'ex just nods, no need for talking as he pickes up fried bit of cheese wrapped in a thing which would likely be called a wonton on Earth, but likely is something else on Pern. The thing is waved at the dragons and D'ex shrugs before actually popping it into his mouth. Dragons being weird. Nothing for it. « They are your's. Yes. But they are not from you. Or- » Zynth stops, perhaps seeing that there is no point in this, or perhaps just not willing to talk about potential fathers. The blue pulls back, eyes turning back to the eggs. « When will they hatch, O' Mother of Firelizards Taliveth? » The Sarcasim is dry, polite, and flat all at once. D'ex glances over at the dragons again and makes a face, finally speaking, though his voice is hushed, "What's the big deal about new flying rats?"

Taliveth of the house Southern, first of his name because we have the PernMu Dragon Listing, the Unstable, King of the Cats and the Moist Comrades, Mother of Firelizards, etc etc etc. « SOON I THINK. Whenever they're ready! You can't RUSH these things, Zynth! » There's a 'tsk tsk' and a twinkling of stars. « They'll come out when the time is right. And then we need to be really supportive of them and their boundaries and personal interests and be firm but loving! » Okay so apparently Zynth has been recruited as a co-parent. And Taliveth has little concept of sarcasm, despite who his rider is. A'ndi finishes off his fried thing, wiping the grease off on his pants. "Aster laid them next to Tali while he was sleeping, so…" The brownrider keeps his voice down as well, lest the dragons turn their focus on them. "He thinks he laid them."

"Talant." D'ex nods and sighs slightly, shaking his head, "I don't envy you trying to get rid of them with him so .… . protective." At least Aster isn't being protective, right? Or perhaps that might be easier. Aster is not likely to argue about who the eggs went to. "Going to sell them?" Because, that's what D'ex would do. « I see. » Zynth of the house of Southern, God of Mischeif, and Collector of Humans of Interest. « And you think that you will be raising them all alone? Of whatever color and oriantation of life? Do you really need all of them? » Zynth is fabulous at sarcasim, however, he is in the same boat of A'ndi and his talant is usually wasted on his bonded.

"Eh…" A'ndi shrugs. Selling them means not only talking to people, but probably also haggling. Which is a more complicated form of talking to people. "I thought I might ask Taliveth who he likes and just go shove an egg at them. And then run away if necessary." Now he's gonna go for one of those cheesy Pern-wanton things. "I'd give one to you, but I suspect you'd eat it for breakfast because you're fuckin' terrible." This said with just the most asshole smirky jerk smile. <3 Taliveth tilts his head like a curious puppy. His uneven headknobs wiggle slightly. « We'll raise them TOGETHER, Zynth! You and me! So if ou wanna take some to your side of home to keep warm, that's okay! And then we can pick THE BEST people to keep them! Right? OKAY? »

« No. I would rather not be responsible for all of them. Maybe one. Or two. Maybe. Perhaps. I am not going to promise it though. » The blue blinks, his cool dancing through space, reaching out and crystalizing. « You can't keep them all. You know that. You must find homes for them. » D'ex will snort, "I couldn't eat one, Zynth might kill me. But I don't want one. Keep them away from me, give them to other people. The only reason I have one is because she was forced upon me. I didn't even think that was possible, but apparently it is." The platter of junk food is moved closer to A'ndi, "Raffle them off maybe? If it was summer, I'd say drop them on the beach and let them hatch wild, but this weather would kill them."

"They're really not that bad, you know. If you put in the time to train them." Afterall, Aster and Snowdrop are generally quite well behaved. "I could just put them in a basket in the living caverns or something. I'll figure it out. The hardest part will be convincing Taliveth to give up the 'joys of motherhood,'" A'ndi says with an eyeroll. Then another fried tidbit is picked up, but his aim is for YOUR FACE, D'EX. "Here, eat it! Feeding each other is supposed to be romantic or some shit!" On rare occassions, most often in the company of the bluerider, A'ndi is silly. Taliveth siiiiighs in waves of celestial light; even he can't totally defy his brother's logic, hard as he may try. « I just wanna find GOOD homes. The BEST homes. … Don't you know people, Zynth?! Lots of people?! What about your collection?! » Any recommendations?

Zynth will again not reply right away. His collection was rather personal. Rather his. But… . « Do you recall the little girl who now lives with Caelisth and Ohanaveth? She is in Igen now. She is without a lizard. She mentioned it to me. » Another pause, « And there is a boy I met in Southern Barrier with a little blue. He might like another? » D'ex will only snort again at the idea of the lizards being anything but wretched. "Have you met Lady? She sleeps all day and moves things around all night. She is useless and I've tried training her!" However, the man will smile at the offer of food, his mouth opening for the food, "Romantic and shit? Jeez, I'm not sure that we have any of that here. What are you talking about?"

« mmmmmmmmm » beep boop. beep boop. beep boop. Intense concentration. « uhhhhhh KINDA?! » Shimmering space fog coalesces into a vague outline of Talya. « I think… she sat with us! When the storm happened! And she has a JACKET. » The significance of the jacket is lost to dragon memory. « I'M PRETTY SURE I LIKE HER! And if you like her she must be wonderful! And the boy too! » Taliveth has a lot of confidence in Zynth's judgement of character. He's an expert People Collector, afterall. « I think I'll feel okay if it's you delivering my beautiful babies to good humans!!!! » A'ndi laughs, just a little one, at the description of Lady. "She sounds more like a cat." oh look a clear path for the food. And so D'ex is fed! Maybe a little aggressively. Maybe A'ndi is just kinda sssssmashin' it in there and on D'ex's face cause A'ndi is a little jerk. "It's about time we had some, don't you think? We can light some fucking candles and throw flowers everywhere. That's a thing, isn't it?"

"Romance? Yuck! Who wants Romance?!" But D'ex cannot talk and defend his mouth. He is chewing on the eggroll and trying to wipe grease from his face while making a face. Neither of which are very romantic, nor does he manage to actually get a retort in there until the egg roll is swallowed, "Hey now A'ndi, I bring you flowers all the time, don't you dare start throwing them around, flower arranging could make or break a room." Ice swirls through the galaxy, gentle and slow, « She is good. Yes. Her. » A sharper image of Talya is produced, the jacket in question on her. « Important. Yes. Standing for Igen right now. She is a good one. » And didn't Zynth already promise her an egg at some point? Perhaps? Maybe? Yes. Way long ago, shortly after her collection. Still, Zynth enjoyed spoiling his collection when able.

"How did you not get into interior decorating?" just going to assume this is a legitimate career path on Pern. "Did you do that on the ship? Flower arrangements? Did you show them paint swatches?" All teasing, of course, and another dumpling is snagged for himself. A'ndi will shove it into his own mouth this time— you're safe for now, D'ex! « HMMMMM well how abooouuuut… » Ever so gently, Taliveth lowers his muzzle back down to the eggs and whuffles two of them softly. « One of these? » One egg looks suspiciously like an oval slice of buttered toast. And the other is covered in green flecks.

D'ex just laughs, he's not going to offer any aternatives to this. Sure. He totlly arranged flowers on the Wandering Disgrace. Totally. Yep. Yep. He did that. Not going to correct. Nope. "Well while mocking my experiance in some things, you seem to be enjoying my dabbling in other things." Another wonton-thing will be snagged for himself, can't be asulted with more food while eating, right? « That one looks fine. Good egg. Yes. Thank you brother. Will your's wrap it and be sure it can be transported safely? I do not want it hurt. » One egg looks as good as the next to Zynth, but if this one seems good to Taliveth, he will take it.

The toasty egg is nuzzled as softly as a little container for a tiny baby deserves. « Yes. This one is warm and soft. And sweet inside. LIKE TALYA. » Taliveth has decided this, and so it shall be. « Hold on, lemme ask- » The bulky brown goes poking along the wavelengths between himself and his rider. "Wait, dabbling in which things? W-" A'ndi blinks, expression going momentarily blank with dragon-communication. "Oh, I guess Zynth is taking one to Talya? Well, sure, why not, I guess-" And then, to both riders with curious, oh so innocent satellite beep boops, « When you are guys gonna have babies like me and Zynth?! » Cue choking on fried food.

"WE ARE DOING WHAT?!?!?" D'ex is on his feet, "ZYNTH! You promised to not involve me in your business! An-Wait, Talya? In Igen? You want us to hope on over to Igen and Deliver an egg to a canidate? No. Not happening." Zynth doesn't even pay any mind to D'ex, « Taliveth. Males cannot be Mothers. Yours and mine cannot have children with just the two of them involved. » Though, recant events have had the idea of a small human of his own rather appealing, though still on a back burner. « Taliveth, your's is choking. » "A'ndi!? You okay? Take a drink. Breath."

« But… but they'd have such cute hatchlings… » He was really hoping. Taliveth whiiiiines and flops his head onto the sand to mope. Apparently A'ndi's lack of oxygen isn't that alarming. At least not under these circumstances. Taliveth is probably used to causing his rider various near-death experiences. A'ndi whaps himself in the chest a few times, finally getting it all down and taking some breaths. "I swear-" breeaaathing "-one a'these days-" oooxygeeeeen "-he's gon' kill me." Once his airway is reestablished, a pleading look is turned upon the redhead, "Look, can we just skip the dishes tonight and go to bed? And leave them to their… whatever?" Dragons like Taliveth and Zynth, with all their shenanigans, can be understandably a bit overwhelming at times.

« Perhaps find a someone …. I'm sorry Taliveth. That's just how things are. » D'ex will try to assist how he can, water is presented, but when finally breathing is acheived the worry will lessen. Wait. "Skip dishes? No. Sorry. Dishes then bed. I'll be fast though. You go to bed now and I'll join you." He offers a smile and a shrug, "Go on, I'm not going home in this storm and anyway, Zynth wouldn't take me." The egg will be forgotten for now, but stewing over the thing will likely commence in the morning.

« … We'll have to find a way. » Dun dun dunnnnn. Ominous. But for now, Taliveth will resume his close motherly watch over his beloved children. A'ndi reluctantly goes to bed alone, but will stubbornly sit up and wait for his… I dunno. If it's still a 'thing' then maybe Significant Thing? Sure. He'll wait for his Significant Thing to come to bed. And then probably have horrifying nightmares about human babies bursting out of eggs. Thanks, Tali and Zynth. :)

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