Beris, R'ku


R'ku needs to go get his arm checked on; Beris takes him to the infirmary (sandstorm be damned).


It is midmorning of the thirteenth day of the eighth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Infirmary, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 30 Jul 2018 23:00


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From the astringent smell of redwort, to the gleam of counter and cabinet, this place positively defines the concept of antiseptic cleanliness. Despite the yawning exit to the Dragonhealer Courtyard, the floors remain scrupulously swept of sand and particulate matter. Back behind the counter where the healers usually are, are shelves full of bottles and jars, as well as cupboards hiding away more delicate items that shouldn't be exposed to too much sand. Beyond the counter, there is the Desk, where patients are checked in and taken to one of the examination areas by a healer. The windows are usually kept open for the flow of air, but there is both shutters to shut out dust storms, and curtains for other occasions.

While there are a few advantages to her weyrmate being off work, so to speak, with his broken arm, it's not to say that Beris is happy with the reason for having him around more. With someone standing in as Wingleader for him, he's relieved of a number of duties, so that he can focus on healing up. She's determined for him to do that, too. Ever since receiving his note and rushing away from work to see him, the woman's been worrying over him, only leaving for work - since she doesn't particularly want to be fired for not turning up. Even then, Kabelkath is left with stern orders from her not to let R'ku do too much, and to contact her if R'ku needs her. All probably rather overbearing for a man older (and wiser!) than her, but that's the way she is with him. She knows, too, that he won't go back to see the healers unless he absolutely has to, but Beris needs assurance that all is going well with his badly hurt arm. So it is that, after making him breakfast in their weyr, she's coerced him to come to the infirmary to see a healer, "just to be sure. Maybe they'll give you some exercises to do now the injury's not so fresh." She's right there beside him, practically hanging off his good arm, as much to make sure he comes with her as to keep them from being blown apart by the sandstorm that's raging. They enter the infirmary in a bluster of sand, Beris reaching up to unwrap her scarf from her face. "Maybe I could have picked a better day," she sighs.

If there's one thing R'ku can be in these sorts of situations is stubborn. Growing up in the Bazaar with his particular parents, he never really had the need to visit a Healer unless it was super serious. Thus, he's gotten the stubborn mindset of not wanting to bother with such things unless absolutely necessary. It doesn't help the fact he finds the Infirmary rather daunting in itself. Thus Beris' gentle needling at him to go in for a checkup has likely been met with, " … but what are they going to do about it? They can't give me anything to make the bone heal any faster!" But, in the end, the feelings of love for Beris wins over the feelings of apprehension over the Infirmary and R'ku does allow himself to be dragged into the sandstorm to get his checkup. As they emerge into the shelter of the Infirmary, R'ku straightens up and heaves a short sigh, "Probably just the weather mocking me now that I can't lead Sirocco for a bit." There's an edge to his voice at that - he's probably been extra antsy this morning, as the upcoming weather usually meant increased drills and more work, but it's extra strange not having to go do them anymore. "I still don't see the point," he notes as he awkwardly unbuttons his wherhide jacket with his good hand, "I mean … it still hurts, but it's healing. And we have fellis leftover for when it gets too bad, right?"

Beris fusses around R'ku, helping with the jacket where she can - which is probably more helping with the buttons, the trickier bit given his current one-handnedness. "Well, yes," she says, with more patience than she would have ever shown during her brief stint as an infirmary aide, back in her teenage Turns. "But they'll probably want to see the movement in your hand, give you some advice about what you can and can't do now it's healed some. Maybe they'll let you do some very light duties?" Using a sort-of return to work as an incentive is a bold move, but Beris knows that not being able to do as much with Sirocco is a source of great frustration for the bronzerider. "Hopefully Sirocco are still drilling in the sandstorms, so they'll stay in top form for when you get back. At least you don't have to, for a while." She's about to go up on tiptoe to plant a kiss on R'ku when a healer approaches, eyebrows raised at the imminent PDA. "May I help you?" The man asks in a dry tone, pale eyes staring the pair down.

R'ku gratefully accepts the help with his jacket - getting the thing off of him is the more troublesome part, as his left forearm is still heavily bandaged and splinted. Somehow, with the right amount of slow movement and awkward bending, R'ku manages to free his injured arm from the jacket sleeve without too much pain or problems. "Light work probably meaning …. hidework," he notes with a snort of laughter, "Probably will be another few sevendays before I'm even allowed to lift anything heavier than a stack of hides with my bad arm." But, not wanting to grouse anymore about things he can't change, he merely heaves another sigh and lets the frustration leave him for now. He'll just focus on the good parts of this unexpected vacation from work - extra time with Beris. He slips his good arm around Beris and bends down to meet her for the kiss. Their lips are about to meet when the healer interrupts. R'ku, caring not for the interruption, follows through with the PDA and finishes the kiss, though only lets it linger for a few seconds before drawing back. "I'm here to ave my arm checked - I suppose it may need a new bandage or splint, as well," he addresses the healer calmly, as though he just didn't kiss his weyrmate in front of him, "Shouldn't take too long, I hope?"

Beris takes and holds on to the jacket - she hardly thinks it fair to make R'ku hold it when he's only got the one good arm right now. "You've still got your writing hand working," she says with amusement, before her lips meet his, albeit briefly. Her cheeks flush as the presence of the healer is realised, though the man's tone is droll rather than cold. She settles to looking faintly pleaseed with herself for bringing R'ku here while the men deal with their business. "Let's go take a look at it; it shan't take long, you're right. Will you be coming, too?" This asked of Beris, who lifts her chin a fraction as she asks, "if you want me to?" of R'ku, turning to look up at her weyrmate. The healer, leaving them to sort it out, moves to a chair in a little exam area, getting some bandages ready just in case anything does need changing.

R'ku gives Beris an unenthusiastic look for a moment, "Don't remind me. I'll be sick of hidework by the end of this, I'm sure, and I had enough of it as a Wingleader." He does eventually crac a grin, though, since it's not in his nature to be miserable /all/ the time, after all, "Maybe my handwriting will get better, though. I /am/ sorry for how bad that note I sent you was when I first broke the arm." His grin widens a bit at that, though it fades a little as he looks back to the healer. "Yes, she's coming, too. She's probably the only reason I came in." R'ku gives Beris a fond smile and tugs her briefly against his side with his good arm before starting to follow the healer towards the exam room. Once there, he'll find a spot to settle down, suddenly looking a tad uneasy. And well he might, considering the last time he was in here his arm likely had to be forcibly reset.

Beris, pleased to see R'ku grinning despite everything, gives his good hand a squeeze. "I was just glad you COULD still write to me." She wouldn't have outright spoken about her worry for his life, but her behaviour these last few weeks and endless fussing has probably given away just how scared she was about potentially losing R'ku. she comes with over to the room, reluctantly sitting off to the side while the healer does what he has to do. Fortunately for R'ku, there'll be no resetting of bones, this time. "I'll remove the bandaging and inspect the arm, if you don't mind?" The man says, with the air of one who's going to have to do it regardless of the answer. "Yours was the badly broken arm, if I remember correctly?" Though not the healer who tended him, an injured Wingleader would have been made note of.

R'ku grimaces as he holds out his bandaged and splinted left arm towards the healer, the expression on his face giving away the fact he probably would rather not be allowing such things, "Go ahead." He bobs his head in a nod at the question, "Yes. Took a bit of a fall and fell on it oddly." His lips thin into a line at remembering the incident and what he had been doing to cause it, but he doesn't say anything out loud. His gaze does flicker briefly to Beris, probably for mental support of some kind.

The way the healer glances at R'ku's face implies that description of the accident is something of an understatement. "Yes," he replies simply, before he gets on with what he has to do. Despite his coolness, he's gentle as he works. Beris, not content to be so far away when R'ku looks like he needs her, pulls her chair closer with a screech and scrape across the floor that makes the corner of the healer's eye twitch. Closer now, Beris offers a hand to hold R'ku's. Which could be utterly embarrassing, really, but her face is full of genuine concern as she looks at him, and then the arm now being unbandaged. "Any itching? Hotness?" The healer asks as he carefully examines the exposed forearm.

R'ku flashes a brief smile at Beris, despite the ear-splitting scrape of the chair. He's not too manly to slip his good hand into Beris' once he's close enough, content with her being close. "Itching, yes. It's been stuck in a bandage for sevendays without me being able to scratch it," he notes with a touch of dry humor, "It's painful still, but certainly not as bad as it was the first sevenday. Couldn't tell you about heat, though, as everything nowadays seems boiling hot." R'ku tries to keep his arm as still as possible, afraid to move the thing now that it's free of its splint. "It's … it's healing alright, right?" Now he's got a touch of worry in his voice.

Beris seems more nervous than R'ku about this check-up! The healer seems to appreciate R'ku's generally good attitude, a flash of humour in his eyes as he meets the rider's gaze. He's got good news, at the very least. "yes, rather a stupid question, I suppose. It looks well." He starts to probe up and down the arm with that same gentle touch. "You've been able to move your fingers? No pins and needles in them? You can feel me touching them?" He's moved on to tapping each digit at the tip, as well as feeling around the wrist. Beris is starting to lean forward in her chair, watching the examination as much as watching R'ku, her jaw tight with nervousness. She hasn't dragged him here for bad news, has she?

R'ku winces a few times as the healer's probing fingres, however gentle, find a tender spot on his still-healing arm. Even the tapping of his fingers receives a slight grimace, though that may be due to anticipation more than anything, "Well. To be fair I've been trying not to move them as much as possible. But I /can/ move them." He twitches his fingers slightly in demonstration, though he seems a bit too apprehensive to actually do more than that, "I was afraid I'd make it worse if I tried to do much with it. I don't want to be grounded any longer than necessary." He squeezes Beris' hand with his good hand - partially for his benefit and perhaps some for hers, as he does notice her sudden worried hovering. "I can feel everything, though, so … I guess that's good," he finishes on the end of a sigh, "Still painful, of course."

"Tha pain I can't do much about, unfortunately," the healer says, "save for fellis. I assume you've been taking some anyway - you can reduce the dose as you need, to remove the pain without fogging your head." Beris is most definitely listening in on this - she's been extremely attentive when it comes to mixing drinks with just the right amounts of fellis, following the instructions set to them after R'ku's initial visit to the infirmary. "Now your hand - it's good you've not done too much during the early stages, but you'll want to start moving the hand now, to save it from stiffening up. Let me see-" he rummages in a drawer, bringing out a ball with enoug give to allow a good firm squeeze. "Use this to exercise your hand. The arm itself will have to remain splinted a while longer, to give the bone time to heal. But you'll want to keep the dexterity in your fingers, and the wrist when the pain is under control." He demonstrates, squeezing the ball and flexing his wrist, then places the ball in R'ku's left hand. "It may also take your mind off the pain," he adds with the smallest of wry smiles, before reaching for bandages and fresh splints. Beris has been listening intently to this, so R'ku can rest assured she'll be nagging him to do his exercises!

R'ku nods his head in an affirmative on the fellis, "Really needed the fellis for the first sevenday, at least. I haven't needed it so much recently, at least." He probably didn't do much but sleep for the first few days after the injury due to the fellis needed to numb the pain of the swollen arm. He starts to look a little more hopeful that this checkup may actually result in no further pain or discomfort, though the mention of exercises has him losing a fraction of his grin. He actually frowns a little as the ball is placed in his bad hand, "That's safe to do?" He seems skeptical, though likely open to being convinced. He really doesn't want to have a useless hand at the end of this for the sake of his sanity. He tentatively gives the ball a very tiny squeeze, though doesn't go much further than that. "How often do I have to do this?" he asks, giving Beris a sidelong glance. He totally knows he's probably not going to be able to get away without doing his exercises from the sounds of it. Best to know just how much he has to do them first.

The healer may give Beris a little glance for her attentiveness. "Best to do it little and often, and as firm a squeeze as you can manage. I'd say do it after taking your fellis at first, but after a week, try to do it any time you're finding yourself sat around bored." Maybe R'ku will want to get back to doing hidework if this is the alternative! "Just don't keep going until it hurts. Come back in a few sevendays and we'll see how things are progressing. At that point, we may want to get you doing something to stop the shoulder from seizing up." With R'ku half distracted by the ball, he deftly resplints the arm, bandaging firmly but not tightly. "The problem usually is where people hold the arm against them all the time, their shoulder muscles tense up, and then we end up witha host of other problems - so we'll try to avoid those, and get you back to normal as quick as we can." Beris interjects here, trying to sound optimistic. "That sounds good? It should all heal up nicely?"

R'ku only has time to wince once as the arm is re-splinted, his left hand still gripping the exercise ball. Once the bandaging is done, he takes a few moments to experimentally move the arm at the elbow and very carefully move his wrist. The elbow movement works fine, but the wrist movement still twinges enough to have him wince and stop. "Maybe I should … stretch my shoulder or something then?" he wonders aloud, absent-mindedly rolling his shoulder as he says this, "I've been trying to keep the rest of me in as good a shape as I can, though it's difficult when you can really only walk or lift things with your other arm. Running hurts a bit too much." And without his usual climbing up and down his dragon, tossing firestone bags around and other dragonrider things, he's likely running low on actual PT things that will work for him other than walking.

The healer looks faintly disapproving of running - though at least R'ku seems to be saying he isn't doing that, due to the pain. "Anything that jars the arm I wouldn't recommend. For now, any gentle stretches that don't hurt at all would be best, to keep the movement there." Since Beris is leaning in closer and closer, it seems polite to include her in the next. "You've enough fellis to keep you going until your next check up?" The woman nods before she thinks about it, now looking at R'ku. "What do you think? Your dose isn't that much now, but I don't want to run out when you might need it…." She's looking worried about that possibility, eyes wide and soft.

R'ku settles his re-splinted arm back on his lap and leans back in his seat, "I guess it can't hurt to take a bit more, just in case? I'd rather have too much of the stuff than not enough when it was needed." He nods decisively at that, "Best grab some more while we're here. Faranth knows it'd be difficult enoug to get me in here for the next checkup." He'd prboably be stubborn enough to not bother going to go get more if needed, just to avoid coming back in. Sensing the possibility of freedom, R'ku hesitantly asks, "Are we done? Can we go?" Because probably he'd prefer going back out int othe sandstorm at this point.

Beris nods in agreement with R'ku. The healer, not wanting to get involved in the debate about getting R'ku back here again, makes himself scarce to go fetch the requested fellis. "One moment, then you can go," he promises R'ku as he heads off. "But it sounds like they're happy with it," Beris says once the man's gone. "I just don't want you to rush it and hurt it again, or something like that. Then you'll have to spend more time here!" She smiles as she gives that jokey warning. The healer isn't long in returning with a small package of fellis. "You seem to have survived so far drinking it, so I won't lecture you on using it." Beris takes the package, and the healer, still standing, gestures towards the door and the sandstorm still raging outside. "You're free to go. Until next time." With an actual smile, he disappears off into the infirmary to see his next patient. Beris juggles package and jacket. "Let me help you get your jacket back on before we go out," she says, moving to do so. "Do the bandages feel less heavy?"

R'ku pauses to tuck the exercise ball into the pocket of his wherhide jacket before going throug the struggle of putting teh thing back on. "A bit less heavy," he agrees, his voice a lot less tense now that the whole endeavor is over, "Still tender, though. At least it didn't look crooked or anything when he took the splint off." There's obvious relief in his voice at that - probably something he had been worrying about for sevendays silently. "Thank Faranth you didn't see it until after they had set it," he notes grimly as he struggles for a moment and gets his bandaged left arm into the sleeve of the jacket. Then it's the buttons, which he valiantly tries to button up one-handed for a few moments, "Maybe we ought to stop by the living caverns for somethig to eat and let the sandstorm die down … ?" Though he suddenly has a thought at struggling to eat one-handed in the midst of the crowd there, " … or maybe not. Unless I just get a meatroll or something. Which could work."

Beris fusses around helping with the jacket, looking paler when R'ku talks about having it set. "I don't even want to think how awful it must have been." Noticing his struggle with the buttons, she tucks the fellis package under her arm and helps with the remaining ones. "That sounds-" But R'ku's already changed his mind about eating there. Still, Beris is just glad to spend time with him. "Let's do that. Maybe some fruit as well. And a cold drink would be nice." Pulling her scarf up around her face again, she holds out her hand towards R'ku's right, taking a few steps to lead the way there.

R'ku gratefully slips his good hand into Beris' outstretched one, "Even just a cold drink would be nice. The sandstorm should hopefully not be too much longer." Keeping his bandaged arm tucked against his chest protectively, he follows Beris out of the dreaded Infirmary. Thankfully he managed to escape this time without too much extra pain.

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