Th'res, Amani


Clutchsiblings catch up for a bit after running across one another away from the Weyr.


It is afternoon of the sixteenth day of the second month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Koi Pond, Southern Weyr

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"Not having as much time as we'd like goes with the territory of leading, I've come to learn."


Koi Pond

This open space is where Phagian's famed roses grow. And grow they do, in a profusion of sizes and colours. Tiny miniature roses in low boxes, rosebushes in ordered ranks behind, wild roses twining upon arched trellises over the path and the bench at the head of the pond, every plant is healthy and neatly pruned. They are also labelled. Here is the red-on-white of Fire and Ice, there the simple crimson of Heart's Desire, over yonder the inky shadow of Blackthorne, and bobbing practically beneath your hand the vibrant gold of Susanna. The pond is a palette of bright colours as well. Within its dim refractive depths there lurk the ornamental koi. Each fish an ancient Oriental soldier in full scale mail, and proud of his polychromal coat. Warm colours are most common, bright vermillion, marigold orange, sunshine yellow, but also there are other, rarer colours. Here a splash of emerald flashes, there a streak of jet, a swatch of white, a blink of azure. Dozens of bejewelled ichthyoids play in this broad pool's depths, each fat, well fed, and haughty.

The day is finally starting to cool down though not by much as the light of Rukbat starts to dip into the sea. Th'res seems to be sitting pool side with a fresh white flower, it isn't native to the garden. He is absently feeding the fat koi fishes lost in thought.

The remnants of Southern-that-was are both haunting and beautiful, something that Amani has wanted to explore but hasn't found a moment to until now, just as she had the day she met dolphins up close. While Zymuraith explores on her own and shares her findings as they come, Amani does the same…and stumbles upon this little gem of a garden and pond, wandering through in contemplative wonder. Her lifemate presently informs her of a familiar presence before greeting Jedameth with a warm flickering of white flames and the wafting of her familiar caramel and cider spice. The goldrider looks about for Th'res in the meantime, spotting him further back along the pond. "Escaping, wingsecond?" she asks with a subtle emphasis on his title, approaching along the pond's edge with her hands clasped behind her back.

Th'res looks up and stands when he sees the gold rider giving her a salute, "Not at all Ma'am, just remembering a friend" He looks down to the little white flower on the ground before he places his own hands behind his back saying "Did you want to be alone? I can go if you need some peace. I know you are very busy these days." Because running a Weyr is Tough!! Jedameth greets his golden clutch sibling as he always does, no regard for rank as he starts to show her images of the places they have visited and things he has seen wraapping that flame in his colorful swirling mind.

"Oh, Th'res, please stop that and relax," Amani implores the blue rider, though she does return the salute out of sheer habit. "I get enough of that all day; I don't want it from one of my clutchbrothers when we're both just looking for a moment." It's said with fondness, of course, rueful though it may be, a little smirk accompanying her words. She peers down with quiet fascination at the koi flickering just beneath the surface of the pool before glancing back up at Th'res, noting the flower in his fingers. "Who are you remembering?"

Th'res chuckles and says, "Well if we are being informal then…" He takes two steps over and wraps the gold rider in a brotherly hug, being the same height as her is nice for hugs. When she asks he says softly still not releasing the hug just yet. "Trena, it has been a turn since her death." He speaks their fallen clutchsibs name softly, he isn't crying… well not yet anyway.

Amani's comfort level with hugs has grown by leaps and bounds since Candidacy, and it's an easy thing for her to return Th'res' embrace. When he gives his answer, however, she feels a twinge of guilt for not remembering about Trena…but in truth, there have been so many losses and injuries since then that she hasn't tried to hang onto them all. Still, she nods, pulling back from Th'res with a sigh after a long moment. "For her and for the rest, all we can do is keep fighting. Keep destroying what took them." And they have a lot of Thread left to fight yet. "It's good to remember them." But not to dwell, she amends unspoken. She watches the fish for a little bit longer before telling him, "Congratulations on the new knot."

Th'res sighs and nods taking the step back. "Yeah I don't dwell, but then again I can't really with that bouncing blue in my head." He grins ruefully before he glances at the new knot like it is a curled tunnel snake "Thanks… I almost thought I was not going to have to be in charge of anyone anymore." He walks back over and sits at the edge again he motion that Amani can join him if she wishes before adding. "I heard I have you partly to thank for this…"

Amani chuckles at Th'res' descriptor for Jedameth, shaking her head amusedly at his last. "Wasn't me! Not that I wouldn't have advocated for you, of course, but I don't have much input about the wings, Th'res. That's up to the Weyrleader and his Second." She settles down beside the bluerider, arranging light skirts over her legs to cover all but her ankles and feet. "At least you have a good amount of familiar faces to work with. Even F'kan. Maybe having been around him during weyrlinghood will help on that count." And better anyone else than her at this point. Her expression, though schooled to neutral, might just say as much for a moment before evening out again.

Th'res gives Amani a hard stare saying, "Yeah it does because I can actually work with F'kan." is he really grumpy probably not, he hasn't reached cranky dad level yet. He sighs and shakes his head grinning at the gold rider "But still I guess there is worse things, like being covered in the blue glowing gunk at Igen. Last time I let Jed volunteer me for a search party" He shudders still thinking about that adventure.

Amani gives Th'res a perplexed look for the blue gunk comment, a dark brow arching. "So you've been out to Kurkar, too? Shards, the amount of attention that stuff is getting them is likely rubbing some people wrong. It'll come to a head soon enough if the Weyr isn't careful." Of course, the Underground did its fair share of rubbing the Weyr wrong while she was there, so. Tit for tat may happen, it seems.

Th'res nods "I was out looking around on my day off, because someone…" He gives the gold rider a pointed look, "Said she would show me and Jedameth the caravan where she is from and the desert." He gives her a playful nudge with his shoulder "But then there was that little girl missing, so of course I am going to help. I wouldn't mind wondering around more down there if they let me though.." You can take a boy out of the Minecraft, but well you know the rest…

Amani gives Th'res a pointed look right back, though it's a with a deep smirk that broadens into a full smile with that nudge. Mention of wandering around Kurkar, however, sobers her expression quickly. "I wouldn't until things are more sorted down there," she advises. "And never do it by yourself. There are too many places and ways to disappear too easily."

Th'res rolls his eyes. "Yes MOM," he even whines like one of the weyrbrats. He grins at her and says "So what is new with you? Besides running the Weyr and all that. We don't get nearly enough time to see each other anymore."

Amani just gives Th'res a flat look for that whine, only partly deadpanning. The rest is because she's being dead serious. She did grow up there, after all. "I'm only helping run the Weyr. Mayte and Va'os get that distinction," Amani says, though she's not being dismissive of her role in things. Indeed, she's all too aware of her part to play. With a rueful shake of her head, she notes, "Not having as much time as we'd like goes with the territory of leading, I've come to learn. So we make the best use of our free time that we can. And…I tend to spend a lot of time with Ibrahim, when I can." Not that she's actively avoiding others, of course; this is just the way things tend to work out.

Th'res nods and folds his arms over his chest more like an older brother at the talk of the wildling "I know, you went and tamed him after all it seems. Though I suppose you could do far worse.." He can't even keep the straight face and grins and laughs "I am happy for you though, it seems that little trip to the Klah Bark all that time ago was a good Idea I had wasn't it.." Yes he is taking credit for it, because it was his idea after all. "You know I think of you as a sister right? And just want you to be happy."

"I wouldn't put it that way," Amani says to Th'res' first, smirking yet again. "And yes, it was a seed planted, even if I didn't know it at the time." She seems a bit surprised at the bluerider's last, though the expression shifts into a fond smile as a blush colors her cheeks. "Well…I know now. And I want the same for you, Th'res." She reaches over and gives his shoulder a squeeze, her gaze returning to the water. "This is a gorgeous little spot," she notes softly after a short time, reaching down to trail a fingertip across the top of the pool and smiling when some of the fish decide to follow curiously. "I think I'll have to come see it in the morning sometime. Or at sunset."

Th'res nods and points up saying "At night when it is just right, you can see all the stars too… Good place to take a lover for a picnic." He again nudges her shoulder with his saying "Hint hint, you need an evening out."

Amani chuckles at that, nodding her agreement over this being a good locale for a getaway. "What makes you think I haven't had any recently," she teases Th'res' in counter to his last, nudging his shoulder back. They just might see those stars in short order, too, sitting there and taking the time to catch up a bit more. Sometimes…it's just something that close clutchsiblings need to do.

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