Liavhah, Silounas


Healer and Guard both find themselves at Crater Lake for different reasons, but who can pass up a free sandwich?


It is afternoon of the tenth day of the third month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr - Crater Lake

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A cesspool of evil and germs operating under the guise of a watering hole.


Crater Lake

Four centuries ago, a chunk of the very comet that drove some Oldtimers forward crashed to the desert near Igen Weyr, collapsing the original inner caverns and breaking through to a new spring that now feeds into Igen's underground aquifer. The result? Beauty from destruction - a long, crystalline lake of brilliant sapphire blue. Sharp sandstone rings the water in jagged peaks, where sparse desert shrubs cling to steep, sandy slopes and reflect darkly on the pristine, mirror-like surface. Out in the midst of the lake, a small island pierces the glassy plane, umber from azure in a near-perfect cone. A startling break in the stark desert and savannah surrounding the Weyr, the crater lake sits like a jewel in the rough - a picturesque, inviting respite from the rough, dry terrain beyond.

It is the tenth day of Spring and 68 degrees. It is still pleasantly sunny, though storm clouds gather on the horizon.

Springtime's kiss wafts through the air, a sense of freshness, of new growth, of potential. None feel that all the more than Liavhah, dressed in scandalously-short shorts and loose, sleeveless blouse, all capped off with a floppy, broad-brimmed hat of gauzy black. The young Healer picks her way around the rim, her sandaled feet trodding warily the battered pathway leading down toward the crater-lake below. It's more of a goat-track than anything, and the woman (and her picnic basket) seems entirely determined to make it down to the thinnest strip of beach down yonder.

Ah springtime. A time to stop and smell the roses, except Igen really isn't the ideal growing spot for roses and the guard captain has some more practical things to do, like order some of his guardsmen to go out and run for their PT today. The rest of the group may have stuck to the easier course near the shore, but a shirtless Silounas comes trotting down the goat track. Once he sees he's not the only person on the path less travelled, the guard lets out a bit of a whistle and a wave. "Mind some company?"

The slightly-built Healer twists around, her eyebrows lifting at the sight of shirtless guard running her way. Her smile is by reflex, surely, as would any in her position, surely. "Silounas," she recognizes him, taking an itty-bitty step backwards and slipping on a rock: the brunette almost really slips, but catches herself, lifting a hand vainly to her hat to ensure it stays safe. "Be careful," she says, colouring only slightly, "It's slippery right there."

It doesn't take too long for Silounas to close the rest of the distance once the healer stops moving, holding out his arm in an offer in case she needs additional stabilization. "Whoa… someone should do something about those rocks. Turning an ankle isn't the way to spend a rest day?" The last is asked with a raised eyebrow.

Liavhah does indeed rest her hand briefly on Silounas' arm, teetering for a moment before recovering. "Thank you. No, that would suck," she says, the words distinctly at odds with her high-class soprano. "Are you out here for your… restday?" It's more of a question, her glance down to his (presumably sweaty) chest and then back up.

Silounas is only a little bit sweaty, which is usually a side effect of serious exercise. At least it's not summer where he'd probably be drenched. The guard snickers just a bit at her agreement and then shrugs his shoulders at the question. "Not yet. Got to finish up the last lap and then I'll have at least the rest of the afternoon free. No night shift tonight."

"Well, I suppose that's something?" as if Liavhah isn't quite sure if no night shift is a good thing or not. Problems with workaholics, see… though she's not working now, unless there's a surgery kit stashed in her picnic basket. The Fortian transplant starts picking her way warily down the incline again, eyes on the turf in front of her. "A lap all the way around?" Short-shorts scans her attention out to the crystalline lake. "That seems like a stretch."

"Three laps," Silounas holds up the appropriate amount of fingers just to emphasis then point. "Told it's good for building character and other things," although the guard rolls his eyes at that. "And having a night off is good. The warmer weather is starting to really draw out the crazies. Like they've been hibernating away all winter and now they just gotta come out swinging at people." Sil isn't paying nearly as much attention to his footing as he pantomimes a bit of a boxing match, but the maybe Igenites were bred for their surefootedness as much as their goats have been. "So what made you decide to haul a picnic all the way out here?"

"Is it a full moon? Moons?" Liavhah amends the last, shifting her dark eyes upward to the sky. "The infirmary always stacks up when one of them are up." She shakes her head. "We had a man come in yesterday with… are you boxing?" The Healer pivots to look back at him, almost loses her balance again and comes to a stop to frown briefly up at Silounas-the-distraction-from-walking. "I thought it would be a nice change of scenery. Sand next to water rather than sand next to… more sand."

Silounas suddenly stops his shadowboxing match and lowers his hands. "Maybe?" He only looks a smidge guilty at getting called out, but then he's reaching out to try and at least be in a position to catch the healer should she fall. Only fair since he is a walking distraction. "Igen's got a lake too. Although that one's a bit more muddy than sandy. Think all the dragons keep stirring up the bottom or something." He shrugs. This man's no miner. "It is pretty at sunset, although wouldn't recommend walking back alone. Don't know who all might be out in the desert."

"That," Liavhah says with sudden and abrupt ferocity, "Is not a lake. It is a mudpit. A cesspool of evil and germs operating under the guise of a watering hole." She shakes her head fiercely and makes it to the bottom of the goat trail and the start of the little strip of sand; it rates a pirouette, half-laughing. "It's lovely down here!"

Silounas raises an eyebrow at the sudden ferocious attack and native pride demands that he step up to defend it. "The lake isn't that bad. It does have a run off somewhere so the water cycles through. And have you seen the mirrored caverns?" And then, the healer is half dancing and he just crosses his arms to watch with a grin. "It kind of is, yeah. Igen isn't just all sand."
"Have you seen it when it turns?" Liavhah's nose wrinkles. "It's gross." Functional, landlocked lakes are always gross to one who has grown up around springfed waters. Her pirouette ends with the healer's unreserved beaming up to Silounas, before quizzicality replaces her impulsive dancing. "The mirror caverns?" This sounds much more like her style.

"I'd offer to show you, but apparently our lake is gross," Silounas even attempts to wrinkle up his nose in an impersonation of her own declaration. "Wouldn't want to offend your delicate Fortian nose with the 'cesspool' that sparkles and reflects any light brought in." The man's still grinning at her beaming and curiosity. "We also have a Lost Oasis, although that one should usually need a runner to get too." Or a dragon, but Silounas doesn't happen to have one of those just loafing around.

"Well, it is," Liavhah protests, picking a spot and settling down her picnic basket, crouching down to start unboxing items. First up: an honest-to-Faranth checkered sheet. She spreads it with the ease of long practice. "Lost Oasis? Sounds… mysterious. And maybe a little sour, actually. Does anyone ever really think that oasis water is delicious? It's always tasted like silt to me." That nose-wrinkle is quite the move.

Silounas will beg to disagree and will probably be swimming in said 'gross' lake tomorrow if his captain has any say in the matter (and he will, that's what captain's do!). And he'll volunteer for a job himself and sit down on the corner of the sheet so the wind won't blow it away while Liavhah unpacks. Sure, a rock could do it, but she'd look crazy talking to a rock. "You sound like someone that's never been anywhere that water is scarce. Try riding through the desert for three days. An oasis will taste like a sharding miracle that you'd give up your first born for!"

Most all of Igen's residents would think Liavhah is crazy anyhow. Those shorts are really short. Even shorter than dragonrider average. Is she really a nowtimer? The dark-haired woman settles the basket in the middle and takes a side facing from Silounas in the diagonal corner. "I mean, I'm sure? But… why? Why would you willingly go out into the middle of the desert for three days? It sounds like a recipe for heatstroke, or extreme dehydration, or worse." She flips open the basket, leaning forward and rummaging.

Most might think Liavhah is crazy for those shorts, but Silounas isn't about to object to her wearing them. If she were her little sister, he'd totally be showing his sexist nowtimer ideas. And possibly trying to wrap her up in the picnic blanket or something. But for now, he'll totally enjoy the view of the shorts lake and stretch out, massaging at one of his calves. "Because you need to get from one hold to another? Igen is big." Even if the population is mighty spread out. "And it's not like you don't bring water with you. How'd you think the tithes and traders would get from Keroon to the Weyr?"

It's not like little Liavhah has a lot of leg to show off in the first place, but what she's got? She's flaunting. She's also pulling out a bottle of wine and a few wrapped packages bearing the tea room's colors. After sniffing at one parchment-wrapped parcel, she waves it in the air toward Silounas. "You need the protein more than I do." It's a loaded roast sandwich. Extra horseradish. And when the guard tries to bring logic into it, she just waves him off again. "Yes, but that's why I would never be a drover or a trader in Igen. See? Some people just don't have any sense."

Silounas can think fast when he has to and catching a flying sandwich is definitely a moment when he has to! Only place sand should be in a sandwich is in the name! Luckily, he does catch it and gives a quick peek at what is in the parcel before his face lights up with a bigger grin. "Thanks!" Followed quickly by a very large bite. One that's chewed and swallowed, he'll take a swig from his own waterskin. "But someone has to be drovers and traders in Igen since the Weyr needs to fly Thread. The sandgrubs are useful, but wouldn't trust them solely to keep any burrows from going unchecked. And while I don't particularly like that particular task, someone's gotta guard some of the craft trains. Usually those are only in spring, fall and winter though." Few would be crazy enough to travel overland through the Desert during full summer!

"I'm not denying that someone has to do it, I'm just saying I'm smarter than those people." Liavhah pops the top of the bottle of wine with experience and drinks directly from it before settling it down in it's own little groove. "I think I have cookies somewhere in here…" She's still rooting around in that basket. "No summer desert trips, got it." And then, a moment later: "Ahah!" She knew they were in there somewhere.

Silounas shrugs and continues to munch on his sandwich. "You asked why folks would willing go out in the desert for days. They're willing cause they have to. Someone's gotta do the hard work so you can have your wine. That doesn't really travel between too well." He nods his head towards the bottle. "I thought dessert normally came after the meal?"

"You just ate my sandwich." Liavhah procures her cookies and falls back into a cross-legged stance, with her wine and her sweets and her arched eyebrow at Silounas. "So technically this is after the meal." She lifts out a lemon cookie and gestures with it. "So other than running and spending excessive times dehydrating in the desert, what else is fun to do around these parts?"

Technically, he just ate half the sandwich, and Silounas does look at least half guilty about it. "There's still some left?" He'll give it back if she really wants it. "Or I got some peanuts back where I left my shirt." He was at least partially prepared, although sandwich is hard to pass up. "Spending excessive times dehydrating after excessively drinking in the desert. There's all sorts of things to do in the bazaar. The Akzhans have the race tracks. The Steens set up that whole Menagerie. The River Hold has a big kite flying gather at some point. Plus, they also got those little soft shelled spiderclaws in the spring that are fantastic with butter…"

Liavhah pauses with the cookie halfway to her mouth, considering the guard. "No, I don't think I want it," after a moment. "You may have something contagious. Do you visit the brothel in the bazaar?" As a healer she doubtlessly knows the miraculous lack of sexually transmitted diseases, but still… "You should finish it," she finishes, gesturing at the remains of the roast sandwich before popping the cookie in her mouth. She makes noises, appropriate ones, until the very end. "Did you say spiderclaws?" There's obviously a priority level involved.

Silounas raises an eyebrow at Liavhah. "For work, yes. As a patron, no." At least not that he's willing to admit! "Besides, how many sick folks are up and running to Crater lake and then several more laps around the lake?" He's going to take the fact that he could do that with relatively little windedness as a sign of PERFECT HEALTH and a reason to not see the healers officially unless he's bleeding or a superior makes him. "Yeah, spiderclaws. The little river kind." He'll nod and finish up the last of the sandwich since apparently Liavhah doesn't want his cooties or something.

"I guess you have a point." Liavhah considers him and his shirtlessness alleged perfect health for a long moment, over her next lemon cookie. Notably, she's not offering to share that little box. They must be especially delicious. "Spiderclaws, drinking, watching animals run around a track or sit in cages." Her voice gets decidedly less enthusiastic toward the end of her recital. "Igen. Such an… epicenter for culture."

Silounas isn't going to push his luck and ask for those lemon cookies. He's happy enough to have had a free sandwich! "I mean, what exactly does Fort have that would make them so much better? We do the same stuff most holds or Weyrs do." Minus trees, insert sand. Lots and lots of sand.

"Sculpture halls. Exhibits. Regular gathers. Gardens… real gardens. Performances of every kind of music you can think of. Amazing restuarants. Shops where your shoes don't fill up with sand the moment you walk into them." Liavhah sighs after declaiming all that separates Igen from Fort, leaning back to look at the darkening sky. "You should go, sometime." Fort, presumably, and not the healer being specific about the man leaving.

"So you look at things. And look at some things some more. Igen has real gathers. You should see it when the first spring traders get in! And gardens, so more looking at things…" Silounas is just going to ignore the every music you can think of because Igen does have every music he can think of, he's just left shaking his head. "So out of all the possible postings, why are you here if you look down on Igen so much?" The man also gives a glance up at the sky. "You weren't planning on walking back alone where you?" He does seem to remember a night not too long ago where the healer walking alone could have had some pretty nasty encounters.

Liavhah looks at Silounas with an expression that clearly says that she thinks it's a good thing he's hot, because he's obviously as cultured as a box of rocks. And then she just simply… deflates, all the air moving out of her at his pointed question of her existence here. "I ask myself that, time to time." Her smile turns brittle, and small, and inward; and then she kills half the wine bottle in one long pull, forcing the cap back on and tossing it in her basket. "Well, if you're so worried about it, guardsman, you can walk me back."

That might just be the chorus of Silounas' life so far. It'll be a sad, sad day whenever his looks actually do fail him. He watches as she downs half the bottle in that mighty pull and then nods. "I'll need to find my shirt, but yeah, I'll definitely walk you back." The shirt might not actually be put on, but he'll need that other half of his uniform at some point. And presumably the pair do end up making it back to the weyr eventually without too much trouble.

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