Va'os, D'wane


Va'os and D'wane have a quick State of The Weyr discussion and formulate some plans to go forward.

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It is afternoon of the seventh day of the sixth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Weyr - War Room

OOC Date 11 Mar 2018 06:00



Don't judge him, okay?


War Room

Within this room there is a constant buzz, a low-pitched thrum of activity no matter the time of day — or night. Here are the records for the current leadership, and pertinent information for the time: inventories and star-charts, ledgers and tithe manifests and wing records. Such valuable information is kept twice-watched by two disparate forces: a guard at the door and the archivist at his table, and none quite sure which of the two is more dangerous.

Another storm is unleashing a deluge of rain outside, which means everyone is finding somewhere to crowd in to weather out the night as evening falls. With Threadfall proving to be hell with shortages and sick riders, Va'os' mood was pissy to begin with. Now? It's downright miserable. Jaguar saw loss, there's injuries galore and this sickness going about. Never mind those refugees and Southern Barriers response about them. It's by sheer willpower that he just didn't burn the letter in an effort to feel some satisfaction out of this mess. Feeling another one of his headaches come on (OR IS IT?), he's slouched in one of his chairs and nursing it… with copious amounts of whiskey. Don't judge him, okay?

It's absolute chaos down in the infirmary, what with all the sick riders and the injured riders and even some of the refugees. After having spent the past few days 'recuperating', it probably isn't too surprising that D'wane seized the first opportunity he had to escape. The much paler and still kind of crappy looking weyrsecond basically collapses into a chair once he gets into the War Room, but he's not puking his guts out, so that's an improvement! There's a glance over at Va'os and the whiskey and the letter and he can put two and two together. "Shit just keeps piling together?"

Are there signs to ward off the plague in Pernese society? Because if there are, Va'os is making them in D'wane's general direction ? even if it's just a gesture of his hand to stay there and not get any closer. He does this with love, D'wane! Honest. And he's probably been worried too about his health and recovery but good luck getting him to seriously admit it! "Fucking right," he mutters in a near growl and just shoves that letter over the table's surface to the bronzerider. "Classic shit storm, my friend! So what're you wanting to tackle first? That we've got a serious problem with ill and sickly riders and weyrfolk or that we have a bunch of ungrateful squatters in our barracks and a Hold now reneging on their end of a deal?"

"I've been doing my end to tackle the ill and sickly riders!" D'wane's just going to wave a hand from where he's slouched in that chair. "Turns out, being sick sucks. Don't get sick, Va'os." He'll shoot a glare at the weyrleader, he's serious. They both shouldn't be sick. That'd be bad. But D'wane is probably not contagious any more. Probably. He at least doesn't have a healer chasing him down from the infirmary yelling about breaking quarantines. He does pick up the letter once it's passed to him. It isn't a super long letter, so reading doesn't take long and he ends with a snort. "Well, the barracks only have what? Two entrances? Place guards on them and we should be able to at least get them out of there eventually… and send them somewhere else?" He shrugs. Details, shmetails.

Va'os glares right back. "You just jinxed me!" Not cool, D'wane! Not cool. At least he doesn't look sick or ready to drop dead? Just a very exhausted, weary and grim expression with the occasional wince when his head gives a good jab or two at the temples. "Good to see you're up and moving, at least." See? He CARES! And enough that he'll even slide over the rest of the whiskey. Only because he has another bottle to freshly crack open. Oh yeah, it's going to be one of THOSE nights~ "You saying we cut 'em off during the night and starve them out?" Was that what he was hinting at? Because from the way Va'os suddenly grins all predatory like? "I could back that plan. Make 'em desperate and then kick them all out ? except the kids and their parents and the old and sick. Don't want to have us looking like monsters." Details.

D'wane doesn't believe in jinxes!!! He'll just keep on tempting fate. What's the worst that can happen? Knowing Southern, a fire and a plague and at least a double murder all at the same time or something like that. The whiskey is happily accepted, much more so than the letter was and he'll raise it in a toast before drinking from the rest of the mostly gone bottle. This is his now. But at least he's not getting his possible sick cooties on one of the cups. "That's exactly what I'm saying. And we won't be starving them… they can get food whenever they want, once they're willing to leave the barracks. And then we can get 'em wherever… Especially that sharding captain."

"Has that bastard holed up with them in there?" Va'os spits out a few choice curses about that tidbit and promptly presses a finger or two against his brow. Why does his head feel like it's going to crack in two? Where is his needed alcohol buzz!? "… I could just throttle a few folks on how that whole situation with the first boat was handled." No sense getting hung up on the past, though. His hand drops back to his lap, as he peers at D'wane. "Alright. So we cut 'em off from our 'generosity'. Then what? Southern Barrier's closed off and I'm not about to go butting heads with their Lord Holder just yet. Black Rock is a wreck. We barely got the numbers to fly Fall, let alone ferry these folk anywhere." Where or where to kick these refugees?

"Last I heard…" Although D'wane's information is probably a few days out of date, or from the words of some gossipy sick people that just would not shut up in the infirmary. He's going to work on draining the last of the whiskey from that bottle asap. D'wane's got to hurry if he wants to catch up with Va'os after all, but he's already rubbing at his own temple as he considers the prickly situation. "Most of the seaholds are in the same state as Black Rock… What about Old Southern? Weren't there ruins or something that could at least make a temporary camp?"

Va'os leans back in his chair and goes as far as to tip his head back a bit. That brings on a wave of fresh regret, as the whiskey finally hits hard. Ahh, there's the numbing buzz! Sitting forwards again and looking a little less uncomfortable, he'll smirk for the suggestion and then roll the idea around in his head. "Hmm. That could work? Some of the ruins are pretty stable and we're not in the worst of the winter season yet. Wouldn't be hard for them to get there and for us to keep an eye on things." The real kicker? And he starts to snicker under his breath. "And the best thing?" He holds up a finger, while grinning. "Technically, they're sill in a Weyr!" DETAILS.

Uncomfortable has been a rather familiar state for D'wane. Right now, he's just going to do his best impersonation of being boneless as he drapes a leg over the arm of the chair, head leaning the opposite way. A little shifting and he lets out a sigh. Perfect. "Sharding who did they expect to be fixing their homes when they were here or up at Barrier? We can also give the able bodied a choice of the ruins or going back to rebuild." Cause Southern's got their own rebuilding needs to put first, plus the whole ill weyrfolk and crafters slowing things down.

"Ugh, right. Fine, they'll get the choice in the matter." Va'os may still be tempted to just haul them all to the old ruins and choices be damned but his patience is all but worn thin of late. "Depending if they prove reasonable when we close 'em off and barricade them in the barracks." There's always a risk of all of that backfiring in spectacular fashion, after all! " Time to knock back a little more whiskey to chase that thought! As he grimaces, he'll look at D'wane's draped form with a touch of envy. Why didn't he think of that? "… you up for figuring out what we're going to do for the rosters?"

D'wane is such a trendsetter, although he seems oblivious to the envy he inspired at the moment. His eyes are almost closed and the empty bottle is now on the ground next to the chair. No accidentally dropping it in case he doses off! which looks more and more likely. "First plan for the rosters, get myself back on it." You know, once he's gotten the clearing for that. "And then… maybe we start doubling up wings instead of having an entire wing sit out to rest? The wingleaders can manage which riders need rest and work between the two pools instead of just one… figure out who is sick, who hasn't had a break in too long…" He may have been thinking about this while out sick himself.

What else is there to do, when you're stuck in bed and have little else to distract yourself? Va'os grimaces but doesn't immediately dismiss the plan. "Yeah, I think we can pitch that when we have our little morning chit-chat." He means the routine meetings to start the day. "Not gonna go down well with some of 'em but what choice do we have? Can't keep doing this spread as thin as we are…" Captain Obvious, over here! They'd probably go all night like this, if D'wane wasn't in danger of nodding off and if Va'os finally caved into the pressure building in his head. "Fuck, whiskey isn't helping." he groans, pressing a hand to his brow again. Is he coming down with this mystery ILLNESS? Or is it just a really bad migraine? STAY TUNED! Because he's going to excuse himself and go curl up somewhere less public.

"Don't puke!" D'wane's just awake enough to be aware that Va'os is leaving and give a halfhearted wave. Going back to his own weyr sounds like work, so the weyrsecond is just going to have a little nap right here. Maybe he'll eventually get home. Maybe.

Even if he was well, there'd be NO WAY that Va'os would survive carrying D'wane home anyways.
Va'os isn't that little.
He's skinny compared to D'wane!
He should eat more spinach. Makes you big and strong.
Va'os might consider than when he's not purging the contents of his stomach somewhere.

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