Alsha, Xanthee, Daenerys, Agertha


Xanthee bumps into Alsha in the Bazaar, literally. When Daenerys joins them, there is talk of blue glow and firelizard habits.


It is afternoon of the thirteenth day of the first month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Central Bazaar, Igen Weyr

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Central Bazaar

All roads in the weyr ultimately lead here, to this center of commerce. Canvas awnings jut out over time worn, sandy cobblestone, sheltering customers and wares alike from the majority of Igen's elements, and funnel scents both mouthwatering and vomit inducing through the thin streets. Almost all store fronts are open air, delineated by sandstone arches with intricately carved facades. The insides of these stone-shingled buildings act as an amplifier for the salesmens' bawled enticements, and are held up by the chipped swirls of marble pillars.

The streets are fairly crowded on this sunny afternoon. The temperature is hovering around freezing point, which is warmer than it's been for a while, so it must be time for a wander in the bazaar. Alsha's not exactly wandering, but at least she's well wrapped against the elements in thick trousers, two sweaters and a hooded shawl that covers her thoroughly and then drapes across her shoulders. It's held in place not only by a brooch but by the claws of bronze Mizar, who's firmly perched on Alsha's shoulder despite the fact that she's leaving a shop at some speed, annoyance written across her face. Mizar's chittering loudly and sounds as if he's scolding someone.

Coming from the direction of the sidestreet where the Tea Room is located, a figure cloaked against the cold, hood pulled up over head. Unfortunately, that same hood acts like quite the blinders, obscuring one's vision, and this is exactly why this cloaked figure now walks almost obliviously into Alsha. Luckily she manages to keep her footing after a little wobble where she reaches up and pulls the hood down from her face. And now Xanthee is revealed, her thick raven hair tumbling out of the confines of the hood, as her emerald eyes search for the person she ran into, "Oh Faranth, I'm such a clod. Are you ok?" She inquires worriedly.

Alsha is taken by surprise, and spins a little from the impact, but a couple of small hasty steps and a hand extended t to the nearby wall serve to keep her on her feet. Mizar takes to the air shrieking in protest, though. "I'm fine, thanks. No damage done." Her eyes settle on the girl's face, and recognition dawns on her own. She pushes back her own hood just enough to reveal her own features more clearly. "I sometimes see you at the tea room, I think?" She raises a hand into the air, to encourage the bronze firelizard to resume his perch.

Xanthee holding her hands up as if she might reach out and help if the other girl should need it. But she relaxes when Alsha rights herself. With all the jostling, a tiny green head peeks out of the mass of Xanthee's dark waves, cheeping irritably. "Good! I'm glad." and then when the other girl mentions seeing her in the Tea Room, she narrows her eyes just a little, trying to place a half-remembered face. "Yes…You're a startcrafter right?" She taps at her lip to try and remember if she knows the other girls name, but it doesn't come to her. "I know I've seen you in there, but I can't seem to remember if I ever caught your name. I'm Xanthee anyway." She offers her hand.

Wandering is good for the soul, or so Daenerys has been told; so wander he does, right through the Bazaar like any other young man out on a lark. Except, for him, this wandering suits a certain purpose: Mainly to find out where he can find himself another good knife (as if he doesn't have enough of those lining his yurt walls as it is. ) and some other household items to lend his place a little slice of home. Anything to make it slightly more welcoming to the feminine type. Or something. And then he spots Xanthee speaking with a woman he doesn't know. And, because he's always been a curious lad, he'll angle toward the pair, setting his little green cheeping on his shoulder in protest at his suddenly altered path — she'd seen the meat he'd very nearly headed for!

Mizar is still circling, resisting Alsha's attempt to entice him. "I'm Alsha - and yes, I'm a starcrafter." As she speaks, she reaches out her own hand to return the other woman's greeting. The firelizard spots the little green, and promptly decides to co-operate. Returning to Alsha's shoulder, he trills a greeting. And here's another one coming. Warbles all round! Alsha turns to see who's coming, and nods to Daenerys, her expression neutral.

"Alsha." Xanthee says pensively, "That does sound familiar." Then with a shrug, her little green sneaks out some more from under her hair, slinking onto her humanpet's shoulder to get a better look at the trilling male, Cersei's head is tilted to one side, an amused expression in her faceted eyes. "This is Cersei." Xan says with amusement to her firelizard's antics. When Alsha's firelizard warbles at something coming up, she turns and spies Daenerys with a smile. "Daen!" She calls loudly, making sure that he actually comes over and says hi, cause she's sneaky like that.

Daenerys will, indeed, come closer now. "Ladies." He smiles sunnily on them both, but most especially for his sweetly deceptive sister. Oh, there will be retribution later; so much retribution. For now though, he turns his gaze to Alsha, and his smile is friendly, but hopefully not too friendly. "Hello. And what has this little ragamuffin been telling you? I assure you she lies. A lot." Typical elder brother, to try and discombobulate his sister. Serah adds her voice to the cacophany, cheeping ever louder at the others as she wraps her tail around Daenerys' long ponytail. It's convenient, don'tcha know.

Alsha's eyebrows rise at Daenerys' words. She looks from one face to the other, seeking similarities. "I assume you two know each other?" She smiles, warming as she concludes that he's teasing. "That is, I take it you don't go round accusing random strangers like that!" Mizar circles the three, still warbling loudly until Alsha turns a stern look on him and holds out her hand again. This time he lands on it and allows himself to be transferred to her shoulder. "Excuse my friend here; he seems to be in noisy mood today." She gently rubs the small bronze head as he quiets.

"I guess you could say we know each other." Xanthee says with a mischievous twinkle in her eye, "This is Daenerys of the Zingari." And turning to Daen she offers, "And this is Alsha of the Starcraft, journeyman I think?" She raises a brow at the other woman. "Well he might go around accusing strangers, I just don't know…" she says with a giggle. Then her eyes narrow at Daen and his sunny disposition, one eyebrow quirks up at that and files that tidbit for later. When asked to excuse Mizar, Xan just waves a hand, "Oh no need, my three are epic nuisances some times. So just doing some shopping?" she asks, nodding to the shop Alsha had been coming out of when they collided.

"Ah, but we've met, I believe. In the Tea Room." Daenerys takes a second look at Alsha. "I was most often called Carey when I lived here — my old nurse simply refused to use my given name when we were brought forward. Carey she named me, and Carey I did remain in her mind, despite my father having given me a perfectly good name of his choosing." Nursies: they never let their charges grow up, the lot of them. He'll sling a comfortable arm around Xanthee's shoulders, still amiable. "Nope, just you, baby girl." He grins down on her, then arches a brow at her. What? Can't he be in a good mood just to be in a good mood? "Don't you give me no funny looks, girl." He eyes her right back, then laughs. "Whatevrr you're thinking, you can unthink it right now." He turns his heas slightly to eye the noisy Mizar, then shrugs, letting Xanthee go. "My four are notoriously noisy." To help assure Alsha that he remains unbothered by Mizar's fussing.

Alsha lifts a hand in surprise as recognition comes to her. "We did! It was during a sandstorm; I remember now. You are… brother and sister, if I'm not mistaken." Mizar is calmer now, and wraps his tail firmly round Alsha's neck; though still young, he's grown large enough now that it offers a strong grip. "And seven firelizards between you? I have difficulty keeping tabs on just one!" Her lips purse for a moment before she answers Xanthee's question. "I was looking for materials for making something, and the shopkeeper in there tried to sell me what he assured me were genuine blue glows. The paint was coming off in flakes the size of my thumbnail."

"That's right!" Xanthee exclaims, "I remember now. So many seek refuge in the Tea Room during storms." When asked if they are related, "Not by blood, but we've kind of adopted each other." Xanthee says with a small smile as she looks back at Daen when he mentions her thinking something, hmmmmm, "You are hiding something from me, and I will find out what." She says intently before Alsha mentions the blue glow and her eyes widen, "Really? You should find a guard and let them know. That's what the Weyrleader told me to do if I ran into anyone else selling it." She relays, her eyes now looking over the shop. "Apparently some of the fakes are extremely dangerous." She says with a sage nod.

Daenerys laughs softly. "Of a sort. Somebody has t'keep this one out of trouble…" His gaze upon Xanthee with serene innocence. Him? Hiding something? NEVER. "Is that what I'm doing?" Beam. As to the fake blue goo, Daenerys heaves a sigh of annoyance. "Yeah, I had one or two try it on me. It's funny, though…" And again, he's all too innocent. "… how their…. supply wound up in the guards' hands, with their names and stores and everything." He has nothing to do with that particular bit of mischief either. He tucks his hands into his pockets, the very bastion of an upright citizen.

"I don't think this fake was dangerous: they clearly were entirely genuine glows, of the usual entirely safe variety," Alsha chuckles. "Painted with perfectly genuine and entirely safe blue paint. I suppose you could even say they were blue glows." Does Pern have trading standards officers? Another job for the endlessly competent guards! "But it was certainly a fraud, and a remarkably inept one, and he would not stop trying to sell them to me." Her frustration's evident, but part of it's directed at herself. "And I was so annoyed that I left before finding out about what I went in for, so I shall have to look elsewhere if I don't want to face his sales pitch again. Still, it might be worth mentioning it to the guards, if they have an interest."

Trouble? Xanthee? Perish the thought. But even though Daen acts all innocent, she narrows her eyes back on him. "Oh, you know you are. And I will find out." she reiterates before the talk turns back to the fakes, at Alsha's description she whistles softly, "Wow, that is bad. The only stuff I've seen has been a fine powder that glowed on it's own. Still waiting on hearing back on what exactly it was." she lets that hang cryptically in the air. "But yeah, I would definitely tell a guard if I were you. The Weyrleader is pretty adamant that they all get shut down. Poor guy, seemed to be really stressed by this whole thing."

Daenerys merely smiles enigmatically at Xanthee, saying no more; let the girl try and ferret things out. It ought to be easy enough, all things considered, with the way the Zingari tend to trade in gossip in exactly the same way the old aunties do. But look: they're talking glowing powder! "I'd love to see if that stuff can create interesting leather dye…" It's hardly likely, but still: there's something intriguing about leathers that show up in the dark.

What Daenerys says apparently strikes a chord with Alsha. She says thoughtfully, "If you could turn that powder into some kind of paint, that might be quite useful. I don't want bright lights at night when I'm observing, but some instruments have markings; giving them a faint glow could be quite helpful. Assuming it's safe, of course." Which some types of luminous paint distinctly aren't, even if that's beyond the reaches of Pern science at present.

Pondering the other two, Xanthee merely nods slowly, considerin the one pouch of the stuff that she still has stashed back in her room. "Well a sample of what I have is being examined, and I was supposed to be told what the results are, but then things got a little hectic." she says shooing a knowing glance in Daenerys' direction. "But that is an interesting idea. I know the Zingari girl I was with got some as well, as she wants to use it for her costumes during performances. Maybe she's gotten it checked out." She shrugs nonchalantly.

Alsha gathers her cloak around her. "Well, it's been nice to meet you both again, but I'd better get on with my errands. And perhaps find a guard. A good day to you both." With smiles all round, she departs, heading off down the street at a brisk pace.

What? What stuff? Not that Agertha's interested. No, the greenrider's interested in finding some teas. She likes tea, and klah, and other potable liquids. Though right now she just isn't going to give her green any wiggle room to annoy the Weyr with her loud chatter. She spies Xanthee and heads towards the girl.

Xanthee nods her head towards the starcrafter as the older woman takes her leave. "Good luck in your shopping." she calls after her with a little wave, before she rounds on Daenerys, "Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way…." she says, her voice trailing off as she spies a familiar greenrider and she waves, "Hello Agertha, what brings you to the bazaar today?"

"I'm actually looking for some tea," Agertha answers. Daenerys is given a nod, "Hello," is given to the trader, "I'm sorry, did I interupt something?" she'll step back if that's the case. There's really no rush on her part.

"Tea?" Xanthee says, turning back to the greenrider with interest, just her specialty. When her back is turned, Daenerys must have slipped away into the crowd because when she looks back, he is just gone. "Why that slippery tunnelsnake." She says ruefully, "You're not getting off that easy." to the empty space the man had once been, with a sigh, she turns herself back to face Agertha, "Ahem, sorry about that. So what kind of tea were you looking for? Did you check the Tea Room yet?" She asks, slipping into her customer service self easily.

"I'm looking for something that's relaxing," Agertha answers, then she gives a small smile, "I was headed that way when I spotted you," she looks at where the Zingari man had been, and chuckles. How many times has she seen her wingmate do that same stunt. It must be in Zingari blood to disolve like that, "Figured it couldn't hurt to ask what you'd recomend before I actually get to the Tea Room."

"Well," Xanthee starts, tapping her finger on her lower lip pensively. "Depends on how relaxed you want to be. I mean there's the Zingari Blue, which is a herbal tea, and people find it quite relaxing, especially the scent of it. If you need something a little stronger, the Zingari Indigo is made to settle nerves and the stomach, but it's a little more earthy in flavour." She rattles off thoughtfully before titling her head to one side, "Just stay away from any of the black teas, they will have the opposite effect."

Agertha gives a nod as she takes mental note of the suggestions, "Thank you," it was helpful, "Kestrath's chatter's just been," she stops to think of the right word, "annoying?" more like distracting.

"Really? I never thought it could be annoying to have someone else in your head, but now that you mention it.." Xanthee says with a smile, "Try the Blue. It's not medicinal or anything, just soothing. So besides a chattering green, everything good with you?" She asks conversationally now that her 'job' was done.

Agertha chuckles, "I suppose if it were any other dragon it wouldn't be," but her green? At times it can be exceedingly annoying, "Yes. Quite well, thank you," she answers the question, "I'm curious. Who would you suggest I talk to about a surprise gift for my weyrmate?" a Turnday gift? A just because gift? and for whom is this gift would all be excellent questions.

Xanthee shrugs her shoulders and seems to look around at the bustling bazaar around her, "I'm not a Trader myself, I just work for the Steens. But If you go to the Zingari camp, they have some beautiful things, and yummy Zingari Red whiskey as well. If you want something leather made, my disapearing Zingari friend." ie, Daenerys, "Was a journeyman Tanner before joining the Zingari."

Agertha gives a nod, "Thank you… Again," she says with a smile. She's pretty certain she won't find just the right thing in the bazaar. The Zingari Red sounds intriguing, no that she allows herself the luxury often. Her eyes unfocus, and when her eyes focus again, "I'm sorry. I'm going to be late for drills if I don't get a move on. Thank you for the tea advice."

"Anytime really. Don't mention it." Xanthee says with a dismissive wave at the thanks. And when the greenrider gets that far away look, she knows she's talking to her dragon, so she waits patiently. "No worries at all. A rider's duties are never done or so I've heard." When the greenrider heads off, Xanthee will walk determinedly in the direction of the Zingari camp. Either she'll catch Daenerys and ask him a few questions or maybe Reveka might know why he was running around practically grinning his face off.

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