Th'bek, Doji, Zaria


A Wingleader, Weyrsecond and Dragonhealer walk into the dragonhealer yard. There may be some jokes, but mainly to discuss what to do with a rider that may or may not have repeated injuries due to 'bad luck'.


It is afternoon of the tenth day of the eighth month of the fifteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr - Dragonhealers' Yard

OOC Date 27 Nov 2018 06:00




Dragonhealers' Yard

Painfully elegant, a stubborn brand of cleanliness is retained in the gentle colors of faded murals and various curtains hung from the rusted metal poles meant to shelter injured dragons on spacious couches lining the permanently soot-stained limestone walls. Of a dusty no-color somewhere between brown and gold, the floor extends onward, fading beneath ragged cabinets built to withstand anything from lashing draconic tails to various medicinal spills.

It is the fortieth day of Summer and 108 degrees. Mercilessly bright, Rukbat's light heats the desert as a small dark cloud appears on the horizon.

Th'bek comes close to the dragonhealer yard, footsteps not ground-eating but nor are they wandering in apathy. He could be on one of his Tours of Benevolence, visiting any of the wounded. A green firelizard rolls with the motions of his walk from her perch on his shoulder and he looks for the obvious signs of dragons and who may be on call. A headscarf and bandanna leave only his hazel eyes to flash over sand-scoured flagstones.

Who is on call? It's DOJI! Although the young brownrider does look a little perplexed by the fact. Turns of having someone else in charge is a hard routine to break, but there she is, dutifully taking over notes from the shift before her. Whatever hand off details might have been discussed end rather abruptly when the other 'healer points out there latest guest. Doji gives a nod and takes her clipboards and passes a green that's having a giant splinter pulled out of her rear from a rather unfortunate accident and a blue that is performing some stretches while recuperating from a wing score. She has to juggle those multiple clipboards to free a hand but eventually there is a salute followed with, "Weyrsecond, sir."

It's not uncommon to see Zaria wandering the dragonhealer's yard when one of Arroyo is down. This time a green came in with a severe wing sprain after afternoon sweeps and the bluerider came down to hear the damage. At least a month off the wing completely and then slowly building it up with drills and PT. The green's rider blamed it on a bad gust of wind buffeting them at the wrong angle, but Zaria doesn't look convinced. "This isn't the first time Voikuoth has sprained a muscle from simple sweeps, Kl'val…Are you sure you haven't been skipping her exercises? Or were trying something fancy that went wrong?" Her tone is sympathetic, hoping to convince him that coming clean wouldn't be so bad, she's totally on his side. That's just how Zaria rolls.

Hands with a lot of practice go straight to his belt for the canteen found there. Drinking in some haste, Th'bek's caught a touch off guard. Swallowing quicker than he'd like, some of its contents leaks down his lip and chin. "My timing's perfect," he promises, arrowing for Doji. At this new vantage he can hear Zaria and Kl'val, then see the latter of the two. Rather than barge into the conversation and wedge in a greeting, he takes time to replace the canteen on his lip and find a tract of shade. Now he can eavesdrop.

Did I mention the awkward juggling of an armload of clipboards? Doji continues to do more of the trying not to drop them shuffle while Th'bek drinks his water. If there's a pause in response, she's not too phased by it. "Anyone in particular you came to perfectly see?" She'll crane her head around to see what direction Th'bek's looking in and when he makes for the shadow near the Arroyo green, Doji might as well be his shadow. More shuffling and she finds what's probably the right chart. "Arroyo's Voikuoth. Wingsprain. Just happened this afternoon." There's a nod for both injured rider and Zaria if either happen to look Doji's way.

Kl'val is rubbing at the back of his neck sheepishly even as he's shaking his head hesitantly at Zaria, "It's what I said. A wild updraft that wrenched her wing at a bad angle, that's it." He's getting a little defensive, which makes the bluerider take a step back and just examine him impassively for a moment, inhaling then exhaling softly as hazel eyes search the man thoroughly. Turning at Doji's voice, she blinks slightly and looks at the armload of clipboards that Doji's carrying, and steps forward, "Do you need a hand with those or something?" she asks, reaching out helpfully.

Th'bek knows Kl'val and he knows Voikuoth and though he would like to personally and professionally see how the pair's doing, he'll let wingleader Zaria glean what she needs to glean. "You actually." His Weyr accent tripling the L's in the word. "But I can wait. Congratulations, by the way." Keeping his responses brusque in case Zaria's in need of Doji's time as well. As Kl'val affirms his stance on what happened, Th'bek drawls, "Bad breaks follow your heels like a canine, my friend. You were sober, right?" Said with a teammate's grin, it's hard to tell if the brownrider's joking or not.

"Me?" Doji doesn't quite squeak in surprise, although she does follow it up with a cough to clear her throat. Another quick review of the clipboard with the injured green's history on it has the dragonhealer frowning. "That's her second time wrenching a wing in six months?" Follows right after Th'bek's address. It may have been a joke… but close enough to be serious? Doji shakes her head at the offer of help. "I got it now… oh wait. I do." The admission comes right as the clipboard on the bottom of the stack seems to have sensed an opportunity to make it's escape! And when one is trying to escape, it threatens the entire delicate jinga structure…

As Zaria's offer for help is shaken off, the bluerider just shrugs slightly even as she hovers nearby just in case. Nodding at Doji's question, she replies, "That's right, both on fairly routine sweeps. In your professional opinion, could there be something else at work instead of pure bad luck?" Her question is sincere, but Kl'val grumbles slightly under his breath, which garners no reaction from Arroyo's Wingleader, she's asking the dragonhealer for her opinion on the matter. Th'bek's comment about the greenrider's sobriety has her flashing a look in Kl'val's direction, the greenrider shaking his head vehmently and trying to subtly glare in Th'bek's direction. When it looks like that one clipboard is attempting it's escape, Zaria lunges forward to try and catch it to forstall calamity.

"Oh," said low and to no one but the green firelizard still loitering on a shoulder. The canteen's in his hand again as a small amount of plain water is poured onto the opposite cupped palm. Iscah's small tongue takes four or five laps before Th'bek has to refill his palm with water leaking into the fine gaps between fingers. He does this patiently two more times before the green refuses more. Shaking out his hand and operating the cap with wet fingers, Th'bek doesn't get the opportunity to look at Kl'val. "If that was a glare, I just know how you drink, that's all. But traditionally less than me." Rev and his bacchanalias. "That one on the bottom's gonna fall," he points out astutely for Doji and her clipboard stockpile.

"But at least Tavuqth hasn't been in the 'yard with wingsprain in the past half-turn…" Doji doesn't have to consult her notes for that. She also reflexively glances over her shoulder as if there should be someone else to answer the question about professional opinions, but nobody is there and she's the one to answer. "Repeated small injuries to the same location can add up into something more major. Each time it heals, it usually isn't back to a hundred percent. We may need to have Voikuoth go through extensive drills under dragonhealer observation once she's healed to see if it might be simply bad habits that can be corrected or maybe something more…" And then there goes the clipboard just like Th'bek predicted. Doji's lunging doesn't exactly help matters, but at least Zaria's going for it as well.

Managing to catch the errant clipboard with the tips of her fingers, Zaria straightens and holds onto it for now, a little awkwardly. But she does manage to catch Doji's assessment and shoots sidelong glances in Kl'val's direction to make sure he's paying attention as well. "I see. Well I think that's a good idea, the extra observation, I really can't afford to have riders off for a couple of months every six." There's no bite to her words, but her gaze is slightly troubled as she considers her wingrider for a moment. Kl'val doesn't rise to Th'bek's bait, and he does seem to be listening to what Doji's saying at least. Finally looking down at the clipboard in her hand, she holds it out to Doji a little sheepishly, "Where do you want this?"

"Naw, I pace myself. I always said you have to eat some so you can drink more. But not enough to be full, it's, it's a fine balance." Pay attention, folks. You, too, can be booze hounds. "Sounds like a fine plan," so sayeth the Weyrsecond, paused to slightly study Kl'val. "And because we're all busy, I'm just going to throw out the request and you can tell me later. Doji, would you mind giving a few first aid lessons with Whirlwind? I know you fly with Mirage now," a loss to the wing, but he supposes there's always weyrlings to plug vacancies, "but they're familiar with you and them with you, they with you." He's not sure of the exact English. "And Wingleader, all prepped to receive some new riders soon?" Not the ones he'll earmark first though!

"Pacing is very important. And drink plenty of water," Doji will agree and nod towards the canteen. Clearly Th'bek is an Excellent Role Model. And she jots down a note on the green's chart so the observation won't be forgotten a month from now. There's a wince as it looks like the clipboard is going to fall, and then a bit of a sigh of relief as Zaria manages to catch it. "Thanks. If you could, the table near the handwash station?" It's only a few steps and way and most importantly FLAT. There's a blink at Th'bek's request although not an immediate yes or no. First, more questions for the questions. "Dragon first aid or human?"

Zaria nods when Doji indicates where she should put down the rebel clipboard and talks the couple of steps to put it down. Th'bek's tips for drinking are given a soft smirk, but she doesn't comment, she likes a drink as much as the next rider, but a booze hound, Zaria definitely is not. His question does elicit a thoughtful hum as she delicately taps a fingertip to her chin. "There's a few I definitely have my eye on. The girl they chose for Wingleader shows lots of promise I hear, and I could use a couple of large browns or bronzes to fill in some gaps in Arroyo." She muses gently, keeping her cards close to her chest.

"I meant 'you with them', but you probably caught my whole drift. Shells, I'm sober, that's why." Th'bek wipes half-dried sweat off a cheek and rearranges the part of a striped scarf protecting the lower half of his face. "Uh, both. Human and dragon. If you can work out a schedule and get back to me, I'd greatly appreciate it." As Zaria provides hints on her choices for Arroyo, Th'bek follows along word for word, thinking to put 'reserved' signs on those he's eyeballing to serve the Weyrleader's wing. "If you ever want to discuss notes, my- our- room's always open." He and S'tol's office though seldom is Th'bek ever there. Open, yes. Empty, probably. "Appointment necessary though. So long!"

Doji smiles and nods along with the tongue-tied weyrsecond. She caught the drift. "They also have a few fairly large greens and blues in the clutch as well…" Raktraeth might be prompting in a few more commments on the wonders of the clutch that Doji's not sharing. Not like he's biased or anything. She does not towards Th'bek's request. "I'm sure we can arrange some time. Maybe even bring in Amarante for the human side of things…" But she's planning. And also about this time is when another dragon shows up, walking. An older bronze that has suffered a wing injury a couple sevens ago. "I gotta go…" And those clipboards are tucked away on the counter where Zaria had placed the other one so hands are free to see the latest patient.

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