Xanthee F'kan


Xanthee arranges to meet F'kan one final time before the Hatching.

Sexual tension, implicit foreplay, ending in Fading-To-Black on the sex.


It is evening of the seventh day of the first month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Stables, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 22 Sep 2017 04:00


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The stone stables of Southern sweep breezily in arches and vaulted ceilings, done in the same architecture that figures so prominently within the inner caverns. A half-loft in the back shows neatly stacked hay bales, the sweet scents from the fodder drifting down to commingle with the aroma of runner and leather and sweat. There, broad box stalls house inhabitants safely away from the fancies of dragons: nickers and restless stompings fill the air, nirvana to those so inclined.

It's about a hour and a half until lights out and the activity in the Stables is almost nil. Except for back in the loft where there seems to be soft voices talking to each other. Ensconced in the loft, a fur thrown down to keep hay from uncomfortable places, Xanthee and F'kan are talking close to each other, fingers entwining, legs draped over each others. With a final long sigh, The ebon haired girl pulls back and puts her hand on the blond haired brownrider's chest.

"I am serious F'kan." Xan says as she sighs heavily, her lips pulled together to attempt to make her look stern. "I need to keep my nose clean. I know we aren't doing anything that could technically get me kicked out, but the Hatching is so close, it really should be any day now. You understand, right?" Xanthee searches the rider's icy blue eyes for understanding.

"You're too tense Xanee, why don't you let me rub your shoulders?" he replies with a mischievous gleam to his eye as he leans towards her with a wolfish grin. Xanthee looks at him with mock severity as she purses her lips. He knows how much she likes the pet name he had just for her. The Igenite candidate crosses her arms over her chest and pulls back further.

"No. You are entirely too tempting, you know it's hard for me to control myself around you." she says with a teasing purrr in her voice, even though she doesn't move closer. Xan is strong, she's totally got this.

Dropping the smile and putting a sincere look on his face, F'kan holds up his hands in defeat. "I get it. I just wish I had known that our last kiss would be our last. Can't we just enjoy each other's company for a little bit tonight. There's no one going to come out here, there hasn't been yet. I just want to say good-bye properly." His eyes smolder in her direction, a very slight pout on his lips, shaggy blond hair falling over one eye.

Xan bites her lip to keep from completely melting on the spot. Searching his face for what she hoped was true feelings for her, she finally relents and moves back to snuggles in closer to F'kan, the heat from his body raising goosebumps on her arms. As she looked up to see him looking down at her with those dreamy eyes in that suntanned face, he reaches up to cup her chin to pull her closer for a toe-curling kiss that reaches way down deep and awakens something, his hands pulling her crushingly close.

As F'kan lays her back on her furs, his body hovering over her, hands running the length of her exposed thigh under her short tunic, Xan begins to think it may have been a better idea to do this via flitter-mail. But the rush of pleasure that engulfed her as he continued his trail north, made her quickly stop thinking at all.

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