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It is evening of the fourth day of the third month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Lake Shore, Igen Weyr

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Lake Shore

Sprawled out beyond the Weyr proper's hustling activity and ambling roads, the cool, blue paradise of the Weyr lake promises escape from the oppressive hammer of Igen summer's cruel climes; the asymmetrical, sandy white shores hook delicately around the deceptively still waters running deep and sure, greedy peninsulas reaching white fingers stretching in crooked lines towards its center. A sturdy shack, weather-beaten and brown as cured leather, resides in isolated splendor upon one such finger, screened shelving offering a variety of brushes and fragrant oils housed in colorful tureens. Out beyond a small and dusty paddock ringed by a white fence, a long rocky pier stabs out into the lake, providing a panoramic view of the Weyr itself, while the southern shores provide varied shrubs and grassed for the massed herds in their pens.

Out in the lake is a brown dragon, though he's not too far out as his rider is out there with him. Long handled scrub brush in hand, "I swear Kar, I don't know how you do it. I don't know how you get so dirty that even Udath can spot the dirt?" E'bert's voice holds a genuine note of puzzlement as he scrubs at the dragon's hide. Karkath, for his part, lifts a wing to show a particularly itchy point on his hide, "Yeah, I know. You itch right there," the brown blinks and then gives a soft warble, "Fine. That's just fine and dandy. You're an idiot you know that right?"

Erikk's whistling can be heard before the Harper can even be seen. But he soon comes into view, a few apprentices trailing him, carrying loads of supplies and tools. The Journeyman Harper spots E'bert and his dragon fairly quickly. He begins having the apprentices set up, giving rider and dragon time to finish business. "Yazine! Get the table set up, Armaned, as soon as the table is up I need you to mix pigments. Arryana, Set up the smaller table and easel please." The young harpers set to work as Erikkhan takes possession of a large package wrapped in oiled skin. He unties the plain roped twine holding the wrappings on and removes a three by five foot blank canvas. The easel is ready for him be the time he's ready to set it down. Erikkhan checks the skies and the position of Rukbat and looks approvingly at his surroundings. Today will be a good day to paint.

Karkath warbles again, this time in greeting to the harpers that have just entered the vicinity. This gets E'bert's attention, and he looks towards the shore, "Shards, is that today?" said with a groan, and a second follows as he spots Ravene. He really doesn't want to do this, but he's really not wanting to argue with Ravene any longer either, "Give us a minute?" he calls, and pushes at the brown to rinse. The drying process is so much easier. He'll just let the dragon dry, and oil when the hide is no longer wet.

Erikkhan gives E'bert a wave to acknowledge his accent and turns to Armaned. "I need two each of Umber, a dull black, sienna, tan, mahogany, and brown." The apprentice nods and gets to it while Yazine sorts pigment jars. Erikk spots Ravene as well and waves to her, smiling.

Ravene waves in return as she comes to a stop a short distance off. Here to make sure that E'bert doesn't bolt, after the arguement that was had earlier and all that. E'bert finally gets Karkath rinsed, and headed back to the shore, "And don't shake, you idiot," which of course is exactly what Kar does. Water flies everyhwhere, "Stupid dragon," mutterred as the brownrider reaches for the towel, "How do you know the harper wanted water on his canvas? Huh?" Kar blinks at E'bert, then closes his eyes as he settles himself on the lake shore to nap. He doesn't care one way or the other, "I'm sorry," is said to Erikk as E'bert finally makes his way to where the harpers are, "He didn't get the canvas did he?"

Erikkhan is about to address Ravens when he is given his second shower for the day. A look of shock crosses the Harper's face before he erupts into startled laughter. "Even if he did it won't harm anything. Nothing a small dry towel won't fix." He points behind him as even now one of the apprentices is drying the canvas. Erikk holds out his hand in greeting. "Greetings E'bert. Good day to paint. Thanks to the both of you for the commission. "

"Thank her," E'bert says with a nod towards Ravene, because he wouldn't have sat for a painting. Busy as he is, but it's not his say so here he is. Ravene nods, "You're most welcome, and E'bert this isn't going to hurt," bemused tone easy to pick out in Ravene's voice.

Erikkhan nods. "Well, thanks where they are due anyhow." Erikk turns to Ravene. "Why don't you discuss how you would like them posed while I finish setting up here? After all this will be your treasure, Id like it to be as you want it." He grins toothily and clasps his hands together is a business like manner.

Since Karkath is curled with his head facing the group of people, Ravene looks at E'bert for a moment before making her suggestion, "Why don't you lean against Karkath's side? He's sleeping, or mostly so right?" at the nod from E'bert the baker continues, "So if you lean against his side so you can rest your arm across his nose, that would look good, wouldn't it?" E'bert sighs and does as directed, and soon he's half facing his brown's head with an arm draped across the dragon's muzzle, "And Ivy's right, he's not stupid," whoa, where'd that come from? Maybe Ravene heard the young rider's comment about Karkath being an idiot?

Erikkhan has been readying his own things. He puts a small cup on the table and fills it with a foul smelling liquid, next to this he fills a larger cup with water. Another cup is places and brushes are dropped into it. Erikk unrolls a pouch full of charcoal and chalk and digs out two long sticks of charcoal. He peers around the canvas and smiles at the scene in front of him. "That's perfect!" He calls and steps behind the canvas. Soon enough his hand and the charcoal are flying across the canvas, laying the foundation of the painting.

Karkath snorts a sneeze as E'bert leans against him. E'bert glares at the brown not at all sure his lifemate is sleeping, "He's fine E'bert. Don't fuss or you'll ruin the whole thing," Ravene calls which only deepens the young man's scowl. Maybe she isn't helping at all here? Though E'bert is aware of his dragon's inclination to do whatever it takes to make people laugh, and it's more for that reason he's scowling than anything else.

Erikkhan isn't bothered by the brown dragon's antics. "What is your brown like?" Erikkhan asks. "What is his mind voice like?" Odd questions for sure, but all will make sense soon. Erikk winks at Ravene, perhaps a change in subject will lighten the mood.

E'bert looks at the brown for a moment, "Stillness. His mindvoice is really still until just before he speaks, then it's like a huge gust of wind before there's just stillness again. Stillness and a deep silence," E'bert's tone has changed from irritation to quiet awe for the brown that has claimed him. He thinks or a moment more, "He likes to eat," a lot, "But he can't ever seem to get his food first time," whether that's done to annoy E'bert or not the rider hasn't quite figured out.

Erikkhan laughs heartily at E'bert's last comment. "He's probably toying with you. I remember my cousin Ayla's brown would do something similar to her. She tells me browns are quite capricious."

Ravene chuckles and nods, "Hasn't that been suggested to you?" is asked of E'bert. A reluctant nod is the only answer the baker gets as E'bert stands with his dragon. There's no getting out of this, so he may as well play along and who knows? Maybe once the rough outline is down on the canvas E'bert can get back to his other duties?

A long while passes in deep silence, the only sounds the water lapping at the shore and everyone's breathing. Eventually the light shifts and Erikkhan looks up from the canvas. "I think I have enough that I can work on this in the studio now. You can get up and move around now E'bert." Erikk begins cleaning his tools.

E'bert sighs with relief as he stands away from Karkath who continues to snooze. There will be oiling of hide, but not until later.

Erikkhan it does not take long for Erikk to clean up and then he sets the apprentices to packing things and throws a sheet over the canvas. "I am sorry the sitting took so long. Your brown is a spectacular specimen." He comes out into view, wiping paint from his hands with an oiled cloth that wreaks of the same thing Erikk had poured into the first of his cups.

E'bert nods with a slight shrug, "He's an idiot sometimes," though that's just E'bert's opinion, "Thank you," belated thanks is better than none at all, right? Ravene looks from painter to rider, "Don't stay away so long E'bert," she admonishes, then says, "Thank you Erikkhan," before she's moving off towards the bakery.

Erikkhan nods and waves them off. "You're welcome." He finishes packing up his things and soon the group is moving back off towards the weyr…once more to the tune of Erikk's whistling.

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