Magdaline, Tolavin


Tolavin's new to Igen and has 'lost' his tour guide. Magdaline gives him a quick tour - and it IS quick.


It is noon of the thirteenth day of the twelfth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Administrative Corridor, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 11 May 2018 23:00


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Administrative Corridor

There is a grand geometry to the graceful archways of this hall, a point of glory to the veneer of freshly-polished floors that are somehow upkept in a more fastidious nature here than in the common areas. Directly westward lies the restored doorway into Igen's modest archives, whilst the northern-bound traveler will find themselves entrenched in the hub of weyr leadership, athrum with activity within the council chambers.

Getting the lay of the land is a priority for one of the most recent arrivals to Igen Weyr. Tolavin ambles down the administrative corridor just before lunchtime, hands shoved into the pockets of his trousers; he's the picture of relaxation as he makes his merry way along the freshly-polished floor. At least he's not arrived at the height of Igen's summer - he can cope and relax in weather that's familiar to him. The man pauses at the door to the archives, pushing his hair back and away from his eyes as he leans in to get a better look at the doorway itself. Finally a hand emerges from a pocket, a long finger tracing over the wood and coming away to be held up before his face, as if he's looking for dust.

Even the most industrious souls should probably find time for meal breaks every once in a while. With Cremla's presence being scarce the past few sevens due to her 'condition' who knows what chided Magdaline into actually leaving her desk for the moment, but the tiny woman is indeed appearing in the corridor, sans clipboard even. Before she can completely make her way towards the living caverns, her rapid staccato of foot steps comes to a sudden halt as she spots an unfamiliar face fondling some wooden doorframes. She gives just the briefest of throat clearing coughs to announce her presence before offering the, "Can I help you, journeyman?"

Tolavin doesn't seem the least bit bothered at being interrupted with what he was doing; nor does he look guilty. He turns to Magdaline to give her an easy smile. Once he's looked down enough to aim it properly at the far smaller woman's face. "Hey," a quick glance to her shoulder. Oop, that's a particular knot. He straightens the tiniest bit, but his whole body is still in a general casual slump. "Was just getting my bearings here. Least I've found the archives," he nods his head towards the doorway he was just, um, inspecting. "Figure that's one of the more important bits for me. I'm Tolavin," he adds in introduction, smile broadening, holding out a large hand in offer of a handshake.

Magdaline is used to having folks tower over her, even while still somehow slouching. One of the least commented on perils of living in a Weyr. Tall men everywhere. The assistant headwoman keeps her professional smile on still and gives a bit of a nod when he confirms that archives was his main attraction at the moment. "Indeed. So you must be Tolavin, our latest transfer?" There's a brief eyebrow raise as she awaits confirmation. "Did Kithak not assign you an apprentice or anyone to give you the grand tour on your arrival?"

Just gonna sliiide that hand back into a pocket, all casual like. Yeah. Nothing to see here. "That's me," the harper confirms with that smile still not having left his face. "Ah, yeah." Both shoulders lift in a lazy shrug. "He showed me a few things, but…I kinda like exploring by myself. Besides, seemed like he was missing a date with a lady friend, what with having to help me instead." There's a twinkle in his eyes as he says that. Anything to help out a bro by releasing them from a chore.

That smile that was on the woman's face narrows just a hair or three as MAgdaline lets out a brief. "Ah." As if that explains everything and she fully does not approve of that display of hospitality. "Since you have found your way to the archives, I believe you should be able to find a map of the Weyr if you want to continue trying to explore yourself. Or I do have some time before my next appointment…" She's not going to force herself as a tour guide upon him, but the offer is clearly there as she's already beginning to turn towards the corridor to the living caverns.

Tolavin seems blissfully oblivious to the subtle change in Magdaline's expression, grinning away at the thought of his apprentice friend's much more important business. "Oh hey, if you're free, sure thing!" Though thinking about it, he's gonna have to take small steps so he doesn't outpace her. "Figured I'd find my way out of the depths of the Weyr by following the smell of lunch," he jokes easily, turning himself too in the direction that Magdaline is now facing, trying to get ready to go along with her.

It may be surprising just how quickly Magdaline can walk, even in those fancy Fortian shoes of her's. If speedwalking were a gather event on Pern, she'd be a top contender and as soon as he accepts the offer, she'll be off like a runner at a race, giving a constant stream of commentary as she goes. "Luckily, they weren't too crazy when they built Igen. This as you might expect is our administrative corridor. The Steward, Headwoman's and Weyrwomen's offices are down here, along with the council chambers and the archives." Her hand flicks out to point at the correct door as she announces it. "They connect to our inner caverns which of course is where you'll find most domestic things. Laundry. Stores, Living Cavern, cellars."

Magdaline is OUT of the starting gate, leaving Tolavin in her metaphorical dust. The man gets his legs in order and strides after her, face displaying clear surprise at just how fast she can move on those little legs. And damn, does she know her way around. Speed tour! Tolavin gets a quick look at each door as they pass by, resembling a bobble-head toy as he takes it all in. BACKTRACK. "Those stores - I can go visit them, grab anything I need for my room?" Asked perfectly politely. His new abode is, after all, pretty sparse and needs sprucing up to suit Tolavin's tastes.

Magdaline has a timetable to stick to and by golly, she's going to both give this tour, get some food, and make it back for her next meeting. All without breaking out a sweat (from her). No promises on how the pace might be for the harper. As for the stores question, she gives a brief nod of her head. "Within reason. That is part of the arrangement for posted crafters after all. We should have whatever basics are required. If you need curtains or a rug, we have that. If you try requesting yards and yards of brocade well, then we might have a talk."

Small steps have bveen forgotten - Tolavin is having to work to keep up with the assistant headwoman, and he'll probably need a good drink by the end of this tour to replace the lost sweat. At least he manages to keep up his good humour even as he lopes along beside Magdaline. He snaps his fingers. "There go my plans to drape my room with harper blue brocade." Hahaha! So funny! "Thanks. I'll go have a look another time." Cos it doesn't seem like now is the best moment to go delving into the stores. "And uh - bathing caverns, that sort of thing?" Also important to know!

"Well, you will receive a small stipend…" Magdaline can make her own joke as well, even if the tone is as dry as ever. Good luck decking out an entire room in blue brocade on a journeyman's salary. "There are some basic bathing caverns near the laundry, but considering your quarters should be in the crafters quarter in the bazaar, those facilities will probably be more convenient unless you're stuck in the archives during a sandstorm. They're to the northwest of the central bazaar."

Is Tolavin mad enough to give it a go? probably not - he can think of more exciting things to spend his stipend on. "I have heard about these Igen standstorms," the harper grins, oddly enthusiastic about the idea of them. Probably because he hasn't experienced one yet. "Should be quite the difference to snow and ice. And uh - the bazaa was also something of a selling point when I was given this assignment." Though he doesn't elaborate on what he's expecting from the bazaar, there's a certain spark in his eyes that suggests he's been told a great many things about the place.

Magdaline gives a quick glance over her shoulder back at the harper as if trying to decide if he really is as insane as he might sound. "You'll at least not have much to deal with snow. It was quite the event when Zsaviranth clutched last winter and managed to time it with one of the first decent snow falls Igen's seen since most folks could remember." The more she talks, the more obvious it would probably be to anybody with a keen ear that she's not an Igen native. A Fortian woman through and through. "If they have you touring the minor holds, make sure your introduction to sandstorms and other desert perils is more thorough than your first tour was."

Tolavin simply grins at Magdaline when she glances back at him. Maybe he is just insane? "Thank Faranth for that. I'm looking forward to the change of scenery in that regard." He does seem intrigued that Igen DID get some snow, given, as far as he's aware, it's not a snowy climate. "Tour guide for a desert trip - check." He's still having to make good use of his long legs to keep pace with her, but he's starting to find a footstep rhythm that keeps him alongside her, more or less. "How'd you find it? Coming to Igen?" The fact she's not a native hasn't gone unnoticed, and Tolavin finally brings it up with cheerful curiosity.

The assistant is nothing if not diligent in her self-assigned duties. Laundry rooms, classrooms, and the stores are all pointed out as they pass. Magdaline is at least slowing down a bit as they draw closer to the living caverns. There's a bit of a twitch in her cheek at the question of coming to Igen, but the cool demeanor doesn't drop. "Igen is… different. I spent nearly thirty turns working in Fort's inner caverns before coming here. Some things will always remain the same. People need to eat. People need clothes and beds and what not. But other things, well," She gives a bit of a shrug. "Since you enjoy exploring your self, I wouldn't want to completely ruin the discovery!"

The tour continues, and Tolavin's able to relax his upper body now his legs have figured out what to do. Once more, subtle facial expressions are lost on the oblivious man, and he only goes by Magdaline's spoken response to his question. "Now that sounds intriguing," he exclaims, with half a fist pump - before he catches himself and remembers the company he's with. "I look forward to finding out the differences," he settles for instead, with a hint of an apology in his silly grin.

"I'm sure you'll find plenty. Folks can be quite… colorful." That's as detailed as Magdaline is going to be on that, although she has worked back up to her professional smile, but the vagueness is really a general effort to be 'helpful' and leave an element of surprise for the curious man. "Now we've gotten to the living caverns. Our main breakfast hours are probably a bit earlier than you'd have been accustomed to at Harper Hall. Many riders have dawn sweeps or drills and so we're open for them. Off peak hours there will always be a sideboard available. Normally a stew of some sort. If it's especially hot, maybe just some meat, cheeses and vegetables."

Tolavin likes the sound of that. "Just how I like 'em." The COMPANY, Tolavin, think of the COMPANY. "Oh huh. Good to know." Earlier hours, right. "Food's food, right?" He's not going to turn his nose up at whatever food is on offer, given it's all sort of included as part of the whole living here deal. "how about drinks? Any Igen specialities I should keep an eye out for?" Priorities, apparently.

Magdaline gets a bit of a smirk at the mention of food being food. "Exactly." Although some people might disagree with how much mushrooms might appear on the menu instead of meat during particular times of the turn. The menu is at the mercy of tithes after all. "At dinner, we may have a wine or two set out, if there's an occasion for it. But also in the bazaar, you'll find several bars. The Dustbowl is probably the easiest to find. The Tlatoani seems rather keen on all sorts of special brews. Several wings also have their own bars as well from what I hear, but you'll need to make friends to access those." Unless Tolavin can flap flap flap his way up to the Whirliebird or Last Call. "The Pit is also another popular place from what I'm told. The Steens do seem to know how to keep people entertained enough to spend their marks freely."

Don't challenge him! Where there's a will, there's a way, especially if somewhere out of normal reach is at hand. "Sounds like the desert has plenty of oases," Tolavin comments with another sparkling grin. How long as he been holding onto that joke, that he's so satisfied about deploying it? "The Pit, huh? Sounds interesting." He clearly has NO idea what happens at the place other than the drinking Magdaline has linked it with, but the harper sure sounds keen to find out all about it. Later, anyway.

Or do challenge! What's a harper without a story to tell? "Oasis Inn isn't too far down the Western Road. If you're travelling by runner, it will be one way you know you're almost home." Magdaline just takes that a little too literally, and also assumes he'll be travelling back and not out when looking. "You probably should avoid the amateur nights at the Pit though. Wouldn't want your hands to possibly get hurt."

Literal though she may be, Tolavin is still grateful for the information. "Nice. Good to have something to let me know I'm nearly home." At the mention of amateur nights and hurt hands, his eyes brighten. He's taking Magdaline's bait hook line and sinker. "Amateur nights, huh? Yeah, sounds like one to avoid." Though even as he says that, he flexes his hands at his sides. then they get shoved back in his pockets. No, broken hands are bad. "Plenty of excitement round here. Sounds like I got a good assignment."

"Stick to watching the professionals do it," Magdaline will nod and then lead the way actually into the living caverns proper. While she could probably sneak a plate herself without going through the line, what sort of example would that be. "Igen's not for everybody, but there's a lot one can come to learn to like, if willing to give it a chance." And then for abrupt subject change, "So food line, buffet style of course." Who has time to have drudges just serving everyone meals when there's so much to clean? "Klah, water and juice at the end. Make sure to stay hydrated or the healers will give you a lecture that makes you wish you did. Once you're finished with your dishes, there's bins on the far wall near the kitchens for everything."

Tolavin grins rather than replies to Magdaline's advice. Anyway, they're in the living caverns now, which distracts him as he takes in the size of the place. Harper Hall was one thing, but this is on another level. He very nearly mishears what the assistant headwoman is saying, as he's staring up at the ceiling. Bringing his gaze back down to his tour guide, his nostrils flare as he catches not just the sight of the food on offer, but the delicious smell, too. "Drink plenty - gotcha. And than you, ma'am. Guess I'd better let you get on to your appointment, and I'll, ah…." The way he's eyeing up the food implies he's got an appointment with lunch.

Magdaline has one last piece of advice before she departs to grab her own food and eat on the run. "Make sure you drink more water than you drink alcohol." Considering her oldest son is only a little older than the harper, she can only imagine first instinct of a young man in a new place. But with a wave, she'll go and check on the servers, make her rounds, and then back to business as usual for the assistant headwoman.

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