Kyara, R'xim


Kyara and R'xim become parents together.

Very, very backscened. Profanity. Allusion to childbirth.


It the tenth day of the fifth month of the fifteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Ground Weyrs, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 28 Oct 2018 04:00


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"And if that midwife doesn't get here soon I'm going to escort her back here myself."


Ground Weyrs

Spacious by necessity, the slightly grimy atmosphere of these weyrs house couches made to fit dragons of various sizes and in various states of health, each with feeding and watering stations near to hand, as well as the necessary medical aids to treat any draconic illness. A small alcove offers up a different view: Healer's records stashed in meticulous order on a shelf, a cluttered desk full of hidework in process, and a polished small basin where fresh water may be poured. Above it, a small rocky shelf protrudes, holding various cleaning supplies in neatly labeled containers: redwort is most prevalent, followed by numbweed.

With the baby due any day, Kyara has been restless, both during the day and when she's supposed to be sleeping. This evening, she just can't seem to reach the point of dreaming, and it's a smell that awakens her. Opening her eyes, she blinks against the darkness, drowsily mulling the scent over until she identifies it as moisture upon dry earth. It might be raining, or else there's rain nearby. Liareth confirms it's the former, though it isn't heavy. Still, the weather is welcome even if the lack of sleep is not. She listens a moment, trying to discern the sound of drizzle without past the measured breathing of R'xim's continued slumber, and thinks she just makes it out before she decides to sit up and go after a glass of water. It isn't easy, a ponderous affair that she's more than ready to be free of. She hopes it's soon. Fortunately, she won't have to hope much longer. She makes it to her feet, twitching her nightgown into hanging properly before she starts to move…and doesn't get more than a few steps when there's a sudden, stranger pressure low in her abdomen. A rush of warmth leaves her, spattering on the stone floor where she stands, catching at the edge of the bed. "R'xim!" she gasps, forcing herself to take deep breaths as realization dawns and she shuffles back to lean against the bed, trying to remember where the nearest glowbasket is.

Sleep doesn't come easily for either of them these days since this is what the norm has become during the last few sevendays of Kyara's pregnancy. The poor greenrider tosses and turns a lot whenever she's not getting up to use the latrines or get a glass of water. When R'xim does finally manage to fall asleep, he's out cold. That rhythmic breathing of his is almost a snore and he's in the depths of deep sleep when Kyara gets up out of bed — nothing new there. What is new is his name called in such a manner, one that draws him from his subconscious dreaming back into the present in a heartbeat. Pure instinct has him sitting up in bed like the Weyr's on fire, "What?" he rasps. "Fucking Faranth…" He can see that Kyara isn't lying next him and he can also see her leaning close by searching for something. "What?" He's not at his most eloquent after being roused from a deep sleep.

Kyara can't blame R'xim for swearing, being woken up in such a way. And she might actually be contrite about it were it not for the slow ripple of pain that's now coming onward as she leans there. "My water broke," she manages after a soft groan as the contraction subsides. "It's time…Faranth…" She breathes deep, fighting the feeling of being overwhelmed that's threatening to rise up and panic her as she shifts to try and pull herself back onto the bed. "Get the midwives, love? And…light?" She can still ask right now. Odds are she'll be demanding in fairly short order.

It takes a moment for the information to sink into R'xim's sleepy mind and soon he's pulling back the covers to get himself out of bed. "Oh shit. Right. Where the fuck are my pants?" Somewhere on the floor, no doubt. Only by Faranth's good graces does he manage to locate a pair of lightweight trous and tug them on before making his way over to the nearest glowbasket. He unlids said basket and sheds some much needed light on the weyr and then makes his way over to the other side of the bed to unlid another. He catches sight of Kyara and the obvious discomfort she's in and attempts to help her back into bed. If she's not swatting at him, he's doing alright. "Midwives…" That's the next task on order and soon he's standing in the entryway of the weyr hollering down the corridor that leads to the actual infirmary. "Get me a sharding midwife!" The odds of anyone actually being awake to hear him are slim. And when no one immediately responds, he makes his way toward the infirmary and hollers the entire time. Something about if he doesn't get a midwife right this damn second he's going to tear down a door. Shalnth flickers in Liareth's mindscape, a cool, crisp cloud of ocean fog upon calm waves. « He'll be back soon with aide. Are you alright? »

Kyara is most definitely not swatting at him! There's a tremble in her grasp as she holds onto R'xim, easily accepting his help back onto the bed. More deep breathing, as she's been taught, though she's watching and listening as her weyrmate calls for a midwife. Surely enough nighttime births happen that one ought to be close enough at hand, right? She beats back her anxiety and does her best to focus. Liareth is helping, of course, filling her rider's mind with all the soothing, heated mist and comforting scents she can muster. She does pay attention to Shalnth, but there's very little nuance to her answer, most of it being reserved for Kyara. « I am worried. » The pretty green is pacing, as much as the weyr will allow. « She will be alright, but she is afraid. Though she is trying not to be. »

R'xim returns to the ground weyr after a few minutes of searching for a midwife… alone. "The woman's coming. Just getting her things or whatever a midwife needs to birth a child." A hand rakes through his already mussed hair and he's yawning as he crosses the weyr to the bed again. Shalnth is outside somewhere waiting like an anxious father-to-be when he senses that Liareth is focused on her own lifemate. For once, the bronze is quiet and not pestering the green — in fact, he's staying clear from her thoughts and focusing on R'xim. "Alright." Snagging a chair on his way to the bedside, Rix sets it down and settles upon it. "Are your contractions close?" His hand is then reaching for Kyara's to comfort and to squeeze whenever she feels a ripple of pain about to take hold of her body. And before she can squeeze his hand black and blue, he kisses her knuckles in the moment.

While R'xim is out, another contraction does come along, leaving Kyara gritting her teeth and gripping the bedsheets. She's mostly relaxed out of it by the time he's back, and is definitely grateful to have his hand to cling to now. Just as his lips leave her knuckles, another one comes along, and she endures, fingers tightening firmly upon his until it lets her go. "They seem sharding close enough to me," she replies thickly, settling back against the pillows. She looks over at him, her eyes just a bit wider than usual despite her tiredness and a little over-bright. "Are you going to stay through it, Rix? You don't have to…" Though it's probably clear enough that she'd like him to.

R'xim is prepared for that squeeze of Kyara's hand and doesn't even grit his teeth throughout the pressure — which means Kyara isn't in enough pain yet. It gets worse. Oh, yes it does. "The closer they are, the closer you are to feeling the need to push." He glances toward the entryway half expecting to see the midwife hurrying through, but, alas, the ground weyr is empty save for them and Liareth. When Kyara asks if he'll stay, he returns his attention back to her and half smirks. "I've lived through gruesome threadfalls and survived some…" He chooses his words carefully. "Close calls. I think I can handle seeing the birthing process." He's seen it before, though he might've had some liquid courage in his younger days to get him through it. Older and seasoned now, he might not need a drink until after the birth. "And if that midwife doesn't get here soon I'm going to escort her back here myself." And it won't be pretty, but that goes unsaid.

Despite everything, Kyara smiles at R'xim for his answer about staying. "Fair enough," she says atop a chuckle, groaning a little as she adjusts her self. She, too, eyes the entry in anticipation of the midwife's arrival. "I might go with you if she doesn't." Not really. But it would be an alarming sight, the woman the midwife is supposed to be helping coming in pursuit of her! "So…it might not be too much longer if they're already fairly close?" Maybe they just feel closer than they are. Kyara knows it will get worse. But she can't really fathom how much worse at the moment, now that it's just begun.

"They can be close for quite a while before any real action begins." R'xim tries not to make Kyara feel like she's in for the long haul, but he's also being realistic. He then allows another smirk, "And given that you're still polite and smiling means you're not quite there yet. When you start cussing and throwing things at me, well. Then you're close." Rix leans forward a bit, still holding Kyara's hand, and using his free one to tuck wisps of burnished red hair behind her ear. He studies her for a moment and then nods knowingly. "Remember to breathe. Deep breath in, and a controlled breath out." Watch as he demonstrates, Kyara. Iiiin, ooouut. "Focus your mind away from the pain."

Kyara appreciates realistic, even if she isn't happy with it. She knows she doesn't have any choice in how long this is going to take. "I feel far from polite right now." No, she really doesn't comprehend yet. And who knows just how surly she's going to get? Even she doesn't know. Yet. She nods with R'xim's next, following as he demonstrates, keeping on with the breathing through his last. It's very similar to old studies she'd gone through, so many Turns ago, it seems. She can do this. Breathing, breathing… She keeps trying to do so even as another contraction comes, shaking her rhythm. And she'll continue on this way throughout, on into when the midwife arrives, through getting prodded and shifted and looked at and made to get up and walk throughout the coming candlemarks. "What are we naming this baby, R'xim?" she asks somewhat raggedly after one bout of walking around and getting resettled on the bed. Yes, they'd talked about it once, but hadn't decided on anything. No sooner does she ask than another contraction comes along. They're quicker now, definitely. But she's barely keeping track of the frequency, just focusing on getting through each one.

R'xim stays out of the way whenever the midwife takes over and knows enough not to speak unless spoken to. When Kyara gets up to walk around the weyr, he'll follow if she asks him to, otherwise he's sitting down and very much out of her face. Some drinking water is brought in and he finds himself swigging a glassful for something to do whenever Kyara is being tended to. A glass is poured for her should she want something to sip. He's alert to the goings on and he's paying attention, listening to the midwife update Kyara whenever there is progress. "Rhylar." he says when she asks him about a name. "If it's a boy, it'll be Rhylar." Blue eyes drift toward the greenrider as he takes another swig of his water. "If it's a girl, you're naming her."

Kyara does indeed go after the water from time to time. There seems to be a perpetual sheen of sweat at her temples now, and the water is very much needed. She echoes the name thoughtfully, nodding her approval…and then does, in fact, throw a pillow at him for his next. "What makes you think I can think right now?" Though she'd supposedly thought of something before going into labor. At the moment, it's completely beside the point, apparently. After groaning through another contraction, she lays there catching her breath, trying to do just that: think. "…Dariya?" She doesn't look completely sure of that. A name may very well have to wait until afterward, especially with the onslaught of another contraction. They're definitely closer together now. "Bloody shells…" A few tears escape the corner of her eyes following that one. "Can't I push yet?" Fortunately, it would seem the answer is yes, once the midwives get a quick look.

Luckily, R'xim is observant and catches the pillow that's chucked at him. He can't help but grin when he sets it with the rest that are behind the greenrider. "Nevermind mind about the name, Kyara. Push." He saw that look from the midwife and it signals that the baby is about to be born soon, which means they both have to focus. The name can wait if it's a girl. Rix settles close to Kyara and holds her hand when she gears up to make that first strong push, his attention focused on her to make sure that she's breathing through everything. He can't do much in the moment, but he can be there for her and help coach her through the process along with the midwife. Every so often, he'll glance to observe the other woman's expression before returning his focus to encourage Kyara.

That exhortation from her weyrmate - and the midwives - is exactly what Kyara wants to hear. Determination and pain vie for dominance upon flushed features as the mightiest efforts of all begin. Her strength avails her well, bringing her a long way in the initial pushes. But childbirth will exhaust even the hardiest woman at least a bit, and Kyara is no exception. And after much white-knuckled gripping of R'xim's hand, shouting and swearing and tears, at the dawn of an Igen spring morning…they finally welcome a little boy with a very healthy set of lungs to greet the day with.

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