Lark, Ryott


Lark is doing some sketching and Ryott's just making a delivery, some chit chat happens.


It is sunset of the twenty-second day of the twelfth month of the fifteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Kitchens, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 10 Jan 2019 05:00





For the benefit of the thousands of souls who will feast off the proceeds of this area, chaos and anomie reign supreme in this hub of Igen's food production. The smell of the place is overwhelming, everything from the butcher's offal to fresh-baked bread assaulting one's olfactory sense. This space is large and well-equipped, with hearths aplenty to shoulder the massive undertaking of feeding the desert crowds; internal to the outer edges, several large stoves belch smoke upward through the stacks, to stain the chimney without. A pair of nooks lie in front of the entrance and the exit, a vain attempt to keep questing individuals from entering too fully within the cook's domain.

Several heavy hides hold what look to be official star charts and they have been shoved aside across the table in favor of some loose parchment that Lark is currently setting sticks of charcoal too. Leaning in over her work she crosses her ankles bneath her bench seat and scratches, brushes and smears across whatever drawing she is making. She blows across it to send loose charcoal onto the table and earns a look from one of the staff that she does not even manage to notice. Sitting up a bit she tries to get a look on her work before continuing, tilting her head and biting her lower lip she yawns and rolls her shoulders. A dirty finger lifts to rub at the side of her nose only serving to smear more across her pale skin, already quite a bit has made its way to her cheek and jaw. A plate with a few pieces of bread are abandoned like a lonely island.

From the doorway, a subtle sound as a teen girl peers into the space with a sharp gaze and impassive look on her face. From Ryott's hands, a coarse sack hangs, lumpy and bulging, she rests it on her toes while she tries to catch someone's eye. The cook who aimed that glare at Lark turns to see Ryott and shuffles over, wiping her hands on her apron, "Yes? Can I help you?" Hefting the sack off the ground, she holds it out in the woman's direction, "Just a delivery," she replies in her usual deadpan retort. The woman doesn't looked phased and takes the bag from Ryott, peeks inside before nodding. "Oh yes, right. Thanks for this. Grab a snack if you want before you head back" The cook heads off to unpack the sack as Ryott moves towards Lark at her drawing. "They let you make a mess like that in here? Don't you crafters have workrooms for that?" she asks boldly as she grabs a bubbly pie off a nearby cooling rack.

Blinking, she realizes she is being spoken to and Lark set down the charcoal before she smears everything into nothing and smiles faintly. "Aye, yes but this is not work.." she hesitates and then turns the drawing about to show another dragon that is curled around the top of the bowl looking down and in. "I do like my work but some times its nice to flex the fingers with a different task." She makes room however, carefully wiping her fingers before adjusting where her starcharts are and making a motion with her hand thereafter for Ryott to join her. "Do you often make deliveries, I do not remember seeing you. My aunt is one of the cooks so I come here to visit and just get away.."

Looking at the drawing, Ryott shows mild interest by hiking up one brow slightly, "Looks good," she adds dryly before hopping up on a stool and taking careful bites around the edges of her bubbly. Lark is given a cursory once over, dark eyes lingring on the work spread out over the table, before abother thoughtful nibble of her pie is taken. As to the last query, she just shakes head head slowly with a lazy shrug, "Sometimes, not often." Her reply is curt thought not malicious in any way. From the thick scarf wrapped several times around the girls neck, a muffled cheep is heard and a little golden head snakes up through the woolen coils and looks down at what her humanpet is eating. Without missing a beat, Ryott breaks off a small piece of crust and offers it to her little firelizard queen.

Lark gives a half shrug and turns it back around, smoothin ga finger along the night sky to darken its outer edges away from hat is supposed to be the moon. She draws away the thumb, now dark with charcoal and rubs it against her pointer finger to try to disperse what is there. She is about to reach for her own bread when she sees that golden head peek out and she can not help but smile. Teeth set to her lip s she watches the queen munch away and then there is the offering of her bread pieces, long since cooled for her to share with the firelizard. "So then what do you normally do?" She makes another line upon the paper like some phantom shooting start until it can be certain that its going to be a tail. Yes this line will be the tail.

Ryott continues to take small bites of the bubbly pie, all around the edges as she watches Lark do her thing with the charcoal and paper. Discord creeps out of the scarf and slinks down the teen's arm to sniff at the bread offered up by the starcrafter. A suspicious cheep and she snatches up one piece before retreating back to Ryott's shoulder to munch it down. She's still young looking, not get full grown, but close. Lark's questions is considered for a long moment before an answer is given. "A little of this, a little of that, y'know, kid stuff," her acerbic reply is suspiciously vague, but any further reply must wait because she takes a bite in earnest now, and lips and tongue are busy making sure she's not makiong too big of mess of herself.

There is a smile that spreads across Lark's lips as the firelizard enjoys some of the bread left over from her quick meal. She may not be overly watchful but she saw that and as she finishes the back sweep of the tail she sets her charcoal down and rests her head on her hands as they clasp together on the table. "That seems like an interesting answer with a rather interesting story that is likely not going to be offered. But if it gets you payment of pies who can argue with it?" She lifts her head from her hands then, clearly done making a study of her companion so that she can pick up the paper with its shadows and lines that depict a scene and offers it up to her. "I do not often keep them, so since you are here," she shrugs and whether its taken or not it will find the table otherwise and she dusts her hands off so that she can work on putting her paper away in its own leather wrap and stuff the charcoal away in a pouch.

Discord cheeps again as she finishes the bread, snuggling up against Ryott's neck and prompting the girl to lift a hand to scritch at the little gold's head idly. "Interesting? Doing deliveries? Nah…Boring work that I try and get out of every chance I get," the girl replies with a bit of a smirk before taking another substantial bite of the bubbly, a rivulet of dark purple juice escapes the corner of her lips before tongue darts out and captures it before it could drip down to her chin. She's just finishing her treat, and licking her fingers free of any lingering bubbly juice, the teen blinks when she's offered the drawing, narrowing her eyes a little bit in Lark's direction, "Ummmm…thanks?" she replies before taking up the picture, rolling it up, and sticking it somewhere inside her jacket.

"Ah but it changes, get to deliver different things, but then what else would you rather be doing?" Lark is to her feet, setting things in her satchel with a measured understanding of everything's place. Once its all tucked away leaving the larger hides that hold her charts she sets the satchel across her body to rest against her hip. "Welcome?" Its said back with a faint smirk but then then the starcrafter is hefting the large bundles into her arms and pausing to give Ryott and her lizard a bright smile. "Talk to my aunt, that one over there," teh quite rotund figure who seems to be running a portion fo the kitchen. "Say that Lark needs you to deliver her some of whatever your favorite things is here. They are yours of course, no delivery." There is a wink and she grunts as she repositions her armful.

Ryott isn't much of a talker on the best of days, but Lark's speculation as to what else she'd rather be doing, has the teen even more tight lipped than usual. "Anything else….mostly…" she'll dryly deliver with sarcasm before hopping off the stool she had perched on. Once cursory glance is given in the direction of the woman Lark indicates, giving her a quick once over before turning back to catch the starcrafter's wink which she replies to with a shrug. "Thanks…" she drawls before adjusting her scarf in preparation of heading back outdoors, Discord once more burrowing into it like a knitted nest. "It's been a pleasure Lark…" she deadpans with a lazy waggle of her fingers in the older woman's direction before she heads out the door to the courtyard, then disappear.

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