Jaune, Khaylia, Xanthee


Xanthee is desperate to find homes for two rocking firelizard eggs and thankfully runs into Jaune and Khaylia


It is evening of the seventh day of the ninth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Lake Shore, Igen Weyr

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"Ummm, you think you could do me a favor?"


Lake Shore

Sprawled out beyond the Weyr proper's hustling activity and ambling roads, the cool, blue paradise of the Weyr lake promises escape from the oppressive hammer of Igen summer's cruel climes; the asymmetrical, sandy white shores hook delicately around the deceptively still waters running deep and sure, greedy peninsulas reaching white fingers stretching in crooked lines towards its center. A sturdy shack, weather-beaten and brown as cured leather, resides in isolated splendor upon one such finger, screened shelving offering a variety of brushes and fragrant oils housed in colorful tureens. Out beyond a small and dusty paddock ringed by a white fence, a long rocky pier stabs out into the lake, providing a panoramic view of the Weyr itself, while the southern shores provide varied shrubs and grassed for the massed herds in their pens.

It is the seventh day of Autumn and 89 degrees. Mercilessly bright, Rukbat's light heats the desert as a small dark cloud appears on the horizon.

Time away from the Weyr and the press of people is nice. But its hot, even in this time of the turn and Jaune has his trousers drawn up and tied above knee, and a linen shirt billows about his chest in the slightest of breezes. He ventured this far at the insistence of another Vintner. This is where people go to relax when they can manage to find the time. But theres hub-bub down here, and he moves in closer.

Khaylia likes the water, quite a bit. Enough that she's down at it's edge dipping her toes into it off at an angle from where Jaune is walking and whatever that hub-bub is at. Seeing him she pauses, watching him walk speculatively.

Looking more than a little frantic, a girl is rushing in from the direction of the bazaar, craddling something in her arms. Once Xanthee spots Khaylia and Jaune right away, moving towards the girl she recognizes from the Tea Room. "Hey! Khaylia right? Ummm, you think you could do me a favor?" she asks before looking over at Jaune, "You know him? Cause I have two, and I don't want anymore, and they are already rocking." The raven-haired girl is not making any sense, just clutching at a couple of covered pots in her arms, trying to keep a hold on them.

The Tea Room girl comes by, and Jaune does not know her, but he follows her trot towards…Khaylia. She yelled at him last. "She..well..kind of knows me. I think she hates me." Jaune's expression softens from wariness to curiousity. And he'll pad through the soft sand towards the denser wet sand to see what exactly this girl has. "Two…..two jars of jam?"

Khaylia flicks her hair in annoyance when Jaune SPEAKS FOR HER, huffing once before turning away. "His name is Jaune, he's an apprentice vintner who seems to think he is going to make some kind of magical ale… wait, rocking?" THAT tears her away from poking insults at the vintner, "ARe those firelizard eggs!?"

"They sure are, and you two will be helping me loads if you would just literally take them off my hands," Xanthee says with a smile and a nod in Jaune's direction, "Hey there, I'm Xanthee. Here, take this," and she shoves a pot at each of them. "Do you have any food on you by any chance? Nevermind, I'll get Selkie to find something." With a thought, Xan calls her gold firelizard who arrives along with a bronze and two greens, "Go get some food for the babies," she says as she points towards the lake and the nearby feeding pens, maybe some dragon has left some scraps. The quartet zoom off in their respective directions, "Now have either of you done this before?" she asks.

"Done what? To where? Oh. OH." Jaune's face flushes as he seems to be the last of the two to come to the correct conclusion. That the jars hold eggs. And they're /moving/. "I mean…no. I haven't. What do I do?" Normally strong and sturdy hands fumble and he flails a second to take ahold of the pot coming his way, then wraps it securely against his chest. Which just makes him more anxious because he can feel the movements in the jar now. "What do I do?" He asks again, to ensure the question gets heard and answered.

"My father impressed one!" So Khaylia at least knows what to do, and despite the excitement, she manages to sound smugly superior when she adds, "When they hatch, you feed them. Kneel down idiot - it can't hatch in the pot!" That to Jaune as she does it herself to carefully - oh so carefully - let the sand slide through her fingers to create a nice soft cushion before allowing the rocking egg to roll onto the mound.

"She's got it, just listen to Khaylia," Xanthee says with a grin as she seems to have managed to unload the last of her gold's first clutch just in time. "You just stuff it full, small bites at first, you don't want it to choke." When her gold arrives with the bronze in tow, they are carrying a sizeable fish between them. "That should work," Xan says brightly as she pulls out a belt knife and starts to hack it into not so pretty bite-sized pieces, making a pile between the two so that they can both access it. The two greens return with clawfulls of herdbeast scraps from the pens, which Xan also cuts down to size. One they are done with their duty, the quartet start to hum softly as they circle over the small party of humans.

Jaune once more goes 'oh'. And watches Khaylia closesly before plopping down upon his knees in the wet sand. He uses the bottom of the jar to push into the sand, turning from side to side to make a divot before fluffing it up again with his fingers. Egg is rolled gently onto the tufted up sand and he sits waiting. Then it shakes once more and he looks up between the two women. This is not relaxing at all. "Just feed it?"

"She said do what I said." Khaylia replies oh-so-testily to Juane, only to squeal once when her egg abruptly cracks wide open and a little blue frielizard spills out. So much ooing and awwing is done as she reaches for the meat that Xanthee has cut up so she can stuff the blue with ALL HIS THINGS.

Sinking down into a crossed leg position, Xanthee leans back onto her hands and just looks relieved to be rid of the two eggs. "You guys are doing me a huge favor, between my boyfriend and I, we have seven of the little darlings in one cozy," read: small, "Journeyman's room. I managed to give away all the rest, but just those two were left." Smiling as the blue makes it's appearance, "Ohh, neither of us have a blue though," she remarks casually as she nods encouragement, "Yep, just like that, stuff him till he falls asleep."

The young vintner startles as Khaylia's firelizard makes its appearance, all croaky and scuffling for the food. EW boyfriend. Jaune squints up towards Xanthee. Isn't she a little young to have a boyfriend. Be sharing a quar…OH MERCY ME ITS MOVING. Hands flash out to grab ahold of it, oh no. It cracks. Thats normal? Its normal. And out pops a brown head with blinking jewel eyes. Little hands push at the edge of cracks, which just make more cracks. Then it vaults up, the egg teeter-totters….spilling forth young Firelizard who scrambles through sand before getting distracted by a bit of fish in his hand. "Hey. Overrr herreee…"

Hopefully NO ONE was expecting anything coherent from Khaylia for a little bit. Because that little blue circle in her hand that is all wing and tail? It's absolutely consumed all of her attention. "You are so so so so so cutttteeeeee!" She's going to just continue feeding him till he falls asleep and she can cart him away.

Xanthee gets squinted at, which amuses her a little bit wondering what exactly she is getting the eye for. She's already made it clear she's not available…But then he gets distracted by his rocking egg and she relaxes a bit before turning to look at Khaylia. A knowing smile creeps over her lips as she knows that feeling the other girl is exhibiting quite well, leaving her to focus on her new little friend. To Jaune, she peers as she winces, "Don't let go of the food, make him come to you and pick him up as soon as he's close enough." she advises sagely.

Those paws set and tug 'manfully' at the bit of fish, and Jaune doesn't let him get it. A nibble or two but not the entire piece. Until the brown little thing gets guided towards Jaune's knee, waiting and waiting to get scooped up into arms. "Aha…here…eat this. And this." More meat pieces get picked up and offered towards the sandy brown. Maybe playing too much with him, making that maw chase the piece of fish before getting it fed. "What do I do now? Just keep feeding it? Then what? Feed it tomorrow? Do I have to teach it to go to the bathroom outside?"

"There! You got him now," Xanthee remarks easily as she watches the brown climb onto the vinter. "He'll eat and sleep almost exclusively for the first seven or so, but he'll go between to relieve himself. He'll be able to fly as soon as his wings dry actually. And he'll need to be oiled daily, because his skin might crack if it's dry and that's no good." Her job done here, she rises out of her sitting position and wipes at her pants. "If you ever need any help, I'm usually found in the caverns during the day, ask anyone, they should know where to find me. It was a pleasure meeting you Jaune, and thanks again." Waving over her shoulders, she begins the stroll back towards the Crafter's Complex.

Heres a tiny creature. Its your job to feed it, raise it and all that. He'll glance up towards Xanthee who has already started off, back towards the Weyr and what not. Khaylia is a lost cause, and completely focused on her new friend, so Jaune pushes back up and starts the slow walk back towards the little quarters he has for himself. To figure out how to get the right kind of oil for what now hangs lank and full in his arms.

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